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GaGa Channels Madonna and Michael!

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Lady Gaga was looking very '80s wearing a Like a Virgin see-through dress and lacy bra and a Beat It red studded jacket as she walked through Heathrow airport.

Totally Radtastic!

The Alejandro singer kicks off the North American leg of her Monstar Ball 2.0 tour in Montreal on Monday.

Can't wait to see it later this summer!!!

[Image via Matrix Photos.]

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282 comments to “GaGa Channels Madonna and Michael!”

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  1. 101

    Oh ish, put a shirt on, no one wants to see your bra.
    When will this chicks 15 minutes be up already?!
    Bet she couldn't care less if you show up to her concert Perez..stop promoting her already!

  2. 102

    I think it's funny that when Lady Gaga wears something reminiscient of Madonna or Michael Jackson, she's "channeling" them. If anyone else does that, then they are slammed for "copying" other artists. Whatever Perez.

  3. 103

    hehe, where's SwedishSweetHeart on this one?????

  4. 104

    For the love of God can't this bitch put on a shirt for once!

  5. 105

    She's enchanting, but in a neurotic way! That's why pink boy LOVES her!

  6. 106

    #1 plagerist of all time.That's what you learned at your academy eh skanky.How to steal.Fuck off and die already.

  7. 107

    Re: lifesaabeach – i love this! haha he's such a hypocrite when in comes to that woman!

  8. 108

    Just a few years ago Lady Gaga was rocking pink skirts with brown hair and dressed normally. She is trying desperately to be different and weird because she takes notes from other people who have done the exact same things way before she has. She's a clone of so many people and is far from innovative or creative. She tries so hard to convince people she's a "sick bitch" and a "bad ass" so people can say "oh shit this chick is crazy!" when in reality she's a rich girl who went to a good school who wore normal clothes up until about 3 years ago. She's such a poser.

    Her voice is one octave and her songs are watered down recycled old 90s dance tunes while her lyrics are stupid and juvenile. This chick is the definition of OVERRATED.

    Finally people are seeing through the smoke and realizing she is no better or different than any other pop girl.

  9. 109

    If this was Christina Aguilera, she would be ripping off. Right, Perez?

  10. 110

    no matter what she wears she still going to look like an ugly tranny.

  11. 111

    I may not always agree with her fashion choices but this is just too amazing.

  12. 112

    And seriously, when I scrolled down the first time I thought this picture was Christina for a second. She's been doing the red lips and blonde hair for years now BEFORE Gaga as well as wearing weird clothing. So Clone who? If Christina's a clone then Gaga is a clone. Enough with this biased shit. HYPOCRITE.

  13. 113

    Is that a wig?

  14. 114

    If she is so great and as talented as her fans rave about why the fuck does she have to copy not "channel" everything Madonna has ever done?
    Poor Paris Hilton! How the mighty have fallen, he changed his damn name to Perez Hilton because thats who he was obsessed over! Now we never hear a damn thing about her, dont you all miss the old days when he was up her ass and around the corner?

  15. 115

    and what about when she was walking thru that same airport and ate shit the other day??

  16. 116

    perez, stop kissing her ass. it's getting annoying.

    on the other hand, Gaga looks great =)

  17. 117

    Seriously, she is weird, what is she 12 years old? How can you even put her in the same class as Madonna? You had better get your eyes checked Mario, she never smiles, she need serious work on her face, nose job, have those bunny rabbit teeth shaved, oh ya and she might want to drop the red lipstick, it only shows how uneven her lips are.

  18. 118

    I typically like her, but for some reason this annoys me. I'm still annoyed at her behavior at the Mets game, that's probably why.

  19. 119

    Retarded. Just ridiculous.

  20. 120

    If this was anyone else but "Gaga" you would be raking them over the coals…Just sayin. She looks utterly ridiculous!

  21. 121

    Is she allergic to normal clothing or something? lol

  22. 122

    Re: MindyD – Best comment of the day! LOLs

  23. 123

    Re: Kt_Cooter – ya girl I miss the old gaga BAD. She was pretty bad ass. DAMN what happened????? Oh well I guess shes gotta make mistakes while she's young and learn from tgem to better herself

  24. 124


  25. 125

    Re: goguy84 – She has a great body u shallow loser I bet urs is no better!! Criticize something worth while not the girls looks geez

  26. 126

    Jesus, she looks like shit! What is she, like 50 or 60 years old in this photo? She needs to lay off the fuckin' coke.

