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NOOOOO! Other States Want Immigration Laws Too!

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Even though Arizona's new immigration law doesn't go into effect until July 29th, many other states are planning on following in its footsteps.

The law requires police to check immigration status of anyone they think is in the country illegally with violators facing up to six months in jail, $2,500 in fines, and federal deportation.

Unfortunately, as many as 20 other states such as Florida, Minnesota, Idaho, and Oklahoma are planning on pushing similar measures in 2011.

Supporters of the law say that illegal immigrants are taking jobs, consuming public resources and services, aiding in gang violence and filling prisons.

However, those who oppose the bill say that citizens with the "wrong color" would be unjustly harassed.

This would be terrible!! Immigration laws like these would just fuel more racism and hatred!!

We need to put a stop to these offensive measures and show that we will not stand for this kind of discrimination!

[Image via AP Images.]

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635 comments to “NOOOOO! Other States Want Immigration Laws Too!”

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  1. 601

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – 547 made me laugh! :)
    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – On this very post you wrote -everyone refer to this now: "I hate Mexicans" on post 267.
    You prove MY point!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 602

    Re: AvaLuna826 – OK then-
    What do you think of George Bush's immigration bill that was SHOT DOWN by the Republican party in 2007?
    What's your opinion of Obama's plan to sue AZ over this atrocity?
    What do YOU think should be done about the DRUG WAR?

  3. 603

    Re: AvaLuna826 – OMG been over hour and no response…
    You could have googled that shit in 5 minutes!
    Do you have a valid opinion or are you just a HEARTLESS Republican bitch?
    Maybe I'll check back tomorrow to see if you have anything intelligent to add?
    If not I'll know you are just a stupid,uneducated spoiled BRAT!
    15 times in a row you posted selfish, invalid, pointless, bigoted shit!
    Are you stamping your FEET too?
    Seems to me if you are all up in here BITCHING the way you are you oughta have your FACTS straight!
    And add some kinda SOLUTION to the problem!
    Next time one of these posts come up :) have a clue and have some intelligent retort instead of pointless whining and BITCHING!
    Otherwise STFU!!

  4. 604

    i cant beleive you perez!! i actually used to like you…. but now your just another retard that doesnt understand our county and what it needs, stop posting this garbage on your website stick to things you know more about… like other dumb celebrities like yourself!!

  5. 605

    have you read the bill perez??? no i didnt think so. so shut the fuck up about this boooo hooo pooor mexican bullshit. have you ever actually had to bust your ass working like most us americans??? no you sit at your computer all damn day bashing other idiot celebs. get a real job you moron!!

  6. 606

    Re: sexymelons – so your saying mexicans dont work the same as "americans"… Melons.. u should not talk with your boobs but your brain sweetheart.. U just dehumanized a race! Shame on you! And shame on you for labeling americans as the superior group of people.. Were all the same =p

  7. 607

    Re: Sophie17
    But the Jews were legal german citizens, what are you forgetting?

    This has NOTHING to do with race. In Arizona it just so happens that the illegals ARE of mexican descent because Mexico is literally attached to Arizona.

    Is it racist that other countries do it too? What about Mexico's immigration policies?

    You're so far off the deep-end and I know that somewhere you have a feel-good message about all this but you're coming about it all wrong.

    But no, I don't mean give money I mean actually support a whole mexican family. You know they are catholic so they have lots of kids. Go for it.

  8. 608

    Re: Sophie17
    And if you had actually read the message of "sexy melons" that's not what she said AT ALL. she merely said that Americans DO work hard (which is true). I'm putting myself through college and I have a part-time job, but I am lazy? I worked my butt off at what I do to be able to earn a scholarship to study abroad and then have the subsequent funds for the plane ticket and whatever incidental money I may need. I didn't get that stuff by sitting around on my pretty ass. I put in the work and I reaped the rewards, nothing was handed to me. And while yes the illegals do work most of it ISN'T jobs that americans won't do. I've seen plenty of American construction companies, landscaping companies, roofing companies, remodeling companies, nannies, cooks, and whatever other job illegals may currently work at. I am a nanny. And I don't get to just sit around. If I can do the work then I know millions of other Americans can too.

