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MileyBird Squawks Performs Liberty Walk Live!

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Y'all, of COURSE she's going to swear in her songs now! She can tell when you're trying to tame her, and it just ain't gonna happen!

Check out the MileyBird's live performance her rumored-to-be next single, Liberty Walk, at the House of Blues!

Too much skank and not enough bird motif, if you ask us, but she sounds slightly less screechy than she usually does live!

Bring back the nest, MileyBird! The nest makes you GREAT!

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142 comments to “MileyBird Squawks Performs Liberty Walk Live!”

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  1. 101

    Isn't this the song you were raving about a week ago?!?!

  2. 102

    Re: meagannicolee – I'm sorry but that is no excuse at all. I've been to plenty of concerts where bands play new songs or to an audience that don't know their songs, but the audience still has energy and goes along with the beat of the music.

  3. 103

    Re: 6one9 – she wears fake extensions

  4. 104

    1. was that rap? ew.
    2. she needs to hire a make up artist.
    3. she needs to hire a dance teacher.
    4. she needs to stop dancing like a freaking idiot.
    5. WHAT THE FUCK WAS SHE WEARING? you don't buy that shiz, Miley.

  5. 105

    The Madonna-bees are fun, but how about coverage of the back-to-basics new music that is replacing routine rock.

  6. 106

    hahaha i like how the audience just stood there.
    someone just needs to duct tape her mouth shut. this is horrible.

  7. 107

    Re: SwedishSweetheart – yes shit is a swear word dumbass. & she's still connected to disney so she really shouldn't be swearing.

  8. 108

    Re: kymiberi – actually…if you knew anything about miley at all you'd know she spent a year going to hannah montana audtions and they kept telling her she was too young…she kept going back, kept working. she finally got the role and SHE got her dad the role. not the other way around. and yes, lady gaga does work hard but so does miley. she is always doing something, whether it be writing or recording an album, filming a movie or t.v. show or working on her fashion line. you may not like her but dont say she doesnt work because she literally hasnt taken a break since she was 12.

  9. 109

    She's so gross. She used to be cute but now she feels she has to go the Madonna route and it is not happening.

  10. 110

    Re: danknowsbestRe: danknowsbest
    alright i think thats bullshit what you just said because SHES NO WHERE NEARRR CHRISTINA AGUILERA!!!!!
    xtina performs and sings amazingly life. and mileys performances arent that good.
    im not saying she wont win grammys cause she probaly will.
    but christina aguilera is the voice of this generation. im not just saying that cause im a huge fan. no one can sing like her. xtinas voice just cant be comparable. and based on mileys live performances, she isnt very good. she gasps for breaths and doesnt use proper technique. she doesnt have the talent and charisma christina has. not everyone can. that why xtina was placed on the top 100 singers of all time. miley cant captiave a crowd like xtina.
    this performance really isnt that good.
    miley cyrus voice should not be compared to christina aguileras. miley will be humiliated.

  11. 111

    my problem with this is her pants….they look like its so tight that she can't pull them up?!?!

  12. Nezza says – reply to this


    Amazing but the crowd is $hit

  13. 113


  14. 114

    That outfit is ridiculous looking, the pants are cool, but not w/that body suit thing…makes them look like they are too small.
    And um, to whomever asked why it's ok for Gaga to do that's because Gaga is a WOMAN this skank is only 17.
    And why does she always look like she is having convulsions on stage?

  15. 115

    Re: ThinkOfYouCK – Its because from day one gaga was herself and walked around in her panties, and that was her thing,
    miley came in as the wholesome southern girl, who is now trying to "grow up", we'd prefer as hannah montanna, really this is a bad song

  16. 116

    Bad outfit hunny,
    ps, the whole perez being a PEDO is stupid, it was barely a scandelous picture, get over yourselves people

  17. 117

    omfggg…. this song sucks. people need to stop saying shes better than lady gaga. wtf? lady gaga has so much talent and can actually dance and not act like shes having some kind of attack. Also, people saying that she can't curse and its ok to curse. I'm on both sides of that. She is 17 and she can cuss but also shes still connected with disney and i know a 4 year old that just got her new cd and still loves her so she shouldnt be cussing. With her outfits she just needs to put some shorts on. Not booty shorts. Just like shorts that are a little above the knee because still little kids are looking up at her. The top is ok as long as her boobs are coming out. People complaining about lady gaga's outfits, really? lady gaga's 24. see pass the age were you can drink. Miley's sevenTEEN. still teen at the end. I believe people are adults when you can drink so. I use to love miley when she first came out but now i dont really like the direction she's heading. So come on people that didnt like some things i said :] i have my opinion and you have yours :]

  18. 118

    also people calling perez a pedo. just cut it out. theres worse people out there. Plus he didnt take the picture of her so stop having a fucking cow.

