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Grab Hold!

| Filed under: Cristiano Ronaldo


Did you find what you were looking for there, Crissy?!

Cristiano Ronaldo stopped to readjust yesterday as he and his team were practicing for their big match in the World Cup.

Might want to concentrate on some OTHER balls if you want to win your upcoming match!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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50 comments to “Grab Hold!”

  1. abym says – reply to this


    Sorry… Christiano has already lost the match!!!! Spain is on the way, Portugal is coming back home… Now he can concentrate himself on his own balls…

  2. 2

    They actually just played and PORTUGAL LOST.

  3. 3

    I saw this picture hours ago Mario, once again too slow…oh did you also hear his team lost!! bahaha

  4. maruk says – reply to this


    yeah they already lost perezito :(

  5. 5

    Are ya kidding? The match finished over half an hour ago. I hate you.

  6. 6

    I SO WOULD!!!!

  7. npc25 says – reply to this


    hopefully he finds it and shares

  8. 8

    They already lost you stupid fuck. Fatboy, your pretty stupid, but this dumb bitch you have doing your afternoon blog is worse. Never thought it was possible, but yes, it is.

  9. 9

    he already lost, VIVA ESPAÑA!

  10. 10

    hey mario, where have all of the commentors gone? same place as your advertizers?

  11. 11

    ugly legs

  12. koe says – reply to this


    They lost their 'upcoming' match an hour ago.
    Ronaldo did very little in the game and Villa scored for Spain. Spain are through and Portugal are going back home.

  13. 13

    nothing like a pre-game wank

  14. 14

    HAHAHAA THEY LOST! Maybe his ego can finally deflate a little.

  15. 15

    You really should stop pretending you know anything about the World Cup. Portugal had already lost to Spain before you posted this

  16. 16

    they already lost the match.

  17. 17

    Well, after yesterday's picture, this one sure broke the spell.
    Someone commented that was "Eurotrash".

  18. 18

    jesus christ perez, don't even mention soccer on your site.
    you have no goddamn clue what you're talking about

  19. zooby says – reply to this



  20. 20

    HA-HA!!! they looooooost today!!!! go hooooooome fug! lmao
    and he spat in the camera once they lost too, how very classy of him, his mama must be so proud. idiot.

  21. 21

    Mmmmmmmmm I loove him - the only thing hitting the floor would be my kneeeees *glug*glug*

  22. 22

    Re: luvstotango – "Eurotrash" ?? you disgust me .What the hell do you have againts Europeans ? . You silly closeminded American prick.

  23. 23

    you idiot you posted this after he lost his match

  24. 24

    By the way Perez Portugal lost and Cristiano didn't really do much the whole game.But i wanted Spain to win so i really didn't mind.Villa managed to score ..again !.
    Spain is still in it to win it !.Yay!
    Go spain !!!!!!!!!!!!.

  25. 25

    so glad Portugal lost!

  26. 26

    As Janet would say…'grab it up, grab it up'….

  27. 27

    Villa is the true # 7 , he was unreal while Ronaldo was barely heard from all match

  28. 28

    ps go Netherlands!
    Wij houden van Oranje!

  29. 29

    Why NOW are you reporting the WORLD CUP?? A lil late dont ya think?!

  30. 30

    gay greasy euro trash!

  31. 31

    who cares if the man lost!… I still would like to hold his golden balls any day!

  32. 32

    God! So happy Portugal lost today! Cristiano Ronaldo is sooooo overrated!!! He sucked today!!!

  33. 33

    Day 70
    Barackie accepts international help for the oil spill.
    He turned their offer down in the first week.
    America's greatest ecological disaster.
    He was against it, before he was for it.
    Kinda similar to General Betray-us?
    We were dead set against him, before we were for him.
    "The second phase of the great American disillusionment
    with Barack Obama is complete."
    Icarus….meet sun.

  34. 34

    I still haven't found what i'm looking for…

  35. 35


  36. 36

    He hasn't done anything significant in football since World Cup 2006 when Portugal beat Germany. Get over him.

  37. 37

    The spray tan has probably made them shrivel up and fall off by now.

  38. 38

    haha, what a loser he is….and a sore loser at that…looking like a little bitch spitting in front of the cameras like a child….awww poor baby

  39. 39

    Re: luvstotango – you are a complete moron, countries from all over the world have been sending help and we have been accepting it….from the skimming boats to extra boom, we have accepted it from all over the place….you are a fucktard that doesn't know shit about what you speak of and need to quit trying to spread your lies on here

  40. koe says – reply to this


    Re: isolde – Hup Holland Hup :D

  41. 41

    melhor jogador do mundo?? HA HA, que piada!
    se eu n gostava dele, agora odeio.o! eu e pelo menos metade da população português!

  42. 42

    uhm… should have kept grabbing his balls. they're out of the cup.

  43. 43


  44. 44

    hello crabs

  45. 45

    Re: poopdiddy2008 – he has. on cocoperez

  46. 46

    Congrats to Spain from a Portuguese guy. The Portugal team is great but Spain proved itself better.

  47. 47

    Re: canadaeurotrash – What's with the greasy stuff? First people are calling Italians greasy dagos now they're callling Ronaldo that? That kinda talk went out in the seventies. You're a moron canadianeurotrash.

  48. 48

    Viva Espana! :P

  49. 49

    im perfectly okay with him concentrating on those balls!!! mmm…

  50. 50

    cristiano you should be ashamed of your performance at the world cup

    portugal would have gone through if you'd played any part in the game against spain

    concentrate on football and not all the hollywood attention