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Group Threatens To Sue McDonald's Over Toys In Happy Meals!

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Because the promise of a toy is making the children fat!

Oh, please!

The Center for Science in the Public Interest consumer advocacy group is threatening to sue McDonald's claiming that the fast food chain "unfairly and deceptively" markets the toys to children.

"McDonald's marketing has the effect of conscripting America's children into an unpaid drone army of word-of-mouth marketers, causing them to nag their parents to bring them to McDonald's," CSPI's Stephen Gardner says.

McDonald's has received this kind of criticism before and they have added healthier alternatives to their Happy Meals including apple dippers and lowfat milk.

Is a lawsuit really necessary?

Maybe the parents should be responsible for the amount of McDonald's their children are consuming?!

What do U think?

[Image via AP Images.]

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85 comments to “Group Threatens To Sue McDonald's Over Toys In Happy Meals!”

  1. 1

    How about they sue the parents of the fat little bastards? It's them feeding the kids crap, McDonalds can give away all the free toys in the world, parents still have the power to say no.

  2. Jmarq says – reply to this



    Unless you have kids or have worked with them, you have no idea how

    much McDonalds and other companies are responsible for this. They are

    manipulating and exploiting millions of kids, and when McDonalds is the

    cheap, easy option, parents are always gonna go for it.

    They've already banned toys in Happy Meals in some counties in California.

    Kids under the age of 5 cannot tell the difference between a commercial and a tv show. Do you think it's fair to market directly to them?

    People are stupid, they need to be protected from themselves

  3. 3

    Happy meals complete with plastic tat toys are sold worldwide. It only seems to be the USA where individuals and parents refuse to take responsibility for their actions and the way they rear their children. Blaming the 'evil' corporations is so much easier than saying "no" to your child and not eating there. Laziness.

  4. 4

    Good maybe they will stop putting them in there, not because of the obesity but because of the waste of natural resources involved in making these crappy toys that eventually will just end up in a landfill somewhere.

  5. 7tizz says – reply to this


    If you give into everything your child 'nags' for then you're a bad parent. It's called saying 'NO', you stupid idiots. Maybe they should sue Mattel too for making children beg for Barbies and Hot Wheels.

  6. 6

    Re: AliciaMay – Thank you how about these parents cook their kids meals and stop buying all this fast food crap

  7. 7

    Uuummm yeah I bet. Of course it's allll because of the toy.
    Let's not pay any attention to the real issue behind obesity in children.
    Of course it's not the parents feeding their children this crap has anything to do with it.
    I got to got to mcdonalds (maybe) twice a year (no matter how much we "nagged" our parents to go) and it was only as a VERY special treat (for things like excellent grades or a birthday)

  8. 8

    They should sue FatBoy for making people Stupid & Hatefull

  9. 9

    If FatBoy tries to block your cookies so you cant post, just restart your PC

    ""Looking like the illegitimate love child of Axl Rose, Madonna and Marilyn Manson, attention whore Lady Gaga bit it big time while unsuccessfully maneuvering through Heathrow airport in a pair of ""Looking like the illegitimate love child of Axl Rose, Madonna and Marilyn Manson, attention whore Lady Gaga bit it big time while unsuccessfully maneuvering through Heathrow airport in a pair of sensible leather chaps and comfy transatlantic travel platform boots on Wednesday.""

    HA HA Lady CaCa told FatBoy not to mention her on his shit blog any more .
    Go to prison pedophile. Your fat ass aint out of the woods yet.

    Re Games4Stress
    Thanks for acknowledging my fine work. I was just about to call it a day and stop posting. But thank you for recharging my battery. So do you belong to the same chapter of M.A.M.B.L.A. as FatBoy???

  10. 10

    McDonald's is so gross. Give me Whataburger any ol' day.

  11. 11

    Re: Jmarq – parents are fat and so are the kids

  12. Heh says – reply to this


    It is necessary to establish a legal precedent against this type of target marketing, and its about time !! I mean a parent has the authority to say no to letting their kid have Mc Donalds food but kids shouldnt be getting bombarded with advertising of these toys, I think that's where the problem is and where the crackhead behavior starts

  13. 13

    Ridiculous!! Try parenting people….geez!

  14. 14

    Can't you just go buy the TOY without buying the FOOD too? I believe you can! These people are stupid!!

