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NOOOOO! Other States Want Immigration Laws Too!

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Even though Arizona's new immigration law doesn't go into effect until July 29th, many other states are planning on following in its footsteps.

The law requires police to check immigration status of anyone they think is in the country illegally with violators facing up to six months in jail, $2,500 in fines, and federal deportation.

Unfortunately, as many as 20 other states such as Florida, Minnesota, Idaho, and Oklahoma are planning on pushing similar measures in 2011.

Supporters of the law say that illegal immigrants are taking jobs, consuming public resources and services, aiding in gang violence and filling prisons.

However, those who oppose the bill say that citizens with the "wrong color" would be unjustly harassed.

This would be terrible!! Immigration laws like these would just fuel more racism and hatred!!

We need to put a stop to these offensive measures and show that we will not stand for this kind of discrimination!

[Image via AP Images.]

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635 comments to “NOOOOO! Other States Want Immigration Laws Too!”

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  1. 401

    Re: Esmeralda Casanova – omg just shut the fuck up

  2. 402

    Re: IVIV – Dude stfu.. =0 I follow the law everyday but their come once in a while a retarted law such as this.. Ok so now i have to carry papers on me everyday while im shopping and going to school .. why because of my appearance? talk about bullshit!!! I will not stand for this!!! If i follow the law then their should be no reason to ask whether or not i have papers..

  3. 403

    If they want to be hear so friggin badly shouldn't they be waving the AMERICAN flag not the Mexican flag. Love Mexico so much… DON'T LEAVE!!!!!! Take your problems to YOUR president.

  4. 404

    Re: archimmes
    What the hell are you talking about? We have laws. We live in a different time. We have to deal with terrorism and high taxes. We are NOT anti immigration you fucktard… we are against people SNEAKING into this country and living here illegally… those who do NOT pay taxes, those who TAKE away jobs, those who get FREE medicine, those who CAUSE crimes. I'm not stupid, I know not all of these people are bad or evil… I know that the larger majority of them are good people. But they do not belong here illegally. If you love them so much go back to their countries with them.

  5. 405

    For all of you legal americans that claim so be such law abiding citizens. Did you know that most American teenagers get fake Id's ot buy cigarettes or alcohol at one point in their life.

  6. 406

    Can't wait for the states that still have them on the books to enforce the anti-sodomy laws!! Cops will pull over anyone they think may be a 'sodomite' and chekc to see if their asshole has been recently stretched!!

  7. 407

    OMG-haven't checked in lately.
    Bigots and teabaggers run amok lol!

  8. 408

    Re: hotgirl10143
    Hey "hot girl"… when you're older and have educated yourself at an established university you'll realize this is for the better of all. So sorry that walking around with a fucking card (that's the same size as a driver's license) is too burdensome for you… but honey, grow up. No one's gonna ask you to flash your "i'm a legit american hot girl" card while you're out shopping at Wet Seal or Deb. They're going to ask to see proof of citizenship when you break the law or so something that requires ID such as going to vote. You are a very immature young girl… can tell by your writing and thought process. Sometimes you need to look at the bigger picture. We're not anti immigration here. We are anti ILLEGAL activity. Again, if it's too much of a burden to have you whip out a card if you get caught speeding… then perhaps you need to realize the consquences of allowing this country become a free for all… another September 11th… or perhaps something worse. Again… for fuck's sake… most of us who visit this stupid site are probably left leaning on the political spectrum (sorry… I don't expect you'd know what that means as you probably aren't educated) but we all see this law as fair and common sense. Fuck. The founding father's of this nation would be all for this law. Again, I'm not anti foreigners… my house wouldn't get cleaned without one. We just want the legal ones here!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 409

    The U.S. Department of Justice may file suit against the state of Arizona to oppose this law as early as next week.
    This is based on the Obama administration's claim that the law is unconstitutional because it promotes racial profiling and that the federal government-not respective states are to legislate immigration policy.
    My thought is:
    If Obama wants to pass an immigration bill-
    Maybe Pelosi needs to start kicking him in the ASS some more! Worked with passing the HC bill! Why can't we ever just get this shit DONE?
    Here's a philosophy Obama should never have even considered-BIPARTISANSHIP!!

  10. 410

    This country cannot solve problems-that's why this ( MOST THINGS btw) is still an unresolved issue.
    We can't ever move ahead and progress because of BACKWARD right wing opposition!
    Had George Bush's immigration bill been passed in 2007 we would be in a much better situation than now- the one thing I agreed with him on!
    GWB bill included securing the borders and increasing penalties on businesses that hire illegals.
    The reason it did not pass is because it also included assisting the illegals who have already established lives here (working and law abiding) obtain legal status.
    Republicans shot the bill down because their racist constituents' (egged on by Rush Limbaugh & co) disdain for Mexican people and did not want any more of them gaining citizenship.
    This bill would have been a big step in the right direction-
    HOWEVER-without abolishing the DRUG WAR, completely stopping illegals coming over the border and violence from Mexico/south of- is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!
    Supply and demand-south of the border is supply and WE ARE THE DEMAND!
    Legalize marijuana and decriminalize cocaine and heroin=less reason for illegal immigration-no more cartels-no more violence! Support for both economies!