  27. 127

    I say she is "channeling", er ripping off RuPaul. She is ripping off the tranny look

  28. 128

    Nice ensemble! xD Woot!

  29. 129

    Damn Perez! why do you keep calling Christina Clontina when this creature is blatantly ripping off Madonna and Michael Jackson. This "chick" does not have an original bone in her nasty body but you still act like she is the second coming of christ

  30. 130

    omfg lol why are all the comments angry
    i kinda like,no i love it
    madonna and gaga are nothing
    even though i love both

  31. 131

    opps i meant "nothing alike"

  32. 132

    how is it channeling when its gaga and ripping off when its xtina?

  33. 133

    she dresses like an asshole, end of story

  34. 134

    Not original at all. Fame off of other people's ideas. Copy Catcat, is her new nickname. Telephone is a bad song–have you seen the lyrics to that one? What has happened to music when she gets accolades?

  35. 135

    who cares?

  36. 136

    Here we go… Nothing is "rad" about her satin freakin blazer nor would MJ wear that! And look at her hair… She looks like a middle aged woman going to a Halloween party.

  37. 137

    Oh I see…….Lada GaGa "channels". Everybody else "copies".

  38. 138

    finally some clothes

    love it
    now stop being crass and we might get somewhere

  39. 139

    Re: lifesaabeach – LOL… so true.

  40. 140

    You are so fucking annoying with this Lady Gaga shit. Like, SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU ARE SO FAR UP HER ASS YOU COULD HER HER LOWER INTESTINE PRODUCE SHIT. Lady Gaga is getting so old, so fucking fast, and you saying shit about her every single day is not helping. No body likes nor cares about Lady Gaga anymore. She is horse shit.

  41. 141

    Bitch is working her way up to wearing stilts. Anything for attention!

  42. 142

    Why is this skank not being arrested for indecent exposure. She is not on a concert stage and this is completely inappropriate. She says she cares about people, but really…..she doesn't give a shit about anything other than supplying the shock factor. She's a douche.

  43. 143

    she wears runway couture ….DUH. Fashion designers giver her their clothes to wear…she just likes the Haute fashion scene…you ppl are fucking retards. Also when you do something that a contemporary does ..ITS COPYING…when you do something someone did 20 years ago almost before you were born…. its paying homage. If what your saying is true then Elton copied lil richard…madonna copied cher and marilyn monroe….Michael Jackson copied James brown and Bob Fosse…..and Cher copied Judy Garland…. THE LIST GOES ON! Who cares if she dresses like madonna! Madonna is not her contemporary and also she LOVES LADY GAGA!! Just give up the bitch is talented and artful…she is her persona….just like michael and prince..she is always GaGa to the bone. Also she could care less what other artists are doing …she likes Xtina, Britney, and Beyonce….GaGa is not a hater, shes a peacenik. Also STOP READING PEREZ if you HATE him sooooo much!

  44. 144

    You are going to be the fall of Lady Gaga.. You can't trash someone like Christina for "copying" and then praise Gaga for "channeling".. people are going to get sick of Gaga very fast.

  45. 145

    Who the fuck wears that shit to an airport, of all places? An attn whore, that's who. An attention whore who happens to be blatantly copying other artist, Xtina being one of them. Whether you like Xtina or not, she was there first, and long established the blond hair /red lipstick, and random outfits for yeeeeeaaaars. She's better at avoiding paparazzi, but the photos are around if you actually do the research.

  46. 146

    Re: GaGaooLala04 – Best reply said today and thankyou for it They can't get it throught their heads. Ga Ga is nothing like Madonna. I love Ga Ga because she plays the piano, sings like an angel and has the gumption to wear outfits that Madonna and the like hadn't even dreamed of. Give Ga Ga her time. Like her or Loath her but except that she is an icon of our time. I love her. Oh and BTW I saw her fall at the airport and she collected herself very gracefully without any drama. Just be nice She loves all of us. Lets give her the same. Thanks to GaGAoolala too for the sensible postxx

  47. 147

    Totally Radtastic? OMG. Please don't ever - EVER - say that again!

  48. 148

    Put on a damn shirt for once! God, I can't even count how many times we've seen her bra. Cover up!

  49. 149

    Did Christina Aguilera forgot her shirt? oops sorry thats gaga, christina has looked like that for years
    can someone tell me why she hasnt been arrested for walking around in her underwear? im so tired of her "originality"

  50. 150

    Re: SweetSummerNight – You need surgery on ur shallow brain, plastic surgery on her teeth? WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT TEETH ! Gah, gaga is a fucking moron sometimes but she looks just fine minus the drag.

