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Restaurant Receives Backlash (And Bomb Threats) For Serving Lion Burgers In Honor Of The World Cup!

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In honor of South Africa hosting the world cup, a restaurant in Arizona has been serving a lion burger, which is rightfully causing quite a bit of backlash from animal rights activists!

Apparently, the meat being used is from an actual lion friend raised at a free range farm in Illinois, and although it's uncommon to eat that kind of meat, it's not illegal.

The owner of the restaurant in question, Il Vinaio, Cameron Selogie, says:

"In Africa they do eat lions, so I assume if it's OK for Africans to eat lions then it should be OK for us. We thought that since the World Cup was in Africa that the lion burger might be interesting for some of our more adventurous customers. Most of them, when we tell them the facts, that this is farm raised and it doesn't hurt the endangered animals, seem pretty reasonable."

The restaurant has been inundated with angry e-mails, and even a bomb threat!

Personally, we think serving cooked lion just to honor a sport takes it a lot little too far! We bet that poor lion friend had a nice life on his farm in Illinois!

What do U think?? Should restaurants be serving lion burgers??

[Image via AP Images.]

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224 comments to “Restaurant Receives Backlash (And Bomb Threats) For Serving Lion Burgers In Honor Of The World Cup!”

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  1. 101

    Re: TheMrsBradPitt – Yes, however meat from a cow and meat from a lion are two extremely different things. I hope I don't have to explain to you how this is different.

  2. 102

    At any given beef processing plant in the U.S. up to 5,000 cows are killed per day…and no group ever threatens to bomb them. The level of impact we're having on the environment is atrocious, but activists should be focusing on the tougher battles rather than just the instances they know will get a lot of attention. If Simba had been a cow instead of a lion, perhaps people would pretend to care about them because it would be popular to love bovine.

  3. 103

    Re: LisaL79 – Really? You really don't understand why slaughtering and eating a lion is different than that of a chicken??? really?? Think beyond the meat, and think about the intelligence of the actual animal! Jesus, people, stop being so close minded!!

  4. 104

    Re: Into The Nightlife – I agree! It seems there are lots of people with this argument!

  5. 105

    PETA; People Eating Tasty Animals. I mean seriously! It isn't illegal. It is abnormal, but it isn't wrong. Lions aren't endangered. It isn't any different than a pig, chicken, or cow.

  6. 106

    I'm not sure why you're reporting on this, unless this is the lion from the Wizard of Oz.. because not every lion is a CELEBRITY!!!

  7. pony says – reply to this


    Re: maybabygirl

    YOU are ignorant! Pigs are one of the most intelligent animals. FAR more intelligent than a lion. You don't sound like you think bacon is gross! Intelligence has nothing to do with what you feel is OK to eat. While eating lions is not "normal" here it is no different than killing any other living creature and then eating it's dead body.
    Killing and consuming the flesh of any animal is equal

  8. choke says – reply to this


    I wish that instead of that red and white thing in that lions mouth in the picture it was the owners severed head ripped from his body..dangling from the lions mouth…worthless idiot. I like how he says it wont hurt the endangered species yes it would you idiot the whole species is endangred if the animal is in a zoo its still endangered no matter where it is. Your a waste of human flesh. Just kill yourself now.

  9. 109

    look at your kitty…same thing.
    animals are not for eating.
    if not for animals, we would not have so much starvation.
    think about all of the land we use to graze animals, all of the feed we use to feed animals.
    vegans are not making a statement…
    they are contributing to the life of our planet…very, VERY fragile.

  10. 110

    Re: Roxbury Alexys – This is all about different culture and because of globalization, we are all intertwined in many ways. For instance, America uses a lot of innovations from Japan but does America believe in enabling kiddy hentai porn or eating whale? So is America "half-assing" it? Whats the point right? Do you understand? my example is exactly like yours, theres no fucking relevance -_- its retarded of you to bring in Genocide and AIDs and mix it in with eating Lions. fucking dumb ass..