  11. 411

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – 220-You are a fucking joke. lol!
    Unlike YOU this blog is not my life! I don't get "IRKED" by a fucking BLOG stupid! You're pathetic! You've been here all day long bitching about Mexicans you racist pig LOL!!
    My day today was more productive than your entire life you sad piece of SHIT! Lately I haven't had the time to even think about this blog let alone your BATSHIT-you fucking racist motherfucker!
    Looks like you still have me on your mind though. Why is that, douchebag?
    Seems YOU- Oh one of many screen names are pre-occupied with me WHY?!
    You went off the deep end-and all into psycho cyber stalker mode because you couldn't win a debate on Perez Hilton lol!
    Who "IRKED" who you fucking xenophobic, agoraphobic, ridiculous, no life loser!
    Trueblood nailed you-REMEMBER!
    I told you to STOP mentioning me so why are you STILL?
    You are SO disturbing you creepy fucker!
    You'll never have a life, a job, or any friends because of your ugliness!
    Just go jump out a window already!

  12. 412

    Re: Moogle80 – Hi :) How are you?
    Rethink the solution to this increasingly problematic issue!
    This law is quite simply a means for Republicans to gain votes from their racist/stupid/gullible/heartless/backwoods constituents.
    It will do nothing to actually solve the illegal immigration problem!
    It promotes racial profiling and by harassing Latinos may get some illegals deported but will do nothing to ensure they do not get back in- the borders will still be open!
    Businesses that hire illegals are not dealt with and the drug war/violence occurring from the drug war is not dealt with.
    The issue of illegal immigration need to be addressed by comprehensive federal reform not respective state laws.
    This AZ law is merely a Republican "scheme" to gain votes- look into it!

  13. 413

    Re: Monira

    Honey… our laws do not concern you. Please… this NOT about skin color. It's about keeping ILLEGAL people out of our country. There are many brown, black, red, purple, white, cream, mocha, tan, yellow, etc. etc. people here LEGALLY. WE love them all. We hate the people who are ruining this country.

  14. 414

    Re: archimmes – Exactly! AZ. Is moving backward faster than any other state! Thanks to bigots/religious right PRIMATES!
    Re: Serena Loves Mario – Yes, but the point is: THIS is what will solve the immigration problem? ?? NO! It promotes racial profiling but does not solve the problem. Look outside the box!
    Re: Nayelley – Your post has merit!
    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – 267-Reinforces MY point of view!
    You douche!
    Fucking HATER! You just summed up why this law SUCKS you racist fuck!
    Re: Gary78 – Speak a second language? You can't even write an original post douchebag. You're like a broken record whining on illegal posts!
    Get some new material already you repetitive retard! And try getting a life instead of more screen names!

  15. 415

    Re: hotgirl10143 – 359-It has no life other than to spew racist shit on this website all day and fantasize it is has some power to piss people off lol.
    It posts under at least 4 different screen names too can you believe?
    Can't keep its lies straight and has been caught several times using different identities on the same blog! Argues with itself, agrees with itself…
    Sad, sad, sad!

  16. 416

    If we send the illegals to jail we are still supporting them with our taxes. And by deporting them it will not help the economy. Why not fine them and help them get legal citizenship? Than that way they can contribute to pay taxes and help the economy.
    You people would rather have hard working people in jail than to help them get legal and PAY TAXES.

  17. 417

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – Hey :) how are you?

  18. 418

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver
    I bow down to you. You're a lighthouse in a fog of shit :)
    I've been reading all these posts and you've been shutting down the idiots quite nicely. I live in AZ, am of Mexi-Italian heritage, am NOT a breeder and am college-educated. I AGREE with our state's stance. We in AZ are fed up and enough's enough. This has become personal. Check this out-We have been getting AHCCCS(medical insurance), HUD-Section 8, food program and day-care mail for this one chick named Nilssa. We've owned our house for 10 years and have never allowed anyone to use our address for shit. Needless to say, when her AHCCCS card came in with a fat envelope describing her new benefits, I called her fraud into their investigative office. I explained all the mail we had been getting, they took a report and they agreed she had been using our address to access state benefits. They flagged her ass and ceased ALL benefits immediately. Her EBT card should be coming in soon and I relish chopping that fucker up too. Thanks to ALL the people who support our state's move, MAHALO.

  19. 419

    As and ILLIGAL IMMIGRANT who can speak and write ENGLISH. I say to all you that you guys think most illegal immigrants don't become legal just because they don't feel like it. Let me tell you that it's almost impossible to come to this country legally from a country that is poor like Mexico unless you are wealthy or have a superior education and money. The average mexican citizen doesn't have a chance. That's why most illegal immigrants come here in search of a better life. People who have a decent life in mexico don't have the desire to come here. That's also why illegal immigrants take the most physical demmanding jobs at the lowest pay, Because alot of them don't have and education or profession.