  9. 609

    Re: jewfus – You come off quite ignorant.
    This law will NOT solve the illegal immigration problem. Not even close.
    Latino people NOT white people will be asked for their papers.
    This can easily lead to harassment and bigotry.
    Deporting illegals is very expensive. What good does deporting them do when the border is still not properly secured?
    I'll ask you the questions on post 603 also.

  10. 610

    Re: supersongbird
    I'm not sure if I ever said it would solve the problem, but something has to be done. By no means am I saying this is the best solution because OBVIOUSLY it isn't. But this law isn't "racist" as illegal isn't a race it's a status (and a crime).
    And the people are going to be question if there is reasonable suspicion. Of course if a white person is acting weird he/she could be questioned but be real, how many illegal Canadian/French/German/English/Irish/caucasian immigrants do you think reside in the US? Our problem IS latinos, just as in France the problem is middle eastern people and african blacks.
    Amnesty seems like a non-solution. How do I feel about it? No clue because obviously amnesty would not fix the abuse of welfare because look at how many Americans abuse it now and they are legal citizens.
    I think it's ridiculous that the Obama administration would sue a state over something that is mirrored in Federal Law. Wasting more of the Chinese government's money. I think it'd be a better solution to waste their money on an ACTUAL solution such as increasing border security.
    As a girl who briefly was on "drugs" (marijuana) I think the DRUG WAR needs to be harsher…

  11. 611

    Re: supersongbird
    I don't care if marijuana is safer than alcohol, there are very few people who can function at a job while on marijuana and I've seen it. Not that alcoholics are any better. If there were harsher penalties and if there really was a war on drugs (that's a total laugh really, I don't see it happening) then perhaps there'd be a difference made. Also, educating not just elementary school kids but teenagers would be lovely as well because most kids don't start on drugs as 10 year olds. I never got drug education after fifth grade.
    But really, about the DRUG WAR, I have absolutely no clue if anything would make a difference. If it's not one thing the mexicans are bringing in (and don't worry, I'm not foolish enough to believe they are the only ones) then it'd only be another.
    My issue is just enforcing the actual law and providing a real solution. Even if this isn't it, I'm hopeful it could lead to a better solution.

    and I don't understand how I'm coming across as ignorant when mostly what I'm saying is that this law isn't racist.

  12. 612

    Re: supersongbird – And, one last thing on this post because I think the issue has been thoroughly exhausted through these comments, but you're the one coming across as ignorant when you resort to calling other users names. Look around- you're in the minority with your thinking. The only thing "racist" about this law is the people who are making this about race.
    And "racial profiling" exists not when your criminal comes from a certain race. How many non-latino illegals do you think exist in Arizona? Very few.

  13. 613

    Re: jewfus – Illegal immigration is a huge problem and too many people think this law will work. IT WON'T.
    It has potential to promote racial profiling and cause friction with the Latino community. That does not amount to equality for all Americans!
    I happen to be for federal reform like George Bush proposed. Republicans killed the bill in 2007 because bigots did not want more Latino people gaining citizenship-that is a FACT!
    Obama now wants to pass a similar bill and plans on stopping AZ legally because it is the wrong thing to do! I AM WITH HIM ON THIS ISSUE!
    So if my point of view is the "minority" on this blog posters are either under-informed or Republican!

