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And The New Mean Girls Are…

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NOT Lindsay!!

These are the new stars of Mean Girls 2!

Camp Rock's Meaghan Martin (left) will be playing Jo, the queen bee of the Plastics, which would take the place of the character Regina George made famous by Rachel McAdams. Meanwhile, Desperate Housewives' Maiara Walsh (right) will be taking over as one of the main Plastics.

And with a new cast, comes a whole new crazy plot line! The character of Jo will pretend to befriend outcast Abby, who is yet to be cast, so that Abby's father can pay for Jo's college education.


We hope this movie doesn't suck!

Bring back Tina Fey as screenwriter!!

[Images via WENN.]

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46 comments to “And The New Mean Girls Are…”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    mean girls - lindsay- rachel- lacey- amanda - tina- amy = FAIL. and since when does a plastic care about college?! they don't even know what carbs are! this is soo not gonna to work

  3. 3

    DUDE NO. The first movie is so good making a second one is retarded.

  4. 4

    This is not fetch. Perez you can go shave your back now. No real sh!t why bother, however I can see T.I.T.S (tramps in traing) eating this garbage up. Lindsay should make a cameo, lol as the looser lunch lady!

  5. 5

    Dude that sounds HORRID! Not all movies need a squeal and this would be one of them. Leave it alone, the first was funny let it just end.

    I will cry if Tina touches this she is FAR to good for some shitty squeal that never should have been given a passing thought

  6. 6

    Yeah this one will fail hard. No doubt about it. I hate remakes and sequals. Just stop while you're ahead

  7. 7

    1- Who are these chicks? 2- unless Tina Feye wrote it, no one is going to give a damn and 3) is this really necessary?

    The reason Mean Girls worked was because it was a movie about high school made for a more mature audience.

    And seeing as one of the lead actress has Camp Rock on her resume… pretty much confirms that this will be a big stibky bomb..

  8. 8

    Oh God…. Disney stars are taking over the acting world

  9. 9

    In the words of Regina George…"Boo you whore!"
    Not gonna work. The original is classic, even though i hate Lohan.

  10. Kakia says – reply to this


    Do what with whom for how many cookies?

  11. 11

    UGH WOW, this angers me! The first one was a work of art, this one is just going to SUCK!

  12. 12

    It is slated to go straight to DVD. As planned.

  13. 13

    eww, that pathetic wannabe bitch from "10 things I hate about you" is the replacement for Regina George, that is not going to fit at all.

  14. 14

    Stop reporting on this bs non-sequel. This is a cheap cash-in for Paramount Home Video…This isn't news. This is like writing about one of those Van Wilder Beer Pong movies…NOT A REAL MOVIE. NOT REAL MOVIE NEWS.

  15. 15

    This is going to be an epic fail! Why is hollywood ruining the classics? The plot sounds retarded!!! Im tried of friken of shitty sequals

  16. 16

    NO ONE can replace the ORIGINAL MEMBERS of mean girls!!!!

  17. 17

    instead of bringing back the plastics why not bring back superbad now that is a funny ass movie that should be out again. I am McLovin' !!!!! LOL.

  18. 18

    this really isnt going to wrk grls are going to start a new trending topic #stupidestmistakes becuase the original mean grls is it!!!1 no 1 will ever do it better it had lindsay at her prime rachel macadams and hello TINA FEY

  19. 19

    if the storyline sucks before the movie is made
    then it will most certainly SUCK after

    how about this one
    my best friend was popular at schoolreal popular i wasnt i was likemiddle ground not a nerd but not cool etc
    anyways so she best friends me and then pretend to be my friend for 14 years always driving away any other freinds because WHY because shes in love with my brother
    who was at boarding school so she could only see him when came home on holidays did i click on no i did not

    true story and a much better story line than some bs about paying college fees is she going to bj the father?? insanity bring bac linsanity

  20. 20

    Re: Chris Wood – i hope your kidding when you say work of art..

  21. Kev26 says – reply to this


    No sequel please. The first was good enough. I swear if Hollywood keeps this up I'm gonna pitch a remake of "Citizen Kane" using CGI furry animals.

  22. 22

    maria will be the new gretchen? i foresee this to be as successful as grease 2, but i will still go and see it

  23. 23

    I really really wish they would cast Jamie Lynn Spears like they were rumored to have done earlier! She would be perfect!

  24. 24

    I think Mean Girls is the best teen movie in the new era (hats to Tina Fey). So let's just hope that the second will be just fine (if it's not too horrible). Meaghan Martin was funny in 10 Things I Hate About You series (too bad it got canceled) and I adore Maiara Walsh (I think she'll be perfect to take the place of Gretchen). Be positive, guys!

  25. 25

    Nothing and I mean nothing will be able to surpass the first film. And without Tina Fey as screenwriter, no chance. and ALL the cast of the first film made it what it is.

  26. 26

    I love Mean Girls, seen it 1000 times, but another one may ruin a great thing

  27. 27

    i would have to say that i dont think Meaghan Martin would be the right choice as a Regina George, i saw her in camp rock where she played the queen bee nd i dont think she can pull off being the mean one, i think she is more of the nice girl.

  28. 28


  29. 29

    I can tell already this movie is going to bomb….. Mean Girls is one of those movies that should never be recreated… the first was too damn good!

  30. 30

    I love remakes, but this is one remake I can tell you will suck. First of all, these two girls look NOWHERE like plastics even if their lives depend on it. No1 can replace the original plastics, Regina, Cady, Gretchen and Karen. This is going to FAIL!!!

  31. 31

    Yet another sequel being filmed in Atlanta. We have become the Land of Crappy Sequels.

  32. 32

    This is going to be horrible.

  33. 33

    no just no

  34. 34

    I hate most sequels because they recast people and then it sucks. omg, no one can replace the original cast and make it any better. Rachel McAdams dominates her role. BUT i guess these are the NEW plastics that they alluded to at the end of the first movie. I don't know if it's worth extending this though. we'll see

  35. 35

    Good lord this is gonna suck so hard. Tina Fey won't touch this with a ten foot pole.

  36. 36

    the first was good, but a sequel with none of the characters from the first movie? that's lame. it's like the American Pie sequels after the 3rd and the Bring It On sequels….just a terrible idea.

  37. 37

    both of them are good actors but it wont be good unless tina does the writing

  38. 38

    huh what about amanda seyfried? thats LAME MON i love mean girls 1 and those girls were perfect im not caring much to see this one now… eff these chicas lets bring back the originals u never kno maybe lindsay could get it back together it could be AWESOME!!! whoop whoop

  39. 39

    I've watched the original dozens of times! I don't believe that the new one will be able to even hold a MATCHSTICK to it!

  40. 40

    the queen bee isn't even hott. this is epic fail…why do sequels need to happen. This is going to be another American Pie trilogy. fuck my life

  41. 41

    The first one was only good because of Tina Fey.

  42. 42

    Re: thefabulousB – I agree!!! since when do plastics care about college?

  43. 43

    lol i hope its good

  44. 44

    Oh wow.. They;re gonna make a straight-to-TV Movie. I can't see this working at all! It's almost as ridiculous as when they made a sequel to ET. oh yeah, that's right, THEY DIDN'T… you don't tamper with classics!!! :p

  45. 45

    Remember the name of newcomer Willie Larson. She is my BFF's daughter and just got her first speaking role in this movie. So excited for her. I am sure she will make her mom former actress Gail Boggs (GHOST) proud.

  46. 46

    yesss, cant wait! better be good.