  20. 420

    Re: larocks

    And this raises my taxes how? This makes me wait longer in my ER how? This takes jobs away from my fellow countrymen how? Let all the little teeny boppers buy all the little cigarettes they want. They are taxed at a high rate. LOVE IT. And survival of the fittest… let them all die of lung cancer. This still doesn't change the fact that THOUSANDS of people are sneaking into the US DAILY!!!!!! HOw can you fucking even compare the two???? No one is saying everyone follows the law to a T. Of course people break laws. I jay walk regularly. LOL But let's call a spade a spade here.

  21. 421

    Re: MileyCyrusLooksLikeAChipmunk – You have to be legal to get welfare. Sooooo how much do welfare leeches pay in taxes each year??? Oh, but they can suck out of the system because they are legal right!

    I'd much rather have my money go towards illegals receiving medicines than legal citizens that don't want to work!!!

  22. 422

    Minnesota? Are they scared of us CRAZY CANADIANS that sneak across the border? Gimme a break.

  23. 423

    Re: supersongbird – Hey there! I am ok and yourself. What have you been up too lately?
    We can clearly see that Eldridge has missed you as he mentions you on other post. LOL!!!

  24. 424

    EVERYONE thinks that ILLEGAL aliens don't belong here; our economy is in ruins - GET RID OF THEM!!!! That's why they call them illegal aliens. Everytime I drive, I need my driver's license with me. Everytime I go to another country I need my Passport with me - GET A CLUE PEREZ!! People are sick of the illegal immigrants and the crime and drugs and skyrocketing costs to our country they bring with them…WAKE UP!

  25. 425

    Re: SunshineSays – Not to go back on my previous opinion, but there ARE illegals here paying taxes. There was a raid in a city near me where tax prep records were seized. Many illegals had their taxes filed at this particular accounting service, but used stolen social security numbers (the need them to get the legit jobs). The ACLU sued the local law enforcement citing privacy rights and illegal search.

    A couple quotes from the defendant, in the local paper:

    “It doesn’t surprise me that the ACLU is taking the side of illegal immigrants over the side of U.S. citizens who have become victims of identity theft,” Buck said Tuesday.

    “You can take anything to absurdity, and that’s what they’re trying to do here,” he said.

    Cooke said the case infuriated him because it ignores the rights of victims of identity theft by illegal immigrants, and that the IRS and the federal government basically look the other way.

    As much as I hate to admit it, many illegals who work here do pay taxes. You can probably understand why the IRS might want to look too deep into the issue.

    My original opinion still hasn't changed though.

  26. 426

    I am sadden to see the many ignorant comments left here…while I understand that illegal aliens are breaking the law and some do commit crimes, the vast majority come to your country to work and do the nasty low paying jobs, while you legal Americans sit in and collect welfare. Are you willing to go an work for $5 dollars an hour as a labourer??? I think not, that is when you start bringing in the min. wage…give Mexicans back their states, that were stolen from them and I can guarantee you they will gladly leave your country…As a proud Canadian I can tell I do not like going to the states not even to shop because they are too discriminatory. Maybe this is why Canadians always make sure not to be associated with the American when abroad, because of the way American treat foreigners. You are going back in time just like it was done with African Americans not too long ago, it is truly sad what ignorance can make a person do and the things they say. FYI MOMMIE DEAREST the "wetbacks" as you called them do unfortunately, welcome you into their country with open arms!!!!Maybe you should do a little travelling before you start giving false statements. And as for your economy, illegal aliens had nothing to do with it, and anyone with a little education can tell you that. IT IS SAD THAT YOU ARE ALSO IN PEREZ WEBSITE WHOSE PARENTS ARE IMMIGRANTS ENTER THE COUNTRY ILLEGALLY AND THEN FILED FOR STATUS AND LEAVING THIS KIND OF COMMENTS.

  27. oandc says – reply to this


    Did you know that California has THE SAME LAW? Yeah, it's true. This law is to protect citizens from drug cartels and human traffic-ing and the terror going on at the AZ border. If the Feds ain't gonna help, that Arizonians need to help themselves and other states as well to protect their boarders.

  28. 428

    Re: venus13 – Ugh… typos… IRS might NOT want to look too deep.

  29. 429

    Re: larocks
    So how did you get here if you're illegal? Do you pay taxes? What do you do if you're sick? god forbid you come down with cancer who will foot the bill? My parents are in their damn 60s and can't afford to fucking retire because people like YOU suck up OUR tax dollars. go home.

  30. 430

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – Hey-been really busy haven't checked in for awhile. Just trying to stay up tonight-waiting for someone!
    Probably wouldn't have bothered posting but for the freak still posted shit about me. WTFUWT? I guess it's best just not to look at this at all and won't get sucked in lol! UM 419-make that 5 known identities lol!
    I feel like an ass for wasting time here with ONE account you know! :)
    What have you been up to?

  31. 431

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK

    YOU are missing the point. ONce they have children and their children have children and their children's children have children you have yourself a herd of people… now on welfare. All of them? No. Some will go to university. Others will become managers at burger king… but again, you have MOST on welfare. Get it right.

