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Australia Gets First Female Prime Minister

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After the Labor Party revolted against Premier Kevin Rudd, they showed their support for another another qualified candidate - Julia Gillard, who will be sworn in as Australia's first female Prime Minister!

Political analyst, Andrew Hughes, said:

"Australian politics has been quite conservative, and it comes as a big shock for a woman to be elected prime minister. Since our time of federation in 1901, over 109 years, we've had 26 prime ministers, and not one has been female. It's taken a long time, but we've gotten there."

Gillard was unopposed during a vote of her party's lawmakers on Thursday, just hours after Rudd's fall from grace.

"I feel very honored," she said. "Well, first woman, maybe the first redhead…. I'll allow you to consider which is more unlikely."

And Gillard has the qualifications! She has served on the Cabinet as deputy prime minister.

It's about time! Equality for all!

[Image via AP Images.]

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67 comments to “Australia Gets First Female Prime Minister”

  1. 1

    mario - you don't understand or comprehend 2 things about American politics - you are way out of your league speaking of Australian ones…………

  2. 2

    You should start a campaign denouncing that there's been no gay Prime Minister. It's such a major issue to everyone.

  3. 3

    didn't india or paksiatan have the first female prime minisiter?……..hmmmmmmmmm

  4. 4

    We didn't vote for her!!!!!!!! The govt went against its peoples choice. She is a traitor and I am ashamed to be an aussie woman right now. She said she had no intention of being apart of a coupe just a few days ago. THIS IS NOT HOW WE WERE SUPPOSED TO GET OUT FIRST FEMALE PM!!! Australia is supposed to be a democracy. This is bullcrap. Mining corporations put her in the position to be their puppet. Kevin was trying to stop the mining corporation from robbing us. He made so many positive changes for the common people, so the rich had to boot him out for this weak little puppet.

  5. 5

    Why would you care? You Hate woman cumbucket

  6. 6

    'Premier Kevin Rudd'?
    'party's lawmakers'?
    I'm sorry Perez, but the use of those terms are incorrect in this post.

  7. 7

    Re: No Talent_Blogger

    True. Even those starving children in Africa aren't really crying because they're starving but because there has been no openly gay prime ministers so far.

  8. 8

    Re: larastar

    She is AUSTRALIA's first female Prime Minister, genius.

    In the words of Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, "A midnight knock on the door followed by political execution is no way that the Australian Prime Minister should be treated."

  9. 9

    Oh, and she already has been sworn in - not 'will be'.

  10. 10

    Mario you make me laugh seriously don't even mention politics you are lost.

  11. 11

    Wish the US had Hillary as our first woman president!

  12. 12

    Re: larastar – It's not about who has been the FIRST FEMALE Minister…It is Australia's FIRST EVER Female Prime Minister. I am Australian and I am happy with the outcome, however short it may be. There is an Election sometime soon this year, and so she may only be the leader for a short time.

  13. 13

    Is every country following us in our American Idol competition now?

  14. 14

    Well done and best of luck to her .

    Re: Loewenstein – I nearly pissed myself laughing to this. I like your sense of humor.

  15. 15

    you couldn't find a better picture of her?

  16. 16

    Americans don't know shit about our country let alone you, Perez.

    @jem2323 I wouldn't exactly call her a traitor. This was bound to happen sometime, not her getting it this way, but there's no doubt she would have been our Prime Minister sometime. Kevin did a fantastic job as our leader and nobody really knows what happend behind closed doors. Unfortunately for Kevin, Tony Abbott started his stream of good luck when the insulation program failed and gained a big head from that. I honestly wouldn't mind if Kevin or Julia were our Prime Minister, just not Tony Abott. We'll all be fucked if Abott gets elected soon in the year. Kevin Rudd got us out of the Global Financial Crisis and there is no effing way that Tony Abott could have ever, or will ever, save us from something like that. We all owe a great deal to Kevin and I also appreciate what he has done for us but I honestly do not think he would have been elected again, even though I would have voted for him personally. A lot of people are brainwashed by Abott and that makes me feel ashamed to be Australian.
    As for the mining corporation business, I agree with you 100%. Although I do believe, or hope, that Julia will go down the same way as Kevin, for they have ripped off what is rightfully ours.

