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Backstreet's Back! Boys Perform At San Francisco Pride!

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They're blowing right back up!

The Backstreet Boys proved just how much they're still loved by the gays this weekend by showing up at San Francisco Pride for a brief concert and absolutely KILLING it!

Check out this video (below) of the foursome performing their hit I Want It That Way. The crowd is going WILD!

Looks to us like these guys have still got it!


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72 comments to “Backstreet's Back! Boys Perform At San Francisco Pride!”

  1. 1

    Ouch, they've sunk so low.
    Time to hang it up, guys.

  2. 2

  3. 3

    SO fucking 90's

  4. 4

    lol cute.

  5. 5

    Gay men like being entertained by cute looking guys.
    That's Amazeballs!
    What research did you do, to find this conclusion?
    Hope it was more than 5 men.

  6. 6

    Okay, The the tone deaf fans unfortunately ruined that performance for me. I couldn't take it anymore and had to turn it off. :(

  7. 7

    I still love them….13 years after i heard my first BSB song…I still love them

  8. 8


  9. 9

    they still got it

  10. 10

    awww i kinda miss this.

    Makes me really miss the 90s :(

  11. 11

    I'm 26 married with two kids…and somehow watching that brings me back to the 14yr old watching TRL everyday that I once was lol

  12. Mr T says – reply to this


    and where are the nasty comments when you need 'em? You always pick Kesha about 'bad performance' but this time it's apparently "amazeballs" when some of these boys are soooo out of tune it hurts.

  13. 13

    i miss the day of boy bands.
    nkotb & bsb NEED to tour together.

  14. 14

    Desperate for attention…. still I would do the same if I had a bunch of losers loving me… it's still love.. :) .. Kinda like all of us here at Perez's site.

  15. 15

    It wasn't just the gays - tons of my friends of all different walks of life turned up to see the Boys and had a GREAT time! They haven't sunk low at all, it's an honor to perform at SF Pride, and this video warms my heart!

  16. 16


  17. 17

    SF pride was amazing! so much love and glamour and dancing, i had a ball! BSB = icing on the cake/childhood dreams fulfilled!

  18. 18

    Where is the person with the GAU-17, could have used them here, made the world and streets alot safer and of course the tonal qualities would have rocked so much better then these has beens

  19. 19

    i LOVE this. thank you Perez. Love BSB. yay!

  20. 20

    I thought they were still pretty good, considering how long it's been. Not hoping for a comeback any time soon though

  21. 21


  22. 22

    Love them!!!

  23. 23

    Comeback? They never left! They're currently on tour and better their newest show is one of their best!

  24. 24

    I used to love these guys so much!

    And after this video I realized I still do

  25. 25

    Kinda embarrassing and sad, thirtysomething paunchy guys pining for the old days…

  26. 26

    Loved it, still love them even after all these years i watch it and feel 13 again remembering getting my first BSB cd.

  27. 27

    In ten short years their audience has shrunk from from thousands of screaming tweens to dozens of mildy interested queens, LOL! Kevin was the only HOT one, so I'd not have given them the time of day.

  28. 28

    Ten years too late.

  29. 29

    Haha you can't even hear them over the screaming crowd trying to sing along!

  30. 30

    how come only because BSB plays a gay pride show, now they are blowing up again? PH is a huge hypocrite, they have been touring around the world since october to sold out shows but now Perez decides they are relevant enough for him again? They have always been hugely talented, acknowledge that, before your hidden agendas taint your true feelings.

    BSB is pure talent…period

  31. 31

    Supporting gays = instant career success?

  32. 32

    Mario, the man with NO balls always says Amazballs,,,,Dude that is really getting irritating, could you please get original, like you were so long ago that I forget

  33. 33

    sounds like they don't still got it not sure what u were watching perez

  34. 34

    Totally love them! Can't wait to see them soon!

  35. 35

    lol didnt they have a so-called comeback some years ago
    i really dont see the point of boy bands these days it never really works out in the long run

  36. 36

    i will only be happy when n*sync is rocking it like this again.

  37. 37

    i was there :] too crowded to really enjoy it tho :/

  38. VGirl says – reply to this


    i SAW THE IM mIAMI AND THEY WERE AMAZING THEY REALLY STILL GOT IT THEY JAVE A GREAT SHOW. oF COURSE NOT AS BIG AS BEFORE BUT IS GREAT BUT THEY WERE EVEN BETTER THAN THE VIDEO HERE ACTUALLY…but they are always great Perez is just posting this one because it has something to do with the gay community. That's ok but he has critizice them in the past just because when thay have actually had great acts (sorry about the caps LOL) I understand if anyone thinks this is lame because is not their kind of music, but they CAN sing and they are still great on tour. This is actually a bad performance for them (is still better than a lot of "singers" out there now, but Perez is saying is great just because it was for gay pride

  39. 39

    NO. it was annoying. they showed up and performed late.. and even though they were already only performing for 15 mins on the schedule.. they only did TWO songs. it was super lame and not worth it.