  32. 432

    Guess I can't reply to myself - I made a few typos, but the important correction was:

    You can probably understand why the IRS might NOT want to look too deep into the issue.

  33. 433

    Re: larocks – I agree with you, illegal aliens do all the hard work for a mediocre pay!!!

  34. 434

    This is so wrong of Arizonia and other states to follow these new laws. Yes I know us Americans work our butts off to have a job and live but it is wrong for cops to just pick out certain people based on how they look or what they wear or even if they look foregin. It's so wrong and this shouldn't even be allowed. I know a lot of people are here illeagally but cops shouldn't just be able to pull you over or walk up to you and just ask for your green card. The cops have to judge them based on how they look, they are discriminating. If they pull them over for some other reason and they don't have there green card now that is a whole different ball game. I don't think these should be laws, and other states shouldn't follow these laws. This is DISCRIMINATING!!!!!

  35. 435

    Re: MileyCyrusLooksLikeAChipmunk – i cant take u seriously when u have MileyCyrus as a screenname.. I am educated ;p and i do know what political spectrum.. ive been watching the news more than u watched tv ur entire life..and illegal immigrants were not a fucking part of september 11… dur!! Sept 11 happened because america let it happen… Bush even funded their leader at one point!! And yeah i learned that in school.. Talk about brainwashed!

  36. 436

    Let me see if I have this correct…
    - If you cross the Mexican border ILLEGALLY you pay a fine and are deported, the second time you are jailed for up to 10 years.
    - If you cross the French border ILLEGALLY you are fined, jailed and then deported.
    - If you enter England ILLEGALLY you are fined £10,000 and deported.
    - If you enter Italy ILLEGALLY you are fined €13,000 and deported.
    - If you cross the Northern Korean border ILLEGALLY you get 12 years of hard labor.
    - If you cross the Iranian border ILLEGALLY you are detained indefinitely.
    - If you cross the Afghan border ILLEGALLY, you get shot.
    - If you cross the Saudi Arabian border ILLEGALLY you will be jailed.
    - If you cross the Chinese border ILLEGALLY you may never be heard from again.
    - If you cross the Venezuelan border ILLEGALLY you will be branded a spy and your fate will be sealed.
    - If you cross the Cuban border ILLEGALLY you will be thrown into political prison to rot.

    - If you cross the U.S. border ILLEGALLY you get…….
    1 - A JOB
    4 - WELFARE

  37. 437

    This is so wrong of these states to be putting out these new laws, it's so discrimination. I get that some of us Americans have to work our asses off to keep a job or even live but it's wrong for a cop to just pull over someone or walk up to them based on how they look, they have to judge them on how they look, they're discriminating. Cops shouldn't be allowed to just pull someone over and ask for there green card just because they look like they are for illegally here. If they pull them over and they don't have there green card, that's a whole different ball game. I think these new laws shouldn't be laws at all, it's wrong and discriminating. No state should have theses laws, it's DISCRIMINATION!!!!

  38. 438

    I love how the majority of the comments support this law! If the federal government can't protect the borders, states have every right to do so. What some people don't realize is that it is not just about Mexicans, Cubans, etc… there are people from across the globe, for example: terrorists from Somali that enter Mexico illegally to cross (or at least attempt to cross) into the United States; mules (people transporting drugs inside them); and human traffickers… It's a national security threat!
    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – I love reading your comments! From this story, to the previous ones posted about illegal immigration, YOU ROCK!!!
    Re: morenaflaka72 – You sound so ignorant. And not to mention one could pull reverse racism on you because you assume that every person who supports this law is "NATZI KKK." I recommend before posting again to…
    1. Learn to read so you can educate yourself about the law
    2. Search immigration laws of other countries on google to see that our laws are nicer and have lighter sentences than those of other countries.
    3. Learn to write proper English. I, and I am sure everyone else is losing IQ points when they do so much as skim over the diarrhea you spew from your keyboard.

  39. 439

    Re: supersongbird – I just got home a while back from swimming it is extremely hot here. I hate the heat. LOL!!! But I just got back and checked out the site, checked the post and couldn't help it but I had to read and reply to that loser Eldridge because he claims not to be racist but EVERYONE knows he is.
    Oh and I was reading a few comments from him a while back and he DOES actually have more than one profile. FACT!!! Another person actually pointed that out to him too. He argues with someone and than the other poster replies and he accidentally replies back with another name answering their question or returning the arguement.

  40. 440

    People, let me clarify: this is FAR from discrimminatory. It would take an entire novel to explain the negative effects of keeping illegal immigration alive. People can easily spew emotional words by saying this is all "hate!" and "discrimmination!" but for some reason, everyone has clearly been too blinded by emotion and political correctness to actually consider what illegal immigration does. Yes, racial profiling sucks, but in many ways, it HAS to be done because we've let it get this bad. When in the middle of an economic crisis, any country cannot afford to host illegal immigrants before its own citizens. I myself just heard of three illegal Mexicans who got fired from their job because they all shared the same social security card. Because of that dishonesty, several legitimate American citizens lost the chance to work. This is not discrimmination; it's our country first and foremost looking after its own people.

