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Miss Delaware Inspires!

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What a sweet story!

Kayla Martell has been crowned the new Miss Delaware despite suffering from alopecia! Watch as she shares her experience above.

So inspiring!

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55 comments to “Miss Delaware Inspires!”

  1. 1

    Great story - I'm from Delaware & they ran her story in our local newspaper last week. So inspiring. I'm glad she has enough confidence to get up there and do what she does and be honest about it

  2. YUCK says – reply to this


    wow, but I dont want to be mean, it seems like shes milking it. I know there are varying forms of alopecia, I dated a model that had it and my cousin has it and my best friend gets it from time to time. there are some where you put on a cream others where you get an injection and sometimes a liquid you just put on your head and the hair is back like in 1-2 weeks. the effects are never so long term. she needs to start smoking bud so that she can destress and keep her hair. it worked for someone I know.

  3. 3

    whats so inspiring? it's not like she's the first attractive woman to be bald. and beauty pageants are so superficial. she was wearing a wig during the competition~

  4. 4

    She's go a little somethin'-somethin' on her forehead. Just sayin'

  5. 5

    She has such a wonderful story. The whole wig thing is third-party to her message. And the fact that she doesn't have a deadly disease, but she represents a group that do have life, but a very stressful condition, I love her. It's so uplifting. I can't compare this to being gay, but in a strange way, she represents us. We can't help how we're born.

  6. 6

    OMG! I'm from Delaware too. It's so great that our small state is inspiring people. www.aspiring-socialite.com

  7. 7

    Brave & Inspiring indeed.

  8. 8

    I admire her confidence!

  9. 9

    Ah Kayla Martell! We were in chorus together, so it's crazy that I see her on here. Delaware's moving up.

  10. 10

    Do you see why we Conservatives hate celebrating the latest victim bs sob stories?
    They always go too far.
    Now, we have gimps in regular people contests.
    It's Affirmtive Action in action, folks.
    This poor girl gets to move ahead of the class by her handicap.
    It's like the LPGA. No one wants to watch it.
    But you'll shove it down our throat anyway.
    Kinda ironic that the most radical in the world go so willingly to the trough and politely smile when they're told what to eat, how much you have to weigh, what temperature to control your heat and a/c, what materials to build your house with, what car to drive and it'll be a bicycle next to peddle to work, what industries are allowed to exist, next will be how many children you're allowed to have.
    Teenagers, this is what we mean, when we say,
    "We're losing our Liberty and our Freedom".

  11. 11

    She's too good for the Miss American pageant. Great story for a change, Perez.

  12. 12

    Re: vcxvxvvc – It's inspiring because so many women feel bad about the way they look. She has an actual condition that she can't really do anything about, and she's never tried to hide it. She's very confident in who she is when most girls her age aren't.

  13. 13

    i think she's even more beautiful bald, makes her eyes really stand out. but i gotta say, i work with cancer patients, and that wig is pretty realistic compared to some of the wigs i've seen

  14. 14

    the little girl is absolutely gorgeous and kayla did such a good job talking to her. i wish all women would be like that.

  15. 15

    Wow. I know a lady in her 30s who has super thinning hair, receding hairline and it just SUUUUUCKS. She agonizes over it all the time. I have to give Ms Delaware credit because as a woman Hair is considerd like the only way to have a finished look. It sucks that men can be blad and it is accepted but if you are a woman people think it means you have cancer or something. Total double standard! Good for her! I wish more woman would walk around like this.

  16. 16

    Re: luvstotango – Dude eat crow. You obviously don't have this kind of condition and it is not discussed openly in public. She has a very good message to deliver to the public and it educates others. This is no sob story. As you can see she has a confident and good personality which is ultimately what won her the title. She is not "milking it" - she is advocating and sharing her reality. There is a big diffference there!

  17. 17

    Re: YUCK – BREAKING NEWS: Yuck wants everyone to know they dated a model.

  18. 18

    This is a great story, truly. Thanks for sharing, Perez!

  19. 19

    Re: ash001 – haha!

  20. 20

    How inspiring!! How emotional!! Wow!! That just changed my whole outlook on life, Perez! Now, since you are no longer a bonafide "insider scoop" blogger anymore, just a "cut-and-paste-any-news-story" blogger, how come you didn't post anything about the Elana Kagan hearing that took place this afternoon? Readers too stupid, huh?

  21. 21

    Folks, it's never enough with these bleeding hearts.
    Do you see why we Conservatives hate celebrating the latest victim bs sob stories?
    They always go too far.
    Now, we have gimps in regular people contests.
    It's Affirmtive Action in action, folks.
    This poor girl gets to move ahead of the class by her handicap.
    Talk about unfair.
    It's like the LPGA. No one wants to watch it.
    But you'll shove it down our throat anyway.
    Kinda ironic that the most radical in the world go so willingly to the trough and politely smile when they're told what to eat, how much you have to weigh, what temperature to control your heat and a/c, what materials to build your house with, what car to drive and it'll be a bicycle next to peddle to work, what industries are allowed to exist, next will be how many children you're allowed to have.
    Teenagers, this is what we mean, when we say,
    "We're losing our Liberty and our Freedom".