  15. 15

    maybe parents should learn to cook for thier kids and say no to micky Ds?! :O i know crazy idea right?

  16. 16

    Jmarq - really? Do you have any kids? What about saying no to them? I have two kids and yes they ask to go to McDonalds. You know what I say? NO. No matter how much they whine and cry. It's the parents job to dictate what's right and wrong for their children. I'm tired of the cop out that it's the public at large's fault that my kid is fat, stupid, etc. You're the parent, start acting like one.

  17. 17

    ummm….why cant parents just say no???

  18. 18


    You can buy the toys separately!!!

    'Nuff said.

  19. 19

    This is beyond stupid. I am so fucking sick of this nanny-state shit. The food at McDonald's is gross but it should be up to parents to decide if they want their children to eat garbage. Also, there is nothing wrong with eating fast-food a few times a year. The only intelligent campaign that I've ever seen parents pull off is M.A.D.D.

  20. 20

    Re: Jmarq – if you can't say no to your child - DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN! fucking idiot.

  21. 21

    I am SICK AND TIRED of parents today not being accountable to their children! Why and how the hell is it the fault of McDonald's that they're brats are fat??!!! Are you kidding me??!! You don't know how to say no to your kids! COME ON!!!
    Since I was a kid once, I remember my parents saying no to us on a number of occassions when we wanted good old McDonalds. And back then there were no Happy Meals with a cool prize inside!

    JMARQ I have kids and they eat healthy and I am responsible for their health, not you, not the government and especially not a fast food chain! So get some smarts, quit being lazy and start to discipline your spoiled brats!!!!

    Its also up to YOU to monitor what your children watch, read or listen to!! I don't want the government intervening on how I rear my children. If you're too damn lazy to do the job then you shouldn't have had kids!!!
    Come on you stupid lazy parents start being responsible for the brats you brought into this world!!!

  22. 22

    Umm are they going to sue every other freakin fast food joint out there too? Every burger joint freakin gives out toys with their kids meals! That doesn't even matter though…it's not the damn burger joints fault kids are fat. The parents don't have to take their kids there…fuckin go home and cook a meal damn.

  23. 23

    Holy shit i actually agree with you.

  24. 24

    Good Lord!! Do you know how many times I tell my child "no" whenever she wants to eat McDonalds?! Way more than I've ever said yes! A lot of parents want to eat there just as much as their kids do anyway. If you've ever seen an overwieght kid, more times than not the parents are overweight as well. Some kids may want it for the toys, but how about the parents being responsible and making their kids eat healthier meals? They don't do it bc they don't mind eating unhealthy food themselves. How are they going to get the parents to stop eating McDonalds??? They can't! Taking the toys away won't do a thing. My child rarely even keeps the toys in the first place. She usually just throws it away w/ her food…she could really care less. It's not the toy that's the problem and its not even McDonalds fault for serving less than healthy foods. Its each individuals responsibility to make good choices for themselves and their children. Eating McDonalds every now and then never killed anyone, but if you're too tired to make dinner, try Subway at least! It's a whole lot better for you! We're not being brainwashed here by big corporations and they are certainly not forcing anyone to drive to McDonalds to buy their food.

  25. 25

    I don't know if a lawsuit is necessary, but I remember when I was younger I would BEG my parents to get my McDonalds just so I could get that new little plastic Barbie or the limited edition Beanie Baby… It is definitely a factor in why children are interested in food that's so awful for them!

  26. 26

    Hey, If my kid is not good that day and I really dont feel like cooking, I ony get him a cheese burger and small fry! He doesnt get a Happy meal, I use that for good behaivor.. But I'm still feeding my son McDonalds.. The toy has absolutly nothing to do with over weight kids.. My kid is not fat and nor am I that lazy to not cook dinner all the time.. It's soooo the parents fault! I bet the parents are fat themselves and just lazy and dont control what their kids eat! What is this world comming too?? This is just non-sense!! FAT PARENTS, CONTROL YOUR'S AND YOUR FAT KIDS EATING HABBITS!!!

  27. 27

    Parents of America yet again blaming everyone butthemselves. If you choose to have children it is YOUR responsibility, not the rest of the world, to parent your child!!

  28. 28

    i think nazi terrorist islamic groups like this should be shut down in america. i'm surprised they didn't blame isreal for their fattie children.