  41. 441

    this is not discrimination, stupid fucks.

  42. 442

    Re: MileyCyrusLooksLikeAChipmunk – Why do you people act like they sit on their asses and WAIT for their paychecks to come in the mail? At least they are working HARD for what they have.
    For example my neighbor (LEGAL) gets welfare and free vouchers for Ross, and a gas card/bus pass so that she can look and find a job. Does she look for a job? NO! She spends the Ross voucher for party clothes instead of proper dress attire for work. And sells the bus pass. And supposively her 3 kids father and her are not together but they actually live together.
    Why doesn't the gov't enforce their laws in welfare to see who actually needs it and who leeching off it? But it is ok for people to mootch off the system as long as they are legal!

  43. 443

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – Swimming sounds good-hot here too!
    Where are you?
    I hope to go away next weekend if things work out for me! Busy time of year never stops lol! I think I have it covered!
    Wow what a freak why multiple screen names? I guess they are the only friends it has lol! How pathetic! So transparent too like no one will know WTF?
    Gotta go-I've been told lol nice talking to you! Check back tomorrow if time. :)

  44. 444

    Re: Scooter – listen fuck head its bullshit people like you that is making this law stur up racisim and discrimination…you sound like a fucking nazi talking bullshit about califonia classic image being blond hair blue eyed. listen up its fucking 2010 get the fuck with it.

  45. 445

    Re: msloriga – u sound like a small minded racist bitch and news flash…this country is taken over by discriminating fucks like you :)

  46. 446

    Why do you people think you are the only ones entitled to have a decent life? What makes you better than anyone else? NEWSFLASH you are NOT.
    We all need to eat and want the best for our children. God knows I'd do the same for my kids.

  47. 447

    Re: Alex 4400 – when you say all the "other" ethnic groups are u excluding mexicans because im pretty damn sure that everybody in my family knows english so why dont you get your facts straight and stop saying things that you only hear rather than experience :)

  48. 448

    Re: supersongbird – Ok have a nice day. TTYL! I stay in California and you?

  49. 449

    i completely agree with the Arizona law and other states jumping aboard, it's not racist at all. It would only be racist if Mexicans or other hispanics were the only ones getting deported. Europeans are here illegally as well and should be deported just like the rest of them. So let's get that it's not only Mexicans but anyone from anywhere that came in without the right.

  50. 450

    Re: Midnight Empress – hey why dont you realize that Mexico is not the only place where people imigrate from…im pretty sure there are people here illegally from many other countries rather than just Mexico

  51. 451

    Re: flygirl001 – you couldn't have said it better.

  52. 452

    Re: Don02895 – are you an illegal alien? im sure its Green Cards not Greencara. haha

  53. 453

    Illeagle is ILLEAGLE. Geez. GET THAT?!!! No sympathy here. You are either in this country the RIGHT way or you get arrested.

  54. 454

    Re: skidmarke – wtf does Kool-Aid have to do with it.. do i hear racism??… yea i think so :)

  55. 455

    Im all for people coming to America to try to build a better life, but the first step in doing that is to become an American citizen, and with all the problems associated with illegal immigrants, I view this new law to be a step forward in rebuilding what America is all about. They dont call it the melting pot for no reason. People from all over the world flock here in hopes to better their lives, which is great. Its not about race, whether you're hite, black hispanic, asian, etc. Most countries have harsh punishments for illegal aliens, including imprisonment and death in some circumstances. If people dream of coming here to live the "American Dream" they should do it the right way. I know a guy from Mexico who joined the military to become an american citizen. It may be a sucky route, but at least your giving back to the country you want to belong in, and youre getting paid and benefits for it.

  56. 456

    NEWS FLASH TO ALL YOU UNEDUCATED AMERICANS….go open a history book Mexicans claimed the U.S before you stole it

  57. 457

    People illegals arent "taking" anyones jobs! They're doing the jobs that you haters don't want to do! They work hard for their money! All they're trying too do is get away from the crime in their countries and make a better life for their family.

  58. 458

    Re: oandc – True indeed but if the U.S. would take the time to work with Mexico to fight the cartel as Presidente Vicente Fox, and both George Douchbag Bush and Obama had discussed countless times then we wouldn't have all these problems of drugs that our American children are buying. As long as there is a person willing to buy drugs there will be gangs and thus gang violence. I think we should concentrate more on that.

  59. 459

    "We need to put a stop to these offensive measures and show that we will not stand for this kind of discrimination!"

    Except, not only will we stand for it, we will encourage it and applaud those who enforce it. Good for Arizona and good for any other states that want to start taking things into their own hands.

  60. 460

    This law does not promote discriminatory behavior. Perez, you say that this law would lead to more hatred and racism - your ill informed claims are more likely to promote hatred and racism. This law requires that the suspected illegal immigrants be engaged in some sort of illegal activity BEFORE their immigration status is researched. You are absolutely wrong and your support for immigrants coming here illegal promotes BREAKING THE LAW. I guess you think that the taxpayers of the United States should be responsible for all expenses related to those here illegally??? You disgust me - not only because you're so blatantly liberal - but because your stupidity prevents you from seeing the reasons that a majority of americans support this law. Gang violence, drug trafficking, and the loss of severely needed american jobs during a recession/depression are all reasons that Americans support this law. Perhaps you should think some more about the protection of the rights of AMERICAN CITIZENS instead of shamelessly promoting the protection of the rights of those who have no business being here. You show no respect for American laws or the people who live here legally who are suffering b/c of these illegal immigrants. You are so disgusting and ignorant.

