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Ten Year Old Gay Rights Activist To Be The Grand Marshal Of Gay Pride Parade!

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Amazing. What a courageous and smart young man!

Remember Will Phillips?

He was the ten year old who made headlines after he refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance until gay, lesbian, and transgender people have the same rights as everyone else!

Phillips has made such an impact in the fight for equal rights that he's been chosen as the grand marshal of the Northwest Arkansas Gay Pride Parade this Saturday! Click above to see the news story!

We're so proud of him! It's truly inspirational to see a child with such an amazing and insightful understanding of a struggle that many adults don't even attempt to make sense of!

Congratulations, Will! We think you're going to do a great job!


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51 comments to “Ten Year Old Gay Rights Activist To Be The Grand Marshal Of Gay Pride Parade!”

  1. 1

    Thank you Wil!!! I hope you become a politician or some kind of leader someday.

    Too bad his father was laughing at him while he was speaking up for us, but its still cool this young kid is so intelligent for his age.

  2. 2

    Best thing ever!

  3. 3

    Lets hope this means that a new generation of more open minded people are being brought up!

  4. 4

    What a cool kid ,and what cool parents,this is the way most people should feel if they have morals or a heart ,but so many are brought up with republican trashy southern parents who are consumed with hate from a young age, just listen to some of the trash leaving comments here. Good for you dude you should be proud ,very very proud.

  5. 5

    Gay activists have to resort to children to promote their agenda?!
    The next thing I'll read is Hammass terrorists using little kids as shields as they terrorize Israelis.
    What is this world coming to???

  6. 6

    I absolutley love this story! The young boy very mature and even at such a young age he showed a higher maturity level than some people who are ignorant in this topic. He truly exemplifies what America should stand for! :)
    Thankyou Perez! :)

  7. 7

    Seriously….who gives a flying fuck?

  8. 8

    Bushwack is a wack job.

  9. 9

    amazing kid!
    it's clearly from his own free will and sense of moral duty for equality. I hope his message is heard around the USA :)
    we have gay equality in Canada. I don't understand America's archaic values that they force on other people sometimes…

  10. 10

    This is all nice and cute and sweet and all that, but lets be honest here at 10 years of age he has absolutely no understanding or concept of what he is advocating. Obviously someone in his immediate live (most likely his parents) have told him what to support and what to promote.
    Seems more creepy than anything else to me, to use a 10 year old to push a political agenda no matter how Politically correct it may be!!
    Leave the poor child be and ask him again when he is 18 years old how he feels and what his opinions are.

  11. zooby says – reply to this


    In all honestly, I do bet someone told him to say that.

  12. 12

    Have you tried rimming him yet pedo? Bet you've already rushed out and got your plane ticket to Arkansas.

  13. Arshe says – reply to this


    Um this is a child lol like he knows what he is promoting here lets see how he feels after he hits puberty and figures out what his parents were having him give speeches for ROFL.

  14. 14

    I know a large majority of the US thinks southern states are racist and homophobic, but hopefully this young man helps spread the word that a lot of us are not that way!!!! In America, every citizen should have the same rights and responsibilities, everyone talks about rights, but we all have a responsibility to be good citizens and treat others with respect and courtesy even if we do not believe as they do.

  15. 15

    Not sure how I feel about this. A 10 year old should NOT be focused on issues that are larger than his intellect! Go outside and Play! It seems like someone is feeding him this info OR his "uncle" is whispering in his ear. You know children get attention when they make a stand especially on a topic like this one. Children know way tooooo much these days! Let a child be a child! UGH…

  16. 16

    FYI… I didn't mean "uncle" in a Perv way!

  17. 17

    Re: No Talent_Blogger – It's too bad that we can't block the disgusting things you just said. Yet another waste of carbon and oxygen shows their intelligence level here on Perez' site. Fail troll!

  18. 18

    Not everyone in the South is close minded. Also, I do NOT believe that this young man is being force-fed his belief in equality for all. Our daughter has been brought up from a VERY young age to understand that love is love, and it's NEVER wrong. Here's hoping that a new, more tolerant generation is coming along to right the wrongs of the past!

  19. 19

    ROFL that nerdy kid is never going to get laid. By a girl or guy.

  20. 20

    Re: NookiesWA – Perezee is available

  21. 21

    Re: cute_puppy – I agree. I also don't think that a 10-year-old (even a very bright, mature and fundamentally wonderful one) should not be the spokesperson for a very adult issue. We don't ask for 10-year-old's opinions on other political dealings. Very cool kid, though.

