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J. Hud Speaks About Family Murders

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Although she hasn't spoken about the event since it happened, Jennifer Hudson opens up about the 2008 murder of her mother mother Darnell, brother Jason and nephew Julian.

"It's all a blur, it was surreal," she said. "It was like I was outside of myself."

She just stayed in seclusion.

"For almost two weeks straight . . . [I was] inside one room with just family and friends coming in and out. I prayed when I'd get up in the morning and prayed before I laid down at night," she added.

But it was her performance at the 2009 Grammys, singing You Pulled Me Through, that gave her strength.

Hudson said:

"I was definitely thinking of my family when I was singing that song. I could hear my brother in my head, like, 'Jennifer, you need to kill this, you need to get up and do it.' I knew he would be disappointed if I didn't do it justice.

I feel like I've lived about three or four different lives.

My son "reminds me of my nephew. In so many ways I channel her because she was such a great mom. Little David "makes me feel like the most special person on earth. I want him to get the same love and the same upbringing my mother gave us."

She's been through so much! Stay strong, bb.

[Image via WENN.]


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18 comments to “J. Hud Speaks About Family Murders”

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  2. 2

    I can't imagine going through something like that!! She obviously has a wonderful support system… She looks better than ever!! **FYI, Mario, once again…in the first sentence: "mother mother"?! REALLY?! Hire some DECENT ghost writers!!**

  3. 3

    This article is seriously so poorly written, I had to go over it three or four times just to understand some of the sentences.

    *My son "reminds me of my nephew. In so many ways I channel her because she was such a great mom.*

    So, this sentence grammatically means that she channels her nephew because he was a great mom.

  4. 4

    It's kind of silly that every comment relating to ghost writers gets deleted too. I mean, don't most people know that Perez's sister writes this site? Or would he have nothing to profit from if people knew that? Most blogs that put out this many "articles" a day have more than one person contributing.

  5. 5

    Poor Jennifer. I feel for her. I can't imagine having gone through what she went through. That man was a beast. I am sure it is hard for her at times, and you never give up missing your mother. My thoughts are with you dear.

  6. 6

    J. Hud is looking good! keep your head up boo!

  7. 7

    perez i have something to ask you since i know you exist: what the hell you think you are to be ALWAYS trashing people? i just don't understand why you are always bringing so much hate. don't you have a life? what's the point of being always critize what other people do? you should worry about your own life but i guess you don't have any. you are the most despicable human being on earth. it's just unbelievable the way you make fun/critize almost everyone (except your god, lady gaga, but i don't wanna go through there, that's not my business). i'd really like to know what makes you do this stupid blog, really. to be honest, i think you had some problems when you were younger and now you do this to hide your pain or something like that. but really, that really makes me think: "don't this guy have a life?" you should enjoy your life because your not deathless. one day, you gonna regret for not having enjoyed your life to the fullest because instead of that you spent hours and hours making this ridiculous posts on this ridiculous blog. now seriously think about this.

  8. 8

    I am sorry, but doesn't everyone go through horrible personal tragedies? Enough already about her family being shot. Shit happens. Like the Kennedy's. Fuck if there are 100 of ya, something is bound to happen to some of you.

  9. 9

    It really is sad. :(

  10. 10

    I can't even fathom. Stay strong girl!

  11. 11

    Her mother let drug deals go down in her home,yeah great role model there.

  12. 12

    Re: xcalibur
    Are you saying that a human in a right mind would use her FAMILY's death to promote her album? I'm sorry, but as far as I know she's a talented singer that does not need to use such a cheap (and impossible) tactic.
    And as a human, if my family were killed, I won't force myself to talk about it just for the sake of popularity. Give her some credit, it's enlightening that she's opening up after the trauma to reach others who experienced the same thing.
    Re: Jazz-hands Chaz – Oh, you've ever woke up in the middle of the night just to hear that three members of your family were killed? Since when is it wrong to share a frightening experience to others?

  13. 13

    Human kind will never get smarter. Even after an unimaginable tragedy, like somebody's family getting killed, they continue believing in God. Where was your God when somebody decided to kill people you love? If he didn't prevent that from happening, do you really think praying to him afterwords will help you?

  14. 14

    She knows her family is in the arms of the angels. I cannot even began to think what I would do or feel if that happened to my family. Stay strong Jennifer! I would hate this to happen to anyone's family!

  15. 15

    @ METHESUPERGIRL….go to hell!! Oh yeah that is where your going for saying some stupid shit like that. Have fun burning in eternal damnation

  16. 16

    Jennifer is a very classy lady. She has always handled herself with grace and style.

  17. 17

    Re: counterfeit – its sad that you actually believe there is some fiery place that "bad" people go when they die haha. Very intelligent.

  18. 18

    hey perez.. gotta Q

    instead of them interviewing HER.. why dont they interview the RESIDENTS where this happd?? maybe they can tell u about her "heavenly brother" gangbanging, claiming gangster disciples right? or how her "heavenly mother" would let drug dealers in the house and KNOW of weapons being in the house (chicago has a handgun ban fyi)

    this is a sad sad girl, lookin 2 milk this story for what.. a new movie comin out? a new album? this girl said it herself…

    "Jennifer Hudson says she no longer considers herself a Chicagoan"

    find out the REAL FACTS… its a same an innocent child died,.. i give u that.. but her brother and mother were FAR from angels. all they did was ADD to the problem and stereotype of typical non working, gangbanging, no job havin people that only set 'their people' back even more..

    sick of hearing about this.. anytime someone dies theyre always "such a good person" … "would never hurt anyone".. well go to the STREETS n see what they say about 'big blue' aka JHUDs bro… chicago dont want u repn here ne way miss hollywood. u sold ur soul to the devil, so reap what u sow.