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Twilight Author Is Sick Of Vampires

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Stephenie Meyer, the Twilight author who introduced us to sparkly vampires, is now saying she's tired of the undead creatures.

In 2008, she stopped working on the fifth novel in the series, Midnight Sun, after her unfinished manuscript had been leaked online. Unfortunately for Twi-hards and lonely moms they have been waiting with bated breath for her to finish the companion novel.

But it doesn't look so good for fans as the author is now saying she's "burned out on vampires" and she most likely won't finish the novel anytime in the near future.

She says:

"I know that's what everyone cares about. I also know that the right answer would be for me to say 'Oh yah, it's done! And it'll be out next month!' But that's not true. It's also not true that I've got a ton of work done on it, and that's what I'm working on. What's true is that I'm really burned out on vampires. And, I don't want to write it badly. So I want to wait until I'm excited about the material again, and I'm excited about Edward, and that it's something that's motivating. You know, when a story is keeping me up at night, and I'm waking up at 4 am in the morning and thinking 'Yes! That is what should happen in this moment!' Then that is when I can write with happiness! So, right now it feels like homework … it really does. And when things feel like homework they go very, very slowly for me. That should disappoint everyone!"

Sorry, Twi-hards!

[Image via AP Images.]

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125 comments to “Twilight Author Is Sick Of Vampires”

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  1. 1

    Wow, she's fat. And her books suuuuuck.

  2. 2

    "And, I don't want to write it badly."

    Whether she writes in 10 years or 10 minutes, the result will be the same: crap. :)

  3. 3

    BAAAAAM!!! Germany:England 1:0! Suck it bitches! hahahaa!!!

  4. 4

    She sure isn't tired of the Twinkies.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    i'm NOT a fan of this series AT ALL but i have respect for this author for not just pushing out sequels in sake of the franchise. Do it for the literature art not for the commercial demand. kudos to this author for maintaining her dignity as an author and not pulling a Steven King.

  7. 7

    you think she'd have got some liposuction with all the money shes made off that shit. Yeah taking the piss outta peoples weight is lame, but so are sparkly vampires.

  8. 8

    she may be sick of vampires but she LOVES food! i didn't know whales could be authors.

  9. 9

    she looks really fat in that picture… way to go perez. give those haters something else to say about this amazing woman

  10. 10

    She't not tired of vampires, she's tired of everyone making fun of her. Most critics hate her books, they're so simple, it's not literature. She's an idiot. Also, I don't get how she didn't want to go to the Oscar Awards because it was held on the Sabbath, yet she can write about vampires and such, and the last Pope used to say Harry Potter was the devil. They're both the same thing, they involve magic and dark beings. She's a hiporcite. She didn't want to go because she didn't want to stand next to the great JK Rowling!

    Thank God she's not going to write about the undead anymore. She shouldn't write anything. She needs to go back to being a housewife.

  11. 11

    Its no called homework… its called WORK. If you choose to be a writer, YOU WRITE anytime.

  12. 12

    Re: kaddict – Pulling a Stephen King? You compare this talentless bitch to Stephen King? Uhm… NO… just NO.

  13. 13

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  14. litzi says – reply to this


    Shamu, the killer orca, still lives and writes "vampire" twaddle! If Stephenie Meyer's book sales start to dwindle, she could apply for a position at Sea World…

  15. 15

    um..fuck that! She's just being a big cry baby about the whole thing! She needs to get over herself and finish the book. If you don't like the books, then don't worry about when or if she does finish it. Better yet, don't waste your time writing anything.

  16. 16

    Gawd she's so fat! Her books are horrible she just publish what she has, the twilight sheep will eat it up by the truckloads.

  17. 17

  18. 18


  19. 19

    Wow she's gained alot of weight.

  20. 20

    Isn't this cow still a mormon? Aren't all you sheep that bought her shit glad to support a church that shuns gays.

  21. 21

    A-to the freakin'-men! When will this vampire crap go away?!

