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Listen To This: Christina Aguilera Should Have Recorded THIS!

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Such a gorgeous ballad!

Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!

Check out the exquisite Nothing More To Say by Jessie James (below).

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80 comments to “Listen To This: Christina Aguilera Should Have Recorded THIS!”

  1. 1

    umm its not THAT good at all.
    and please…no one can touch Christina's Ballads.
    time to move on perez>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. 2

    this is so beautiful! i love all of her songs!

  3. 3

    who the f*ck is Jessie James?
    Bitch cant compare to XTINA

  4. 4

    ummm whats wrong with you!!!! Really perez whats wrong??? Why are you so mad at Christina Aguilera? This song is so bad and christina is so much better then this song… why are you such a hater???? That is like a cheap version of You lost me….. lol… wow… you really need to give it a rest… and back off christina aguilera… she is an icon and the voice of the generation and also is a trend setter… get use to it!!! X-tina is not going anywhere and is very successfull!!!!!

  5. 5

    Perez…I beg you to drop this crap already. I'm so sick of your bitter rantings against XTINa, JLove, Maniston. You're worst than high school b..itch. Grow up already and stick to gossiping…seriously.

  6. 6

    why are most people with the last name James called Jesse/Jessie?

  7. 7

    Lol. I think she needs a stage name….

  8. 8

    But whoever this Jessie James is…. she is very pretty and very talented…and I have nothing bad to say about her….I just wish perez would leave christina aguilera alone!!!!

  9. 9

    shes so talented! i love her voice!! and i love this song! Jessie James

  10. 10


  11. 11

    Uh no…Jessie James SUCKS. not to mention, she is so skanky.

  12. 12

    WHOAH! That's impressive.

    Oh wait…there is a song link?

  13. 13

    who is this chick?

  14. 14

    That wasn't very pretty :(

  15. 15

    its really is sooooo funny how this dumb ass keeps telling people in the music industry (that are proven) what songs they should do and not do….Motherfucker your 2 attemps have failed horrible….Never hear from Slimy and Travis anymore (thank god)

    Everyone knows interscope paid to have travis on AI (epic fail)

  16. 16

    That's a nice ballad.

  17. 17

    She looks almost exactly like a young Shania Twain.

  18. 18

    i like this song. too be honest, i never really liked christinas voice, too mayonaissy….

  19. 19


  20. 20

    Re: danknowsbest – Wow guys. hes not haten her. hes just saying she should have done something like this, instead of going gaga and shit. (not saying shes copying gaga, but shes doing gagas style - not gagas style but a style similar to the one gaga does)
    i also agree and i think she could have kicked ass with a song like this. this girl isnt rly good, but christina could have made this song amazing. i want ballad doing christina!!

  21. 21

    im sorry but she needs to stop singing from her throat so much, she completely ruins the songs by doing that.

  22. 22

    I'm guessing you STILL haven't heard Bionic. She's got great ballads there, too. And I always thought that Jessie's voice reminded me of Christina.

  23. 23

    Beautiful song. Jessie James does a nice job here. Another artist for this
    song would be Leona Lewis. Its right up her alley. I have to agree with
    Perez about Christina Aguilera. I'm just really not a fan anymore. Her fan
    base has dwindled in the past few years.

  24. 24

    Christina has ballads on her new album, which you clearly haven't listened to yet even though you keep bashing the shit out of it.

  25. 25

    Re: Vinicius – How is Christina doing Gaga's style? Christina has worn red lipstick and platinum blonde hair as well as done sexual songs , videos, photoshoots and performances and dressed weird/outrageous for many years before Gaga…while Gaga was still in Junior High School and watching Christina on TV. She did this type of stuff BEFORE Gaga. Everyone knows Christina is a very sexual/freaky girl. She always has been. She was also wearing weird outfits since Lady Marmalade but that's even besides the point. Christina's style now is red lipstick, platinum blonde hair and an outfit lol…it's what she's been doing for YEARS.
    Look up pictures of Gaga in 2005 and then Christina in 2005…who looks like who again?
    Also, Christina's "You lost me" is better than this song.

  26. 26

    She is amazing, great voice, pretty and hot woman, Thanks Perez!