  61. 461

    I'm a Brit and I agree with this law 100%

  62. 462

    Re: Moogle80
    hahahaha!!!! you call me ignorant???
    ok =)!
    I bet anyone who knows me would call me like that =)! you don´t know me so I don´t have to prove you anything! I won´t waste my time writing looooooong texts.
    This site is full of jerks that can´t understand that we are living in the SAME WORLD! we should live wherever we want. I just hate borders!
    Thanks God I don´t need to go to USA to live happy. I have everything I need here. And I hope God really help you…. and makes you modest!

  63. 463

    Re: JDicaprio – I'm going to guess you are either illegal yourself and/or did not get very far in school. Perhaps both?

  64. 464

    Re: larocks – Seriously??? You want to compare American teenagers getting fake IDs and alcohol to the crimes of gang violence and drug trafficking? You are a complete moron and you should be put in jail for being such an absolute idiot.

  65. 465

    Re: kriskriskris
    AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I said earlier… I may be liberal… but I have common sense. Thank YOU for being the voice of reason here. Why do we have to friggin support the world? We get boo hood when we police the world… yet we're expected to support the world… at least those that manage to sneak inside our borders.

  66. 466

    Re: sandrag580

    How about YOU open a history books. The Native Americans were here LONG BEFORE the Mexicans. And survival of the fittest, jack ass.

  67. 467

    Re: morenaflaka72 – I highly suggest a Hooked on Phonics program.

  68. 468

    I hope they make a law like this in my state. *Crosses Fingers*

  69. 469

    Re: hotgirl10143

    I hate Miley Cyrus… read the whole screan name… I can't take YOU seriously because you think you're hot. Please. Stop being so god damn literal. I KNOW illegal aliens did not cause 9/11. I actually have a few degrees under my belt. Look at the bigger picture here and realize the problems of letting people into our country illegally. So what you are saying is that we should just open our borders and let everyone in? Really? Can you not figure out in that "hot little beautiful head of yours" what the ramifications would be? The world is a very political place. Please stop being so emotional about this because you happen to have "brown skin". Think. Use your brain. I'm sure under all the hottness there may be some remnant of brain. Do realize that under no circumstances is it wrong or discriminatory to keep illegals from ANY part of this planet out of our country. Also, do realize that carrying a card as proof of your citizenship is something that is for YOUR benefit and mine.

  70. 470

    Re: LorenaAlyssa

    So are you saying because they are hardworking we should just let anyone come into this country… it's okay?

  71. fiona says – reply to this


    I work in a hospital. We turn no one away.
    I have to worry about non English speaking patients; whether they will say they were not informed due to their language deficit. We are paying an interpreter for them. It slows service to all other patients.
    Now I am under pressure to learn spanish to secure a job.

    What is wrong with this PICTURE????

  72. 472

    Re: MileyCyrusLooksLikeAChipmunk – dude my dads german ,my mom hispanic … i do have brown skin but its mixed so im more like light yellow.. =p Some of my friends are hispanic and i would never stand by and watch them get harassed for their color or race.. It wrong to target other based on race and u cant say this law doesnt promote that because it does. Who will they search? The mexicans!! I bet if this passes then they will search more mexicans rather than asians or whites… This reminds me to a similar law that was passed in New York in Harlem to drop the crime rate.. Policemen were allowed to search randomly people in New York to make sure they weren't dangerous.. Who was searched the most? Blacks.. And only 30 percent of New York at that time was black yet 95 percent searched were african americans.. This is happening agian!! Please people learn from past mistakes!

  73. 473

    I am proud of Arizona for taking this stance, because immigration needs to be metered. (not just everyone running over the border illegally - that is B.S.) Also this law does not discriminate - the police only ask for the ID's if they are already pulled over for another infraction. This law only addresses the technical issue that police could not even ask about citizenship when pulling someone over before. Now they will be able to. And I hope they send thousands of illegals back to their home country as soon as possible. Even you, Perez, if you're here illegally. But I think you're probably a legal U.S. citizen, right?

  74. 474

    you peopl are stupid, thes people do really shitty things when crossing, some of them when they come across a house with supplies in it, an no one is home, they break in and take shit because they were dumb enough to walk through the dessert, my husband is on the Border Patrol he said he talked to a ranch man the other day that said last year they cause over $15,000 in damage. You people are so stupid you have no idea what actually goes on you look over the important details, like the drug traffickers, and sex traffickers that get through saying they are trying to get a better life you people make me sick open up your eyes, they attack our boys protecting our border, sometimes even killing them. don't be so ignorant. they belong in their land, and us in ours, its the law. Get over it.