  22. 22

    I don't mean to make it about her weight, but I didn't know she was that big. All this time I thought I knew who she was. But I guess I mixed up the authors, because the woman I saw was much smaller.

    sid_vicious, I LOVE TWINKIES. You Americans sure know how to make people fat, with your dollar menus and your sweet treats lol. I better stop though because its toxic crap. Delicious TOXIC CRAP.

  23. 23

    Twlight Author looks like she lives vicariously through her characters….cuz there is no way she had a boyfriend in high school! lol. Her writing is also horrible.

  24. 24

    She could be really pretty if she loses about 50 pounds!

  25. 25

    She doesn't need a Vampire to suck out her blood, she needs a Plastic Surgeon to suck out her fat!

  26. 26

    Twilight saga is BORING!!

  27. 27

    write about those mormons then

  28. 28

    Wow all the hate on her body. I think she is a gorgeous woman. And a person doesn't lose weight with lipo. You have to change your eating styles and loose weight to truly fix the problem. Lipo is a band-aid for fat people and mostly used for skinny people to sculpt themselves. You probably meant gastric bypass. LOL

  29. 29

    WOW did she EAT HER BOOKS !!! what she wants apparently is another sandwich !!

  30. 30

    just walk away- you have enough money as it is, THE WORLD IS SICK OF VAMPIRES.

  31. 31

    I didn't recall her being THAT big. I am relieved she's not writing that crap anymore. She shouldn't be allowed to write ANYTHING, not even emails or text messages… I AM the one who is tired of hearing about this bitch and her lame-ass sparkling vampires…

  32. 32

    Bitch, good. She's so fucking gross, too, like almost as undesirable as her writing. Bitch is so rich, she could afford a lapband or something, dayam.

  33. 33

    Woah what happened to her? Stress?

  34. 34

    OMG she looks bloated and fat!!!! WTF happened to her?!

  35. 35

    I worked at B&N. First off, the Twilight series is meant for YA=young adults. What scared the hell out of me, was the mothers and older women who were reading this. I know we are in a society where women think they are younger than they appear (Botox does NOT make you look younger, case in point Nicole Kidman) so to me, it says a lot about our society and what they read. Scary. So it's not the author's fault but many of the old women who picked up htis book in the YA section ( that's hilarious old bitches) so what she's fat, so are a lot of Americans-but many of them don't bother reading.

  36. 36

    so she's going back to finish her creative writing classes

  37. 37


  38. 38

    shes gonna explode.. though looking at her face (the potential) she looks beautiful. I am certain if she lost this ton of weight she would be a total hottie.

  39. 39

    she's one of the most annoying people ever, good, stop writing that crap, maybe young girls will read something else other than the same story from someone else's perspective. And I know it's not really mature to point out, but wow, she's really fat.

  40. 40

    wow she is huge.. i was over vampires like 10 years ago…

  41. 41

    Re: Miss Moneypenny – lol idk anything about her, and i hate twilight but that is too funny!

  42. 42

    she's fuckin creepy looking. like a fat purple teletubbie. tinky winky. i bet there's a severed greg in that creepy metal lunchbox of hers. what's the word for wrist cankles? her limbs look like kielbasas. the only thing that would make her creepier would be some purple braces.

  43. 43

    She's really packed on the pounds since the BIG $$$ started rolling in, hasn't she?

    And she has this really weird crush on Edward. It's kinda gross and I'd hate to be her husband or children.

  44. 44

    So are Fatty Dresses.

  45. 45

    She needs to get over herself and just finish the dang book, and should also use her Twilight riches to hire a damn trainer! ew.

  46. 46

    bitch cant write regardless of the subject

  47. 47

    But she is not so sick of Vampires to put another novella out?
    She is a disappointment.
    1: she punishes her fans by not finishing MS.
    2: She is allowing MR destroy the films.

    I am over her and her greed. She is not a brilliant writer, she will be forgotten in a few years time, nor was Twilight special, but it was like having a big mac, you know it's no good but still ate it anyway.

  48. Liz_V says – reply to this


    she looks horrible in that dress!

  49. 49

    WOW! You can SEE how good life has been to her. There must have been many dinner business meetings. This is unfortunate.

