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The Gold Digger Claims She's Not A Gold Digger

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Oh, please!

Gary Coleman's ex-wife Shannon Price is still doing interviews and now she's claiming that she's NOT a gold digger. She says:

I’m not a gold digger. I never took advantage of Gary’s money. I had that much respect for him because I knew the extent of how many people took advantage of him.

"When I met Gary, I never knew who he was, never even knew his name. I kept calling him ‘Shorty’ for awhile because I forgot."

Oh, we're sure he LOVED that! She continues:

“Everyone says I’m not emotional, but I am, I have a different way of feeling and grieving than other people and I just don’t like to do it in front of people. But I do grieve in my own way…

"Gary and I didn’t think clearly with some of the decisions we had made and we did let our emotions get the best of us sometimes. But our love for each other kept us going no matter what. We were always still by each other’s side at the end of the day.

I just want the world to know that I will never be able to find anyone like Gary. He really was my life, he’s what made me tick, he’s what made my heart beat, he’s what made my world go round. And I’ll never forget that.”


If you loved him you certainly wouldn't be profiting off of his death as much as possible — including selling pictures of the man on his deathbed.

That's enough, Shannon Price. Shut the EFF up now!

[Image via AP Images.]

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20 comments to “The Gold Digger Claims She's Not A Gold Digger”

  1. 1

    just stop posting anything she says

  2. 2

    So, what your saying is since Joe and Katherine Jackson are profitting off of pedo mike's death, they didn't love him? FUCKTARD!

  3. 3

    isn't that special

  4. 4

    There is no "gold" to "dig". The little, burned turd was broke!

  5. 5

    Let's get real.
    You're weren't exactly sucking Blair Underwood off.
    You were doin' Gary Coleman.
    How hard up, you must have been, to be in bed with GC?
    No one else in your 'realm of influence' you could have tapped?
    What a damn bottomfeeder you are.

  6. Fabu says – reply to this


    She seriously creeps me out…

  7. 7

    Yes Shannon we know you were by his side at the end of the day, well at least on his last day, because your disgusting, skanky, heartless, self took photos of it for the world to see! You never took advantage of his money???? How could those words even grace your big nasty lips as it passes all those GUMS and yellow teeth??? YOU are the one that said you had to have nice things and Gary got them for you. UGH Bitch hire (with all the money you're making off of Gary's death) someone to muzzle you or at least make your lies somewhat feasible!

  8. 8

    Jesus Christ look at her huge gums!

  9. 9

    She doesn't sound convincing.

  10. 10

    Stop posting about that deceased hasbeen and move on to something JUICY!

  11. 11

    Never seen a more heartless, evil person than her…

  12. 12

    This broad is as creepy as Gary was…She is a fucking liar and there is NO WAY SHES NOT A GOLD DIGGER.. Its all she wants is money..And she claims she didnt know who he was??? WHAT!!! ???? She is nutts

  13. 13

    Like the way MJ's family are profiting and leeching off him a year after his death?

  14. 14

    Do you really think that chick is gonna fuck that little black midget for free- Of course she's a gold digger!!!! but dudes are not stupid, Coleman new this. So did Anna Nicole's husband.

    Just remember , ALL women are prostitutes

  15. 15

    How do I put this nicely….? Fuck it,the bitch looks and acts like she's retarded.
    Gary was a little hot-headed asshole….I think they deserved each other!
    She's gonna get cash however she can cos I don't think she's smart enough to get a job. Hey…maybe she can be a greeter at Wal-Mart! I feel kinda bad he died but NOT for HER! For HIM and his wasted career.

  16. 16

    Re: MVPnis – No,baby! Wrong! All women are NOT prostitutes!
    ALL guys are DICKHEADS!

  17. 17

    Yeah, right. If you loved him as much as you're trying to get us to believe you did, you would not have whipped him off life support as quickly as you did. Sure people grieve in different ways but none of your actions have looked remotely like grief.

  18. 18

    how in the hell do you NOT know who Gary Coleman is? This chick is such a liar!

  19. 19

    Perez..stop being a hypocrite..if you can make money off trashing people, insulting females and being a bordeline pedophile….she can profit from Gary's death..no matter how bad it may sound. Did it occur to you she might be stuck now with some debt from their time as a couple?

  20. 20

    Re: MVPnis – I pity you..obviously Mommy didn't love you enough..hence your anger towards women..It's call therapy sweetie..you should try it sometime…