  29. 29

    WTF, they're acting like mcdonalds is dealing drugs. If parents think mcdonalds is so gross then just dont mutherfucking take them there. idiots. who blames someone else for being fat? LMAO.

  30. 30

    okay why are these people sueing McDonalds isn't it my job as a parent to tell MY KIDS no ?? there are better things for these people to do be doing

  31. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Re: BlueMilk – Doubtful. McDonalds has a history of actually paying off ridicioulous claims like this to keep their name out of the press (doesn't work, fyi) so they are just looking for an easy payday. Case in point - them paying over 10 million dollars to the idiot who spilt HOT coffee on his/her lap.

  32. 32

    how about the parents stop driving your kid to mcdonalds and buying them freakin happy meals! no one is forcing you to shove cheeseburgers down your kids throat so stop blaming the companies for your inability to say no to your kid. it has absolutely the parents fault.

  33. 33

    You eat there all the time fat boy!

  34. 34

    Puuuulease! Everywere does a free toy not just McDonalds. Its the parents that are feeding there kids that crap! And not controlling what they eat. If you kid wants a toy but it seperately!!!

  35. 35

    Advertising does affect children, and those children eventually grow up to be adults. If they are seduced into poor eating habits (through toy advertising or low price) then those will keep with them into adulthood, and will be taught to their children. I think people should also consider that a hamburger at McDonald's is one dollar, which might be appealing to people in low-income areas, especially if they are struggling to make ends meet and feed their children. I think trying to limit McDonald's power in advertising is a step in the right direction, but for a permanent change in eating habits and obesity rates, there needs to be a change in policy as a whole. A carrot needs to cost less than a hamburger.

  36. 36

    this is a waste of time & money; it's not McD's fault but these stupid parents. Hello, there's a word out their that u can use 4 whining kids. I agree with 'cuddlefuddle' and "indie_queen.

  37. 37

    Im down with anything that could bring McDonald's down.

  38. 38

    I think they should make it illegal for fat people to come within 30 feet of a fast food restaurant, I mean I have to be thirty feet away to smoke, so why should I have to look at fat people while i eat?

  39. 39

    i swear america has the laziest parents in the world! SOCIETY IS NOT GONNA RAISE YOUR KID! and if you let them raise your kid then don't get mad when they do it wrong. parents in the USA want to blame everyone but themselves. "omg that miley cyrus and that lady gaga! my daughter is dressing like them!" then stop buying your kid slutty clothes! tell them no! thats your job hellloo! "that family guy is a bad influence on my children i want it off the air!" well guess what? life is a bad influence on your kids and no matter who you complain to sometimes there going to be exposed to things you don't want them to and the way they handle these things and the way they learn right from wrong and good judgement is up to you as a parent. don't try to cop out and point the finger at everyone because its not THEIR kid and they aren't babysitters and its not their job to raise your kid. and honestly their exposed to alot worse in high school.

  40. 40

    perez missed the whole point of the article. it has nothing to fucking do with what the kids are eating. it is about advertisement. wtf, perez?

  41. 41

    Also, as an addendum to my other comment, I think this lawsuit is being used as a vehicle to hopefully bring a magnifying glass over the typical Western diet rather than placing all the blame all the time ever on McDonald's only. People should learn what's actually in their food and where it comes from, as well as how the food industry is run.

  42. 42

    This is like 2 months old at very least…

  43. 43

    Anyone who feeds their kids this crap on a regular basis should have them taken away. McDonanlds should only be ingested as an antidote for hangovers - ages 5 and up.

  44. 44


  45. 45

    McDoanlds should be shut down regardless because of their horrific torture and slaughter towards animals. Fuck 'em all!

  46. 46

    Re: AliciaMay – THANK YOU!
    Saying no to your children is NOT going to kill them.
    Why is it that so many parents are afraid of denying their kids the things they want? Even when they KNOW it isn't in the best interest of the child.
    I have a two year old at home and if I gave into his every desire, he would be fat and spoiled. But I have to say no to almost everything (because let's face it, children often have the most ridiculous requests), and frankly, for a two year old, he is damn polite.

  47. 47

    What is wrong with this world! Happy meals have been around for how long?

