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Jon Gosselin Is Writing A Book!

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Although we're not sure what he could possibly have to offer, Jon Gosselin is penning a book.

The tome, which is being written with the help of his life-coach, Sylvia Lafair, will be titled A Slice Of Life: Jon Gosselin’s Story.

Lafair, who takes Jon on soul searching missions into the Pennsylvania mountains for $10,000 a pop, said:

“The book is about having eight kids all at once when he was under the age of 30.

It includes some of the lessons that Jon has been learning with helpful hints on how he is working to reframe his relationship with his family including his two brothers and his mother.

It also explores how the death of his father affected him."

Oh, suck it! Lots of people experience loss and don't come out acting like a GIANT douche!

But Sylvia swears that Jon is working on his rebirth and wants to speak for his generation.

She continued:

“Jon called because his life was not working… I think sometimes people have to get to their worst place to find out what they need in order to climb out of it. This past year has been like that for Jon.”

Watching him is like a vaccination that’s taking effect. I hear it in his voice… He has a more thoughtful way of stopping and asking questions.

He wants to be the most effective father. He wants to find a way to speak for his generation in terms of getting married, divorced and raising kids and finding a better way to live his life."

Lots of luck! But we're still not gonna buy that shiztastic book!

[Image via WENN.]

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29 comments to “Jon Gosselin Is Writing A Book!”

  1. 1

    … but needs to complete elementary school first.

  2. 2

    Holy crap Perez, that UGLY, FAT, PEANUT DICK is not what I wanted to see first thing in the morning!!!! Nice acne dude!!

  3. 3

    They're going to have to make more room in the bargain bin next to yours.

  4. 4

    "Billboard has just proclaimed BIONIC to be the "best mainstream pop album of the year" (GUESS YOU WON'T BE POSTING ON THAT, HUH MARIO!?.. BIASED ASS!)

  5. 5

    NEW YORK (Billboard) - "We may have love affairs with all kinds of gimmicky divas, but it takes Christina Aguilera to remind us that singing really matters. That's not to say the pop star's latest release, "Bionic," is all about her voice, a muscular acrobat that's become more elegant with age. Combine it with the inventive work of a diverse cast of producers and you've got the best mainstream pop album of the year thus far. Sure, "Bionic" was made for a post-Lady Gaga world, where the comparisons are inevitable and the sales stakes are high. But from the fidgety intro of the dub-tastic opening title track (produced by Santigold collaborators John Hill & Switch) to punk-brat driving song "My Girls" (produced by Le Tigre, with a guest rap from Peaches) to Aguilera's gloriously restrained delivery on "All I Need" (Sia Furler co-produced the vocals), the 18-song set shows an artist confident enough to take direct cues from her tuned-in creative team. Because she's bold enough to do it her way, Aguilera maintains her reign."

  6. 6

    Why this douche don't looking for a real job ? I wonder how many stupid people could buy his shit …. only in America !

  7. 7

    in my opinion this idiot just needs to go AWAY he did not give a shit having eight kids when he was under the age of 30 WHEN HE WAS MAKING MONEY OFF OF THEM!! now he's writing a book for what? this moron needs to go away nobody gives a flying f.. on what he has to say.

  8. buck says – reply to this


    nice gay face

  9. 9

    him and hohan should hook up………..

  10. 10

    This poor man put up with - for way too long - a metoric bitch beyond words - sat on her ass, did nothing but scream.
    Look at any pictures of this fame-whore - not a ONE of of her children will ever touch her. Enough said.

  11. 11

    Let the poor man live - did you not see this castrating psycho kate? Kate - NO real man would live withing miles of you. Admit what you are - a narcissist - give the kids to Jon or ANYONE who will actually love them - and then go to hell.

  12. 12

    You guys are like brothers Perez!!! You both have acne ridden faces, his is just spread out more and yours tends to gather closer to where your jaw line should be. Now that he is writing one, you both are going to have "shiztastic" books that no one is going to buy. You are both fat and disgusting. You are both fame whores. Oh and you both have absolutely no talent at all!!! You should hang out or something, maybe do a reality show!! A boring show about to fat, disgusting, small dicked losers that no one likes!!!