  40. 40

    dude i talked to the fat one once on the phone: "i don't need your crap JOEY"

  41. 41

    Holy shit, this is amazing. I knew there was a reason I never really outgrew them.Had I known they were gonna be there, I would have taken the train ride out to SF! They all look great!

  42. 42

    sux bad

  43. 43

    WHO'S SICK OF GAGA THANKS TO PEREZ!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????? PEREZ, STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. 44

    Re: killer_kupkakes – They haven't gone anywhere, so there is no comeback to be had. They put out their 7th album this year.

  45. 45

    This is the first time I got goosebumbs again from the guys.
    It's BSB the way they were!

  46. 46

    this made me SO HAPPY omg bring back the late nineties awesomeness!

  47. 47

    n'aww! love this video, thanks perez!
    watching it definatly brought back memories of my childhood- my first and favourite boy band!
    they still got it!

  48. 48


  49. 49

    I just saw them tonight. They really are truly exceptional performers, but I think that because they do pop and are a "boy band," they are too often dismissed. But they really have amazing vocals and harmonies and they know how to put on a fantastic concert, which is a lot harder than people give credit for.

    Plus, Howie is a seXXXy bastard. Steeeammmmy foXXX.

  50. 50

    I'm glad I didnt go to that pride parade. I would have been in boyband hell. I have had gay friends that love them. Their music is just too gay for me.

  51. 51

    I still love BSB and I'd see them in concert…yep.

  52. 52

    they need a "gay member" like new kings on the block and n'sink

  53. 53

    One of my favorite pop songs ever. Miss them!

  54. 54

    I love my Boys!!! =)


  55. 55


  56. 56

    i love BSB!!!

  57. 57

    Bring back 'N SYNC.

  58. 58

    I was in the crowd and waited for over 2 hours to watch BSB perform. They came out, sang 2 songs and were ready to leave. The MC made them sing a little accapella and they bounced. I was so disappointed. When you have thousands of people in a crowd waiting to hear you sing your hits, don't come out and pull that kind of bullshit. It wasn't worth it. But it does reaffirm why I was always an NSYNC fan!

  59. 59

    The Backstreet Boys have been around for more than 17 years, longer than most marriages in the US. They have plenty of new fans and tons of old fans, and they still put on a great concert. Where are NSYNC, 98 Degrees, Boys2Men? Long gone and why because no one cares about them and they don't care about their fans. AND how can you tell they are out of tune when you are listening/watching them on a 10 inch computer screen, that was fimed from 20 rows back in the middle of a bunch of screaming fans!

  60. 60

    Honey when you play the Gay events, you're a HAS BEEN! lol

  61. 61

    Gotta love this. I hope these guys keep coming out with new stuff too.

  62. 62

    So I was at Pride on Sunday..and the boys totally ROCKED even though they only played 3 songs! I also saw them at the Warfield that night, and it was crazy. They can still sing & dance. Im going to be a BSB fan for life :)

  63. 63

    I love them. Always have & will.

  64. choke says – reply to this


    I love bsb they are from my gereration and I will always like them. Makes me feel 10 again lol. They are sexy and they still have :)

  65. 65

    I am actually proud of holy roller Brian Littrell for performing at a gay pride event. Makes me like them even more. I Want It That Way is a great song and it sounds like the crowd ate it up!

  66. 66

    i looooooooovvvvveee them! sorry i didnt post sooner i was studying lol anywhoz i just saw them this weekend in Universal City in CA and it was so great, they were full of energy and the crowd knew every word to every song! best tour ever! KTBSPA

  67. 67

    Pathetic!! Even you should acknowledge that PEDOPHILE PEREZ!!!

  68. 68

    complete total nostalgia…even though I used to make fun of them. now i think they're so cute.

  69. 69

    love it!!!

  70. 70

    13 years later and I still remember the lyrics. FML. =)

  71. 71


  72. 72

    Re: kendall – Not sad really when you think of bands like Bon Jovi or U2 or The Rolling Stones etc who are in their 40's and 50's and are still going. Cut the guys some slack…if they've still got it…why not perform. Lets not forget that singing is something they wanted to do from a young age before they became celebs. Why stop now just coz they haven't had a record out for a while.