  48. @v@ says – reply to this


    Free enterprise doesn't ban toys. Free enterprise offers toys, and parents WHO HAVE FREEDOM OF CHOICE teach their kids about moderation and saying no.
    Legislating every little thing will lead to no choices. Freedom is also about making the correct decisions, not just being free to overindulge. Protect freedom of choice.

  49. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Re: Hollywood Marilyn – Yea, maybe we should shut down every restaurant, bar, pub, fast food establishmnet, deli, supermarket, etc, etc… It's called the food chain, sweetheart - you know, something that humans are at the top of. I don't have a problem with you and your hippie friends not eating animals (most of you violate that anyway in about a hundred of other ways by using animal byproducts in a multitude of other non food related products), but let's not be retarded here.

  50. 50

    First of all, parents DON'T always go for it. I have two small kids and sure, they ask for it, but you would have to be a f*cking retard to keep feeding your kids that garbage. If your kids are getting fat because they are eating too many cheese burgers, then buy a f*cking cook book and go buy groceries….lazy parenting is just going to breed another generation of fat, sloppy losers. So before these morons try to sue McDonalds, maybe they need to look at the parents of these fat little trolls. They are the ones that should be under fire for putting their childrens' health at risk for the sake of it being quick, easy, and cheap. And…just because your kids ask for it, doesn't mean to have to buy it….some people don't deserve to breed.

  51. 51

    Parents and there children should undergo therapy if the kids have more control over the parents then the parents have over there kids. It's a choice to goto McD just to get a toy to collectors but kids come on I remember when I was a kid it was about the toy but they come out with new ones about every other month so 1 time a month parents isn't going to hurt your kids. Its like Willy Wonka story you remember the fat kid what happens to him but nobody sued Wonka just sayin it could be worse

  52. 52

    I buy my kids one or two of those a YEAR. Not to mention they don't like a lot of the shit toys McD's is pushing. On the other hand, if I don't want to buy them one, I don't. Simple!

  53. 53

    More dumbass leftist democrats trying to control society! One more reason for Messiah Dumbama to be voted out!

  54. 54

    Um, it's not like the kids can drive themselves to McDonalds and pay for the Happy Meal. Besides, we were told that the school lunch programs tax payers pay for were keeping kids fed. So we need these nanny commies telling the poor children of America who won't get fed now that schools out that they can't have a toy with their Happy Meal. What a bunch of panty waste! If you don't like McDonalds don't go there. End of story.

  55. 55

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – ha you must weight a ton fatty, McDonalds is garbage but your garbage so enjoy lard ass .. Haha TTYL

  56. 56

    "unfair and deceptive marketing"?? How about GOOD marketing that WORKS? Since when did having a brilliant idea (which has obviously worked for decades) mean unfair and deceptive? And yes, the parents are absolutely responsible. Damn this "government as parent" mentality.

  57. 57

    how about you just stop taking your little brats to mcD's everytime their hungry and use all that saved money to buy them toys where there isnt a cheeseburger also available for purchase. no? just me?

  58. 58

    Re: Jmarq – I don't think anyone disagrees with McDonalds ( or any other company) that uses toys and cartoons to market their products to children, like sugar filled cereals,but regardless of their marketing campaigns, no one is forced to be exposed to this marketing, or forced to eat these foods.
    Thats what being a PARENT is all about: PARENTING your children, teaching them right from wrong and grooming them for adulthood so they are able to take care of themselves. Children can't drive to McDonald's themselves and buy a happy meal. Generally speaking, as a parent, if you believe that a happy meal is detrimental to their health, you can say "no". If you think that any company's marketing campaign is too "direct" for them to see, first, don't support them by buying their product, limit your kid's television watching, tell them to go outside more, read more….etc. And if anything, when they come across a "direct" marketing campaign and ask for the product -sit down with your child and explain to them the difference between healthy food, and fattening food, and why they aren't allowed to eat it, or that's it's to be eaten in moderation…whatever the reason.
    I'm tired of people trying to sue or blame everyone else because they are a lazy parent. Because in the end, the parents are responsible for the health and well being of their children, not companies like McDonalds.

  59. 59

    sue the parents; kids cant just walk into mcdonalds and get this for themselves! why dont the parents ever take the blame for not parenting their kids?!

