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The Acting Debut Of Bristol Palin!!!

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We would like to take this opportunity to take back every bad thing we have ever said about Kristen Stewart EVER.

Seriously, give her an Oscar. Give her two!

Because we have finally seen the REAL worst actress to ever grace the screen and her name is Bristol Palin.

This. Is. AWFUL!!! Pencil shavings have more personality than this girl!!!

We'd rather watch KStew gnaw her lip off her face than ever have to sit through another "acting" venture of Bristol's again.

Check out a glimpse of her acting debut (and hopefully beginning of her retirement) on The Secret Life of the American Teenager! (above)

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129 comments to “The Acting Debut Of Bristol Palin!!!”

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  1. 1

    I are robot.

  2. 2

    ugh….. she is cardboard……..

  3. 3

    Damn…she's sucks big time…no movement at all. Only her eyes were moving…almost didnt see the lips…

  4. 4

    I-AM-YOYO-MA. What the hell! Aren't these things supposed to have directors? At least SNL can do something funny with it.

  5. 5

    Wow. That was truly heinous. And she really is stiffer than Kstew.

  6. 6

    OMG Perez I thought you were exaggerating but I seriously could not stop laughing during the clip… I was waiting for them to make out or something cause that was some porn acting right there…. HILARIOUS!!!

  7. 7

    aweful… no face movements .. at all??

  8. 8

    That show in itself houses unspectacular acting. She belongs at that show.

  9. 9

    she'd be perfect in another Stepford Wives remake.
    God, that was painful to watch…

  10. 10

    Yep! That was pretty bad.
    But I still like her better then that trashy Levi!!!

  11. 11

    but the other girls is great, I'm sure we'll see more of her!

  12. 12

    IT looks like she'd had botox, would moving her eyebrows really hurt that much?

  13. 13

    Just painful

  14. 14

    oh dear god thats bad acting.

  15. 15

    lol what the heck

  16. 16


  17. 17

    Wow thats like the poor teenager who tries out for the school play and the teacher has to say, better luck next time. Not even acting, just reading, and standing like a tree. TERRRIBLE

  18. 18

    She's stiffer than your dick whenever you're around Bieber.

  19. 19

    Can we all say "stiff as a board with cold dead eyes????"

  20. 20


  21. 21

    Wow, that is really awful. An actrsss she is not.

  22. 22

    even without sound i could tell how bad that was - do what you know best girl….just lay there…………

  23. 23

    wow nowadays they are letting anyone act that was just awful go home and take care of your baby

  24. 24

    wow. I have now officially seen the definitely of "couldn't act her way out of a wet paper bag". I've seen more emotion from a dead cat.

  25. 25

    HAHHAHAHHAAAAAAA OMG!! has she had botox!? Her face doesn't move at all , her mouth seems disconnected from the rest ,never seen anything so bland in my life !!

  26. 26

    lol she really did suck

  27. 27

    omg.. for ONCE -PEREZ WAS RIGHT. WOW

  28. 28

    wow….her eyes are completely dead. a bit creepy. though i can still hear in her voice what she's thinking
    "line…. next line…. then i say…. last line."

  29. 29

    That was really painful to watch.Worst acting EVER!

  30. 30

    Wow, her face had no expression at all. they could have photocopied her face and had someone to do a voice over for her part and it would be equally horrible.

  31. Gio24 says – reply to this


    woah that was pretty awful, just like her mother.

  32. 32

    I'm going to skip this episode, I won't even be able to watch it without her ruining it for me.

  33. 33

    absolutely horrendous

  34. 34

    Holy jizz that was bad!!

  35. 35

    that was pretty bad…but i dont think i would rather sit and watch k-stew chew her face anymore than i already have..she has to be geeked out when she does that…

  36. 36

    HAAAA How funny!!! and sooo bad!!!!

  37. 37

    Jeez had to watch that one twice to believe it. She's like a robot, poor girl who had to act with her how did she not start cracking the eff up?? I hope Bristol becomes Americas biggest star! Why not? Miley did it!

  38. 38

    for once id agree with perez. WOW that was garbage! But id still bang her

  39. 39

    This is bad….I mean REAL BAAAAAAAD!!

  40. 40

    WOW!!! That was beyond BAD! That was a really Bad case of Stage Fright!!! LOL… Poor thing! BTW… she's getting acting jobs Why?

  41. 41

    Her acting was so bad, I didn't even get what that conversation was supposed to be about.

  42. 42

    To be fair, it is American Teenager, which is notorious for the worst acting in the world.

  43. 43

    We would like to take this opportunity to take back every bad thing we have ever said about Kristen Stewart EVER.

    Damn fucking straight perez. Damn fucking straight.

  44. 44

    Make it stop!! It hurts!!!

  45. 45

    And to boot, she's really ugly. Def not a face for TV.

  46. 46

    man my acting skills would be like johny depp's compared to this mannequin… looks like i have a chance at acting after all :)

  47. 47

    what the hell was that??????? and where was she looking at??? LMAO

  48. myjah says – reply to this


    I thought you were exaggerating Perez… but OH MY GOD

  49. 49

    She is bad….Kristen is great….you suck.

