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David Duchovny Is Still A DILF!

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grpr-mojo0qw70310a_01.jpg grpr-mojo0703e10a_05.jpg

David Duchovny was showing off some pretty amazing DILF abs while riding the waves in Malibu with his son.

We can't believe he's about to turn 50!

We'd still totally hit it!!

[Image via GSI Media.]

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31 comments to “David Duchovny Is Still A DILF!”

  1. 1

    For an older guy he does not look bad at all. I would not mind having abs like him in my late 40's. (Hell I would be happy to have his abs now haha)

  2. 2

    ohh yes! i've always thought that.
    he's been a hunk since the x files.
    who WOULDN'T tap that?

    go tea leoni for getting a fine catch!

  3. 3

    So if we take your meaning on the DILF which of course is similar to MILF you are saying that you would like to F@*k poor David because you would so like to hit it!!!
    You sick freakin perv….but it is quite known about your perversions and life style, can you do us all a favor and wither up and go away

  4. 4

    he just creeps me out abs or no abs

  5. 5

    Mulder has still got it!

  6. 6

    LOL Perez you're a pedo! What about the heart up his son head? Ewwwwwwww PEDO!

  7. 7

    Fattie, do you know that these photos are at least a month old? It seems like you or you stupid sister are too busy to be trolling other sites for the most up-to-date news and photos to steal.
    Yes and David still looks hot. Too bad you will never look like that one single bit. Frankenberry is your best hope.

  8. 8

    Re: Lincoln1 – Seriously dude? No one likes perez..We have established that. The whole "lets diss perez on every post" is start to get really fucking old. You make yourself look like a sad retard quite honestly. You take the time to type a post out to a guy that doesn't even post on the site let alone read comments. By coming to his site, YOU ARE SUPPORTING HIM. By trash talking him YOU ARE SUPPORTING HIM. I don't understand the logic in that at all. You despise this "perverted fatass" and want him to go away. But by you going to his site and commenting on him is just making him richer. So you want someone to go away but yet you continue to support him. Seriously you are dumb as hell. It's kind of ironic really. "Haters" generally are dumber then the person that is getting dissed..Funny

  9. 9

    I LOVE you fox mulder!!!!

  10. 10

    Re: unreal5511 – Unreal, are these photos at least a month old? Is that true?

  11. 11


  12. 12

    Well NookiesWA, I know that Perez, Mario, Douche or whatever anyone calls him is not liked. I submit a comment to solicit the reaction or comments from others who diss on him or agree with his crap, it is a funny socialogical and physiological review of todays commentary toward a site such as this and the utter satisfaction, fake or true that some have in defending their position and or (values??)…as you mention the "lets diss Perez on every post" is a project to solicit that response. Quite amusing to see the defenders and some detractors state their piece. You have done so in your response and in turn stated the obvious of someone who follows the "action" on this site so that you can respond. You did well to a degree but to add the "sad retard, suggest a modicom of support for him, do you really know if I despise him??? or seek reaction toward him, there is actually no support and in know way making him richer…what has he to gain from me or even you?? Then again who is the hater here, dumb as hell and quite ironic huh…see you have answered your own question. Thanks for your input to my thesis. Continue to enjoy the holiday weekend.

  13. 13

    this kids looks absolutely nothing like pics I've seen of his son.

  14. 14

    Gotta love your typical "I'd hit it" as if you were in the position to get picky or discriminative at all.

  15. 15

    who says that getting older is a sign of not getting any? perez, you're not 20 something any more. watch your mouth cause soon every one will be saying "he is pretty awful for 50, no way in hell we'd tap that!"….

  16. 16

    OMG your right!! DILF!! looking great Mulder!! ;)
    hopefully he has recovered for the kids sake, plus i think they make a cute couple :)

  17. Lucas says – reply to this


    Ick - he was/is a sex addict. I wonder what he has hidden in those bits! And would you, P, really like to do him?

  18. 18

    Re: Lincoln1 – Actually, You support him. Web masters get paid per click basically..The more traffic he has coming to his site the more money it makes. Not to mention sponsors for ads. High traffic also makes the price of the site go up. Which means he could sell the domain name for millions. So yes, People coming on here solely to bash him wanting him to fuck off and die is just adding fuel to the fire :)

  19. 19

    love David…he's so sexy!

  20. 20

    and you are a DOUCHE mario

  21. 21

    Wow, he is totally delicious!!! And that son is such a cutie.

  22. 22

    So nice to hear from you again NookiesWA, of course your last tidbit of information is known, was curious if you would respond to mine, well chalk up another cash register ding to the P-Man. Then also do you believe that the world would be a better place if he did just fuck off and die……hhmmm food for thought. It is interesting going to and reading the comments on so many sites out there, unfortunatly in most cases the communication is only through this medium as opposed to face to face talking and expressing your views, in that sense so much has been lost….carry on troopers

  23. 23

    Gross. David D is such a creepy sleaze he would allow anyone to "hit it". He looks like he's dripping with STDs. His poor son having him as a role model. SMH.

  24. 24


  25. 25


  26. 26

    That little boy is so cute…

  27. 27

    FUGLY is all I have to say!

  28. 28

    you're kidding, right? wow…

  29. 29

    Thank you! Thank you! Made my morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. 30

    only if you're into sluts
    wonder what he's been into lately??

  31. 31

    Gotta love your typical "I'd still hit it" as if you were in the position to get picky at all.