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James Gets Down With Some Damn Dirty Apes!

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And Freida Pinto!

Sources are reporting that James Franco is slated to star in a prequel to the classic flick Planet of the Apes called Rise of the Apes. This morning, he got his leading lady!

James will be playing a well-meaning scientist searching for a cure for Alzheimer's by experimenting with apes. Through his work, along with the help of a primatologist played by Freida, one of the apes named Caesar evolves and begins to hatch a plan of world domination by his species.

Anyone else really hoping apes kick the shiz out of James? Someone really should!

Are U excited about this movie?

[Image via WENN.]

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23 comments to “James Gets Down With Some Damn Dirty Apes!”

  1. 1

    I'm going ape-shit man!

  2. 2

    A beautiful pairing, at least the movie will be easy on the eyes!

  3. 3

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  4. 4

    Re: hamnip – you can read about why perez hilton is dangerous to women by going to the word press website and searching *miley cyrus / perez upskirt photo controversy an open letter to mr. hilton*

  5. 5

    Don't hate on James Franco. I think he's awesome. It's not just that he's hot, he's freaking smart. He makes his living exploring his art and furthering his education. He rocks.

  6. 6

    Why are you hating on James Franco now? You're such a dick. If they look better than you, have more talent than you or are dating someone you wish you could date you hate them. Oh. That pretty much sums up the world populace, doesn't it?

  7. 7

    Why would you want to see "apes kick the shiz out of James"? He seems like an alright guy. What a thing to say!

  8. 8

    shut up Perez… James Franco is awesome!

  9. 9

    I think this sounds awaesome! Love these two together and I loved the original planet of the apes movies. SOunds great! U should audition for the part of the ape Perez!!

  10. 10

    Boo-hiss-Boo!!! I hope he's doing the ass kicking! James is a great actor; despite the soao opera bit… But no- not at all looking forward to this abomination after the Marky Mark one!!

  11. 11

    hey fake asshole you used to like james, remember? and i am assuming freida is playing an ape? matthew m.'s babymama should join too, she can be the ape leader.

  12. snit says – reply to this


    what's with the snarky comment about james?

  13. 13

    Frieda is STUNNING. One of the most beautiful woman in Hollywood if you ask me. She's a whole lot prettier than Kim Kardashian. And has more talent.

  14. 14

    Why would I hope to see James Franco get knocked around? I have nothing against the man. What's your problem with him?

  15. 15

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – agreed with everything u just said :D Freida is beautiful and James is HOT!

  16. 16

    And I would not kick him out of bed!

  17. 17

    Re: BeautifulAngelGal4ever – Yeah, I forgot to mention James, he is also hot. But I don't know about this picture though. LOL!!!

  18. 18

    franco's hot. my grandfather has alheimers and i wish these aholes would take the money they are wasting making this stupid movie and donate it to helping to find a cure.

  19. 19

    Love James, a good actor and very cute

  20. 20


  21. 21

    ummm wtf happened to a sequel to planet of the apes with mark wahlberg? was it that bad that they forgot lol

    i actually bought it on dvd back in the day

  22. 22

    Ohhh he is so beautiful!!

  23. 23

    My husband and kids just watched Planet of the Apes. It seemed like such a bad movie after all these years. I'll watch it if RPat is in it.