  50. 50

    Welcome, S(tupid) Meyer, to the world of professional writing. Are you actually dense enough to believe that writers feel inspiration 100% of the time? No, you nitwit. It's hard work, and immense dedication, to keep yourself going when you've run out of that initial spark– as everyone does. I wish I could throw Stephen King's "On Writing" at her. I really wish I could.

  51. 51

    wow what a pig!

  52. 52

    OMG she looks liek a real life version of Debbie Hyman, the fat goth girl from American Dad.

  53. 53

    she is FAT

  54. 54

    Holy cow! Before this I've seen only a headshot of her and she looked skinny. I had no idea she was this big.

  55. 55

    Danggg, y'all bogus with these "whale" jokes.
    Anyway, I suppose she'll start writing (if she hasn't already)that alleged story with mermaids and sirens in it (read this long ago on the interwebs).

  56. 56

    It's hard to get excited about things when you are out of shape, fat, and lazy. Maybe she should get gastric bypass, start working out and then viola! Motivation!

  57. 57

    Re: kaddict – **Stephen King. and he doesn't do everything for a commercial demand he's an insanely amazing author with a lot to say and he doesn't write sequels to most of his stories.

  58. 58

    She should concentrate on NOT writing shitty books, and possibly eating a carrot for a change

  59. 59

    Holy shit - someone isn't a starving artist.

  60. 60

    Perez this bitch aint tired of vampires!… She's just trying to come up with some shit to put her name out there more!.. cuz i aint never heard of tht bitch until now!.. i mean i don't think any one knoes her unless you read books!… i personally don't read books.. so i wouldnt knoe her!… but now i do cuz of this shit she's pulling!.. How the fuck could you be tired of something thats making you millions upon millions of dollars!?? NO! This bitch is working on that fifth book lil do we knoe…. Promotion! thats what its all about!…She wants a demand then she'll suply!.. Hay you gotta do what you gotta do!….

  61. 61

    She can't help it: she writes pulp fiction no matter what.
    Let her loose 60-80 pound and I'll be she would look hot.

  62. 62

    I would reather wait and have a good story then have it ruched and turn out shitty.

  63. 63

    I didn't realize she was such a heifer.

  64. 64

    Found some shots of her on google images. She really was hot looking before.

  65. 65

    I hate it when famous people bitch and moan about the things that made them rich and famous in the first place… Remember it's not what you like, it's the consumer, and if they want vampires then suck it up and do your damn job….

  66. 66




  67. 67

    Her books are for kids and some adults with low reading levels. Some people just prefer easy reading too. The ones taking shots about her weight is very cruel and I am sure everyone is fit and healthy on here.

  68. 68

    "And I don't want to write it badly."

    Wait, what, it can actually get WORSE?? Too late.

  69. MC says – reply to this


    someone needs to spend her money on a personal trainer, damn!

  70. 70

    I had no clue that she was so gross and obese. I would assume that she could now afford a personal trainer and some one to make her meals.

  71. 71

    No tht's not the girl from Drop Dead Diva I watch the show & I can tell you for a fact the face is waayy difff. So dont be calling ppl dumbass

  72. 72

    personally i think she stole the whole vampire werewolf idea from the sookie stackhouse novels which came out before her books!!!

  73. 73

    oh lord she's swollen

  74. 74

    next title: moooooo

  75. 75

    Good Lord, I'd never actually seen her before - no wonder the publishers don't trot her out much. Lady, with all the money you have now, I'd suggest investing in a gastric bypass.

  76. 76

    Re: iamteamjacob – Amazing woman? She is a talentless hack. I know unpublished authors much more talented than her.

  77. 77

    Jazz99 - Do you read at all? Why hate on the moms who picked up the books? I did because I wanted to know what my teen was reading. I found it was something we could have fun with together. And the character of Edward is one that many women look to as an ideal mate. Educated, active, strong, dedicated and faithful. Did I say devoted and protective? Something most women would like to find today. Get off our high horse and if you don't like it go read another story on Perez. I've read all the classics. This was just fun summer reading and something to share with my daughter. I knew people would be hating on Stephanie for her weight. Go look in the mirror and then check your bank account. Who's really doing better? lol

  78. lolli says – reply to this


    wasnt she a bit slimmer….im being nice, cause im fat but i didnt think she was big. maybe im smoking something…. lol.

