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Michael Jackson + Tears = Chris Brown Comeback????

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CHRIS BROWN MJ TRIBUTE BET 2010 from Joel Arzu on Vimeo.

Watch the Rihanna-beater's much talked about BET Awards performance on Sunday (above)!


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502 comments to “Michael Jackson + Tears = Chris Brown Comeback????”

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  1. 1

    it looked so staged.
    i didn't like his performance.
    i loved diddy's tho!

  2. 2


  3. 3

    i feel repulsed whenever i see chris

  4. 4

    All I can Say is too FUNNY!!LOL

  5. 5

    first? lol but no one can dance like MJ and talent is no excuse for violence. talent just is. but a pretty good number anyway!

  6. 6

    Hey Perez,

    Just came back from seatfilling in the moshpit and guess who saw the stagehands put TEAR DROPS INTO HIS EYES right before his whole sobfest: me.

    Just saying.

  7. 7

    His performance was great, He danced better than anybody else who did tributes and everyone welcomed him. Peres you talk about equality and peace but you give none even though he has apologized and is obviously sorry. You are NOONE to judge him You literally disgust me sometimes, like that time where you though Castro was dead, and when you said MJs death was a publicity stunt. You are no Better and I am done with your site. Goodbye Fucker

  8. 8

    THIS IS CRAP!!! I wasnt touched and moved by his performance..specially the crying part!! hahaha

  9. 9

    Great dancing! I really hope he did change and it isn't just typical woman beater talk. That being said, if the crying was real, he was crying about MJ, not the public hating him.

  10. 10

    Michael Jackson + Chris Brown = much needed THERAPY !

  11. 11

    Lol, good performance but i hope the tears at the end were sincere ^^

  12. 12

    It's great to see how much MJ inspired his fans. =]

  13. 13

    give the guy a break already….he's a child and did something beyond stupid, but seriously? he did what he did and he paid for it, but he shouldn't have to pay for it for the rest of his friggin life

  14. 14

    so staged. And of course he can't sing and bawls the most on MAKE THAT CHANGE. LOL. uh, good timing? riiight. once a monkey beating fool always a monkey beatin fool. Why they even let him perform? nothins gonna change. his career is over before it got started. yawn. in a week people won't even remember or talk about this performance even…. next….

  15. 15

    ummm, first half great! second half showed how no one can even come close to michael's talents, and the end…no comment(if you can't say something nice…)

  16. Kjo11 says – reply to this


    Ok yeah he did wrong but who hasnt in their life. he has dealt with it n everyones shit about it. Time to get over it n move on! I think it was an amazing performance and that was honestly not even a thought in my mind when I was watching it. Think about the song and what it probably means to him and esp focus on the fact that he was picked to pay tribute to MJ. MJ is all that should matter…he did an amazing job and I believe that doin the best he could for MJ was his focus not the fact that he needed to make a comeback…yes it is a comeback but i dont think those tears were premeditated! GIVE HIM CREDIT IT WAS AMAZING!!!

  17. 17

    i felt SOOOOO uncomfortable watching this.

  18. 18

    What was that about?!?!?!!?!?

  19. 19

    I dont see any tears. LMAO hes crying like he got beat up. Maybe the song Man In The Mirror hit him hard because he finally realized hes a woman beater. Sorry Chris Beat Her Down I still dont like you.

  20. 20

    "Lady Gaga, with her compulsive overkill, is high-concept fabrication without an ounce of genuine eroticism." - NYTimes Op-Ed.

  21. 21

    one word for that Chris Brown guy: LOSER!!!

  22. 22

    One word: STAGED.

  23. 23

    I didn't know ANYONE was talkin about it? Actually this the first I heard. As NO ONE cares about him or IS talkin bout him. People would rather do thier laundry and wash dished than hear about him. Well maybe 13 poor black watermelon eatin peeps was talkin bout it. And that will be it! yawn* More people are interested in Jersey Shore than Chris Brown. Oh how he has fallen. Carrot top is more beloved….