    Thanks :)

  17. 17

    Also, Tony Abott pretty much did the same thing to Malcom Turnball, and for him to turn around and say, "A midnight knock on the door followed by political execution is no way that the Australian Prime Minister should be treated" is hypocritcal. Also in the words of Tony Abott, "You can't always trust what I say".

    Thanks :)

  18. 18

    I thought you hated women, Perez.

  19. 19

    It's obvious you've never traveled far from El Monte, CA
    (a shithole with cars raised up on blocks in the yard).
    You're a political FrankenDummie.
    Equality for all! Sheesh

  20. 20

    Hey horse face, save these types of stories for the real news sites.

  21. 21

    I just wished America had been as smart and elected Hillary Clinton instead of Obama.

  22. 22

    may i not that kevin rudd was not premier …… as what is in your article geez :P we now have a kath day night speaking prime minister ehhhhh!!!

  23. 23

    Typical Labor Party. Elect a woman to steer a sinking ship. She made have made history, but it won't be for long.

  24. 24

    Mario, this first woman prime minister Julia Gillard is against same sex marriage so I believe now that your point of view will change

  25. 25

    Re: SassySadie – Do you even have a job or a life?

  26. 26


    Julia was not VOTED IN by ANYONE. K-Dudd stood down from his role because he knew he was bullshit and couldn't win.

    JULIA did not plot anything, She didn't even propose the idea of ousting K-Dudd. Other members of the Labour party decided this for her.

    Julia is not going to make any major changes people. The labour party is still the same, It's just more likely she will go with a public consensus.

    Lastly, Can we Aussies at least be proud that we have a REAL AUSSIE WOMAN as PM?

  27. 27

    Hopefully, the U.S. is next. Well, as long as it's not that Sarah Palin genius.

  28. 28

    This gal is going to be akin to electing Hillary as POTUS.
    Down the toilet.

  29. 29

    AND an unmarried, childless atheist with a quick wit and sense of humour to boot!

    I love her and am finally excited to vote in our upcoming election.

  30. 30

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – you are such a fuck tard and clearly don't have a life loser

  31. 31

    woo hoo!!!

  32. 32

    Re: SassySadie[/re[re=5151201]Re: Eldridge Cleaver
    I'm so glad you post your salient messages on here EC.
    The world should know we all aren't stupid Obamabots.
    Hey, there EU (European Union)…sorry yet about Flopbama?
    A little nervous about Iran going nuclear yet?

  33. 33

    Re: liawshere – Totally agree with what you said. When I left Australia 18 months ago Kevin was still incredibly popular- he got fucked by the libs spin doctors. Julia Gillard is on the left of the Labor party- and while I personally support her 100%, unfortunately the press she gets in Australia shows just how far we need to go for total equality between the sexes. Remember the magazine article where she was criticized for not have fruit in her fruit bowl? Interestingly, Julia Gillard was shadow health minister to Tony Abbot, at the time he was taking steps towards making abortions illegal again. If he gets elected, as I fear he will, there's no way i'll be going back to Australia for the foreseeable future.

  34. 34

    she looks like Tilda Swinton

  35. 35

    TO: Eldridge Cleaver.
    Was watching my Netflix on dvd last night, "The Raping of Europa".
    It's about the plunder of artwork by the Nazis.
    It's HEART STOPPING to see the plunder by ALL the Nazi elite, especially, Goering. More than even Hitler did.
    Besides, Britain and Israel as a great ally, there is also Poland we're kicking in the teeth and have hung out to dry.
    I hang my head in shame what BO has done.
    What happened in that country boggles the mind.
    As heinous as Aushwitz and Birkenau.
    America has always stood for being strong and helping the weak to offset slavery and tyranny.
    The shining "lantern in the window" at the White House has been extinguished.
    I'm heartbroken.

  36. 36

    Should be, "The Rape of Europa"

  37. 37


  38. ab89 says – reply to this


    Re: liawshere
    Typical uneducated Labor-voting nonsense. A single man did not steer Australia clear of an economic disaster during the recession. This happened because we aren't a giant international competitor, and we were able to heavily rely on exports and less on imports. Also if you noticed, Rudd came into power like a month before the recession so it's doubtful that his 950 dollars did much to an already plumeting market (In simple terms - what goes up, must eventually come back down). Plus JOHN HOWARD was the one who brought the country out of a 90 billion debt that was collected by the previous Labor government. Let me go on and correct myself right now though - it's not the person, it's the party. Julia Gillard is just another scummy left-winger - but unlike Rudd, she did not put up a Liberal-ish facade to trick the nation into another unstable government. Now that the pawn has been booted, Labor can get down and dirty (literally) and we can all pray for the next intelligent Liberal rep to bail us out again. It doesn't matter that she is a woman - it matters that our economy is in safe hands - which it continues to not be. Ps Communism doesn't work fool.