  22. 22

    Yeah, she is so proud she presented herself in the contest with a wig. I see.

  23. 23

    Re: ash001 – LOL!!!!!

  24. 24

    OFF TOPIC. -
    Supreme Commander, Barackie
    SUBJECT: General Patraeus.
    – "We were against him, before we were for him."

  25. 25

    I am honestly so happy for her. I suffer from OCD that makes me lose my hair.

    She is truly inspiring and a beautiful woman

  26. 26

    I really admire this woman. I have been living with alopecia since I was 10. I am now in my 30's & still so ashamed at times. I could never appear without my wig. I wish I had her courage. Also, her wig is very realistic. There are some really bad ones out there. Thank goodness the wig industry is getting better. It took me years to find a decent one. Kudos to Miss Delaware!

  27. 27

    Thank you Kayla for everything you are doing! I have had alopecia since I was 3. There are ways to help the condition and even though I have my hair back, I still lose my hair. The hair isn't always back within 1-2 weeks, it sometimes takes longer and the spots can be small or big. It took me 7 years to grow all of my hair back despite many treatments. For her to have enough confidence to go without her wig is amazing! I envy her confidence! :) Thank you for running this story!!

  28. 28

    Re: bleahf

    thats the first thing that i thought also. if she was so proud of herself why did she hide behind a wig? she even says i entered three times without it and lost but didnt come close to winning until i wore a wig.

    she is fakeing it for fame. if she won it as herself without the wig i would say she is great but she caved in to win and hid who she was to win

  29. 29

    It is a huge story about courage and I love that Perez put this on here. Shots to the head are extremely painful and only work in some cases and for only a period of years.

  30. 30

    sorry to say this was a pity win.

    she was not the best looking.

    im not saying she asked for a pity win but that is what she got.

    there are many girls that shave their entire bodies on purpose that are way better looking. hell i know a girl that died of some really bad shit that looked better while she was dying

  31. 31

    Re: YUCK – My friend has had it for 10 years, and he hasn't seen any hair growth in that time. You can't just inject something or rub cream on your head to make your hair grow back. He smokes pot, not for treatment, and that doesn't help. It can be a long-term condition, and it often caused by emotional trauma.

  32. 32

    Great for her. May daughter is 8 and has had it for 4 years and for anyone who knows anything about it knows that it is not always caused by stress and injections and creams do not always work. If it was only that simple. It can be permanent for life and some forms like my daughters is no hair anywhere. Its great to see someone getting the word out there about this disease. So people are more aware of it and its not as rare as everyone thinks. Bald is beautiful!

  33. 33

    This is really so inspiring and should be the work of every pageant participant: to let the young people realized that such contest could be a little bit more about social work than just plastic and cosmetic surgery, with girls looking great and nothing in their brains.

  34. 34

    In response to some of these RUDE comments….

    First things first…she is NOT milking it. She is on a mission to spread the word about alopecia. After seeing this, I read her blog. I have heard about her before because of my relationship with the Miss America pageant. She speaks at conferences around the world about Alopecia and inspires individuals with and without being on TV. In another interview Kayla says lost her hair when she was younger and sometimes it comes back and sometimes it does not. It does not come back as a full head of hair…it comes back in stubbly patches. So don't say there is an easy fix…because there ISNT.

    Next, she wore a wig because she wanted to be more approachable as Miss Delaware. Which, think about it. If you were a little girl and you saw Miss America and she didn't have hair, you would wonder why or be scared. Therefore with the wig, people can get a chance to get to know her and hear her story.

    Furthermore, I compete in the Miss America system and I am so excited for Kayla and her accomplishments and I hope does well at Miss America.

    All of us Miss America girls have a story and a platform around it. Mine was cancer because my father passed away from it last year. Kayla's is personal and involves herself, which not all of us can say. She has the strength and confidence to actually do something about it! LOVE HER!

  35. 35

    omg im from delaware and i had no idea about this story

  36. Scar says – reply to this


    Re: vcxvxvvc – it's inspiring because she's completely comfortable and happy with who she is, despite her lack of hair. are you a fucking retard?

  37. 37

    I live in Delaware too :) Perez, you need to visit us here in Delaware!!!

  38. 38

    Award winning support and information nonprofit Bald Girls Do Lunch says:

    Kayla's autoimmune condition Alopecia areata is highly variable from person to person or over the course of one's lifetime: transient bald patches, episodic baldness or complete body hairlessness including brows and lashes. AA runs the gamut.

    The women of BaldGirlsDoLunch.org foster options: wear a wig or leave it off. Most of all be able to hold your head high. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

    Thea Chassin, president
    Bald Girls Do Lunch Inc
    The only nonprofit created specifically for women with alopecia areata since 2007.