  50. 50

    Like What. The. Fuck.
    Talk about having a stick shoved a mile up her ass O_O


  51. 51

    She is awful but also how did she get to sound like every girl in Southern California when she is from Alaska?

  52. 52

    She has a well-known bone headed mother, and got her teenage ass knocked up. This does NOT qualify one as an actor. Dont know why everyone is so surprised that she is talentless.

  53. 53

    She's terrible…let's hope for Levi's sake she had a little more expression than that in bed lol.

  54. 54

    For ONCE you are right. THat was horrible. Like a robot. Sorry but Kristen can act. But Bristol needs some coaching.

  55. 55

    Yeesh. D:

  56. 56

    I don't suppose you bothered to realize that she is NOT an actor, nor trying to act.

  57. 57

    Thats was AWFUL. It was so…BLAH! Couldn't she have thrown in a little personality?

  58. 58

    I wonder what they paid her? I am not a fan of her family's. However, I can see the appeal for a young girl with a child wanting to making some extra $$$. I suspect she had some encouragement from Levi Johnston.

  59. 59

    GOOD LORD that was terrible!

  60. 60

    Haha does her character have problems? Seems like she was saying random things lol.

  61. 61

    hahaha shes like a robot

  62. 62

    This better be a one time thing
    for her on the show.
    I don't want her to ruin one
    of the few shows I like.

  63. 63

    OMG LMFAO!!! That is as bad as is gets. I could do better myself, as could anyone with half a brain, seeing as how half a brain would be more than what Bristles is working with.

  64. 64

    RPatz might actually like you if you were nice to his girlfriend :)

  65. 65

    that was actually really creepy. she could be in horror movies

  66. 66

    a small price to pay for being the daughter of Sarah Palin - no personality nor life of your own

  67. 67

    yea that was reallyyyy bad…..no excitment no facial expressions or nothing!!! she was basically reading her line without acting at all…she sucked big time!!! lol

  68. 68

    I've never watched this show but now that you have advertised it, maybe I will check it out.

  69. 69

    Somewhere Meryl Streep is laughing so hard she just peed her pants

  70. 70

    who cares what happens on that show? as long as she stays off glee idc what she does.

  71. 71

    OMG That was So So So So So So (x100000) Bad!!

  72. 72

    WOW! not a good actress at all.

  73. 73

    I thought I was watching a robot. That was horrid.

  74. 74

    We. Are. All. Teen. Moms……….. And. musicians. This was creepy as fuck

  75. 75


  76. 76


  77. 77

    what crap was that?!?!?!?!

  78. 78

    Oh god i thought perez was exaggerating, but she really is like a cardboard cutout.

  79. 79

    not since Kate Gosselin danced have I seen such raw talent..

  80. 80

    Re: melissamay1 – well kinda - bad is an adjective tho, and there'd have to be some acting for it to describe, know what I mean ;)

  81. 81








  82. 82

    And how much was the little girl paid to be on this show? Since she can't possibly have a job as a medical assistant given that she's always traveling… She has to pay for her lush lifestyle somehow.

  83. 83

    Give her a break. I'd like to see you do better. She wasn't trained nor does she have experience with acting. She was probably nervous as hell. Give the girl a break.

  84. 84

    OUCH! I thought you were joking! How the heck did the scene not get cut and reshot with a different person? If that's the best the editor could do, I'd hate to see the raw footage! She's a robot…it's like they fed her 5 word lines at a time. Stay home to take care of your baby, hopefully something that you're better at than "acting"

  85. k-lee says – reply to this


    wow. she is a robot. monotone, no facial expression.

  86. 86

    LMFAO. Wow. Umm, what was that? Seriously? That's not acting, that's just sad. She seemed stiff, out of place, awkward, and just wrong, wrong, wrong.

  87. 87

    for once, i agree with perez, that was bad….real bad

  88. 88

    This troll gets an acting job and hunky sexy Levi doesnt????

  89. 89

    Re: SadieG – would, but, anyone who moved their face at ALL would easily do better

  90. 90

    .she jus ruined the show.why thanks Bristol.

  91. 91

    Wow, she is a horrible actress. Who the hell hired her? My cat can do better than that.

  92. 92

    Omg. No words to describe that.

  93. 93


  94. 94

    did she even blink? lmaaoo! that was sooo creepy! if i were in the scene with her i would be sooo creeped out!

  95. 95

    Re: Unbelievable! – this is false. if she wasn't trying to act, which is actually what acting is, she would have been 100 times better than she was. the problem was that she WAS trying to act and thats exactly how it came off. a girl put in a scene trying to act.

  96. 96

    how the hell did she get a role on the show, the people could of given it to some worthy up and coming actress not some fuck up bristol palin

  97. 97

    She's hot.

  98. 98

    she was robotic like…like she was acting but was unaware that she was…

  99. 99

    OMG. That was beyond bad. I've seen first timers in high school plays do far better. Where the hell was the director? Or better yet… what was the director on? How the heck did Bristol land this part? She is TERRIBLE. I AM a better actor. LOL

  100. 100

    Re: wickedG

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