  19. 119

    i am a hater and let me just tell you that she is 17 and a slut and whore! she think that she is just being herself but let me tell you living with her boyfriend there is no way with a boyfriend that looks like that is still pure! and also living with an underwear model yea right miley!!!!! go perez! MILEY IS A WHORE!!!

  20. 120

    Re: mileyhater12256 – LOL. U MC haters know nothing! MC is not living with JUSTIN nor LIAM. So STFU K? And why is MC a whore? Cause she wears clothes that shows her BRA? OMG! That's so slutty! U've never seen a BRA BEFORE IN YOUR LIFE! It kills me that half of u haters only give MC a hard time cause of her clothes. And then say shirt to people like TAYLOR MOSMEN who wear SHIT worse than MC does!

  21. 121

    trash trash trash

  22. 122

    miley sucks and shouldnt be allowed to sing ever again

  23. 123

    idc if she is cussing,as long as she covers up. she can atleast wait till she's 18. please,she gives american girls a bad name! really? only the ppl out of the trailor dress like her.

  24. 124

    Re: Deviancy – I agree!!!

  25. 125

    that sucks !!
    god please , make her shut up her fuckin' mouth, she can't sing
    and she is not the next britney or christina or both
    she is nothin'

  26. 126

    Re: mrsdestinyhope – hmmm… to most people and none slutty people showing your bra in public is slutty especially when your still a role models to little kids and has a sister thats only 9 or 10. And plus did you hear about her giving a lap dance to the last song director? thats really slutty right there

  27. 127

    She is seriously a horrible singer

  28. 128

    She did fairly well!

  29. 129

    umm no she doesn't sing well– she can barely breathe when she sings. She sounds high pitched sometimes like a chalkboard. Adele SINGS Lady GaGa SINGS Miley does NOT sing well. Not as bad as some, but not THAT good.

  30. 130

    Re: P31

    First of all, I don't think is WISE to see a gossip page with your 9 years-old son!

    Can you all people undestand that she's not a kid anymore? It's so hypocrite to blame her for expressing herself like any other teenager would do…

    She's not a role model, she's a human; in fact, our families should be a role model, not what we see on tv!

  31. 131

    What's with the thong leotard, Miley?!
    Love the hair.

  32. 132

    i love her new hair!

  33. 133

    Re: mrsdestinyhope – i do know what i am talking about i use to like miley!!! how cool are you using MC! hahhah and yes i wear a bar so i have seen one before! and yes she is only 17 and wearing this that show her vag isnt what i say is cool! yes gaga might do that stuff to but she is not a minor! also i cant stand when she sings! she is god awful!!!!! taylor wears black not stuff that shows her goods!!! i am not a fan of her either so you STFU! AND SUCK MY DICK BITCH!!!!!!! i do know what i am saying you go get your facts right loserrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! bye mrs miley lesbo!!!!!!!!1

  34. 134

    Re: FriedCheese – i agree with you 100%!!!!! miley might have to grow up and be her own person away from hannah but guesss what being whore is the way to get attention and be famous!!! I agree you need to be you but i dont give a fuck who you are or what you do you dont need to be a slut for people to like you!!! I love gaga so…. all you gaga haters suck my dick!!!! and she is 23 not 17 plus she isnt giving lap dances to old men where 9 year olds are!!!!! hmmmm… there is a difference so STFU!!!!!

  35. 135

    i think this was amazing! sorry but she has to grow up. most of those people in the audience are teens like they should be. those little kids just need to move on

  36. 136

    seriously you all need to shut the fuck up you stupid bitches! stop fucking complaining who gives a shit if miley wants to be a stupid slut or dance like a fucking idiot or say "bad words". i dont like miley cyrus either but shut the fuck up and stop judging cuz who really gives a shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. 137

    and as for you assholes that diss Lady Gaga….. I will fuckin cut you!!

  38. 138

    Back when I was younger going to concerts we weren't allowed to bring in cameras and I wanted to SO BAD. I wanted to have memories of all the concerts I went to plus I loved photography. Today no one cares thanks to cell phones but back then you were booted out if they saw you taking pictures. No fair. That's what this video makes me think. :(

  39. 139

    I don't get Miley, she's getting more and more "bad." It's scandal after scandal… She should ATLEAST leave Disney first (she should have never joined in the first place…)

  40. 140

    Haha, the girls doing the background vocals have this What-the-hell-am-I-doing-here-look on their face.
    Can't blame them, Miley sucks.

  41. 141

    This is so horrible. Her music is boring. The end.

    Love you Perez!

  42. 142

    kay Miles….we get it!

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