  11. 111

    wow… and America continues to display ignorance

  12. 112

    You do understand that cows are farm raised and slaughtered to make regular hamburgers, right? Unless you are vegetarian you are a complete hypocrite if you are "outraged" about this. And if so you should also send bomb threats to essentially every restaurant in existence. Don't forget McDonalds!

  13. 113

    I'm not feeling this. Not cool!

  14. 114

    For all the horrible, hate-filled phone calls Il Vinaio has received since they announced the plans for Lion Burgers to their email club, the number of people who actually showed up to protest was pathetic. 7, yes SEVEN people, were willing to show their faces to the owners, customers and news cameras while everyone else preferred to hurl obscenities and threats via anonymous emails and phone calls. If you truly want to stand up for your beliefs, stand up and try to make a change instead of just spewing hate and spreading nastiness.
    By the way, the Lion Burger was DELICIOUS!

  15. 115

    why is it okay for someone to eat a cow but not a lion? just because one is commonly farmed and the other isn't does not make it right for either to be eaten. if you're going to defend one animal, defend them all. animals are friends, not food. period.

  16. 116

    I heard about just a few minutes ago on my local AM news station!!! >:[
    It should be illegal! Lions are ENDANGERED SPECIES! >:[

  17. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Bet lion meat tastes ““` just like chicken!! LOL

  18. 118

    Re: RyanD21wa



  19. 119

    Kal's Diana: shut up you ugly flat chested sack of cow shit

  20. 120

    absolutely not! disgusting

  21. 121

    Re: himay_lynn

    SHUT UP PETA IDIOT! Don't lump in Tigers and Lions with Yoghurts and cows.


  22. 122

    Re: pony – A pig is intelligent but nowhere nearly as intelligent as a Dolphin, whale or a Lion.

  23. 123

    NO NO NO Lions are not livestock!

  24. 124

    This is wrong on so many levels, lions arent cattle there endangered wild animals

  25. 125

    Omg there's lion farms in Illinois?!?! Wtf all i ever get to see is corn and beans….


  26. 126

    What nonsense, I am from South Africa and we don't eat the meat from a lion. What is a wild creature like a lion doing in Illinois in the first place?

    This is not representative of South Africa, nor the World Cup. Shame on the restaurant AND the farm!!!

  27. 127

    NO - The lion is an amazing creature with an independent loving spirit - that is why we should not want to kill and eat it. It's related to our housecats - that should turn off most people from eating them. I'm not a meat eater at all, so I am double disgusted by this. You cheap, hollow human beings had to destroy a loving creature so you could be amused by the trinket-aspect of eating "lion meat" to honor….what was it again? a fucking world cup?? Considering human behavior like this, the human race deserves outcomes such as the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

  28. 128

    p.s. I'm mostly vegatarian - I do eat free range chicken eggs. Those of you who eat a lot of meat, watch some videos on youtube about how they grow the animals you are eating. They are treated badly, fed bad diets, pumped with hormones and god knows what. As a meat-eater, you are not getting a healthy product to eat. It is more efficient for your body to get nutrients, and for the word's ecosystems to go vegatarian. Just gradually shift your diet to more vegatarian little by little and you will feel more energy and feel better overall. try it!

  29. 129

    @_ar I am also a South African, and have never heard of Lion-eating. That's absolutely ridiculous. I can assure uninformed people that we are civil, we live in big cities, we have streets, and there are no lions or elephants roaming it, and generally speaking, except for tribal cultures, we also wear clothes. I'm neither for or against the serving of lion, but I do think that it sheds a bad light on an already bruised reputation of my country. It's unfair to justify this by saying it happens here.

  30. 130

    What's the difference between eating lion and cattle?

  31. 131

    Lies lies lies where in Africa did you ever see anyone eat a lion im south african and thats mosdef a lie

  32. Cez says – reply to this


    I live in South Africa and at no stage in my life have i ever eaten lion or seen it available to eat… Thats really disguting, leave them to do their thing in wild where they belong !