  60. 60

    Oh dear, and this is why we have kids becoming spoilt brats and becoming, excuse the phrase 'little shits'. Its nothing to do with McDonalds or any other company, all it comes down to is bad parenting. And these lame American groups who are all about protecting people are just a bunch of hypocrites, who need a reality check. That's just like sueing them because your overweight, how is that their fault? If anything its the people and their lack of self-control…get a grip.

  61. 61

    Stupid. Mcdonalds isnt the only place offering toys with kids meals and the parents should be watching and helping kids learn how make good choices. Mcdonalds isnt in charge of our kids, we are, plain and simple!!!

  62. 62

    fucking communism

  63. 63

    I grew up eating McDonalds - the toys are an American tradition like Cracker Jacks. And BTW I look anorexic practically so I don't get what the big deal is. Kids are fat because their parents don't raise them correctly. McDonalds does not make someone fat and I am a good example of that.

  64. 64

    You know what I can't believe? That these kids eat the whole meal. When I was a kid, you had your fries, a couple sips of orange drank, half a chicken nugget, and got your damn toy. We were all skinny as newborn lambs, even if we ate there once a week.
    I think the two working parent thing has more to do with it than the occasional Mickey D's. But that's not the parent's fault.

  65. 65

    This is really some dumb shit there doing. It has nothing to do with the toy in the meal. If your a parent making min. wage and have one or more kids, u take them to mcdonalds to eat, are you really gonna buy your kid(s) a grown-up meal that cost more money and bigger in size. A kid is not gonna finish a meal made for an adult. I'm gonna buy my kid a kids meal. The price is cheaper and its made for kid. Plus Perez is right. These dumbasses need to take better responsibility of what there kids are putting into there mouths.

  66. 66

    Re: 7tizz – agreed. parents need to take responsibility for their kids wellfare. unfortanately many and i mean MANY parents dont want to deal with their kids so they take them out to fast food as opposed to making healthy food for them. then they plop them in front of their tv sets so the kids can play their video games until bedtime. its easier for the parents to have their kids waste away in front of the tv then to actually talk to them or watch them play outside. then when the kid becomes a spoiled fat waste of life the parents blame everyone but themselves. if a person CHOOSES to have kids then they need to care for them responsibly and not take the easy way out.

  67. 67

    parents can say no… just because your child asks for a happy meal doesn't mean you have to get them one.. and how many 5 year olds do you see driving to mcdonalds anyways?? it's the parents fault for letting their child get overweight.
    what happened to bikes,pools, and outdoor games with you friends?? now it's tv, world of warcraft, and other video games…

  68. 68

    No it's the ignorant parents who would rather feed them that trash because their too lazy too cook and too ignorant to say no.

  69. 69

    "Maybe the parents should be responsible for the amount of McDonald's their children are consuming?!"

    If a child sees a Macdonalds commercial promising a (stupid) toy, that kid gonna cry and scream until the parent takes them to Macdonalds. You know as well as I that the piece of plastic is bait to allure kids to the junk food.

  70. 70

    Where is the parental responsibility in this? No one's holding a gun to their heads threatening their lives if they don't buy their kid a happy meal. Who the hell wants the government regulating what parents can/can't buy for their kids? Seriously, I'm the mom of three and my kids knew begging me for something was the surest way not to get it. Eating fast food was a treat, not a daily diet staple. Parents, put on your big-people underwear and set some boundaries for your kids. A steady diet of happy meals is not good, an occasional one won't hurt.

  71. 71

    This what happens when uneducated children grow up and have children. They sue everyone for not adhering to their ideals and blame everyone but themselves for their not living up to their own standards.

    It is called FASCISM idiots. Go back to school and get that GED fast!

    This country is built on Democracy and Capitalism. Deal with it or……seriously there are other countries that would suit you just fine!

  72. 72

    what about parents saying "NO" to their whining fat kids and do some actual discipline in this lazy sue-happy country?

  73. 73

    I'll sue them if they take away toys from happy meals. THEY ARE HAPPY MEALS. For the love of god. What is with this piece of shit country and the sue happy retards in it?

    The PARENTS are responsible for their fat kids, not McDonald's.

