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LOLhan's Assistant To Tell All?

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Not likely, despite being offered the ca$$$h!

Lindsay Lohan's ex-assistant Eleanore quit her job earlier this month and now the tabloids are offering her deals of up to $50,000 to spill her guts about the wacktress!

Eleanore supposedly quit because she was "exhausted" and "had enough of Lindsay's demands," but she likely won't be talking. A source reveals:

"She has so far refused the offers, saying she doesn't want to tell on Lindsay as she's afraid she'll never work again."

Good point — but we're all just dying to know what went on!!

[Image via WENN.]

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20 comments to “LOLhan's Assistant To Tell All?”

  1. 1

    there's got to be some rich person out there who hates firecrotch enough to give this broad a job so she can speak out. harvey levin, give this girl a job and splash all of her secrets all over the place.
    screw you, firecrotch!

  2. 2

    Her dick is showing.

  3. 3

    She should TELL ALL! I hope the tabloids offer her so much money she can't refuse them!!!

  4. 4

    I really doubt spilling the dirt on Lohan would make her lose work. no one cares that much about her. She'll never be a serious actress after the years of crap she's pulled. If it was a real celebrity she'd have a point, but it's just Lindsay

  5. 5

    money talk, bullshit walks and $50K is bullshit

  6. 6

    Good for her. If she keeps her mouth shut it shows that she can be trusted and may land a better paying gig.

  7. 7

    Only 50K? what an idiot! Still the little fibber has nothing worth saying but lies. Remember she was the one that lost Lindsay's passport then told her it was stolen.

  8. 8

    WTF does she need an assistant for?

  9. 9

    Right Nathiex, I forgot. Lindsay was "set up" with the passport thing. Give me a break

  10. 10

    Lindsay does anthing for a buck - she can hardly blame this girl for sharing for cash. I say she should do it!

  11. 11

    The nondisclosure agreement she signed would really hold up whatever she said from being released to the public

  12. 12

    SOMEONE's got to hose Lindsey off and prepare her for a busy day of posting that endless river of unanswered tweets …

  13. 13

    Well this is how the book would read "I had to pick lindsays coke up, chop it into lines for her, guard it while she tweeked out and roamed around her apartment, Picked up her herpes medeication, scheduled her boob job/abortion visit, Found her phone when she lost it in her purse, reminded her not to shower and smoke meth at the same time, got her clean syringes, and made sure the doors were reinforced"

  14. 14

    Lohan's assistant to tell all? Well, apparently, no. Why even bring it up then?

  15. luvu2 says – reply to this


    Re: sugarmagnolia1082

    lol that was awesome and probably very accurate

  16. 7tizz says – reply to this


    False Mario - the majority of us don't really care.

  17. 17

    Seriously, what about Lindsay Lohan do we not already know? She's demanding, she does drugs, she drinks, she do this and that…What the fuck ever. If she was offered a million bucks this bitch would sell Lindsay's ass out in a heartbeat. Besides, Lindsay probaly put a gag order on all her assistants. If she blabbed to the media, she would be sued out of Hollywood for life and never get another job in the industry because she wold immediately get blackballed from the most high profile celebs who pay the best.

  18. 18

    Re: sugarmagnolia1082 – LOL! I bet you believe Lady Gaga is a man too. Until I see a picture of Lindsay smoking meth, doing coke, having sex with random men…THEN i will believe all the hype. Until then, I think she's great and the media just loves trying to tear her down. Sure, Lindsay may have took things for granted and should have not let all the fame go to her head, but she is no different from the average young adult like myself who has an addictive personality and makes really bad mistakes every once in a while. The only difference is that she is under a microscope and every little thing she does gets magnified and blown out of proportion. She really needs to get out of Hollywood and go to New York for a while and perhaps go to school for a couple years, then make a comeback. She is an icon and no one will ever take that away. She is STILL more famous than 80% of celebs in Hollywood. She makes Paris Hilton look like a Z-lister.

  19. 19

    Re: kitty9 – to look for paparazzi while she gives head in the alley..

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    Take the cash and start going to auditions yourself.