  79. 79

    Why does she speak like she's only known English for 5 years?

  80. 80

    umm her writing is like at a grade 6 level

  81. 81

    Re: bleahf – ,Re: eyeh8twilight – ,Re: Jules :3 – All of you, well said (:

  82. 82

    I can't believe the horrible, rude things you people are saying about her weight. Like you're perfect or something. Please grow up and stop being so goddamn immature. That's what's wrong with the world today. No one has any kind of respect for anyone else. And I'm not a fan of hers, but I have to congratulate her on her success. She has lots of money and who cares why she wants to stop writing? It's not your life, it's hers.

  83. 83

    No one cares if she wants to stop writing. Nobody cares about vampires that fuckin' sparkle or "werewolves" that look like puppies!! She ruined what vampires were anyway maybe that her shitty books are gonna stop people might actually remember what vampires and werewolves actually are and what they were meant to be. Plus in the twilight series they make a teen choose between beastiality (Jacob is a a dog) and Necrophilia (vampires are technically dead). Like honestly what crap books she makes.

  84. 84

    WOW… that's the author of those shitty vampire books? Isn't she loaded?! She should probably use some of that money to, um, better her appearance. She looks really frumpy.

  85. 85

    Everyone who cares read this 4 days ago…

  86. 86

    Re: yagottabejokin – My sentiments exactly! I, too, picked up the books after my daughter raced through them in a week. I've since introduced her to my Anne Rice collection.
    As for the rude comments on her weight gain…If it was me and I happened upon even a third of the nastiness here, I'd be reaching for some ice cream comfort myself.

  87. 87

    I don't undestand how she even got published let alone a fucking franchise, her books suck! Mormon propoganda and nothing actually happens!

  88. 88

    ever see all the moo-moos that go to the 'Twilight' conventions? they're ALL this size or bigger. then they bitch that the chairs are too small. no honey, the chairs are normal sized - your ASS is just TOO FAT. put the cookie down, Tubby McFattypants!

  89. 89

    wow… she's REALLY fat

  90. 90

    Apparently she thinks Weight Watchers is soooo 2 years ago as well….

  91. 91

    Apparently she thinks Weight Watchers is soooo 2 years ago as well….She ate all of the vampires

  92. 92

    Jeeze Louise. Two years later and Stephenie Meyer is still whining about Midnight Sun! Shit happens! Get over it! Put down the twinkies and finish the darn book! We, the fans, are the one who put many a buffet on your table. Just release what you promised and stop teasing your fan base!

  93. 93

    I was looking forward to this but then I read breaking dawn which was a complete joke so im not holding my breath, and she does look very urm generously proportioned in that pic o.0 haha

  94. 94

    That FAT SLOB is not Stephanie.

  95. 95

    I find it soooo interesting that strict Catholics and Mormons are drawn to writing books about vampires (Ann Rice and Meyer). Repressive religious cultures produce this. But the big difference is that Ann Rice is a fantastic writer, and Stephenie Meyer's books are total crap. (And her mother can't spell!). SMeyer has made 135 million on these garbage books, and who knows what she has made on the movies. The movies are a huge hit because of the acting talent, and reading any of her books is like eating junk food.

  96. 96

    She may be fat but she sure does have as much as money as all you people. Who cares that shes overweight?! Gosh…

  97. 97

    Umm I'm pretty sure that this is old news.

  98. 98

    Honestly, I lost all respect for her as a writer after I read Breaking Dawn. She's not a good writer. That being said, I do respect her for coming out and saying that. At least she's stopping when she knows she doesn't have it in her to write anything REMOTELY good. And she's obviously lost her passion and insight for the subject. And she's not giving in to the franchise and giving the public and the crazy fans what they want. Thank god for that. People are seriously getting out of control.

  99. 99

    Maybe if whoever leaked it hadn't done so in the first place, she'd be finished writing it by now.

  100. 100

    i love her but im totally getting sick of vampires too.
    good for her!

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