  24. 24

    It was an Incredible performance but i guess the haters could've done better!
    He made a mistake and guess what unless your perfect and have never done anything bad than judge. But He's back in business Very happy for him he's doing what he should do. And Perez your going to hell for being a judgemental piece. Get laid dude cause a dick in your mouth and ass would be great for everyone

  25. 25

    what a CRAPPPY performance!!! I wasnt touched and moved by his performance..specially the crying part!! hahaha…seeing him make me puke!!

  26. 26

    what a CRAPPy performance!!! I wasnt touched and moved by him..specially the crying part!! hahaha…seeing him makes me puke….

  27. 27

    i loved it…perez shut the hell up always talking about somebody….chris brown was awesome..he killed that performance….love chris brown

  28. 28

    Re: betoaraujo – and your real cool right. Dumbass

  29. 29

    So Charlie Sheen beats the crap out of the mother of his twin babies, puts a knife to her neck, and GETS A RAISE at his job, but we can't give Chris Brown a second chance?

  30. 30

    Re: burbinator2 – i agree 100%

  31. 31

    He was the obvious choice for such a tribute. He did one in Vegas at the Video Awards years back that made people take notice of him. He was amazing. He seems to be keeping in line and did what was required of him by the courts. He will never win over everyone, and we will always remember what he did, but it's time to let him be an artist and contribute to life in a positive way from here on out.

  32. Kjo11 says – reply to this


    Re: sttimberRe: sttimber – yeah ok…you cant fake emotion! not pure raw emotion like that…but keep tellin people what they wanna hear…its not like he asked to do that performance and use it for that purpose they asked him n im sure MJ's family had to ok it. Give him credit he did a great job…yeah hes "back" now but i dont believe that was his soul purpose of the performance. once again the focus needs to be on MJ not CB

  33. 33

    what the hell does him and rihanna have to do with him paying tribute to his idol?

  34. 34

    interesting song choice at the end.

  35. 35

    I absolutely loved this performance. Chris Brown is such a talented artist and letting him have the honor of paying tribute to Michael Jackson was great. I honestly think people need to stop calling on him. Before you start to judge others, honestly look at your OWN life. He may not be perfect but neither are you. Just because he is famous, he's been dealt with a harder hand, but in reality, in this world, there are WORST things happening.

    MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE HATING ON CHRIS BROWN NEED TO GET OVER THEMSELVES. especially those saying that he can't sing nor dance. what are YOU doing? sitting at home on your computer? seriously, get over it.

  36. 36

    I loved his performance and he did an awesome job. I think everyone should give the guy a break he was young he made a mistake, we have all made mistakes. Forgive but don't forget.

  37. 37

    CHRIS BROWN, YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU! YOU DESERVE A SECOND CHANCE!! DEUCES UP!!!!! YOU'RE THE GREATEST!!! You're the only one I think deserve to be compared to Michael Jackson…. You're awesome!! Haters will always be haters…In no way do I condone domestic violence but it is that Time for people to move on…Nobody said shit when Bobby was beating up Whitney…. Chris admitted he was wrong and that should count for something up….Forget assholes like Perez, Rihanna and Jay-z…. Chris you're the best!!!! I will always be a fan!!!!!! LOVE YA BOY!!!!

  38. Kjo11 says – reply to this


    Re: FabulousLifeOf… – AGREED!!!

  39. 39

    Re: shayzter1 – MOVE ON!!!! The guy has apologized many times… So quick to judge when y'all a bunch of hypocrites yourselves…Get da fuck outta here…. quick to forgive T.I., or Wayne, Robert Blake and even OJ Simpson…but Christ who admitted he was wrong and asked for forgiveness, y'all just be on his dick like u don't have anything else to do… FUck off all of you haters.

  40. 40

    Chris can dance, but who cares? Did the guy even go to jail??? He not only beat the shit outta Rihanna but he bit her too! NO Forgiveness from me. Yes people make mistakes but I would hardly call it a "mistake", more like royally fucking up. He's a good example of a BAD EXAMPLE for young men out there.

  41. 41

    Re: bebita777 – LOL…I know right… People are just fuckin' hypocrites…. Love u Chris….

  42. 42

    People still hate the guy for something that happened forever ago…he regrets it and made a mistake. Get over it already. Even Rihanna has moved on, its time for everyone else to get over it and leave him the fuck alone.