  14. 614

    Re: jewfus – Drug smuggling has been a USA vs. Mexico problem since drugs became illegal in the mid 20th century. The reason is simple economics-supply and demand!
    The buyers are here and the product is "there"- (Mexico or south/via Mexico).
    We have spent many BILLIONS of dollars to try to interdict the drugs.
    But still, the drugs ALWAYS get through and always will!
    Drugs are everywhere in the US and easy to get-most smuggled in ILLEGALLY through Mexico!!
    This is what creates violence at the border and increases the amount of violent people who cross it illegally!
    The harder and more militantly we fight the drug dealers, the more militant and violent WE become. Violence always creates more violence!!!
    If we legalize marijuana, and decriminalize heroin, and cocaine, we would be effectively killing the cartels like NO WAR can!
    Marijuana should be flat out legalized and TAXED! This would make this bullshit drug war OBSOLETE! Not to mention it would give some hope to this hopeless economy!
    If a fraction of the BILLIONS of dollars we have spent on the drug war were spent to support the economy of Mexico, we would have no immigration problem today.
    If we continue the same policies with Mexico, drugs and immigration, we will bankrupt our country and be in a state of war in this country eventually, like it is in Mexico today.
    Well on our way!

  15. 615

    Re: jewfus – You wrote this; "But no, I don't mean give money I mean actually support a whole mexican family. You know they are catholic so they have lots of kids."
    Is that a generalization? Came across quite ignorant to me! "They" are ALL Catholic? OMG.
    As far as calling people names, hey it Perez Hilton. That's how I roll if I see something someone posts that pisses me off. There are alot of BIGOTS on this blog in case you haven't noticed. I don't like bigots. I call it like I see it.

  16. 616

    Historically, the US has neglected Mexico. If we ever had a true partnership through the last century or so, we would not have this seemingly unattainable resolve.
    We do not see people coming over from Canada looking for jobs because the economy of Canada is better than ours!
    If we had supported the growth of Mexico's economy, we would be spending far less than we do now on immigration issues.
    Why do Mexicans illegally cross our borders? Traditionally and historically, it has been about poor people looking for menial work. US citizens didn't complain much about it because we need people willing to work hard for little money picking fruit and vegetables, in slaughter houses and cleaning houses, hotels, etc.-you know all the shit WE don't want to do!
    Immigration issues has become more of a problem in recent years because economic conditions have become harder in both countries.
    I say give hard working, law abiding people citizenship!
    If we weren't so busy occupying other countries, don't you think we could more effectively secure our borders?!

  17. 617

    Re: supersongbird
    Mexico is around 88% Catholic, so that was not a generalization. It was a fact.

  18. 618

    Re: jewfus – You wrote this: "I think it's ridiculous that the Obama administration would sue a state over something that is mirrored in Federal Law."
    So how's that federal law working? About as good as the AZ law will!
    Then you wrote this: "And "racial profiling" exists not when your criminal comes from a certain race. How many non-latino illegals do you think exist in Arizona? Very few"
    Which proves my point! It is Latinos that will be asked to show their papers NOT WHITE PEOPLE!
    That screams inequality which is unacceptable in the USA!
    From what I see on this blog looks like it is working too!
    Shame on those who are misinformed!

  19. 619

    Re: jewfus – "You know they are catholic so they have lots of kids."
    Sounds like a generalization to me. Not all Mexicans nor all Catholics have a "lots of kids"
    One could say the same of legal citizens regardless of religion, race or ethnicity who are purposely abusing our system for welfare and public assistance. RIGHT?

  20. 620

    For all those saying this law is not racist-
    "A bill that aims to ban ethnic studies in Arizona schools was signed into law Tuesday (May 11, 2010) by Gov. Jan Brewer, cheering critics who called such classes divisive and alarming others who said it's yet another law targeting Latinos in the state.
    The move comes less than 20 days after Brewer signed a controversial immigration bill that has caused widespread protests against the state. The governor's press office did not return requests for comment Tuesday evening."
    From the LA times May 12, 2010
    What is happening to this country?

  21. 621

    Re: supersongbird
    Whats happening in this country?
    Something good to stop all the ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Moron it is a crime NOT A RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 622

    Re: lizard1177 – Where the fuck did I say it wasn't, imbecile?
    You obviously did not read my posts you fucking retard!
    Are you stupid or Republican? Which is it?

