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Katherine Jackson Owes Korean Newspaper $13 Million!

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South Korean newspaper, Segye Times, is suing Katherine Jackson for $13 million.

The Times got a judgment against the Jackson Family in 1994 for $4 million after they gave Katherine, Joe and Jermaine a $5.5 million advance for a series of family concerts that never happened.

And now Segye is claiming that with interest, they owe $13 million. They are looking for an order forcing the Jackson estate to pay the paper any money they might pay Katherine.

It really is all about the $$$$$ with this family.

[Image via WENN.]

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19 comments to “Katherine Jackson Owes Korean Newspaper $13 Million!”

  1. 1

    The Jacksons are not only turning out to be the SICKEST & DYSFUNCTIONAL family in the United States (Sorry Lohans), they're crooked too!

  2. 2

    This stinks of Joe Jackson. You can always tell where his sticky & greedy little hands have been.

  3. 3

    I heard about this and the Koreans were giving Katherine, Joe and Jermaine money when they weren't even asking for it as a way for the family to get Michael to sign on to the deal (its was an incentive). Michael didn't even know that his family had signed on a deal for these concerts so the Jackson Estate (aka MJ's money) should not have to pay for this. If anybody should pay it should be Joe, Katherine and Jermaine but probably not that much money since the Koreans were dumb enough to give them money when they weren't asking for it in the first place.

  4. 4

    The Jackson are HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE excuses for human beings. They have ripped off promoters and business partners worldwide. No wonder Michael turned out to be a freak who HATED his black skin and had a sick obsession with little boys.

  5. 5

    It is sad the mother is making money off her son now. It's why MJ became so messed up…ALL of his family contributed!

  6. 6

    It has always been about money. They pimped out their children and now make money from their estates. All these parents who are pushing their children in front of a camera has to know the potentially devastating effects of fame on a young person - but money always clouds their judgement. Kate Gosselin, Tori Spelling, Dina Lohan - you are risking your children's lives for fame and fortune.

  7. 7

    You give me my money now! I'ma Korean and I like my chinee food cooked right.

  8. 8

    Re: MJJ – Exactly! and why in the world would they be going after Ms. Katherine now if this happened in 1994? Geez

  9. 9

    1994? come on now

  10. 10

    Duhhhh…..I dunno

  11. 11

    MJ never paid his bills, why would they?

  12. 12

    can't anyone just leave this poor woman alone?!?! the rest of them are terrible, but she's doing everything she can. back off!

  13. 13

    Its really sad, everytime we see the Jackson name it might as well "MONEY" instead. It seems within the last month thats all any Jackson article is about. "Joe is making a million through this" and "Katherine owes this." I just feel like if this keeps up, thats all the Jackson name is gonna be known for. This is overshadowing Michael and it shouldn't be. For so long, the Jacksons world revolved around Michael, from the young age of four he had the weight of all his brothers and sisters on his shoulders along with his parents. I didn't want to think of it this way but MJ equaled money to them and so it seemed when he was alive they were focusing on MJ but now in death you realize "yeah they were focusing on MJ, but in there eyes he was walking money." I feel like the only people who REALLY loved Michael for the person he was were Janet, Prince, Paris, Blanket, Jackie and Marlon. The others see money when they see or hear the name "Michael Jackson." Please let the focus return to the music and love, not the millions apon millions that come with it.

  14. 14

    This family is showing their true colors everyday. They pretty much stiff whoever is helping them at the moment and then sue the rest of the people they come into contact with for not helping them. No wonder Michael had no concept of money and was horrible with it. These people are real class acts. NOT!

  15. 15

    everyone is always after the jacksons, leave them alone.

  16. 16

    I doubt that Michael's estate is going to pay this debt but the allowance that Katherine receives from the estate could be seized. She and Joe are selling stuff left and right and that income could also be seized. They don't seem to be very ethical people. It seems that Michael cut off his family for good reason and now his three "adopted" children will get everything. It must be humiliating for Katherine to have to take these children into her home and care for them knowing they will probably cut the family off as soon as they can.

  17. 17

    where DID ALL THIS MONEY GO????????? Now, the estate CAN'T be held for what Joe and JERMAINE took, but it can for KATHERINE's (it all depends when the suit was filed). Again, what do all of them piss away the money on? They did nothing to earn it. Matter of fact, Michael pissed away much more then HE EVER EARNED. IT IS DISGUSTING. He would probably be alive if he EVER LEARNED TO LIVE WITHIN HIS MEANS. Goes To show, his parents never did either. Need their now DEAD SON'S MONEY from sales of material that sold AFTER HE DIED to support them. Where did Katherine's 4 million go? Why was she going to push michael to tour? Most of us here could live a lifetime on 4 million. SICK

  18. 18

    Re: Batgirlbeyond
    alright listen you stuck up little bitch with ansolutley no life whatso ever, michael jackson didnt hate bieng white and if you took your face out of you asshole you would realize that, he had a skin pigment disorder, its when yur skin turns lighter in certain bloched areas, he looked like a fucking dolmation so he had to fix it, second of all he wasnt horrible with money stop hating becuse you obviously cant affford some education cause your so fucking stupid,all aligations against michael were false and they have all come out and said they lied to get money check the news you asswipe. and third he isnot a poor excuse for a human because did you ever see him blogging about how much YOU suck and how much YOU should just go jump in a fucking hole and stay there for idunno forever? no because he had a fucking life which you obviously lack, go get a fucking life you fucking loser OH and go around telling everyone how much of a POOR FUCKING EXCUSE AND WASTE OF AIR that you are kay? kay thankssss :)

  19. 19

    As far as I know, legally you can not claim any debts that have expired after 5 years. So I am not sure what these South Koreans are up to, or if they have made their own law over there, but if it was signed in America, then it is null and void.