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Lakers Ladies Fight: Khloe Kardashian vs. Vanessa Bryant

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Not everyone is a fan of the Kardashians, but Khloe sure doesn't deserve this shiz!

According to In Touch Weekly, Kobe's wife, Vanessa Bryant, absolutely hates Khloe and the entire Kardashian clan.

“She won’t sit anywhere near Khloé at Lakers games,” said an insider. “At a dinner for the wives, Vanessa didn’t want to invite Khloé. She said Khloé is a ‘fake wife,’ and she didn’t want fake wives there.”

Supposedly the two have "gotten into fights” before!

Say what you will about Khloe but we highly doubt she'd let infidelity slide only to be bought with some tacky ass ring.

Sound familiar, Miz Bryant?!

[Image via WENN.]

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155 comments to “Lakers Ladies Fight: Khloe Kardashian vs. Vanessa Bryant”

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  1. 101

    B U R N!!! Perez, you said! Khloe seems like she wouldnt take no bs from Lamar but, the whole "marriage" thing between those two does seem a little "made for Tv". As much as I love Kobe but, Vanessa is the bigger ass, sticking with him after he cheated on her. A Mamba, I mean a leopard cant change their spots….

  2. 102

    In November 1999, 21-year-old Bryant met 17-year-old Vanessa Laine while she was working as a background dancer on the Tha Eastsidaz music video "G'd Up….

    Seems to me Vanessa needs to stay in her lane and remember where she came from…being a groupie ass backup dancer.

  3. 103

    Jesus, Vanessa is looking old and haggard as fuck, have that many years gone by already?

  4. 104

    that's a trailer trash move to you…once a trailer trash always a trailer trash…hey vanessa how bout try to snort too much coccaine then maybe you can come to terms that khloe is not worried about U! smdh!

  5. 105

    Vanessa is jealous b/c Khloe's husband isn't a rapist, unlike hers.

  6. 106

    This is coming from a women who stayed with her cheating, child raping husband for a RING? What a dumb bitch.

  7. 107

    Vanessa is a jealous bitch!!! Khloe rocks!!! She is in love with her husband no mistaking that!

  8. 108

    Re: backfire – soo truee. loveeee vanessa. shes a great mother and stuck by her man instead of running away from the problem. she also has a beautiful family and khloe well…just seeing her on keeping up with the k is enough, her and her sisters are the real fame whores its obv they crave attention allll the time. thats what theyr known for. and vanessa would never be jealous of khloe hahaha, she has a sexier husband who is 20x better at baskettball then lamar. love kobe. go lakerss,

  9. 109

    vanessa is an idiot to be calling someone else a fake wife. what kind of "wife" let's her husband buy his way out of the fact that he cheated on her? sorry to say, but she's ugly too. I hate how she puckers her lips up all the time like it's cute or something. Bitch, go get yourself a day job and leave Klohe alone.

  10. clh30 says – reply to this


    I would do the exact same thing to Khloe or any of the Kardashians for that matter. I wouldn't want them in my home nor would I want to sit next to any of them and hear their mouths. I really don't blame Vanessa…

  11. 111

    Re: schoolyard bully – Vanessa is not semi-black. She is latina.

  12. 112

    I agree with Vanessa, Khloe does seem like a "fake wife". When the lakers won the Championship game this month Khloe was in Miami and not to mention if you really loved someone and wanted to marry them would it take you almost 2 weeks to agree on a pre-nup.

    Yes Kobe cheated on Vanessa before but a lot of people believe in second chances, you don't just run out and leave your husband when he cheats.
    You can tell that Kobe really loves Vanessa and you can also tell that she really loves Kobe because if she was just in it for the money then she would have left him when he cheated. Why? Because she didn't sign a pre-nup and she would have gotten A LOT of money from it.

    Vanessa clearly isn't with Kobe because of publicity, you never even see her in the tabloids. Unlike Khloe and the rest of the Kardashian clan who spill all the details of their lives to the media.