  75. 475

    Good for them. This is how it should be. We need to crack down on ILLEGAL immigration. Yup, illegal, people. We're not kickin out the ones that belong. Get your facts straight before you yell racism and discrimination, like the people in the picture obviously didn't. Fuckers.

  76. 476

    Re: stephie86 – The government has laws that help people become illegal. People just don't want to go through the process - it takes years, and that means they have to start paying taxes, which no one wants to do!

  77. 477

    Re: Shellsy – were not talking about the people trying to get in but the people whom have been here for years working

  78. 478

    everybody that is for this law is a retard and so are all of you who commented below, you guys are heartless and selfish

  79. 479

    Re: MileyCyrusLooksLikeAChipmunk – i changed my username u happy now douche!

  80. 480

    immigrants to pay taxes idiots! and they dont get any of that money back when they retire unlike the rest of us and jobs being taken away? ohh yea cause mommy n daddy really wanna chill outside of homedepot all day and maybe maybe get a job n they probably really wanna clean up after peoples shiits too rightt? arizonas governer is a racistt bitch its been proven she said she isnt hitler her dad died in the holocaust n they found his death certificate in california died of old age haha bitch you dontt lie about thatt shiit ughh i cantt believe people support this racistt ass people disgusting :( and sure the law doesnt say you can randomly check people but you know they are they already do and its not even in effect

  81. 481

    Sweet sweet justice!!! Now please, lets clean up North Carolina too! If they were here legally, FINE, if not, GET THE FUCK OUT

  82. 482

    Re: supersongbird – I know it won't single-handedly solve the immigration problem, but it's a step towards doing something. Immigration in other countries do worse than this, and they do use racial profiling (I've seen it first hand in the UK), which may sound harsh, but it works. I'm not like Eldridge, who is an Obama-bashing, foreigner-hating conservative that's not afraid to use racial slurs. I'm very liberal and am all for legal immigration, but having once lived in an area that's been affected by illegal immigrants (very few jobs, most going to cheap labour), I do see the benefit in taking small steps towards bettering our country. I also don't think it's fair that taxpayers are footing the bill for people who aren't citizens and aren't paying taxes. I think people are taking this completely out of context. What they want to do is not racist, but it does have the potential to turn badly, if law enforcement abuses their power. I do agree this is likely to happen, but I don't see the problem with legal immigrants showing identification. It's very heartbreaking to think that good people, who only want a better life for their families and aren't abusing the welfare system will be deported, but it's impossible to separate the good from the bad in this situation. People need to take the legal steps to become US residents.

  83. 483

    Re: mmilesawayy – Having crossed both borders, I can say the US isn't at all concerned about people coming across the northern border, but Canada is worried about Americans coming into the country. I went into Canada, and they thoroughly searched the car and questioned us. Coming back into the US, we were basically waved through.

  84. 484

    They are criminals!!!!
    They should be treated as criminals!!!!!
    What they get away with is a slap in the face of every one who immigrates to this country legally!!!!!!!
    My Moms family immigrated here legally and are disgusted with how bad it is now here!
    If you think the new laws are bad check out Mexico's immigration laws they are way harsher.
    We should adopt Mexico's immigration laws here!!
    Illegal immigrants have ruined my state of California and are ruining the country!
    No more rights for lawbreakers and if your Mama is illegal and gives birth in the US the baby should not be an instant citizen!!!!
    Fix our immigration laws and fix this country!!!!

  85. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: hotgirl10143 – "who will they search? The Mexicans!!" …..yea, why? because too many of them come into the country ILLEGALLY & fuck shit up while LEGAL citizens are left to clean up their shit & then tell us how much we suck & we are all stupid racist hillbillies & we don't do enough for them yet we do more than any fucking other country. No one said you can't fucking come to our country, go through the fucking process like WE ALL HAD TO & we'll shake your hand. WHY does the LAW NOT APPLY TO YOU? & WHY DO YOU WANT TO COME HERE IF WE ARE SO BAD & YOU DON'T WANT TO FOLLOW THE LAW? EVERY COUNTRY HAS IMMIGRATION LAW & THEIRS ARE MORE STRICT! You're a fucking moron. Go to school, it's free. & You're welcome.

  86. 486

    Re: hotgirl10143 – You appear to be very educated and I'm sure your English teacher is very proud of your grammar and spelling…
    I think everyone knows that the CIA trained, funded and supplied weapons to the men that would become the Taliban (who harboured Al-Qaeda) to end the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the late 1970's and 1980's. I think you're a bit mixed up with your facts, however. This aid began during the Carter administration. That was in 1979, when George HW Bush was no longer with the CIA. Bush, Sr did become a part of it when he was VP under Reagan, but the operation was already under way, and it's likely the executive branch had limited direct involvement. By the time Bush, Jr was in office, aid had ceased. The CIA knew of Al-Qaeda, but didn't see them as a threat, and the last time the CIA was known to have supplied them with weapons was in 1989. It's very likely the CIA knew about an impending threat in 2001, but it's highly unlikely it was a government conspiracy, funded by Bush, Jr.
    Neither Bush really ever directly funded the terrorists responsible for 9/11, although Bush, Sr may have been indirectly involved as VP.
    Before spouting off "facts", you should do research, as some of us do have university degrees in history.