  27. 27

    It's not bad. I like it. It's catchy and she has a great voice. I definitely think Christina would've sung this song muuuch better tho. I'll always be a fan of Christina Aguilera and no one can sing like her but I didn't dig her latest album to be honest. But she's a trooper and a true artist so I know she will bounce back stronger than ever. I

  28. 28

    I wish Perez would just mention people he likes and leave it at that instead of making such a big deal out of it. The more he does it, the more the people he recommends, the more the people are so-so and it makes him look stupid. Can we please move on from the Christina/ GaGa thing? It's very old and there's no resolution, no one wins. Both are different, they have different styles and vocal abilities, you can't compare two opposites together. My opinion of course.

  29. 29

    Re: marlow – dont offend shania

  30. 30

    This is properly amazing! Christina could do this, I think, but she is trying to get in another direction, which is not that good. This girl can really sing, looking forward her new single on iTunes ”Boys In The Summer” its a summer hit in the making!

  31. 31

    Hahah agreed, Christina didnt work well for this album, only ”You Lost Me” is good, I'm wonder this Jessie James is not huge yet, such a great singer!

  32. 32

    WOW @ this voice! I love her since I knew ”I look So Good (Without You)” on MTv… her new single is also GREAT, ”Boys In the Summer” !

  33. 33

    Gorgeous song!

  34. 34

    Not better than Aguilera, but this girl can be huge! Amazing talent, ppl just don't know how to appreaciate good music and for being stans of overrated artists can't recognize real new talents like this!

  35. 35

    What do you mean gaga style??? lol there is no gaga style… .its a mix of everyones elses… she is the most unoriginal thing out there… I would rather go to a miley cyrus concert the gaga cause gaga sucks!!! at least miley is doing her thing… uhhh im so over gaga and perez hilton… and christina aguilera is huge!!! lol… she is has been around for forever and has millions… and if it wasnt for her there would be no gaga.. so christina aguilera is awesome and is a trendsetter i mean she made gaga, lol… hahahahahha

  36. 36

    it's a nice song and that's about it. jessie james can sing but man is her voice annoying. she has a deep voice but she obviously dont know how to control it, i always need to turn down the volume each time she sings. Another thing, you can't really knock Xtina on ballads, she's like queen of ballads no one can put so emotion into a song like she can. Get over it and move on.

  37. 37

    BITCH PLEASE… FlopTina AguaFloppa Is Shit … oh and lets face it.. she should have Died Long ago… ( With her Career!.. )… Thankx… :)

  38. 38

    …you are SPOT ON with this one, P !!!

  39. 39

    Beautiful song! As good as Christina's!
    I was looking Jessie's My Space and her single is out on iTunes today! :D

  40. 40

    Re: Eliazar Rodriguez – Bitch please, try to be open mind not a offensive stan… shame, its only bout recognizing this song is great, don't be weird

  41. 41

    Re: Bitch-Please – Bullsh*t!
    Xtina is amazing!

  42. 42

    This girl sound amazing! She has a wonderful voice, i loved her soo much! Can i download it on Itunes?

  43. 43

    Re: xoxo_anonymous – Honey, Xtina became a flop. Shes not the same singer she was.

  44. 44

    really good. this girl can sing. but the song could be better.

  45. 45

    Re: dreaming_aloud – dont matter if she have ballads, her album sucks! jessie sounds like xtina. she will be a legend like xtina.

  46. 46

    perez, follow me, please! im @manuzevs

  47. 47

    she is better than xtina! im jessie fan and i love her ballads. she is the new xtina.
    sorry xtina, now you are floptina

  48. 48

    this girl is so talented, she will be a hit!

  49. 49

    This song is not on iTunes yet, btw I got the her new single BOYS IN THE SUMMER! Amazing and fun song! Im in love with her, so talented! Better than a lot of underrated singers out there.

  50. 50

    I am a Xtina stan, and I have to confess this song is really amazing! Thanks for posting, going to check out her myspace!

  51. 51

    Everything now sounds better than Xtina. LOL But this song is better than I've imagined, I miss balladas like that… AMAZING

  52. 52

    This is another post Perez was PAID to post. You can tell the obvious difference when he really likes an artist and when he is getting paid to promote one. This chick already had her chance and she BOMBED. The song is very boring too.

  53. 53

    Re: xoxo_anonymous – xtina are not a legend honey ;)
    jessia has a amazing voice, so she can sing xtina songs. simple like that

  54. 54

    its a cute song, but what the fuck does it have to do with christina? your truly obsessed.

  55. 55

    oww, cute song! and her voice is incredible, this girl sing like a angel!
    my god, i became a fan!