  51. 151

    She looks like a hooker. She isn't confident enough in her own talent to let it speak for itself, so she has to walk around in her underwear…desperately hoping that if they don't like her singing everyone has a chance to to gang bang her. Total whore

  52. 152

    She is beyond ridiculous and so are you Mario. I sort of liked her before you and now I can't stand her. You are poison, anything you touch turns to poop. Don't you get it????? I guess not. Gaga if you are reading this - PEOPLE HATE YOU BECAUSE OF YOUR ASSOCIATION WITH MARIO AND (YOU'RE OVER THE TOP)

  53. 153

    Very 80's? With that hair? No, not.

  54. 154

    Re: SwedishSweetheart – Take your meds please!!! You are an idiot Biotch!!!!

  55. 155

    she is so fucking UGLY and wtf is she thinking dressing like that and wtf are YOU thinkin likin it? if anyone else wore that ud bash the SHIT outta it

  56. 156

    Re: GaGaooLala04 – STFU you stupid Biotch!!!!! He makes his money off our hate. If it was left up to you Perez lovers he would be bankrupt….Don't be so naive

  57. 157

    I like the skirt but that's all… of course I wouldn't wear it

  58. byho says – reply to this


    ladyclone!!! yeah @hurlygirl I agree..i bet you if it was xtina oh she copy her.

  59. byho says – reply to this


    I'm glad cnn call her out..

  60. 160

    Hmm so Gaga can "channel" but XTina is a copycat? DOUCHE

  61. 161

    Looks like the retarded kid next door got into his mama's dresser and makeup kit again.

  62. 162

    if gaga ever gets annoyed with your constant posts about her and tells you to fuck off…will you actually, fuck off?

  63. 163

    I'm coming to L.A. to see Lady Gaga's Monster ball on Aug 11th; traveling all the way from Mississippi. I'm close to the area Constance grew up in and her presence has gotten people talking here. I'll be in L.A. for 8 days (Fly in on the 7th) This will be my first trip to L.A. and I'm so excited!

  64. 164

    i lovvee it!!!=)))))))))))))))) always so out their!!

  65. 165


  66. 166

    She looks like an idiot douche.

  67. 167

    PEREZ, you really need to take a break from posting so much about her. She is starting to become uneventful and over exposed.

  68. k-lee says – reply to this


    OMG WHAT-fucking-EVER!!! im so sick of this freak of nature!!! she needs to go away!

  69. 169

    what planet is this woman on?? dont get me wrong, im all for personal expression…. but this is like a big joke on humanity that this woman is considered an "icon"…. she looks like such a spaz

  70. 170

    I love how everyone talks shit about her when she doesn't resort to slamming other artists or being an arrogant fucktard like most famous people. I think she handles herself with class, unlike others. It seems people like the easy target.

  71. 171

    I don't get the hype around her outfits. Cher was dressing funy 30-40 years before this chick. It's not like she is original. She's just copying those before her, like most of them do.

  72. 172

    aha and people actually think shes original…hmm..
    …ooo i get it so gaga is "channeling" other peoples styles, but surely not copying right? never copying..
    and by the way that jacket looks NOTHING like the beat it jacket…its not even the same shade of red

  73. 173

    beat it was a red leather biker jacket… not a satin blazer.
    this chick is stupid and boring.. next!

  74. 174

    Lady Gaga is channeling Madonna…what else is new? Oh yeah, now that she's getting sick of all the Madonna comparisons, she's all of a sudden trying to be like Mike…She shoudl die her hair black and get a jerry curl and fix her nose…

  75. 175

    Re: fabulousjoshie05 – wow, i hope you aren't really flying all the way to LA just for the concert….that's a little pathetic

  76. 176

    i actually think GaGa is "channelling" the shit i just took after some really bad mexican food

  77. 177

    Ouch. "Lady Gaga, with her compulsive overkill, is high-concept fabrication without an ounce of genuine eroticism." - Camille Paglia June 25, 2010 - NYTimes Op-Ed.

  78. 178

    She is parading like that through airports? Seriously?
    HA HA HA
    Get a life!

  79. 179

    Is she parading dress up like that through airports? Seriously?
    Get a life!

  80. 180

    How about posting my comments??

  81. 181

    Why the police does not arest her for indecent exposure in public?

  82. 182

    and yet when Miley shows her bra in public she's labeled a slut and a whore…riiiiiiiiight.

  83. 183

    I'm really over Lady GaGa… Seriously, can we be done?