  23. 623

    Re: supersongbird

    I respect your opinion, but I have to strongly disagree that the AZ bill isn't going to work, because although it isn't a law (yet), it has already made illegal immigrants move elsewhere (back to Mexico or the surrounding states.). If you don't believe me just do a search on google. There are articles in USA Today, MSNBC, FOX, and other news related websites.
    This may not be the best solution, but AZ governor Jan Brewer asked Obama for better security at the borders, and he hasn't made an effort to provide it. So she had to take matters into her own hands and she is getting reprimanded by it from democrats. Despite the criticism, he STILL hasn't provided it. That's his fault in my opinion because this wouldn't be an issue if he would've strengthened border patrol in the first place.
    I think to fix the problem, everyone should have to carry ID that shows their legal status in the US. Whether you're going to a club, working, driving your car, eating at a restaurant, etc… I studied abroad for a year and a half in Panama and traveled through South America. I almost got arrested because the copy of the passport I carried around didn't have the most recent stamp like my actual passport did. I luckily had friends that talked the national police out of detaining me. If you have proper ID, then you have nothing to worry about… right?

  24. 624

    Re: supersongbird

    I'll agree with you that banning ethnic studies is ridiculous though. That's as bad as teaching false history.

  25. 625

    Re: kdp2010 – Regarding those who have been deported-
    with holes in the border how comforting is that really?
    Deportation is expensive!
    Obama voted for Bush's immigration bill and is eager to pass one this year
    Bush's bill included amnesty for illegals which is why it did not pass-Republicans voted it down.
    What do you think will happen in congress when Obama tries to fix this beyond broken system?

  26. 626

    This law wil absolutely provoke discrimination!
    "Whereas, there exists more than a century of anthropological findings on the crucial social and political impact of discrimination based on race, national origin and ethnicity and a long history of anthropological concern for the well-being of immigrant populations, the American Anthropological Association considers these laws and the ways they may be implemented to be discriminatory." –Debra Martin, American Anthropological Association

  27. 627

    "A new Arizona law allows any U.S. citizen 21 or older to carry concealed weapons without needing a permit from the state first. New Mexico is expected to follow Arizona’s lead.

    Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed the law with the no-permit requirement into law recently, The new law will go into effect 91 days after the State Legislature adjourns so it will be early summer of 2010 meaning the law would take effect sometime in the summer, according to reports.
    "I believe this legislation not only protects the Second Amendment rights of Arizona citizens, but restores those rights as well," Brewer, a Republican, said in a statement."
    From Examiner-June 26, 2010
    Last year Brewer signed a law stating loaded guns can be brought into bars!
    She is also fighting stem cell research-it's 2010!
    This immigration law is discrimitory and will give a repective law official license to harass AT HIS/HER OWN DISCRETION those thery think may be illegal.
    In Arizona that is LATINO people!

  28. 628

    Re: kdp2010 – Quite frankly, I find the argument of other countries' policies invalid.
    Something similar happened to me while traveling in the Caribbean.
    That is comparing apples to oranges. Every country is vastly different so that point is not relevant to this issue in my mind.
    Obama gave the example of the legal Latino person who takes their family out for ice cream and ooops forgot their "papers". What may happen to that person?
    Otherwise this law is potentialy discrimitory and WILL NOT WORK!

  29. 629

    i think people dont realize how big of an effect this law could have on the united states. this is fascism.its not ethical and if we dont stop it the united states will be consumed in fascist laws such as these.

  30. 630

    Re: supersongbird

    How is another countries policy not a valid argument? The US is quite lenient on how they treat illegal immigrants who come into this country compared to other countries. If the US actually enforced their immigration law like other states, then we probably wouldn't be having this problem in the first place.

    Do you know the reason why Republicans turned it down? The reform bill proposed a way to accelerate the process for illegal immigrants who have lived in the United States for years to become legal. How is that fair to other people around the globe who came to the United States and followed the citizenship process correctly? They're criminals, simple as that. They broke the law entering the country, and they shouldn't get special privileges for living here ILLEGALLY for so many years.

