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Cheryl Cole Collapses At Photoshoot! Withdrawn From X Factor!

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Oh no! Terrible news from across the pond today!

X Factor's Cheryl Cole has reportedly bowed out of filming after she allegedly collapsed at a photoshoot on Saturday!

Where was Gayface to catch her???

Sources claim that Cheryl was insistent on completing some promotional work this weekend, despite not feeling well. Then, in the middle of a photoshoot in North London, she fainted. Insiders say that she has been diagnosed with exhaustion and possibly gastroenteritis.

Because of this, Cheryl will not return to the filming of the X Factor auditions. Her PR team confirmed this with a statement saying:

"Following doctors' advice Cheryl Cole will be cancelling all work commitments for the next week."

They offered no further comment or update on her condition.

Poor BB!

We truly hope she feels better soon and takes this time for a much needed and deserved rest!

[Image via WENN.]

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40 comments to “Cheryl Cole Collapses At Photoshoot! Withdrawn From X Factor!”

  1. Jaded says – reply to this


    Why is it when people you like collapse from exhaustion that you wish them a speedy recovery, but when it happens to people you don't like you make all manner of wild speculation that it's drugs?

    I think Cheryl Cole was out partying and doing a whole load of cocaine due to her severe depression over the collapse of her marriage and she collapsed because she was hungover. Does that sound reasonable at all? No because I'm just making it up. Kind of like you do

  2. 2

    She's sooooo overrated.

  3. hebe says – reply to this


    copy paste blog nowadays… sigh :(

  4. 4

    I am so tired of reading about her. Her PR team just puts out any story they can think of to keep her in the press. Why would she be exhausted if she just got back from vacation with Gayface?

  5. 5

    she's so darn pretty!!! hope she gets well soon :)

  6. 6

    Probably too much drugs, booze, and fucking.

  7. 7

    Who is Cheryl Cole…i have never heard of her…the first time i did she was dating derek hough…im confused

  8. 8

    Oh thats convienant seeing as Nicole is judging next week and Cherly famously slagged her off in a interview. All mouth and no trousers it seems, it wouldnt exactly take effort to sit on a judging panel and choose from pre written comments to make.

    Awful waste of the title of "nations sweetheart" a vile mouth covered up by good press!

  9. 9

    cause she starves herself!!

  10. 10

    NO ONE should feel sorry for her that bitch deserved it. Probably she got TOOOO drunk or too high!

  11. 11

    oh boo hoo, take a nap bitch

  12. 12

    Oh No! How will I sleep at night knowing that Chavvy Cole-or-whatever has to have a week off 'work'?

  13. 13

    omg cheryl cole fainted… this is such big news, pft! i agree with use she is way to overated and anyone who tries arguing with me please argue how someone with a criminal record can be a rolemodel, yeah thanks.

  14. 14

    Re: dingdong12 – Totally agree. God knows will she slept with to gain her 'Nation's Sweetheart tag.

  15. 15

    I LOVE HER! :)

  16. 16

    Re: Poindexter-X – that's the ingredients for a perfect weekend cake…

  17. bov says – reply to this


    apparently she does need a parachute!!! i dunno what everyone's beef is atm. fair enough perez is a bad person for trying to out every gay person in the world (p.s perez its their prerogative if they want to come out to the world or not). The fact that Cheryl is everyone's darling atm isn't perez's fault. he reports on what people want to know. She's done pretty well for herself after what that douche did to her so if she wants to take a week off/ use exhaustion as an excuse then props to her!!!!

  18. 18

    According to the mail online Cheryl has MALARIA from her trip recently to Tanzania.

  19. 19

    i dont like her that much either but for those that want to no she has malaria. she caught it from her holiday. she was taking the tablets and completed them but she was still infected. i wouldnt wish that on any one i hope she gets well soon.

  20. 20

    She is talentless and on more drugs than Lindsay. WHOREZ PILESHITON plays favorites.

  21. 21


  22. 22

    I wish all work commitments were cancelled for at least a decade!

  23. 23


  24. 24

    Might she have a bun in the oven?

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Eccentric_Rocker – A friend of mine is a nurse for the Red Cross; she contracted malaria overseas and almost died. She lay in a tent for three weeks with no one to look after herself but her sick self.

  26. 26

    or maybe she's pregnant.

  27. 27

    Re: caoimhe8888 – You're right, she does have a criminal record, but the woman she assaulted gave one story to police immediately after the incident, and another to the press.

  28. AbsUK says – reply to this


    Wow, can a celebrity not be ill without being called a crackhead?!
    It's just been announced by the good old reliable BBC that Cheryl Cole has MALARIA from her trip to Tanzania! Thats not a souvenir you want…

  29. 29

    SHE HAS MALARIA!!!!!!! Despite taking anti-malaria tablets she still caught it whilst on holiday with gayface! Blatantly a bad relationship sign lol

  30. 30

    You need to get your stories straight Perez. She doesn't have gastroenteritis… I wish it was just that. She was diagnosed with malaria which can be deadly…. I hope everything's gonna be alright with her.

  31. 31

    This is old news!! She's in hospital being treated for malaria now. Ur report is days old.

  32. 32

    Re: Batgirlbeyond – U obviously have no clue. She's thin and collapsed so she must be on drugs! Moron

  33. 33

    this morning her rep said she has been diagnosed with Malaria!!!!!! :O very serious! im not a big cheryl fan but i wouldnt wish that on her!!!

  34. 34

    Re: Serena Loves Mario – And that has what to do with Chavvy punching her in the face?

    Chavvy herself freely admits that she punched her and would do it again AND that she will teach her children how to 'defend themselves'.

  35. 35

    Re: Swear to ME! – Could be. Dannii's about to pop one out, so Chavvy will be tempted to steal her 5 minutes.

  36. 36

    I don't know who she is or whose country she is the sweetheart of but malaria is rotten. She won't be cured in a week - it doesn't work that way. ONE good thing could come out of this - perhaps she'll make malaria her Cause and call the worlds' attention to all the private citizens who die of it every year. Mosquitoes are the worlds' deadliest animals - they have body counts higher than sharks, grizzly bears, dogs, snakes…you name it. Some of the diseases they carry would make a person wish they only contracted malaria. Be safe guys, use insect repellent. I wish this girl the best.

  37. 37

    Just for your information, Cheryl actually is suffering from maleria from a recent foreign trip. I had little sympathy myself when I heard the "exhaustion" bit, its not like the woman does a manual job, but I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

    Interesting about the "Gayface" remark, Simon Cowell presumably, as my husband reckons he is gay and his gaydar is usually pretty much spot on ;o)

  38. 38

    she suffers from racist chavitis

  39. 39

    so she's got malaria….kinda serious so hopes she gets well soon……..and im guessing gayface is dereck……i totally dont like them together…..seems fake and too soon…….

  40. 40

    maybe she should eat