  33. 133

    Cameron Selogie, just because you are barbaric does not mean Africans are barbaric. WE DO NOT EAT LIONS IN AFRICA, please get your facts about our continent straight. If you want to eat lion meat go right ahead just do not use Africa as an excuse!!!!

  34. 134

    What BS! We do NOT eat Lion Burgers in South Africa. When are people going to wake up to the fact that, contrary to popular belief, not all of Africa is 3rd world!

  35. 135

    I have lived in West, East and South Africa. NEVER have I heard of people eating lions. I could be wrong.. but it is all too common to see Africans as being barbarians who roam the land naked with pet elephants. If they want to sell lion burgers, fine.. but don't say we africans eat it, so its "fine".

  36. 136

    NO, THEY DO NOT EAT LIONS IN AFRICA YOU DUMB A**! Of course, if you're stranded somewhere, and you've got nothing to eat, then I guess you'd run after a lion! But duh! From an African!!!

  37. 137

    That restaurant owner is a liar. Czimer's Game & Sea Foods is not a free-range farm - It's a butcher shop just outside of Chicago in Lockport/Homer Glen, Ill. In addition to Lion, they butcher & sell camel & other exotic meat. Disgusting. They have a website & phone # & everything. Look them up.

  38. 138

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – such a shame your mother failed the abortion

  39. 139

    Im South African and we DO NOT eat Lions they are considered endangered… it wld be like eating a cat or dog….they need to get their facts straight…sit them down and make em watch the lion king :)

  40. 140

    poor babies
    who does this
    those people deserve everything that's coming to them

  41. 141


  42. 142

    ah hells no-wtf is wrong with people?

  43. 143

    ANIMALS ARE HERE FOR US TO EAT. Plain and simple.

  44. 144

    Re: Scotch Love – I am quite familiar with several of the foods on their menu. For example, elk, venison and buffalo are commonly eaten in my area as a lower-fat healthier alternative to beef. I am not ready to condemn their whole business just yet - is there maybe a cultural group out there that is familiar with eating lion or camel?

  45. 145

    Re: DontKnowDontCare – We are above animals, whether you like it or not. Enough with this stupidity. Lions eat other animals, why don't you preach on them ?
    Fuck off , we are omnibores by nature, we eat everything.
    If it was raised in a farm i don't see a problem with that, it's no different than a pig or a cow.
    Get over it.

  46. DeeMe says – reply to this


    A rat is a dog is a pig is a boy. If you're willing to eat one kind of meat, what's the difference in eating another? I'll never understand people who get their panties in a wad over eating certain animals above others - they're all living creatures put to death for food. If you're not willing to eat a lion, go veggie. It's a better, healthier lifestyle. Otherwise, shut up about it.

  47. 147

    Bullshit. i am from south africa and we don't eat lions. No one in africa eats lions. instead, the lions eat the people if they get too close. ass holes should just stop talking bad about africa. lions are in the wild and in the zoo's. come visit and see for yourself

  48. 148

    If it is farm raised ten its like any other animal we eat.

    They are doing nothing wrong.

  49. 149

    Re: Hollywood Marilyn – I don't think it's right to serve lion either but you actually endorse the thought of bombing the place??? I think you need to rethink who the sick people are. And oh, check your grammar - your ignorance is showing.

  50. 150

    Re: Armond – And like Hollywood Marilyn, here is another prime example of sane person. What is it with you tree-hugging libs? Dude, you're all fucking crazy.

  51. 151

    I think bombing a restaurant would be more barbaric than trying lion.

  52. 152

    Bombing the restaurant would be more barbaric than eating lion, js.

  53. 153

    Re: Lady In Black – . Actually yes lions ARE an endangered species Re: Sir-Bangs-Alot – . It's not the fact that it tastes gross and thay it's disgusting to kill that particular animal (even though they are highly intelligent and I believe that is wrong)….it's the fact that the animal is endangered and should be protected.