  22. 22

    That's cool. Nice to hear.

  23. 23

    Let's hope that the marchers forgo the leather jock straps and other adult themed attire, which has always worked against us. Back in the day, we marchers wore our work attire, to show America that we held vital jobs. Then the party boys and sex clubs made asshole of themselves, and the whole gay community suffered for it. Why would anyone respect us, if we acted disrespectfully? Do the kinky stuff at the after parties

  24. 24

    Another framed picture to hang on PorkyPedo's wall, right next to Bieber's. I bet he has one for every night of the week.

  25. 25

    What the fuck does a 10 year old knows about being gay or life for that matter? Unless your kid is a precocious, or molested child I see no reason for involvement into this adult, more mature issues. What happened with letting children enjoy their most precious moment in life, their innocent childhood, without the pressure that comes with knowledge? Kind of sad when with one hand we try to so called protect them and with the other we distort their ways, that's not cool, is perverted. A 10 year old is not mature, that is wishful thinking.

  26. 26

    After using my brothers son as your poster boy, this is the most pathetic thing I've ever witnessed. Ten year olds should not be focused on sexual orientation, unless the planet did a "LOST" flip since yesterday. Good lord. I don't get this BS. PP….Stop with the gay, unless you want only gays here. I am about to move on. Really. This is a child. Have you not learned your lesson. Lay off of the under 18's, tard.

  27. 27

    Last post that was allowed here made me thing of something I need to say.

    You don't know who I am, so I can say this freely. My nephew was murdered because adults at his school actively reinforced his curiousity. How about we just wait until a child become of legal age?

    Perez? Would you have liked to have been grand marshall in a gay parade at ten? Maybe just being a kid is the best.

    I am normal, but feel like cutting myself. This is crazy shit.

  28. 28

    this is sick, a 10 year old child should not be in any type of parade that involves sex! he should have the DFS people looking into his home life. he is a child.

  29. 29

    Being gay is about attraction and love and not about sex, morons. Yes it can lead to sex just as straight people can lead to sex. But to equate being gay with just sex shows a really low intellect and my nephews and nieces are very young and all very comfortable with gays and view homophobes as the enemy. There is no agenda here ,this is a straight family who are standing up for the rights of gays. Good for them. There are more and more of them. Laura Bush the Bush girls ,Megan Mccain and her mom, and the Cheney family all support gay marriage. THe times they are a changing and its not quite as fashionable to be a bigot and hide behind false morality , the republican party and the bigots that cling to homophobia will be judged by history for the hateful trash that they are.

  30. 30

    10 year old gay rights activist?

    Looks like NAMBLA is all over this one.

  31. Lucas says – reply to this


    I have to wonder how a 10 year old has the mental capacity to advocate on such a serious issue. Who is influencing him? His gay parent/relative/"friend"? My son is 12 and busy playing sports and going to school. i certainly wouldn't have him out there advocating something he has no knowledge of?

    Strange if ya ask me!

  32. 32

    I think we should back off 10 year olds. Let them sleep when they want to, go to school when they want to, eat what they want to, live where they want to, bath when they want to, smoke what they want to, take the drugs they want to, try what they want to, and freak the way they want to. Damn, it's not like they can't make up their minds! Leave them alone everyone!

  33. 33


  34. 34

    What is so damn cool about promoting illegal underage sex????? You people are discusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. 35

    AWESOME! Cause you KNOW this kid came up with this on his own. He wasn't indoctrinated by an adult to think this way at all! He did it all on his own!!11


  36. 36

    Re: spy girl – Congrats spygirl. I am sure you are one to say we should be tolerant to those that have different lifestyles and beliefs than our own, while at the same time calling those that actually do "wack jobs"

    Tolerance isn't accepting another persons views or lifestyles. Tolerance is how you treat the very people you disagree with.

    By calling someone that you disagree with a "wack job" you become the very person you claim to dislike. Which pretty much makes you a hypocritical bigot.

  37. 37

    *** He was the ten year old who made headlines after he refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance until gay, lesbian, and transgender people have the same rights as everyone else!

    Phillips has made such an impact in the fight for equal rights that he's been chosen as the grand marshal of the Northwest Arkansas Gay Pride Parade this Saturday! Click above to see the news story! ***

    Kick his ass out of the country then. And the NW Arkansas Gay Pride Parade? What, they'll be marching the farm animals out there too?

