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35 comments to “LiLo Doesn't Blame Her Precious Tea!”

  1. 1

    Really … will you read LL's post again? She'd get a *D* in English grammar if she was in the 6th grade. By the way, she needs to go back and complete the 6th grade. What is so attractive about being a big dope? And lose the *duck* lips. She looks …….. and IS ridiculous.

  2. 2

    THis girl is messed up and needs some help. But, she had to take an alcohol test as soon as the braclet went off. And there were NO traces of alcohol in her system. So clearly she wasn't drinking

  3. 3


  4. 4

    She's an idiot. THERE I SAID IT!

  5. 5

    'I wouldn't of been allowed"

  6. 6

    perez i have something to ask you since i know you exist: what the hell you think you are to be ALWAYS trashing people? i just don't understand why you are always bringing so much hate. don't you have a life? what's the point of being always critize what other people do? you should worry about your own life but i guess you don't have any. you are the most despicable human being on earth. it's just unbelievable the way you make fun/critize almost everyone (except your god, lady gaga, but i don't wanna go through there, that's not my business). i'd really like to know what makes you do this stupid blog, really. to be honest, i think you had some problems when you were younger and now you do this to hide your pain or something like that. but really, that really makes me think: "don't this guy have a life?" you should enjoy your life because your not deathless. one day, you gonna regret for not having enjoyed your life to the fullest because instead of that you spent hours and hours making this ridiculous posts on this ridiculous blog. now seriously think about this.

  7. 7

    Look how fucking dirty her face is, nasty skank

  8. 8

    I cant believe you dont get sued for liable , but then you escaped prosecution also. This will all catch up with you though.
    FatBoy is stupid enough to believe the Feds didnt make record of the whole Miley thing. By now they have an extensive file on him and are watching closely. One day with out any warning what so ever they will show up on his doorstep.

    Your Hatred for young girl is very disturbing. Very similar to Joran Andreas Petrus van der Sloot.

  9. 9

    we know it was the ALCOHOL you drank that set it off, we arent as stupid as you think we are lilo, sorry!

  10. 10

    Re: mmh858 – No she did not have to take one as soon as it wen off, she took one 8 hours later. More then enough time to clear the system of alcohol

  11. 11

    i can't stand this chick ;however, that brand of kamboucha was just removed from the shelf for having over 2% alcohol content. it's my favorite brand they've got to get it back!!

  12. 12

    she should really quit w/ the fillers…

  13. 13

    "WOULD OF"???

    Girl , please go back to school you are humiliating yourself

  14. 14

    its wouldn't HAVE allowed….

    Doesn't anyone use slightly proper grammar anymore?

  15. 15

    Yeah sure it wasnt your stupid tea, it was the fact you used that stupid tea as a mix for your booze. Loser.

  16. 16

    'FYI- It was vodka.'

  17. 17

    get those fukin duck lips un-installed you twit

  18. 18

    She looks so funny in this photo ! Like she is just dying to give Donald Duck one HELL of a blow job, which she would, IF he had some really good blow ! Freaky ! WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO HER SINCE THE PARENT TRAP ….? Oh, yeah ….! Those lips, LOLOLOLOOLL !

  19. 19

    I think its hilarious- First it was someone spilled booze on her leg(bc she is smarter than the inventors of scram, therefore you should believe her over the court), the perfume, then maybe mouthwash, then spraytan, now its tea, wait, no its not. God- this bitch lies about everything, why doesnt anyone ever call her out in an interview? Why hasnt anyone asked the question of why she had piles of coke baggies out in the open when she did her celebrity hoarder thing? Where are those answers?

  20. 20

    People keep saying she needs help. She lives in America, how is she supposed to get help when since she doesn't work, she more than likely doesn't have health insurance. So just drop that topic. Also, since she isn't really a celeb do you think maybe you could ust let it go with her now? There are lots of us who need help and can't afford to get it. My friend just died from untreated diabetes as she couldn't afford "help". Enough already. Stop telling out of work people to get "help" Thankyou.

  21. 21

    I love Kombucha too, but all 3 brands are still off the shelf at Whole Foods. Boo.

  22. 22

    mmm kombucha is yummy

  23. 23

    Who cares? I mean, everyone already knows it was her drinking that set it off. The only option left now is to put her down like the washed up rabid evil dog cun* that she is. TAKE OLD YELLOW OUT BACK AND DO IT PEREZ. WE KNOW YOU WANT TO!

  24. GFY says – reply to this


    I went to buy this drink today and was told by the clerk it was recalled by the company due to the fact the alcohol content was found to be too high.

  25. GFY says – reply to this


    Re: trinigirl123 – I went to buy this drink today and was told by the clerk it was recalled by the company due to the fact the alcohol content was found to be too high.

  26. 26

    "wouldn't of"? has she ever been to school? HAHA! that just made my day. wouldn't of. if i wouldn't have read this i wouldn't have realized that wouldn't of sounds soooooo much more intelligent than wouldn't have.

  27. 27

    hahahaha…..or tequila, or rum, or whiskey, or beer…..lots of other possibilities

  28. 28

    I have a great idea for a new reality show: a real-life "Hostel" where Lilo, Heidi and the Kardashian sisters are the stars (AKA the victims)!

  29. 29

    Ugly cun*t.

  30. 30

    nice english

  31. 31

    Hey - i used to be on this fvcktard's side until she opened her giant, jizz-gargling craw. Because of this asshole's big mouth, Whole Foods has pulled my Kombucha tea & now it's unavailable while the co. & govt re-evaluate it's alcohol content. This wouldn't have happened if she hadn't made those comments about it; Especially while she's wearing the scram. No use backtracking Lohan. They'll probably either have to LOWER the amount of alcohol in it - or you'll need to go to the liquor dept./store to get it. Either way, Kombucha has to change - it's guilt by YOUR association. Now the rest of us have to pay for your moronic mouth. Stupid bitch. GO AWAY OR STFU.

  32. 32

    yeah i luv this tea also but now its so hard to find. Its actually very healthy.

  33. 33

    she's probably storing alcohol in her lips for when the scram comes off

  34. 34

    But..Kombucha is fermented and thus can contain alcohol.
    Which could possibly;y set off SCAM

  35. 35

    Re: windbourne – I do understand because I cannot afford my medical issues, but this is a spoiled rich celebrities, they do not count. They make millions making movies, so I am sorry they can afford health insurance and they can afford medical bills. Do not pity this girl, pity the working class(nope not the poor, they have medicaid) that in some states like MA and soon the whole country who are forced to pay for medical insurance that doesn't even cover what they need or has a $1000 deductible.