  54. 154

    What?! I'm sorry, and you guys can hate me for saying this, but Americans prove their ignorance over and over again. We do NOT eat lions in South Africa and I have not heard lately of any other African country eating lions!! If they do, they are most probably a very primitive tribe and the custom is on the way out. I have never even heard of something like a lion burger until today. It's sick and disgusting! People need to learn that not all your pre-conceived ideas about Africa are correct!!

  55. 155

    I'm from a Africa and i have never seen or heard about Lion meat being eaten. They shouldn't use that as an excuse for serving it!

  56. mayi says – reply to this


    Why is it so different from a beef, chicken, veal or whatever..? I think it's a great idea honestly. I'm all about animal protection and have been a vegetarian for 8 years, which I decided to quit because I figured out that plants and vegetates also physically response to negative surroundings (meaning they are aware, like animals so why eat one but not the other).

    Most people complaining about it are not even vegetarians, like you perez. What did you think there was in those McDonald burgers of yours?

  57. 157

    What about all of those poor, innocent plants everyone's eating? They may lack a central nervous system, but they still deserve to live a peaceful life until they die naturally. We should all just stop eating anything.

  58. 158

    Oh my how ignorant you people are!!! I live in Africa I was born here and my family has been here for about 4 generations. Never once have I heard of, seen or experienced eating a lion. People in Africa are the same as people in America or Europe they eat herbivours not carnivours.
    Maybe you people should realise that their are other countries outside the American bubble that are civilised beautiful countries.

  59. rb448 says – reply to this


    Have any of you people heard of SARS virus developed from Chinese eating Civet cats and God knows what else, human flesh is one of 500 medicinal properties in Chinese Healing. How about Ebola, eating human brains of relatives in Africa before they are buried. Lion, Monkey, or Human meat is not safe to eat. Do not compare lions to cattle please. Bird Flu, Sars, Ebola, Mad Cow Disease are not accidents. Cannibalism is actually very popular in Korea and China.
    And for those who eat lion they deserve nothing else but to bleed out from every hole in their body

  60. 160

    It's also acceptable to circumcise women in Africa. Guess that makes it ok here too?? F*cking savages!!

  61. 161

    The human race is a sad, self entitled, death machine. F*ck human beings!!!! One of these days, we will reap what we sow and we will deserve every minute of it!! See you all in hell!!!!

  62. 162

    no one in africa actually eats lions - stop being ignorant and patronizing towards Africans! peace.

  63. 163

    Some breahtaking ignorance from the people commenting on this. Lions are an endagered species and are rapidly dissapearing from this world, they should be protected, not eaten. It's hardly the same as eating cows, sheep and chickens, which are raised to be eaten and are in plentiful supply. Not even the French would eat lions, and they think it's perfectly fine to eat horses! And I have never heard of Africans eating lions, unless he's refering to a particular tribe, but then they do a lot of things we wouldn't do; like the ritual sacrifice of animals and humans. Having said that, bomb threates and death threats is going too far. Animal rights activists are fucking nuts.

  64. 164

    Re: Palesa – hey shout out lady flower!

  65. 165

    Wow, after reading most of the posts it seems most of you think it's ok to eat endangered species, even if they're not raised in the wild. I'm shocked that you could all be so crass! If you're trying to bring some African culture over here, why not eat some humans? Some tribes do that. Why not bring over some AIDS & Ebola too? Hmmm, what else can we bring over from Africa? Perhaps some tainted water? You guys really should start thinking before posting - otherwise you all look like idiots. Educate yourselves. Please.

  66. 166

    Someone needs to smack the restaurant owner with some kind of fine and shut him down for a while to teach him a lesson. Violence isn't the answer, education is.

  67. 167

    I realize you are all about the "shock and awe," however, some research may be in order here. First of all, it is not "lion" meat that is being served it is mountain lion (not an endangered species,) second, the farm in Illinois has yet to be verified. In fact, some are reporting that no such farm exists. The "lion burgers" consist of about 85% beef and 15% mountain lion. If I were anywhere in the world, Africa, America or anywhere else, and was facing hunger and limited resources, I would not hesitate to eat anything that crossed my path. There is a market in America for "exotic" foods. As for me, in my current circumstance, I think I will stick with a good salad and a nice glass of wine!

