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Kellan And AnnaLynne Make A United Front

| Filed under: TwilightAnnaLynne McCordKellan Lutz


It's about time those two made a public appearance together!

After a year of dating, AnnaLynne McCord joined Kellan Lutz on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of Eclipse on Thursday.

They are one photogenic couple. Wonder how much longer it'll last!

[Image via Getty Images.]


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76 comments to “Kellan And AnnaLynne Make A United Front”

  1. 1

    That guy is a total butterface!

  2. 2

    Haha I see nipple? Yakkk

  3. 3

    Is that areola I see?

  4. 4

    Were all the dresses in her size sold out?

  5. mayi says – reply to this


    Why does she always have breast cup-size problems with her dresses? How can she not find something that fits when she barely has breasts..

  6. 6

    you can see her nip.

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Is that her nipple showing?

  9. 9

    does girl friend need to hike up her top?

  10. 10

    I think she is showing some nipple

  11. 11

    Wow. Anna Lynne actually left the house for once without her skanky famewhore sister!
    And I agree with the person who said that dude is a butterface!

  12. 12

    Photogenic couple? Really? She's about to have a wardrobe malfunction and it looks like he sprayed painted his hair onto his head! Ew.

  13. 13

    you can see part of her nipple! omg she is trashy!!!!!!!!!

  14. 14

    her right areola is showing.

  15. 15

    Photogenic? They look like two wax dummies.

  16. 16

    They make the hottest couple. Lovess them :)

  17. 17

    Re: Hayleebug – i lik i lik!! :D

  18. 18

    with the money this chics make u think they would beable to afford a dress that fits or doo they insist on squeezing into something smaller to make em selfs feel better ….do they not own a mirrow it looks retarded

  19. 19


  20. jaims says – reply to this


    Jesus Christ….trying to squeeze in a size smaller, AnnaLynne?!?!

  21. 21

    Perez, in your world, things seem so insignificant. Why do you always feel the need to write "Wonder how much longer it'll last!" every time you comment on a young couple?Jealous?

  22. 22

    she has that anorexic bobble head thing going on…

  23. 23

    This is one of the most awkward, unattractive, unphotogenic people I've ever seen together.

  24. 24

    i bet theres more coke up her nose than there is in the soda machines at 7-11

  25. Fabu says – reply to this


    Is that a nipple????? LOLz

  26. 26

    You can't see her "nipple," kids, it's called an areola, look it up. See what happens when a country doesn't have sex ed education for its children???

  27. 27

    Re: lollydoodles – agreed!!! blah!

  28. 28

    eek! what the hell is going on with his face???

    What an unfortunate looking guy.

    Who cares about the body if you have a face like that.

  29. 29

    Why women wear those ugly dresses … yesterday Salma Hayek and know this one who doesn't even posses good breast !

  30. aris says – reply to this


    OMG!!! IS THAT HER NIPPLE STICKING OUT? WHAT A HORRIBLE FITTING DRESS! You make all that money and some celebs still look like crap! NIPPLEAGE!!!!!

  31. 31

    i used to think he was kinda cute…not so much…and why does she look like a dresses up hooker???

  32. ONIT says – reply to this


    Wow. What a gorgeous couple. I'm falling. ;)

  33. 33


  34. aris says – reply to this


    F.Y.I Kellan…..get a tan my man. That awkward shade of vampire white is not your thing! And yes…I should have earlier stated I think I see aerola….not a nipple slip. But hey? If it weren't for her pratically glueing herself to his side might as well have been a nipple slip!

  35. 35

    eww what an unattractive couple….

  36. 36

    Re: mayi – lol i was just about to say that!

  37. 37


  38. 38

    it looks like he borrowed John Travolta's weave, he needs to find a stylist to pick a hair color for him, his hair always looks awful.

  39. 39

    They are so annoying!!!! And I don't get all the fuss… they are not even good looking. They are so BORING!

  40. 40

    ugh butter face! this guy doesn't even make my wang tingle in the slightest.

  41. 41

    umm pull your dress up lady and lose some of that make up you look mid 30's!!

  42. 42

    Kellan has a rockin' bod, but he needs to find a decent hair color that suits his skin color and stick with it.

  43. 43

    nip and fug

  44. 44

    His face is fugly.

  45. 45

    They are both heavily made up and that is GROSS. Butterfaces!

  46. 46

    He has a pale face. blahhhh. She to adorbs.

  47. 47

    Damn, they are ugly.
    Not attractive at all.
    And everyone focuses on his body, but his face is like, bleech.
    Someone described it as Howdy Doody. And they are right.

  48. 48

    they look kind of evil

  49. 49


  50. 50

    What size is the dress? Did she buy it in a kiddies store? Because she is super tiny so there is no excuse for her wearing a small dress…

    And Kellan's hair looks awful. He also need a tan

  51. 51

    i love them together :) but she needs to lay off the make up a bit shes wearing waay too much

  52. 52

    Did he dye his hair? Looks AWFUL

  53. 53

    eww i c titay

  54. 54

    Photogenic Couples never last
    the picture is just to perfect and
    behind the scenes the smiles turn into shrieks!

  55. 55

    o.k. So she LooKs alive, and he looks ded.

  56. 56

    Something always looks off with Kellan's face.

  57. 57

    are you not going to comment on her nipple?

  58. 58

    Couldn't she find a dress her own size? Sigh. Oh well… She's cute, but sooo annoying. And, honestly, I don't see the hype about this guy. He's not good-looking at all… Not a photogenic couple, Perez. You might wanna look into getting a pair of glasses or something…

  59. 59

    He looks like a child molester!

  60. 60

    Annalynne LUKZ PWEETTY!

  61. 61

    she looks good for a cokehead - except for the ill-fitting dress. His hair needs to be a more natural shade of brown - way too dark and hated the blonde!

  62. CocoK says – reply to this


    They look okay but I agree that he needs to find a new 'do color…the one is too dark. This whole match up screams publicity stunt though…I really don't think this guy is straight.

  63. Liz_V says – reply to this


    she looks like a dead!
    her face looks super ugly
    definitely not favored makeup

  64. 64


  65. 65

    Are those things human?

  66. 66

    her dress is too small and you can see her nip she don't have tits anyhow

  67. 67

    Ummmmm correct me if I'm wrong….but is that a lil bit o nipple showin??!!

  68. 68

    Ugh. AnnaLynne is an anorexic nasty bitch! Kellan could do so much better. Put your nips away you whore!

  69. 69

    Is that a nipple? OMG, I think so! How classy…lol…

  70. ed69 says – reply to this


    plastic bag over his head and he is perfect

  71. 71

    Re: mayi – I'm sayin!

  72. 72

    I've met him. He's so nice!

  73. 73

    first time in a VERY long time she looks pretty. love kellan.

  74. 74

    OMG she looks like a vampire..& he is so unnatractive ..i used to think he was hot not anymore

  75. 75

    Nipping out a bit, huh…..

  76. 76