  87. 487

    This is amazing and I hope it takes effect IN EVERY SINGLE STATE. Learn more about the law before you go off on your anti blah blah blah bullshit. You shouldn't post this crap like you constantly do. You're so fucking ignorant it's sad. Go get yourself an education you stupid idiot.

  88. Lyshy says – reply to this


    I am not a racists in anyway shape or form.. But I think this law should pass.. I live in the state of Oregon, and here an immigrant can get on OHP (oregon health plan) and I how ever can not! They can get any kind of help they need.. And those of us who pay taxes and can't afford health insurance get no help.. I think Oregon needs to pick up this law.. I for one will vote for it! It's bull shit that they are taking all our jobs and our health insurance.. And not only that they come to our country and wave their flag saying "Viva la Mexico!".. This is America, if your so proud of your country go there and stay there! This is America not F'ing Mexico!!!!!!!!!

  89. 489

    Alright what part of ILLEGAL do people not understand?! You want to come into this country? Why should have hard earned tax dollars go to these people. Come in this country the right way! My aunt came from Brazil, got her citizenship, got a job, and has bust her ass since. Same with my uncle from Germany. I swear I'm going to have to start showing a green card soon in my own country!

  90. 490

    I'm Mexican on my dad's side and Irish on my mother's. I don't support illegal immigration, yet when you say that automatically you're titled a "racist" I've worked at Maricopa clinics in Arizona and I saw with my own eyes illegals getting free medical care left and right. This one lady would drive all the way from Mexico to get her FREE medical care becuz she was pregnant & wanted her baby born in Arizona. I asked y doesn't she go to a hospital in Mexico? the answer; why would u pay for something when u can get it for free. The gravy train needs to stop.

  91. 491

    Re: IVIV – I agree with you, I'm getting tired of people saying that without illegals we'd be screwed because Americans don't want those jobs, well, as you stated it's American's supporting illegals and people on welfare and food stamps. What's this stereotype of Americans being lazy? thinking they're too good for these jobs? in these trying economic times I bet you there are plenty of Americans who need work and will work those jobs. I am one of them. Can't we use our taxes to help American citizens who are down on their luck? instead of illegals? ugh!

  92. 492

    Re: hotgirl10143
    You should just stop replying because even if you did have a legit point your grammar makes you seem like a lunatic standing on the side of the road yelling out prophecies. Try constructing your comments in word first, use spelling and grammar check, and then post.

  93. 493

    Re: flygirl001
    Like working in a resort outside of Atlanta? Oh yeah, such a nasty job! If only I could work in a nice resort doing laundry (which I do for free at my house), mowing the lawn (also, which I do for free at my house), cooking food (ditto), and serving food (I make everyone else serve themselves here.)

    The resort of which I speak recently had to have a week long job fair to fill in all the positions that had previously belonged to illegals, which they were forced to fire after it came to light that their staffing agency was employing only illegals.

  94. 494

    Re: sandrag580
    Actually, you remember that cult that drank the kool-aid and everyone died? Yeah, it's a reference to that but it's just really convenient that Obama also happens to be half-black. But hey, everyone in the south loves Kool-aid, black or white. So although it is a racial stereotype I hardly see it as "racist" considering drinking kool-aid isn't a bad thing. My preferred flavor is grape or fruit punch while the blacks prefer orange though.

  95. 495

    I work in the medical field, and what I see everyday saddens and angers me. More than half of the people that come in are illegal citizens and they are afforded medical insurance. Yes, they end up getting caught, but not before the long appeals process takes place. They get ultrasounds, MRI's, Colonoscopy's, with no charge to them, (tax payers do pick up that tab).Meanwhile legal citizens are turned away! If we can find a way to treat All people Equally fine. But don't afford people who come here illegally with more rights, benefits, perks than the tax payers. Cmon people wake the frig up!

  96. 496

    Re: fiona
    There's NOTHING wrong with this picture Fiona!! Why shouldn't you learn Spanish so you can understand the patients in your hospital? You sound like Paris Hilton "Why should I ,like, try to understand other people?"

  97. 497

    They lost all my sympathy by waving a Mexican flag in MY country. People like the author of this idiotical rant are the ones who perpetuate racism. READ the law. And by the way - my BFF who is a self described Brown person was stopped just last week in Mexico and forced to present his US id. He didn't have a problem with that as he was in a foreign country. He was also asked to show id before reentering the US. Again, he didn't mind a bit. Why don't you post or at least read the Oath of Allegience? And by all means - please read the immigration laws before you stir up trouble Perez.

  98. 498

    Re: lesbiana
    Um, she works in the United States of America. Let's apply your same sentiment to the illegals– why shouldn't they learn English in order to understand people?

  99. 499

    Re: nomad6095 – You obviously haven't actually READ the new law or you would know it will only be enforced after a crime is committed.

  100. 500

    I carry a green card, and if check me make my children safer, my friend and our country then I am all for it.

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