  68. 168

    Cannibalism is accepted in some cultures, as well.

  69. 169

    Re: BritBrit61384 – oh please, don't come here with that "Imperialist" tendency - Africans don't need your judgement.

  70. 170

    The difference between eating a lion and eating a cow is that cows are plentiful, lions are close to endangered. Cows and fed grains and grass, lions are a top, meat-eating predator, such as humans are. Plus, lions are closely related to cats. I've owned cats.
    I cannot stand how humans continue to have fewer and fewer boundaries. Is there a limit? What is next - a dog or cat burger? Hey, how ’bout a man burger? I wouldn't put it past some people.
    I don't think a bomb threat is warranted, but I hope people drive this restaurant and it's ignorant, ill-informed owners out of business. This whole topic disgusts and depresses me.

  71. 171

    Sure, as long as they also serve puppy and kitten burgers.

  72. 172

    Ok this is completely ignorant! I am a South African. Firstly: the world cup is being held in SOUTH Africa. Not AFRCIA. And secondly we dont eat Lion in South Africa! I cant speak for Africa but I doubt it. The most exotic things we eat meat wise in South Africa is Ostrich and Crocodile. Both are abundant in SA

  73. 173

    i would eat it sounds good i have eatin buffalo bear alligator camel ostrige zebra deer elk anlope snake turtle and many other meats just because u dont want to eat it doesnt mean others dont want to try it

  74. 174

    Did I judge Africans you retard?? No! I'm saying that what's acceptable there is not here so shut the fuck up!! Go eat some beautiful animals you fuck!!

  75. 175

    Oh please people….We don't eat lions in South Africa

  76. 176

    Re: Into The Nightlife
    Thank you!
    Finally someone with some common sense :S Just because you can do something doesn't make it OK to do it. *sigh*

  77. 177

    If a lion can attack and eat a person, why a person couldn't eat a lion meat??…well, but personally do not eat meat of lion…

  78. 178

    what's the big deal?

  79. 179

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – do you ever work? wow your job must be so rewarding

  80. 180

    IMO if you are going to eat any animal meat at all you shouldn't be shocked by the consumption of lion. The lion is not an endangered species and the free range lion like this one probably has a better life and quality of life than the millions of cows, chickens, and swine that is consumed daily by millions of Americans. People are shocked but really it's just a game meat. My opposition is more to the welfare of all meat that is consumed and I find opposition to the way the meat industry operates. Therefore I simply don't eat it. The solution is simple, don't eat it if you find it objectionable. But really, examine what it is that you are objecting to.

  81. 181

    Not just "no", FUCK NO!

  82. 182

    you have to be a really sadistic, self-centered asshole to want to eat a lion.

  83. 183

    Re: maxie pad – I'm pretty sure that I've enjoyed a few of your comments in the past so I'm not going to shit on your face. How in the fuck can you make a joke about abortion? There is nothing funny about it. My mom is dead, asshole. Thanks for reminding me :)

  84. choke says – reply to this


    I'm surprised by the stupidity of some of the comments on here..Lion is not the same as a cow..a lion is an endangered species regardless if they are at a farm or a zoo..their aren't many of them left. I guess it is true man is killing this earth slowly because of our lack of care for the environment..I guess who cares if lions become extinct right? ..Very pathetic. people who are this dumb are the ones who will ruin it for the rest of us. Next you mise well kill off cheetahs and elephants then you can kill giraffes next right? I know someone that pays big bucks for his hunting of exotic animals license he actually goes to Africa and thinks hes hot shit because he kills giraffes and shit for the thrill. Just shows how greedy humanity is. Money will buy you anything cause money is more important than anything right?…Hopefully on his next trip to Africa he gets eaten by a lion or stomped on by an elephant and has a slow and painful death.

  85. 185

    Re: SassySadie – The pot calling the kettle the n word. Project much?

  86. Hun says – reply to this


    HELLLLzz to the naw!