  43. 43

    Re: bebita777 – So true!!!! Perez picks his targets. The Sheens have too much influence and Perez knows it, so he leaves them alone. Chris Brown is a young man and should not have to pay for his mistakes forever. Let him get on with his life.

  44. 44

    Usher should have done that tribute! He is way better. I personally, thought it was fake and planned. I just don't trust the guy.

  45. 45

    Re: bebita777 – i agree no woman deserves to get hit but ive seen women beat the hell out of man not bcuz he didnt want to hit her back bcuz she was stronger than him…we will never know what happened in that car..if they have moved on let it go already damn

  46. 46

    Re: sttimber – Yeah right! What a load of bullshit!

  47. 47

    omg….cut the kid a break. everyone makes mistakes.

  48. 48

    i feel like people are too hard on him. he was young and made a stupid mistake. he paid the price, i mean he literally became the most hated boy in the world. But lets be honest. He was just a kid when it happened and the best thing you can do when you are young is learn from your mistakes. If people are constantly bringing up his past, how is he ever gonna grow as a man? We all need to stop bringing up the past and just let him live his life.

  49. 49

    Those are crocodile's tears……where's the originality? I hope his career burns ! Good for nothing mysogynist! woman beater!!

  50. 50

    Perez You know I love you, but RiRi is looking for the next man too beat her ass. Read about those kind of women like her Perez and you will see, just look at her new song with Em. RiRi needs some psy help and she has low self-esteem. I'm not saying it's right for her ass to get the beat down and Chris was wrong for doing it and for even dating RiRi. RiRi is bad news for any man and especially Black men. Now she's moved on to a baseball player I think. That guy better watch out for her and her co dependent abusive relationships she seeks out. I still love you Perez! keep your head up Chris Brown and learn from your mistake and RiRi was a big mistake.

  51. lolli says – reply to this


    IM NOT BUYING IT. but people are so stupid, they allow celebs to get a way with murder so long they can dance or sing/act real good. FOR GOD'S SAKE HE'S A BITCH SLAPPER! lol

  52. 52

    Re: thickredbone – Absolutely nothing. Unfortunately people are going to tie him to Rihanna for the rest of his life. Young men are not allowed to make any mistakes and if they do, they are never going to be forgiven for them. Perez, OTH, can print pictures of underage girls and this is perfectly OK. He is the moral compass.

  53. 53

    pure cheeeeeeeeese

  54. 54

    Re: sharre – I totally agree - Usher is way better, and he can sing AND dance at the same time!!!!

  55. 55

    Seriously….this was the most heartfelt tribute to Michael Jackson since his death…as his brother said "This was the forgotten tribute." Glad it happened…and he is totally forgiven by us. Perez you are an ASS…..Good luck with the Miley situation. Glad you live to make life miserable for those not like you….you know what I mean.

  56. 56

    Ok so he can dance but, he still likes to beat women.

  57. 57

    STAGED????? Chris Brown is not that good of an actor be real just say you dont like him. Give him two years he will be back on top stop living in the past the boy missed up big he knows it get over it cause RiRi is over it thats how she gets on stage every night and kill it for her fans SMH at yall!!! Everyone is so perfect!!!!

  58. 58

    u know he didnt cry when he beat rihanna ;(

  59. 59

    Re: alex1209 – alright well let some one beat the crap out of you and then we'll see if all is forgiven.

  60. 60

    honestly …. WOW!!!!when I realized it was Chris Brown I was like nooo wayyy!!! awesomeee! the dancing was right onnn!. I thought this tribute was amazing! Chris Brown did an awesome job!!!! all you people are haters. like stop hatin' on him! you cannot say that boy isnt talented! it is an honour that he was chosen to pay tribute to the late Michael Jackson! those seemed like sincere tears and emotion…. why would be fake that? .. thats the stupidest thing I've ever heard(read) get over the Rihanna situation! hes an entertainer living his dream … don't stomp on it! hes doing his thing.