  39. ab89 says – reply to this


    Re: katiegrainger
    You are also really stupid. Who are these rich, money- hungry bastards exactly? Because it was Kevin Rudd's TEAM who booted him by the by. Nobody to blame but yourselves Labor voters.

  40. 40

    Re: jem2323 – completely agree with this opinion. She was not voted in, and is the Unions whore.
    November (?) elections will hopefully eradicate the backstabbing labour party along with Lizzaaarrd woman.
    Liberal will once again be in power. Perhaps the one good thing to come out of this, is someone will teach Ms Gillard diction and to stop cocking her neck up and down like a chook when she addresses the country. lol.

  41. 41

    I think some of you forget that in Australia, we vote for a political PARTY, not a single person for Prime Minister. We didnt exactly vote in Kevin Rudd, we voted in the Labor Party. And if you are voting based on a single person, then you're an idiot. This is politics kids, if you dont already know the rules (or lack thereof) dont embarress yourself with stupid comments.

  42. Chios says – reply to this


    Let's ignore the terms in this post, but putting that aside….To all those claiming that Australia is a democracy and that they have lost their right because they have had no say in Julia Gillard becoming PM…

    During the elections, we vote for the Party NOT the Prime MInister. Because we elected Labor and not a PM, they have every right to change the leader in regards to what they believe will ensure their 'survival.'

    So don't be ashamed that you're Australian. Be ashamed that you weren't paying attention to those million years we spent in high school on Australian History. But then again no one could be blamed for that….

    But then again, with Labor and all their blunders were fucked either way.

  43. 43

    yay gilly! she'll do much better than kev..

  44. 44

    The fact that she is the first female PM isn't due to equality issues. Its because not enough women are interested in getting into politics.

  45. emzie says – reply to this


    She makes me ashamed to be:
    a) australian
    b) a woman
    c) a readhead

    This is not what we signed up for!

  46. 46

    Lol at the Kath Day Night comment! She does sound like her!
    First we get kicked out of the world cup…now a RANGA is running the country…K RUDD will be missed, dont forget the $900 stimulus package he handed out, no one complained then.

  47. 47

    She is a back stabbing bitch! this is not the way we should be getting our first female prime minsiter!

    i agree with jem2323 and lankyjane this is not the way it was meant to happen. poor kevin rudd he did so much for us. we did not go into recession because of the package he put in place, he saved australias economy and he get treated like shit cos of the mining tax.

    there is no way the ALP are going to get voted in at next election and then we are going to be stuck with tony abbott and all his religious views.

    Kevin Rudd took the over being prime minsiter after beating john howard in a land slide election in 2007.

    The county is no democracy! they have taken away our birth right

  48. 48

    @ab89 "It matters that our economy is in safe hands". I agree.
    But your going to vote for a party that is lead by Tony Abbott who was once in charge of the health system that did nothing but go downhill?
    The best thing the liberal party can do is get Joe Hockey to contest the leadership. He'd give labor a run for their money.
    We might be in debt due to the financial crisis but we are not struggling like some other countries in the world ie. America, many Asian countries etc. We are still doing a whole lot better than these countries because of a lot things, including relying on exports, but the labour parties policies and actions such as the financial stimulous package did help. The package worked fairly well that even the President of the United States was even looking into the same action.
    And true, I do agree with you that John Howard did get us out a shitload of debt, but he made people suffer incredibly. Kevin Rudd's mining tax is fair. He's simply getting money that is rightfully ours.
    We aren't communists due to the fact that Kevin Rudd actually stood down. If you want to talk about communism, what happened to the liberal party when Malcom Turnball was involved? Please answer that.
    P.S It's not my intentions to start a verbal cyber argument with you. I'm simple stating my opinion just like you are, even if you don't agree with me. Vice versa.

  49. 49

    she is a joke. it is not equality for all. she is against same sex marriage and she is a lier. hopefully this time around the Aus public will be smart enough to vote in Liberal!!!

