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Another Lego Movie???

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Yeah, but this one has the potential to not suck. (But only slightly…)

If you have kids in your life, you're probably aware that the LEGO franchise has put out a number of straight-to-DVD flicks with their famous posable yellow men. Usually, the flick corresponds with a new collection they are trying to hock, like Star Wars or dragons or whatever.

However, Warner Bros. and LEGO creators are looking to bring the toys to a new level and put them on the big screen in a live action/animation mix movie.

In fact, as we hear it, final negotiations are being flushed out with Phil Lord and Chris Miller to write and direct. These guys are the fools behind Sony Animation's destruction of a classic Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

Can't say we care too much for this. We're still looking forward to the Trollz movie!

Do U want to see a LEGO movie get made?

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10 comments to “Another Lego Movie???”

  1. 1

    If you're going to be around Mario, you'd better put on pants.

  2. 2

    Are you kidding? As a mother of a boy obsessed with Legos, this will be a big hit in our family :) Trollz, puhlease!

  3. 3

    omg i thought you'd be dying to see this considering how many little boys will be in the audience

  4. 4

    My son would love it. They don't make them for adults - they are for the kids. I've watched that 1st one with Clutch Powers dozens of times.

  5. 5

    that picture made me choke i laughed so hard. well done.

  6. 6

    okay first of all who the hell even knew that there was a lego movie 1?! legos were meant to be simple little blocks that kids can play with so when they look back on their childhoods they can remember legos as those fun toys they played with for hours and built great things (well for a 6 year old) and im tired of these movie companies swooping in and taking like what should be a simple childhood toy and memory into a movie where they have people made of blocks walking around acting like people. people wonder why kids are so screwed up in this day in age its because of crap like this. let legos just rest in peace

  7. 7


  8. 8

    there was a first movie?

  9. 9

    forget the lego movies

    lego games ftw

    just got lego harry potter

    its epic best one yet i have em all lego star wars lego indy 1 and 2 and lego batman

  10. 10

    how can you call the "cloudy" movie a destruction of a classic? you do know it's based off a book that most people never heard of… and did you even see the movie? it was hilarious, very well made. it only suffered because of the time it was released. you shouldn't post things based off of only other people's opinions, and not your own…. (which you do too often).