  87. Hun says – reply to this


    Could just be culture shock … BUTT …… cows, chickens, pigs are not carnivores. Eating Lions just seems wrong. ick.

  88. 188

    are you kidding me? it's fine if we eat certain animals, but god forbid eating animals that we see as majestic and powerful and "wrong" to eat. why is it okay to eat some animals and wrong to eat others? how many of you would eat your dog? yet look at how many people eat dog around the world. double standards. i for one am vegetarian and would never eat any animal, but that's just my own person bias in the matter. people have no problem with the brutal slaughter we do to animals like cows and pigs, but when it happens to an animal we consider a pet, or an animal we marvel at in zoos and in the wild, people are suddenly like, "that's just wrong and disgusting!!" i'm not saying people should eat lion, i just see this outrage as a huge double standard to fit people's already formed opinions on what's "okay"

  89. 189

    I am a South African living state side, if you haven't been to Africa keep your ignorance to yourselves. We do not eat Lions, or Cheetahs or any wild cat. What you do know about is coming to our country is hunting our lions - it’s called canned Lion hunting (look it up) and now in Arizona you are eating them too. I invite you to enlighten yourselves, take a trip there without your guns.

  90. 190

    I just think it's gross but that's just my opinion. People eat rattlesnake, alligator, ostrich, bison, and here in Miami some crazy people have been killing horses for meat, etc…I guess this is just one more meat!

  91. 191

    Re: maybabygirl – BUT did you also know that pigs are smarter than dogs? yet like i said before, most people would shudder at the thought of eating their dog. pigs' intelligence has been compared to that of a 3 year old. but of course if people know this about pigs, they ignore it because they just gotta have their bacon right? ignorance is bliss?

  92. 192

    No. I would never eat that. I won't ever order veal either. In fact, we would all be healthier, and the planet would be cleaner, if we stopped eating meat altogether.

  93. 193


  94. 194

    anyone who hates on lion burgers but has no problem eating cow burgers is a fucking hypocrite.

  95. 195

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – YOU are a disgrace, a moron, douchebag skank now fuck off

  96. 196

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – what the fuck are you talking about, I come on here once in awhile and bash Mario cause he's a douchebag but your posts which are on EVERYTHING are so lame and clearly you don't work for obvious reasons or you just have no life, you are a retard and I agree with the other poster, too bad your mom's abortion failed

  97. 197

    Hypocrites. Why is it okay to eat farm raised cows/pigs and not lions? Yes, it is uncommon en less socially acceptable, but if you think about it, it's practically the same thing. Hypocrite! HYPOCRITE!! Although I'd never eat something like that (I'm vegetarian), I'm on the side of the restaurant owner.

  98. louli says – reply to this


    What makes me laugh is that we get people going crazy over this, when it's probably one of the only restaurant in the US to serve lion… (which is obviously a temporary meal if it's for the world cup and even so, it will not last, I'm sure)

    But no one gives a bloody damn about animals such as dolphins being tortured alive for human consumption and there is MANY restaurant in the US who do serve dolphin. And let me tell you that dolphin is a much more threatened animal than the lion and is also human friendly… While on the other side, lions are a threat to small african village and will eat you on sight.

    If you're going to fight for animal rights, fight in priority please. don't be a hypocrite. Lions aren't the cute little animal you see on pictures playing around with their cub siblings and mother, no, they are a threat to many Africans and are mostly in danger due to trophy hunting, not consumption.

  99. 199

    Unless you're a vegan, you shouldn't complain. Every single creature is eaten somewhere around the world. Don't you watch Bizarre Foods?

  100. 200

    Re: maybabygirl – So just because cows, chickens, and pigs don't have a great intellectual capacity it's ok to eat them, but it's not ok to eat lions because they are smart? How about stupid people? They're not smart, can we eat them too? I'm not trying to be rude, I just think people are being completely ridiculous here. We're allowed to eat animals that are "dumb" but if someone eats an animal that is "smart" that is considered wrong. How completely ridiculous.

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