  50. 50

    Millie Stafford you say….."and she is a lier". She's a politician what do you expect. Oh and it's "liar" numb nuts.

  51. TJK says – reply to this


    Re: larastar – no, its australia's first female prime minister, heaps of other countries have had or still have female leaders.

  52. TJK says – reply to this


    Re: Hewhosmokeswomen – BOO as if he hates women you docuherrrr, someone that is so openly for equal rights couldn't possibly hate women. why would he do that? it'd be hypocritical of him and all his arguments about gay rights would fall down. so maybe next time you should think before you comment something as stupid as that ok dear…

  53. 53

    yeh and wait and see how she ruins the country…she was deputy pm before KRudd … she is accountable for putting this country in turmoil it's stupid and i am a female aussie…i dont see it a good thing coz she has done jackshit for us so far and won't anything now…unfortunately a lot of people in Australia don't look at previous facts and look at "OH YAY A FEMALE"

  54. 54

    This woman is a lying backstabber, who was not elected by the people but by a bunch of old men who dont care about this country but by their political status.
    she said in an interview she had no intention of being priminister and then at midnight she calls him and decides to have a 6 hour meeting with the labour party to decide that she wants to steal his position.
    shes already worse in the polls then kevin rudd was at least he was winning the polls now labour have no hope of getting re elected i hope she enjoys her theft while it lasts cause she wont be voted back in

  55. 55

    Re: liawshere – Wow. Do not make me laugh anymore please. Umm the only way Rudd managed to somehow not f up our country during the GFC is all thanks to Howard and the Liberals for saving the money for that to happen. Rudd f'ing spent it all and once again - like every other f'ing Labour Government - has put us back into debt.
    It's idiots like you who shouldn't vote cause you have no clue about politics, government and the economy and you go for who's popular and who sounds the best but you don't do your own research.
    Oh and one more thing - the "big, greedy" mining corporations are one of the reasons our economy does so well.
    If anyone in this country is a puppet…it's the idiot's who'll listen to people like Rudd and Gillard and believe the BS they blurt out but don't go and do the research for themselves. I'm not the biggest fan of Abbott and his views on women or how he looks in speedos but I'd sure as hell vote for him over backstabbing Gillard.
    P.S. I've studied 2.5 yrs of economics, my sister studies politics and my dad works for one of those "big, greedy" mining companies.

  56. 56

    no we didnt vote her in but you vote for the PARTY not the PERSON! if you voted for Labour in the last election then you voted for her too! not just kevin rudd … geezz australians we should be proud of our first female prime minister Julia Gillard is great for the postion

  57. 57

    So your family is in the field of politics, I respect that. Although, everyone deserves an opinion and that's just mine.
    I never used the terms, "big, greedy" to express how much the field that you father works in.
    And yes, they do help us. The mining industry DOES help us, i'm not denying that, but that doesn't mean that they can rip us off by billions, which they do.
    The labor party was being fair and was trying to get back what is rightfully ours.
    How will Tony Abott and the liberal party get that money back? How will he stop the boat people? Does he have a plan for this? Has he announced what he's doing yet instead of saying he'll announce it before the election? What actions has he made thus far?

    I'm not trying to start a fight, man. Everyone deserves an opinion. That's mine. I never call anyone an idiot or any other name to describe my opinions even if they may be wrong. I might not be educated in the same field as you or your family but I sure as hell deserve to say my opinion, as do you. No need to get all verbally violent on me.
    If labor wins the next election, then they win it. If the liberals win it, then they win it.


    P.S. I'm seeing that my opinions are pissing people off. This will be my last comment. There's nothing wrong with sharing your opinion regardless of whether they are right or wrong. I'm no the only one who does it.


  58. 58

    Re: bethlouisemackenzie – I am an Australian political science graduate and I am currently completing my masters and I agree with everything liaswhere said. Just because you studied 2.5 years of economics does not give you the right to gloat about your "education" and impose that on everyone else as warranting yourself as factual and all knowing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that's what makes deomcracy great. You are completley niaive on the topic and you don't have the qualifications to denounce anything liashwere said. What she said is completley valid.

    You are a twit. Come talk politics with the big kids once you actually get your degree and have grown up sufficiently.

    P.S. The mining tax is to ensure the profits from raping OUR natural resources does not go offshore and is injected back into OUR country. Should have been done a long time ago in my opinion.