  61. 61

    perez the haterade is starting to smell a lot like piss…. his performance was flawless

  62. 62

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!? He should cry! He almost killed that girl! And ANY good dancer can did what he did. Its very easy to have a "COMEBACK" imitating the greatest artist of our time. He didn't prove to me why he is such a great artist that I should give him a clean slate as a consumer. It repulsed me watching him take the AMAZING work of someone like Michael and use it for his own agenda. Michael had his own faults, but there was NO DENYING that he was a TRUE artist. He is an arrogant little ass and Chris Browns are a dime a dozen out there…. NO COMEBACK for me.

  63. 63

    I really think that people are too hard on him… I dont know one person that has never made a mistake, and I honestly think it is ridiculous that no one will give him a second chance, but it is perfectly okay for all of caucasion america to beat the living daylights out of their women and we welcome them back with open arms? The only person who got a lift out of that ordeal was Rihanna who everyone pitys… I think what he did was horrible and wrong, but I really hate that she did not come forward and talk about abusive relationships from both sides! Thats the only thing I dont like… TEAMBREEZY

  64. 64

    I agree!!

  65. 65

    You guys are wack, he killed it. Mistake, disgrace, redemption. He was 18 a kid. Nobody knows how they relationship worked, per the urban blogs rhianna was a beast to deal with. He was a kid, he made a mistake he is young enough to learn from it, and I believe he has. You people bashing him and trying to bury him ain't no better then what he did. Charlie sheen is a old ass dirt bag making mistakes and yall still will forgive him, Perez showed a kids cooch, and you will forgive him..he is seeking right in wrong (perez) I forgave him, I forgave Chris..he is uber talented. Not forgiving him on those terms, just that he is human and he is young enough to learn from his errors. Those tears were genuine, it has not been the easiest year for him, stop cyber bullying..get over yourselves and your boring ass lives..he killed that tribute. Do your thing Chris..we love you, we forgive you. Forgiveness is power! Hateness comes effortlessly…cause b*tch ass people have nothing else to do and their lives are moronic.

  66. zooby says – reply to this


    NO NO NO AND NO!! People can say that this is his comeback or whatever but no one will ever forgive this woman beater again. Some degenerates will, but he will never have the fame he once had. He will never live this down. I am sick by people saying 'give him a second chance' … if he does it once he will do it again. I've known many women who "gave second chances" only to be hit again. Fuck him and all woman abusers.

  67. 67

    Re: Mrs Silva – Kick rocks. I hate judgmental people, he was 18! Damn… he has time to redeem and recover and learn from his mistake. Your a sheep.

  68. 68

    Peoples stupidity always make me laugh!! Perez you preach and talk about equality, yet you have contradicted yourself in ever way possible. Yes, Chris Brown beat the hell out of Rihanna!! But, he apologized and owned up to his mistakes as a man!! He is young and trying to get his life and career back on track!! I don't condone violence whats so ever, but he made a mistake!! How long are you going to try and keep this child down? Let him grow as a man, let him finally live in peace.

    I don't see the Charlie Beat Her Down With A Knife To Her neck Sheen remarks!! Why is that?! Is because he's white?! Do you like to pick on young black males who have eff'd up?! What could it be that you are still obsessing over the fact that it happened? Yes, he will always be tied to that situation, but living in the past does no one good!!

    Chris Brown is a great entertainer, and i'm glad he was chosen to do this tribute!! No one and I mean no one could have came close to MJ than him!! I got goosebumps with this performance and I do hope for a wonderful comeback!! Rihanna moved on, and is looking for the next guy to beat the shit out of her. And when that does happen, than we all can say she is not OK!!! Something is wrong with her, but only time will tell!!

    Chris Brown supporter all the way!!

  69. 69

    Honestly, you all need to grow up. It is one thing to read gossip rags and sites for entertainment but it is another to believe the complete lies they spew. No one knows exactly what happened that night except for the two involved. Everyone makes mistakes and given the things he witnessed as a child and the environment he grew up in ; his mistake was bound to be abuse. Give the guy a break… I guarantee he never wanted his career to be over or for his girlfriend to leave him. Hes trying and everyone needs to learn how to forgive; there is a reason Rhianna chose not to testify so dont be so judgemental.

  70. 70

    man people really hate chris brown that much? None of that crap has anything to do with him paying tribute to MJ, so quit goin on about it. great dance performance tribute! Sounded like he was genuinely crying to me!