  31. 631

    Re: kdp2010 – Because each country has very different policies! To think they should all be the same and treat people as if they are in say-Iran is fascist thinking!
    This is the "Land of the Free!" I don't want to have to have my "papers" on me at all times! I don't want to be in a position where if I do not I am detained in MY OWN COUNTRY!
    And yes, I stated on several posts that is why Bush's bill was rejected. Fair or not is was the right thing to do! Economically and morally it was the only thing that made sense!
    Bigots like Rush Limbaugh made certain that right wing base knew there would be more "brown people" gaining citizenship. This is why Republican senators rejected it-to appease their racist constituents!
    Our system is BROKEN!
    Obama is president now and it is HIS responsibility to fix this mess!
    …and he's dealing with the FUCK NO party!

  32. 632

    Re: supersongbird

    I'm not saying that all of our policies should be the same… but if you do research, there's some policies that work better than the current policies at the moment. For example drunk driving: extremely high rates of death because of drunk drivers in the United States. Compared to Europe where it is low, why does the US enforce underage drinking, and not enforce driving under the influence? I believe we should take a note out of Europe's book and lower the drinking age, and raise the age to obtain a drivers license.
    -And why I believe an ID of some sort should be required everywhere…
    Do you not have to drive with a drivers license at all times? Do you not have to have ID when you go to an airport, rent a car, buy alcohol and cigarettes, buy or rent a house, buy insurance (which I may add because of Obama's health care reform, illegals are going to be fucked over anyways because 1. they're illegal and 2. when universal health care is enforced, they're going to be fined for not having it)… the list goes on for things you need identification for.
    And another point I may add because some people on the blog say that it isn't treating people equally… how are the people who came or are coming to the United States through the correct procedures being treated equally to the illegal immigrants who would have their legalization process accelerated???

  33. 633

    Re: kdp2010 – Of course certain countries have certain policies that work better. This country is unique for a myriad of reasons.
    How do we know that had Bush's bill passed 3 years ago functional immigration policy wouldn't be the case here now?
    I know this-it would be a vast improvement over the current situation!
    Which country's immigration policy do you suggest we put in place here?
    Would it follow our constitution? ??
    Buying alcohol and cigarettes, renting a car and traveling all require you to show ID for a specific reason.
    This AZ law, as I stated before- has the capacity to give -a respective law official -license to- harass- AT THEIR OWN DISCRETION- Latino/Spanish speaking people.
    That violates the 4th amendment!
    You cannot deny there is disdain in AZ (not AZ alone but…) for the Latino community! Discrimination will happen! Already does TOO MUCH in this country. The USA is full of bigots! This law is recipe for disaster!
    I know it, President Obama knows it!
    Not to be dramatic-certainly not paranoid, but this really does resemble Russia or the beginning of Nazi Germany!
    This country cannot begin to move in that direction and remain a "Free country".
    Correct me if I am wrong-you are a Republican? Obviously, I am not. :)

  34. 634

    Re: kdp2010 – The drug war needs to finally end.
    The cartels and illegal drug smuggling need to be SHUT DOWN once and for all!
    Most illegal drugs come over our border through Mexico!
    However, I am not holding my breath for the federal government to ever do anything about it.
    Immigration reform will not address that very relevant issue unfortunately!
    Comprehensive Immigration reform would however include cracking down on businesses that hire illegals. Other than fixing the borders that is the #1 priority!
    Actually, that may be THE #1 priority!

  35. 635

    Re: kdp2010 – As for the latter part of your post, once the borders are properly closed, once businesses that willingly and knowingly hire illegals are dealt with, here's the choice-
    Hunt down and deport those who have established lives here at great time consuming and very expensive ordeal (they would still be in hiding), or fine them, give them a chance to obtain citizenship, collect taxes from them same as legal citizens and be done with it.
    The latter makes more sense to me both morally and financially.
    Right now, the USA does not have the ability to solve problems!
    Our immigration system is badly broken.
    President Obama has the responsibility-No, the OBLIGATION to fix it!
    Since Obama's inauguration, the Republican congress and senate exist purely to prevent him from doing ANYTHING- including this!
    That is appallingly unconscionable as are these backward new AZ laws!
    I want my country FORWARD!

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