  59. 59

    Re: jem2323 – I'm sorry to say this but we do not vote for individuals in federal elections - we vote for parties. There is nothing written in our Constitution which says this cannot happen. I do agree that it's not the most commendable way to have our first female PM and it would have been good that we voted while she's the leader at the election, but she is now. I think people confuse the one simple fact - vote according to party policy and not for the individual.

  60. 60

    Didn't your mother ever tell you to not speak of things that you know nothing about?
    You have no idea about what happened in our country yesterday or of the implications that will follow and thus you should be making no such comments.
    Please in future show some respect and either do some research (Kevin Rudd was NOT a Premier but the PRIME MINISTER) or shut your mouth.

  61. 61

    Hey Everyone should CALM THE FUCK DOWN.

    I think the real BREAKING NEWS is: We have a WRANGA for a Prime Minister!!
    Bloody Gingas!! There taking OVER!! Ahhhh!

    If Julia Gillard wasn't the new PM, it just would of being another drone from the Labor Party voted in. She is the most qualified so it might as well be her.

    It still sucks. Poor K-Rudd…I'd be Devo as…

  62. 62

    Re: liawshere – Okay sorry. Yes everyone should get an opinion. You've stated yours and I've stated mine.
    I described them as "big and greedy" because that's what some people are saying. I didn't specifically mean that you said it.
    Australian mining companies take things from other countries so what's stopping foreign companies doing the same thing here? Different countries require different resources and clearly Australia has some that other countries want and vice versa. When they're finished here they have an ethical and legal obligation to make sure the land can be agriculturally viable again. Mining companies provide communities with jobs and teach them new skills. Much of the billions that you say we're getting ripped off of goes right back to the company to fund more projects. The employees that work for them, especially the ones who are away from their families months at a time to work in these mines don't earn that much at all which I think is wrong especially cause they risk their own life. The labour government was only trying to get more money to spend.
    The boat people? You mean refugees and illegal immigrants? This has been an ongoing problem one which Rudd thought the best idea was to give them "day passes" to see all that Australia has to offer.
    P.S. Sorry for offending you. I get really heated when I discuss politics.
    P.S.S. Sorry for calling you an idiot.

  63. 63

    Re: SlurryDog – I wasn't gloating about my education. I was just stating that I know a bit about this kind of area but I am not however "all knowing" like you said I was. I leave that kind of stuff to my dad who has a Ba Science with Honours in Geology, Ba of Law, Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment, is a member of the Supreme Court of NSW, QLD and British Columbia (Canada) oh and who has over 30 years experience working with Law firms and Mining Companies.
    You calling me a "twit" is the same thing as me calling her an idiot. Which I actually apologised for. You're stooping to my level so maybe you should be the one to grow up.
    And I'm constantly talking politics with "the big kids" - the one's who have a lot of experience in these areas and who share the same views.
    "Raping"? You sound like my year 12 geography teacher. Do you drive a car? Because that would make you a hypocrite. Look at what BP's recently done. They've "raped" the entire Gulf of Mexico. Think about that next time you start up your car.
    P.S. Your nickname really doesn't make you sound like you're a political science graduate. Look it up on urban dictionary, I'm sure you'll rethink that name.

  64. 64

    It's funny, cause her accent is really, really thick. I'm Australian and have difficulties understanding her sometimes. K-Rudd was quite well articulated, but Julia Gillard can be hard to understand at times. It'll be funny if we ever see her talking to the leader of any other country, cause I don't think they'll be able to understand her :P

    But in all seriousness, I am happy about the news and I think that she'll do a better job at running the country than K-Rudd.

    And, she's also the first unmarried Prime Minister too.

  65. 65

    Re: katiegrainger – learn how the politics of your own country work idiot.
    It's not america, you aren't voting for a person, you are voting for a political party. Who leads that party is a decision that is entirely in the hands of the people of that party, and while what happened yesterday and the day previous wasn't necessarily standard procedure, they did not break any rules.
    I'm so sick of people saying "i didn't vote for her" because you didn't vote for him either! you voted labour, and who leads labour isn't your decision, and if you only voted labour because he was leading, you're a douchebag.

  66. 66

    Re: kwirkee – HA!! finally someone else gets it! marry me now please!

  67. 67

    shes nothing but a bogan in a suit