  71. 71

    Sorry Chris. Too soon, buddy.

  72. 72

    there's no disputing the fact that Chris Brown is one of the best dancers/performers out there…but pull your shit together at the end if your gonna do that kind of a performance….cry when your off stage.

  73. 73

    HES IS AMAZING honestly get over it u know he has talent leave the guy alone…every1 makes mistakes I AM #TEAMBREEZY and u dnt get wat a stuggle it was to get him were he is at this moment I LOVE HIM!

  74. 74

    Re: zooby – You're correct, he will never have the fame he once had, but he deserves that second chance. Kids learn from their mistakes, and grow to be a better person!!! You just need to realize that everyone is NOT perfect and no one will ever be perfect. its just plain stupid to ridicule someone where we need to worry about bigger things in this world!!!

  75. 75

    Re: inconclusive – OMG you are so right!! ppl and PEREZ get over yourselves!!!

  76. 76

    so. much. talent. wasted! bc of one situation. . .
    it's easy to say "just think!!!"

  77. 77

    I'm not buying the tears, nonetheless, I have to say great thinking planning from his PR team. It might just work. Personally, I hope it works. I was driving the other day and listening to my Ipod and one of his songs came on, and I thought to myself, "I wish this kid had never hit/beat that one weird chic." I've always enjoyed his music and I'd like him to continue producing more good music. If we allow half of these dimwits to produce music for "our enjoyment" then I'd like for this kid to continue. I'd rather use my energy to speak against real injustices. It's my belief that we never got the full story of that night, the weird chic had the upper hand and shared half truths, Chris was trying to save his career and shared what had been approved by his team. I don't believe women and men should ever hit each other, but I also don't believe big corporations should govern our country, and I certainly don't believe one should capitalize on being "beat" by a bf especially when you're sharing half truths.

  78. 78

    seriously chris brown did an AMAZING job! he performance was touching real and paid great tribute to MJ. that was the point to give his respects to his idol. not about him hitting Rihanna yea what he did was wrong, but the performance was not about that. you dnt have to like him as a person no one is asking you too but you should respect him for the talent that he obviously has. no one says you have to forget or even forgive but what he did was unforgettable and the best performance that has been done in a while. and his acting isnt close to that good to fake that kind of emotion. celebrities all over the place do crimes and no one cares like charlie sheen, i think that was a tad worse. no one looks at the fact that rihanna hit him as well and said she would still be with him if it wasnt for the media telling her she had to be an example for girls and her publicist saying it would help her sales. no one looks at the fact that her new song is about abuse seen almost positively. she is over it shouldnt you be. and perez really you make your living off of talking crap about children and posting child pornography online really. get over yourself

  79. 79

    i take it back! awesome! it's absolutely touching to see how much michael inspired his fans, particularily Chris Brown!

  80. 80

    I honestly don't care about him anymore… There are plenty of talented people out there who aren't egotistic jerks, and don't abuse women. Not to take away from his talent, but I just don't care about him… NEXT.

  81. 81

    Perez I'm really starting to dislike your hypcritical self. Anyone with half a brain can see that Chris was foreal. I used to like you, but you just getting boring and dumb. Just go live in a cage with Lady Gaga somewhere, please. If God can forgive then surely we can.

  82. 82

    Whether or not this performance marks a "comeback" for him, doesnt really matter. The only thing that bothers me though, is the fact that you continue to bring up what he did to Rihanna. Especially, when it was already revealed that she was abusive to him as well. Theres one thing that youve said perez, that i whole heartedly agree with, and that is, that violence is NEVER ok and should never be tolerated. But it should also not just be exclusive to one gender. Regardless of all of that though, what happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna happened over a year ago now. How can we expect anyone to learn and most importantly grow from their mistakes when people continue to label them based on one (albeit a pretty serious one) mistake? Sometimes people need to be given second chances, not necessarily to excuse the behavior, but to give them a chance to actually learn and grow from it; to realize the error of their ways and genuinely change.

  83. 83

    Super staged, he did a TERRIBLE job at it too. Wow… He'll always be a monster. Just picturing what he did, unforgivable. How could he do that?!