  56. 56

    Re: ClaraB – paid? lol
    he just posted about a amazing song. sorry if xtina dont recorded good songs for bionic.
    i love aguilera, but this album sucks.

  57. 57


  58. 58

    Re: ClaraB – I'm sure If Perez could be paid to post something here, Christina Aguilera would pay him to stop dissing her lol

  59. 59

    shes nothing on xtina.

    shes a good singer. but nothing on xtina.

    xtinas you lost me, is better.
    that has more of soul. and heart than this.

    dont get me wrong. this song is good to but in my opinion you lost me is betteer

  60. 60

    AMAZING! everyone who's leaving mean comments are just simple minded and bored with there lifes …. Anyone would know that this song is truly amazing and the vocals are fantastic!!!! :)

  61. 61

    She has a voice but no where near as great as Xtina's vioce. The ballad is a little catchy but not half as great as Xtina's ballads… there's really no comparison.

  62. 62

    I like her new single Boys In the Summer better! Btw this is great, her debut album is sooooooooooooooo good! Since she was posted the first time here on Perez she was compared to Christina Aguilera, I think there is no problem with it… Its her idol, she was on USTREAM yesterday saying she loves Xtina and new songs of Bionic!

  63. 63

    Re: woompaloompamarx – Don't say that!
    Xtina floped, ok.
    But that's no reason to say that she's useless.

  64. 64

    POWERFUL BALLAD! get out here Xtina boring stans

  65. 65

    Re: woompaloompamarx – Attention whore?

  66. DaveH says – reply to this


    This song from Jessie James is WAY better than anything from her first album. I do agree with everyone else P, leave Xtina alone! Bionic rocks!

  67. 67

    She sounds like Greyson Chance… or he sounds like her.

  68. 68

    Is there a version without her singing? Thanks.

  69. 69

    Re: danknowsbest – I'm 19 and Christina certainly isn't the voice of MY generation. I like her, and she's heaps talented, but she isn't all that…

  70. 70

    Not really catchy. Not really interesting, production-wise. There is a little something that this girl has that XTina doesn't and that believability of lyrics. Once you get to a certain point of fame, sometimes the songs don't work for you like they used to. What Christina needed was a serious, non-generic club-banger without all that extra sexualization. Work off of past songs like "If" by Janet Jackson or "Free Your Mind" by En Vogue. Women singing uptempo, aggressively, yet melodically against a rock-style canopy of instruments. Key is… song can't be about a WooHoo. Girls have them, and I've never known them to make a 4:00 song about theirs. Christina, get the AGGRESSION out, use your multi-octave notes and tell us something we haven't heard before…

  71. 71


  72. 72

    I like it! U know xtina wud just do runs all the way through it and ruin it….

  73. 73

    I'm a huge Jessie James fan so thank you for posting this song…. I luv it….

    The ballads on her first album were just as good….
    Hopefully sumtime in the future, she starts getting the recognition she deserves because she has a really good voice…..

  74. 74

    i dont like it at all.. borring , sleepy.. lol.. proves to us all.. perez has no taste in music at all.

  75. 75

    christina did record this; for this broad sounds exactly like her.

  76. 76

    are you serious, fatty? she has a great voice but this song sucked ass!

  77. 77

    Umm it is a good ballad…maybe Christina could do a better version but Jessie James is very talented all her own! You people been under a rock??? Who's this chick? seriously! you all need to STFU and listen once in a while…with love MUAH!

  78. 78

    Just downloaded Boys in the Summer on iTunes, her new single, better than this song, U should post the video here on Perez TV! Such a cute video

  79. 79

    Okay so here it goes! I'm over all the hating, its so overrated. Jessie james is amazing she is original and writes her on music herself which is genious! She has worked so hard to get where she is today and thats what I admire most about this lovely young woman! I can say all these things and be truthful about it because I have the pleasure of being her friend in reality. I feel to be very blessed to have a friend like her that even when they are in the spotlight there head does not explode. I just wish artist like her could express there music without the un needed comments, I mean how can you say anything negative about her in this ballad, its flawless. She is one of the most unique artist out there bringing something new and shiny to the industry and people just don't know how to take change. Next time you write a harsh comment like some of the ones I saw just remember she is a person and has feelings too, but I guess what does not kill you makes you stronger.

    I love ya jess j !

    Leith chandler

    FRe: xoxo_anonymousRe: xoxo_anonymous

  80. 80

    I NEED this song, please please please how can I get it? I can't find it anywhere so I have just been keeping this page up and listening to it