  84. 184

    I am convinced she is the world's biggest attention whore.

  85. china says – reply to this


    is this betty white or tranny caca? can`t decide….
    either way, neither grannys nor trannys should hang out their saggy tits. disgusting.

  86. 186

    Re: vegajramirez – The comments are angry coz ppl aren't happy with their lives so they come on gossip blogs and BITCH and spew hate. its not just perez's site its all of them.

  87. 187

    her fashion has gone down the drain since mcqueen died

  88. 188

    Well, I LOVE the outfit! I love the skirt! I dont know what you say it looks like the MJ jacket, it's not even close to that!! and that's a tootoo skirt, not a wedding dress! why dont you post the pics at the Elton John ball dinner? she was looking brilliant. I dont know why you're always trying to make a connection with someone else! that's Gaga! anyone else!

  89. 189

    Lady Caca = Madonna Xerox

  90. 190

    "I like how everyone in the world "copies" but gaga "channels". you are so stupid. " - I totally agree!

  91. 191

    Jeez !!! Poor darling, she's ugly…. But I love the blazer…

  92. 192

    wannabe. we alreday know this!! but guess what perez. we all know how fake she is. madonna is real. she has that fierce personality. and gaga isnt MJ or madonna. she isnt royalty of pop.GET A LIFE

  93. 193

    madonna wannabe. this doesnt shock. this woman cant be originaçl??

  94. IVIV says – reply to this


    IF SHE WAS SO WEIRD & UNIQUE WHY CAN'T SHE EVER COME UP WITH HER OWN SHIT? All she does is copy a million other people! she never admits to copying anyone yet when she does you say it's "channeling" or she's "inspired" & if anyone else is actually channeling or inspired & even SAYS they are you say they are a clone/copycat. So fucking stupid. She's a fucking hack & an insult to everyone who has actual talent that she copies from. She's seriously such a moron & so is anyone that takes her act seriously.

  95. 195

    She's 24, her fans are the same age or even younger, she's adressing them, she knows her niche. They don't care if it was done before but it's silly denying it. What's really bothering is that she manages to get away with it maybe that's her real talent. She may be a better singer than Madonna but her voice is so processed that it lacks any emotion or feelings. Her music is so stuck in eurotrash 9à's that was already crap at the time but her fans don't care because it's new to them. She may play the piano but it's more like an accessory in her barnum than a communion. In fact if people keep relating her to other popstars it's her fault, she has yet to create something of her own until then Gaga will be regarded as a disciplined fan. She's the ultimate popstar wearing patches of skin of the ones who came before her but nobody will be able to copy her even Aguilera because when people say she's copying Gaga she's in fact referecing the same people as Gaga. She's a frankenpopstar and if she's to evolve in the future i'm pretty sure considering her young age and how much she can be influenced, as an artist she'll regret most of the things she does now as she's nothing more than a travesty number. I think that one lady she also ripped from and who is seldom mentionned is the original downtown lady, Miss kier kirby. And yes that long tutu looks like the one Madonna wore at the first mtv awards and Gaga must have a madonna channel on youtube mark on her laptop.

  96. 196

    Okay I've only been using this site for a few days and I am getting really tired of some of the hate and filth spewed on here towards Perez Hilton, Lady Gaga and numerous other celebrities. If you were in the UK some of those posts would be classed as criminal, and rightly so (I saw at least one death threat yesterday). If you don't like Perez (I'm indifferent personally, only here for the gossip, lol!) then go somewhere else and stop annoying the rest of us. If you don't like Gaga, Christina, whoever, fair enough but say why in decent language not gutter filth. Would any of you like your mother/father/children to read these comments on here?

    Re the outfit, love it! So far as copying goes, sweeties its ALL been done before, its just how its put together that changes. Madonna was no original herself, not that I dislike Madonna.

  97. 197

    For all you Gaga haters, have you seen the Youtube video of her performing a new song at Elton John's ball? Picture and sound quality is bad but the song and performance were amazing - only 72 thumbs down out of nearly 3000 says it all for me. This is piano jazz and I wish she would do more of it as it shows her talent far more than the pop stuff, although truthfully there is no-one to touch her at the moment for catchy pop tunes, like em or hate em!

  98. 198

    yeah yeah its halloween everyday. yawn.

  99. 199

    Did Madonna die of plastic surgery complications over the weekend, and I missed it? I thought "channeling" was what psychics do to dead people. Anyway, that look is SO not Madonna.

  100. 200

    she looks stoopid

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