  74. 74

    Re: Jmarq

    You're a fucking idiot. AS A PARENT, I have the ability to tell my child NO. McDonald's nor no other company should be held responsible for bad parenting. THAT is what it comes down to. FYI, my children never ask for McDonald's, even after the commercials come on television. The toys aren't a big enough draw. Trying to speak for every parent is pretty stupid of you. Not all parents are bad parents and fatten their children up because of a toy. MOST children don't even know about fast food at a young age UNLESS THE PARENTS BUY IT FOR THEM. My 4 year old knows the difference between a commercial and a tv show, maybe you have stupid children due to your bad parenting. That's YOUR fault, not McDonald's.

    FYI, McDonald's isn't the cheap option. It's just an easy option.

  75. 75

    I agree that this is just another example of America's deminished responsibility complex. McDonalds is doing what any business does, TRYING TO MAKE MONEY. It's the fault of the parents, as per usual. Stop offloading the blame onto someone else because your lardy child has to own every one of the Shrek 4 toys.

  76. 76

    REALLY WTF! Its not that hard to say NO to your children. As a parent and teacher I say no all the time its not hard to do; especially if you claim to care about your children you should not be feeding them that CRAP anyway. The calorie count is insane EVEN in a happy meal we are talking 450-550 cals!!!! Feed your children healthy choices!! Besides children under 6 can't handle the grease content, their bodies are not developed yet

  77. 77

    cool - I read about this a MONTH ago, such breaking news Perez.

  78. 78

    As a 42 year old whe grew up with happy meal toys, prizes in cereal boxes, etc- I can safely say that it's all the parents fault. I ate happy meals (still do!) and weigh 98 pounds. My children bug me for the meals with toys, I tell them NO. Once in a while is fine (but not every time we drive by!)– but how lazy am I if I just bring my 4 and 6 year olds to McDonalds because it is easier than cooking them a decent meal??!! They have NO business suing anyone- they should go after the parents. My kids would eat candy all day too if I let them, but I actually CARE about my kids and what they consume.

  79. 79

    Re: Jmarq – Last I can recall- McDonalds does not give away food for free and force kids to eat it. The Parents are ALWAYS going to go for it?? Sorry dude, you just met one who doesn't go for it.My kids have never even had mac & cheese out of a box (and neither have I) because I make it from scratch, just like my mom did. Kids can't tell the difference?? Do you even KNOW any kids?? My 4 year old could balance your checkbook and my 6 year old could fix your computer. This morning alone she wrote and illustrated her own movie, and just acted it out for me and her brother. Don't be so insulting, some parents take pride in the things they teach their kids, like good nutrition. Personally- I'd rather deal with a hissy fit from me saying no to them than have fat kids. Sounds like you are the stupid one who needs protecting.

  80. 80

    jesus fucking christ, when did parents get so goddamn lazy that they canNOT say NO to their own kids. if you don't want your kids eating mcdonald's DON'T take them there.

  81. 81

    People are so fucking stupid.

  82. 82

    I'm so sick and tired of parents taking the easy way out. Instead of just telling their kids "NO", they blame the marketing and/or restaurant instead. When I was a kid my cousin had ALL the happy meal toys and I would constantly nag my parents to take me so I could get the toys too. Do you know what they said? NO! Time and time again…NO. And if I didn't shut up they'd threaten to put me in my room for the rest of the afternoon. That usually worked. Parents need to grow a spine and take control of their lives again. Today, kids are in charge. Parents say "what do you want for supper?" and the kids tell them "McDonald's". And they get it!! Disgusting. Stop asking your kids to make the decisions, and make them yourself! Lazy parenting is to blame for the way society is now. It's pathetic. My kids are NOT in charge, and they know it. I am asked, never told. And get this - I'M RESPECTED BY MY CHILDREN. How many of you can say the same? Stop trying to be their friends and start being their parents.

  83. 83

    Lawsuits like this make the "fat tax" look better every day. Put (force) the choice back into the parents' hands. " we can't afford it" is a better block than "because I said so". Ask any kid.

    Unfortunately fast food is subsidized, so our tax dollars will pay for it either way, whether we eat it or not.

    If you think about it though, offering toys with this "food" (use the term loosely) is like putting Spongebob on cigarette packs: it won't kill you RIGHT now……..but it will eventually. Eat up!

  84. 84


  85. 85

    Bloody hell. I guess the days of taking responsibility for yours/your children's actions are out the window. It was good run though.

    Next years slogan for America = "Ima sue someone for something thats my fault!"