  13. 113

    Re: kristinw3girls – He didn't rape anyone, the girl admitted that he didn't rape her. He did sleep with her, but she lied about the rape part.

  14. 114

    Haha! What a hater…She calls Khloe a fake wife, yet she was the one who sold out for a stupid ring and Kobe's name? She better watch out, Khloe can fuck bitches up.

  15. 115

    Re: clh30 – agree

  16. 116

    Re: zooby – hahah so true.

  17. 117

    ewww i hate vanessa bryant!!!

  18. 118

    Venessa is classy & Beautiful and Khloe just married for financial security

  19. 119

    How dare you defend the likes of the Kardashians!! Seriously are you blind have you not seen how they crawled up to where they are? And it all began with Kim releasing her own sex tape, selling out to the media, keeping noooo privacy in thier lives. …. Im sorry but Vanessa Bryant has more class in her than the whole kartrashian family! And im sorry but lets see a year from now, whos still married. the whole being in the media is gonna get old and lamars gonna leave her ass just how reggie left kims!!

  20. YUCK says – reply to this


    I'm not on either side of this one, but I will say this. vanessa has never courted the media. any guess on who is dragging her name in to such a stupid site as perez hilton? one guess: the whoredashians. those women are seriously suffering from as seinfeld would say OVEREXPOSURE. listen women are catty they all are not going to like eachoter and there will be tense moments no matter how old they are. its just the way it is and if you're a woman you know what Im talking about.

  21. 121

    Vanessa Bryant is a world class BITCH!!! She's so jealous of Khloe it's pathetic. I think that Vanessa should grow up and stop acting like a 2 year old. Sooner or later the other wives/girlfriends will realize that Vanessa's just a spiteful little snot and they will put her in her place. This is what happens when a child gets their hands on money…

  22. 122

    I understand where Vanessa is coming from. Not many people would want a gorilla sitting at the dinner table.

  23. 123

    Damn! Vanessa is a hater! how is she gonna call Khloe a fake wife? she is just mad cuz the kardashians are all hot and her man got caught fuckin a nasty skank and she still with his nasty ass!

  24. 124

    Re: caroaber – AGREE!!!!!

  25. 125

    Re: ballonknot – True. that picture of Vanessa is from the wedding

  26. 126

    Vanessa's just being a bitch.

  27. 127

    She would let infidelity slide because she has no money.

  28. 128

    Not sure about this one, In touch isn't a very reliable source!

  29. 129

    you guys are so retarted, wasn't khloe trying to get her husband to buy this million dollar house in bel air? and yet vanessa is a gold digger. she has two kids with kobe and has been married to him for almost 10 years. seriously vanessa is way prettier than khloe and her husband is KOBE BRYANT! you really think she is jealous? LMAO please dont make me laugh.because we all know of the high moral standards of the kardashians lmao sike please at least vanessa isnt a shrek looking like, have a sex tape on sale, or is a single mother with a dougebag boyfriend that doesnt even have a job and makes a fool of him on national tv.

  30. 130


  31. @v@ says – reply to this


    Sounds like Vanessa Bryant needs to progress past high school and discover adult civility. Who DOES that at her age? NO one. Is she that insecure? Khloe is a character.

  32. 132

    Please - did you see all the skanky hos and hootchie mama bitches up there on the podium during the post-game presentation last week when the Lakers won Game 7. They're all shallow, stupid whores and trophy wives, none is more or less skanky than the other. Mrs. Bryant trashing Khloe = pot calling kettle black.

  33. 133

    TEAM KHLOE!!!!!!!!!

  34. 134

    I would love to see Khloe kick that stupid skanks ass!

  35. 135

    Vanessa needs to go hide under a rock

    Kobe is a fake husband, and she is pathetic to still be married to him.

  36. 136

    Man there are a lot of Kardashian haters, sounds like you're all jealous (I bet you watch the show more than I do). I mean Ya they promote just about anything but you would too if it means big money.

  37. 137

    Good for you Vanessa - say what you will about Mrs. V, but she's been a real Lakers wife and I'm sure she can spot a fake one a mile away! Anyway Khloe is an embarassment.

