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Baby Bump Romp!

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Looking damn good, bb! Motherhood agrees with you!

Alicia Keys performed in Central Park this morning as part of the Good Morning America Concert Series.

We're sure she brought the house down, but what we noticed was that her baby bump is starting to grow! Won't be long before that cute romper has to be traded in for something with an elastic waistband!

But no worries! She will still looks as FABOOSH as she always does!

[Image via WENN.]

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35 comments to “Baby Bump Romp!”

  1. 1

    Yuck hat is not atractive at all. Cant wear small and skimpy with a belly. . . Another case of getting knocked up before marriage - pathectic but seems to be the only way to get a man these days.

  2. 2

    What was there to notice EInstein. She talked about being 5 months preggers during her performance. You're such an ass.

  3. 3

    Oh yah. She looks(what is it you say?)Faboosh? in that romper. NOthing like putting strain, on the fetus, by struttin her shit off on stage. This is when you know that the only thing that matters to the mother, is $$$$, and nothing more. Way to go Perez. Nothing like setting an example, for the younger generation to follow. A wacked out rapper? And her, pregnant on stage, in an icky looking outfit, still pining for the affections of the mass's. There is ABsolutely nothing sexy, or pregnantly beautiful about that.

  4. 4

    She's still a dirty home wrecker, but hey at least she looks good! :^)

  5. 5

    looking good!

  6. 6

    Who gives a FUCK about this HOMEWRECKING WHORE.

  7. 7

    All the talent, money and I thought she had the brains. Sizzzlee, Pizzlee, Quizzzlee,Tizzleee, Rizzleee.

  8. Lee77 says – reply to this


    Always and forwever rocking her huge camel toe. That baby's going to fall right out of there.

  9. 9


  10. 10

    I think she looks absolutely ridiculous and tacky so I guess it fits. 5 months pregnant from a homewrecking relationship in a thin person's outfit. LMBOOOOO!!! Alicia, you sure know how to dress your role.

  11. 11

    Whzn is she coming out of the closet?

  12. 12

    I like Alicia K.
    but poor fetus/

  13. 13

    Damn shes preggers? i thought she just had coke bloat.

  14. 14

    It looks like she's wearing a diaper!

  15. 15

    I wish her a healthy baby, but girlfriend has some major bad karma coming her way. She is so not cool. Woman to woman, we don't take a man who is happily married has kids.

  16. 16

    Oh, How come you're not pointing out that shes a home wrecker? The father of the child is still married to his wife (who he has kids with) and AK is already planning to marry that douche and is impregnated with his baby. Shes a REAL class act (not) and you're a HUGE hypocrite Perez.

  17. 17

    If there is any justice in this world she'll have a girl, but my money is on a boy.

  18. 18

    Re: bullsonparade – hes not married anymore….the divorce has been final for a couple months now.

  19. 19

    no she looks pregnate

  20. 20

    ahhh!!!! you people are crazy!!! shes gorgeous, talented, and pregnant, how cruel are you to call her fat and other viscious names. She isn't the homewrecker, he is. He left his "happy" home and got divorced, it happens to over 50% of marriages nowadays, and WHO CARES if they're married first or not. Get over it bible- thumpers, it's 2010 and your glory days are over. Religious rules are on the way out the door.

  21. 21


  22. 22

    wow .
    why are you people all talking stuff on Alicia ; for what . ?
    woah .
    she wants to have a life while shes pregnant .
    whats wrong with that . ?
    it's different if she was seven or eight months .
    but five . ?
    you can barely notice .

  23. 23

    and swizz beatz is not married anymore .
    thank you very much (:

  24. 24

    Faboosh, so not!

  25. 25

    Re: keely1024 – Ugh, when will people stop saying, "thank you very much" at the end of their little impotent rants? …Passive/aggressive bullshit.

  26. 26

    Ok, so why does Perez post info about Leanne Rhimes and call her "a homewrecker", but when he/she post's info about Alicia Keys he says she looks "faboosh" and praises her??? Considering Swiss Beatz is leaving/left his wife for her. A little hypocritical you think? I don't care what Alicia or Leanne does because it is their lives and no mine. But if you are going to judge, then judge equally.

  27. 27

    I hope her baby doesn't get rug burn from nursing on that hairy chest of hers.

  28. 28

    Re: Evangeline22

    Happily married men do not cheat.

  29. 29

    HUGE DYKE!!!

  30. 30

    Umm Perez, you're all about giving Lee Ann Rimes shit….Another woman who snatched a married man.

  31. 31

    Re: golden_blonde – COSIGN.

  32. 32

    she went after a married man with a baby at home. I lost a lot of respect for her ass… still like her music though.

  33. 33

    i hate how when women do that, they feel the need to legitimize their relationship by having a child.

  34. 34

    From someone who was actually AT this concert and is a huge fan of this woman, Alicia rocked the stage like she always does. She looked incredible, and was incredibly humble, like her music unwaveringly attests to. I'm not sure why talk of her talent needs to be infiltrated with disgusting comments about her personal life. With that being said, do not attack someone when there is an ample information that is lost between what you read and what is truth.

  35. 35

    I would love to beat the shit out of the person who came up with the term 'baby bump'..it is soooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fn stooooopid!!!!!!