  13. 13

    I wish this bloated douchebaggy piece of crap would just go away!!!
    Who the hell would buy anything from this clown???
    Who the hell is paying him to write a book, and publishing it?
    Mr chubby needs to get a real job and support his "8" children!!!!
    He looks like he just ate a few of his kids!!!

  14. 14

    Birds of a feather, marry together….

    If his annoying, stupid but cunning wife did it, why not him? Both ass—— started the TV whatever (never seen it, never will), holding hands going after the same aim: $$$$$$$$$$$

  15. 15

    So you'll promote the heck out of Kate's books even though she knows nothing either. It is still so obvious that you have been paid by the producers of her shows.

  16. 16

    Omg just go the fuck away you slug ! !

  17. 17

    and we give a shit why??

  18. 18

    I will say it again..Perez you are an Ass. He deserves just as much respect as you give that Whore Fame so called Mother of those amazing 8 kids. What does she do…NOTHING.. For crig out load at least he has attempted to stay out of the spotlight all while she is running around gettng Facelift's and Hair extensions, and everything and anything else she wants. Crap she is gettng all new Vacations thanks to her kids again as they once again thrown back into the spotlight.Her doing of course, they are to young to really know what this will cause.Crap the women Praised Jon in both her books as doing more then any Father has ever done. She's Just Plain Nasty..Talk about her crap for once and back off a man trying to live his life without Camera's. Hell he said No to that right from the start.

  19. 19

    ugh i am so sick of this loser. he whines about having eight kids before 30, he didnt seem too sad when they were making money for him and kate!! his book will probably end up in the 99 cent bin pretty fast and maybe he will finally disappear.

  20. 20

    OMG. Who in their right mind would waste any precious time reading that idiot's book?

    I don't get people and why they would find anything about anything this idiot has to say interesting. Those that do need to get a frickin life.

  21. 21

    It's gotta be said, Kate is an overbearing witch!!! I'm so not a Kate Fan. it Seems neither one wants to have an real job anymore
    BUT; Did she walk out on the Kids????? NO
    Does she support the Kids???? YES
    Has she had 3 or more boyfriends since the split? NO

    Douchey Jon…..walk out on the KIDS???? … YES
    Buy a shiny new sports car….YES
    Buy a shiny new condo in NYC too small to hold all his Kids ….YES
    Support the KIDS…. Sometimes….. till the money runs out
    3 or More Girlfriends…..Hell to the YESSSS

    Case rested!!!

  22. 22

    Jon hasn't learned a thing. He's still begging for attention instead of buckling down.

  23. 23

    He can write??

  24. 24

    He could call it..



    the list could go on……

  25. 25

    He wants to speak for his generation?! He can't speak for himself, he is supposed to be a grown man. A life coach?? You mean an undereducated pop therapist who's life ambition is to write a book with a self indulgent loser to make money?? Good God, this man is a complete idiot…instead of a life coach how about child support?? and please stop feeling sorry for yourself Jon. Parents die and people have kids under 30 ALL THE TIME…GROW UP.

  26. 26

    book should be called -"lessons in douchebaggery the jon gross=lin story"

    please don't give this load his own reality show next, i'd hate to land on it while channel surfing and lose my lunch.

  27. 27

    Re: buck – what are you like 5 years old? do you even know what gay face means? gtfo

  28. 28

    This is the height of hilarity. Goseline writing a self help book, "to speak for his generation". I'll be buying this as soon as it hits the bin at the Dollar Store. Please, someone is missing out on a great reality show. Could they stick him in with Jersey Shore, like as a camp counselor, or something?

  29. 29

    What could he possibly have to say now? And who wants to hear it?
    What a cad he turned out to be.
    OMG, what if the girls turn out to be like Kate and the boys turn out to be like Jon?? Now THAT would be a reality show I'd watch.