  38. 138

    Well im not a vanessa or a khloe fan i think they would of been nobodys if it werent for the husbands..but i dont think you should call kobe an ass. not every guy in this world is satisfied with there sexual needs.

  39. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: xxstephlovexx – Your comment is complete bullshit. Go to wiki, Kobe Bryant sexual assault case. She NEVER said she lied about the rape. Never. While you're there, read HIS statement under 'settlement.'

  40. 140

    I don't blame her. Khloe,(like her mom and sisters) is a low class trashy slut. At least Vanessa conducts herself like a lady.

  41. 141

    Re: shialover – You're an idiot, famous men DO rape girls as they think that everybody wants to sleep with them and they don't get no for an answer. Mike Tyson for one.
    Go kill yourself now.

  42. 142

    AND who the FUCK is this VAnexxa BIItch??! Khloe would bitch slap her in a 1/4 of a second

  43. 143

    im all about TEAM KHLOE!!!

  44. 144

    Vanessa nets a reality check, she comes off as an irrelevant bitch, Khloe however does not need Lamar to be relevant, understand Vanessa?

  45. 145

    It's not my job to judge anyone but as far as I'm concerned Mrs. Bryant cannot talk about anyone. I think she might be a tad jealous.

  46. 146

    IN TRANSLATION: She doesn't want Khloe to bring Kim with her to the games because she is afraid Kobe would lust over her!
    Wait a second!!!!!???? NO WONDER KOBE WAS FUCKING WHITE GIRLS!

  47. 147

    Why on Earth does Vanessa think she is better than Khloe…seriously. I mean, she must think she's better if she feels she has the right to have these god all-mighty wife dinners and not invite Khloe. Who says she wants to come anyways? Gaurenteed she has more exciting things to do with her life. Vanessa, hun, you personally…are NOTHING. Kobe has made your name recognizable, you haven't done jack shit. She isn't a fake wife either. And if you think she is, ha, what makes you a real one? Last time I checked, REAL wives don't get bought out by materialistic things. Not even close babe, not even close.

  48. 148

    Wait…why did she go to Khloe's wedding then? Did Kobe buy her another ring to make her go? Cause you know, that's how it works - buy her expensive things and she'll be a "real wife." HA. Make me laugh silly Vanessa :)

  49. 149

    Re: LoveinIsolation – "Vanessa clearly isn't with Kobe because of publicity, you never even see her in the tabloids."

    …Are you joking?

    You dumb shit, this is coming STRAIGHT of out In Touch Weekly, which is a tabloid. And not to mention, obviously Vanessa is doing this for publicity. Do you see any other Lakers wives having a problem with Khloe or even each other? No. Cause they are mature and know their place. People Vanessa's age should be fucking mature, and stop acting like they're still in high school. Clearly - she is so insecure it's incredible.

  50. lolli says – reply to this



  51. 151

    Re: Doziem – Are you insane? "Vanessa conducts herself like a lady"? I guess you think a "lady" screams the F word at reporters in front of fans and small children, cusses out a Jimmy Choo manager, screams at her maid, calling her a "fucking shit, fucking slow, a fucking bitch", all this in front of her children and just generally behaves like a low life chola. What do you consider low life behavior? Anal rape? Oh…that was what her husband did, not her. Since she never anally raped anybody, I guess we can consider her a "lady" then.

  52. 152

    Vanessa has a cheat of a hubby, and doesnt have tallent or a job. Khloe doesnt seem like she would put up with an unfaithful husband, and she works. i have nothing but love for Khloe!

  53. 153

    just watched the Kardashian/Odem wedding and Kobe and his wife were there. Although, she did look like a miserable bitch. She just looks "miserable."

  54. 154

    Back off Vanessa. She kinda looks like a Kardashian.

  55. 155

    khloe she no that man dont wont her thats why her ass wont leave out of his eye. Omg and i seen she pregnany by they wont be togther long.

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