  39. 39

    Re: YUCK – Ok YUck - since you are obviously are not educated on Alopecia - I will fill you in, there is no known cure for Childhood Alopecia! True adults may aquire some form of Alopecia Areata when their immune system is down, and yes they can receive a Cortisone injections that may help it. The sad truth for 2% of the population is they may never have hair. My daughter was diagnosed with Alopecia when she was 4, and by Kindergartin she had no hair at all. Don't know what triggers her to lose her hair , and yes we have tried the cortisone ointments. All they did was leave a 4 year old with sores on her head. She did go into remission by the end of the year, but 6 months later she is out of remission and losing her hair again! How would you like to tell a 6 year old that they have to have injections on her skull, It is not as easy as you would like to believe,
    so if by her "milking it" it gives these beautiful children hope, then I say go for it Miss Delaware!!!!

  40. 40

    not really that inspiring.

    she is wearing a wig, thus hiding her "imperfections"

    that is no different than getting a boob job if her chest is too small or getting veneers if her teeth are bucked.

    now TRUE inspiration would be to just take off the wig in the first place.

    she makes sense at the end but who wants to bet that if she hadn't worn the wig, the superficiality of the contest would have resulted in her not winning.

    let's see ugly chicks with beautiful personalities win beauty pagents

    that would be truly inspiring.

  41. 41

    Thanks Perez so much for posting this. I suffer from alopecia and lost all my hair when I was 18 months old. I'm now 27 and I know how ignorant and cruel people can be. She is truly an inspiration for speaking so openly about a disease that people don't quite understand. This story made my day Perez, thanks again for posting it!!!

  42. 42

    wow….I'm from Delaware and I can't believe I'm seeing someone from this state on this site..other than Ryan Phillippe that is.

  43. 43

    What an inspiring story for women everywhere!

  44. 44

    Re: YUCK – You are absolutely wrong. There is NO cure for alopecia, and you *can* try treatments, but it only works for about 5% of the people who have it. I know this because I have alopecia totalis - have been completely bald for seven years. It has nothing to do with stress, and many of the treatments are more harmful than worthwhile.

  45. 45


  46. 46



  47. 47

    Re: Scar – you're the retard if you believe someone can be COMPLETELY comfortable and happy with themselves.

  48. 48

    Hey, it's not often Delaware gets noticed. I've had people from PA say, "Oh yeah, isn't that in South Jersey?" If you don't even know all the states (and btw, Delaware was the FIRST state) then don't go on about sob stories; everyone has a sob story and we've all used it at one time or another. Also, she may not be using this as a sob story. It may, just may, be that she's actually brave. Just a thought.

  49. 49


  50. 50


  51. 51

    she sounded like she was still on stage doing a Q and A.. sounded too fake, not real enough

  52. 52

    she is classy and just as wonderful in person, theres not a fake bone in her body. she wants to stand for something thats more than half of America will do she for sure is not talk. Her heart is fully in it you can tell otherwise she wouldn't be putting so much effort in. Kayla is our next Miss America!

  53. 53

    Re: YUCK – I think you need to stop smoking so much bud and start being a little more aware of this situation you know nothing about before you give your thoughts on it. I have battled alopecia since I was 15 and it IS long term, I will most likely never have my hair again. There is NO cure for alopecia and creams and injections are not proven to work, again NO cure. If all it took was creams and liquids, there'd be a lot less bald people in the world buddy. Do a little research on this disease before you act like you know it all. To say Ms. Delaware is "milking it" is just ridiculous. You try having something so devestating happen to you, it takes a lot to overcome this sort of situation. I for one am no where near ready to walk around with no hair so for her to take this step IS inspiring to the millions of us who battle this disease. No one looks for attention with this auto-immune disease, we are the ones who like to "blend in with the crowd."

  54. 54

    Re: YUCK
    No offense to you my friend, but you have NO IDEA what you are talking about in reference to alopecia, every case is different, as for the cream and shots, sometimes they work, or they work for a while and then they don't. I got cortisone shots for a long time and they worked and then one day all my hair fell out and it's never come back. I think she wasn't milking it, she's trying to bring awareness to a disease that frankly no one really cares about because its not life threatening, but the emotional and mental effects it has had on me are un describable, I am just now after 14 years of having no hair, beginning to feel good and have confidence in myself again, hair is a very important part of one's self esteem, you don't realize it till its gone, my heart really goes out to those kids with it, we have to endure stares and comments and questions….always….for a child, it must be so awful…

  55. 55

    Re: foxeh?
    I feel for your daughter, I guess you could say I was lucky enough not to get it until my mid thirties. Children's self esteems are so precious and sometimes fragile and this disease is debilitating in ways that no one can understand unless they have it themselves…God bless your daughter and you and your family…I hope that someday her hair grows and that they find a cure for this.