  38. 38

    Bushwack..being an OBVIOUS homophobe, why in the hell are you on Perez Hilton's website??? You must like the pretty pink background! As for this AWESOME kid, good for him for being more open-minded than many people 3 times his age. Good job kid.

  39. 39

    AMAZING!!!!!! he should be GRAND MARSHALL of next year's WeHo parade!!!

  40. 40

    Looks like Harry Potter ;D

  41. 41

    Buddy does not even know where his own anus is………

  42. 42

    I am from Fayetteville. I've met this young man. He knows exactly what he's talking about. His parents support him and love him very much. All the hateful comments disgust me.
    We live in a community where everyone is somebody no matter where you've been or where you come from. No one see's difference between anyone. I think this is the way America should be.
    I know there's going to be a lot of rude comments but let me leave you with one question…
    If your child were to tell you they either thought they were gay/lesbian or if they just come out and say they were…would you turn your back on them? Would you EVER be ashamed of your own child? I know I wouldn't.
    It's none of my business who anybody has sex with just like it's none of your business what goes on behind my closed doors.
    My children, my husband and I are PROUD supporters of the LGBTQ community : )
    Thank you Mayor L. Jordan for showing America what a great community we have and standing up to the rest of the country by declaring Saturday Gay Pride in Fayetteville, AR!!!

  43. 43

    "I am from Fayetteville. I've met this young man. He knows exactly what he's talking about. "

    No one is saying he doesn't. We are saying he didn't come to this on his own. He has been indoctrinated.

  44. 44

    10 year olds should not be a gay right march, as some of the stuff that goes on there is not age appropiate, and I really doubt that he came up with this shit himself, someone's been using him, I hate when people use children to make political points, the right wing does it all the time, but it's wrong no matter who does it

  45. 45

    Wow.. How are you going to leave a negative comment about a subject such as this on Perez Hilton? Seriously? Think about it..

    I would just like to address two comments:

    Bushwack… We arent resorting to anything, stop being a closed minded fool and read up on a subject before you start bashing something you really know nothing about…

    and Nursebaby.. When have you ever been to a parade that was based on sex? Im not sure what they do in your area of the US.. but we clearly do not do that here in the south..

    As a resident of NW Arkansas.. I would like to say that I am VERY proud of Will.. We aren't Chicago, Dallas, Miami, San Francisco or any major city, who have tons of support from others in the community.. I will have the chance to meet Will for the first time this Saturday, and couldn't be more excited..

  46. 46

    Re: nwaguy – well I don't know about gay right marches in the South because I've never been to one, but here in NYC they can get pretty wild

  47. 47

    The march here in Fayetteville is a family gathering. No one gets wild and crazy. That's not who they are. They are very respectful people. I have no worries of taking my children around them at all. Everyone is caring and loving, they don't talk about having sex in front of everyone! GEEZ!
    And yes, I do believe he came up with this on his own! He's around a lot of different people and he doesn't understand why gay people are being treated different than any other person! It's that simple people. Say what you want, he's got your attention and that's all that matters : )
    Do you really know much courage this child has? It takes a lot of guts to go out in front of people and say and do what he's doing.
    Every year I walk in the parade and show my pride, for my friends and family. And every year I wonder (just like everyone else with me), what kind of morons will we run into and will they be physically hateful. But every year, we are welcomed with open arms to people lined up on the street! Of course there's those that don't support, with thier signs and such…but the loving support from the people that out number the hate is to me the best part!
    Come see what our great city has to offer!!

  48. 48

    Re: nwaguy – I totally agree with you.

  49. 49

    RE: Former M Fan:

    AGAIN!! We aren't a large city such as NYC, or LA… So as I said before.. Its not based on any type of sexual ANYTHING! And before you say what you've "seen" I've been to a NYC and Chicago pride.. I didn't see anything sort of the "activity" you are speaking of… Sorry..

    Its a gathering of family, friends, and people who love and support our GLBT community.. Men, women, and children of all ages attend.

  50. 50

    Well, that's not going to backfire and "prove" that gay people are pedos at all.

  51. 51

    This is no different than those parents in the KKK that indoctrinate their children into believing racism is ok. I am not comparing racism with homosexuality BTW. I am comparing indoctrination techniques. This really isn't all that impressive.