  84. 84

    i'd like to say that he paid, okay!,,he's a great dancer, one of the best in this new generation, he actually can sing , at first i thought it was MJ , seriously !
    stop with your shit , who did not sing his wonderfull hits "with you" or "run it"?
    he paid, and the forgiveness exists.rihanna fogave him, so you hypocrite do the same , because what happened was not your buisness but their!
    he is a human being and he made a mistake , wa don't have to judge him because we aren't not perfect either! it was a teenage mistake , and seeing him crying , i was touched!rihanna is not perfect !she was beated becuse of something we don't need to know because that was not our buisness!
    whosever says he is not talented is such a hypocrite!
    go ahed and leve him alone!

  85. 85

    What happened on that stage was RAW emotion. He knows he messed up and the lyrics of MJ touched him, that song describes his life. Chris Brown did amazing and no one ever can match that tribute. God forgives and everyone else should, who are you to judge him Perez?

  86. 86

    ugh. seriously?
    i dont like it.

  87. 87

    He did a good job, don't know if it really marks 'comeback' though

  88. 88

    I still don't support anyone who is an abuser but I will say this, no one else has even touched this close to Michael ever. Chris really can imitate Michael really well. But he's still a dbag.

  89. 89

    if Rihanna had been able to go on stage and beat the shit out of him then it would have been complete performance

  90. 90

    He's still a man who HIT a woman. I cannot forgive that. Beside he wasn't crying. He was out of breath from dancing. This performance proves that he is a dancer and a mediocre singer.

  91. 91

    this made me like him less then i did befor.
    im not on board with hitting a woman but if a woman asked to be hit it was her.
    she almost begged for it .

    she is making her whole career from him smacking her she was nothing before this contraversy.

    if it was not for him she would be sucking dick for 50 dollers an hour

  92. 92


  93. 93


  94. 94

    ohhh my god!! only you could make every good thing Chris Brown does negative!! get over it he made a mistake! yes it was a really big mistake but he's learned from it and he seems truly sorry!! i'm sure if he could take it back he would! but he can't and you giving him shit everytime he trys to do something for his career doesn't help! move on everybody else has!! you are the only person who still mentions it perez!! ur not perfect ethier so stop judging chris because he is only trying to move forward!! AND THAT GOES FOR ALL YOU HATERS! MOVE THE FUCK ON AND JUST LET CHRIS LIVE HIS LIFE!!!

  95. steff says – reply to this


    He'll always be Chris Beat Her Down. I can't take anything he does seriously or look at him with an ounce of respect because he's an abusive a**hole. Some things are just unforgivable whether Rihanna has forgiven him or not.

  96. 96

    I loved it

  97. 97

    It looks like most of you here are completely dumb and uneducated. I don't like what he did to Rihanna either, but hell he made gave tribute to MJ, a great one at that, and all you guys want to do is hate and bring up Rihanna, who is irrelevant to this whole subject. Firstly, you can't fake tears - its impossible to create artificial tears. And second, I can tell all of you haters are the ones who didn't give a fuck about MJ before he died and you don't care about him now because real fans would be damn proud of this tribute. Chris is showing respect not only to MJ, but to his family as well, who I'm sure loves it too. That's all that matters. I'm not the biggest CB fan either, but this tribute was fantastic and he nailed it! As for the tears, like I said, fake tears are impossible to make and I can see why he got emotional at the end because the kid from the very beginning always doted on Mike before he died. That was his idol. Prince is like one of my idols and if I was in the same position, the emotions would probably get to me too.

  98. steff says – reply to this


    Perez, I wish you wouldn't give him ANY type of acknowledgement either. You have way too much traffic on your site and he doesn't deserve any kind of attention.

  99. 99

    whatever happened to he without sin ?? he made a mistake- e paid for it. its not ok to do it its certainly not anything to be shrugged off but maybe he is learning from it - he's a kid. i dont think it was a great performance but i did feel that its hard for a person to live in the public eye&have every step/mistake you make be judged and condemned. no1 has to forget- but forgive. we are all human&all make mistakes. if he is truly sorry- we should just move on.

  100. 100

    Chris Brown can dance almost as well as him but they could have gotten someone else who didn't beat up a girl. I would like to point out John Legends face at the end of the video. He did not look impressed.

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