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Lohan's Tearful Plea To The Judge

| Filed under: Lindsay Lohan

Her tears weren't enough!

Watch Lindsay's award-worthy plea for leniency to the judge in her probation violation hearing on Tuesday.

If we were faced with jail time, we'd cry too. We'd also do EVERYTHING the judge told us to do, which Lohan didn't.

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207 comments to “Lohan's Tearful Plea To The Judge”

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  1. 1

    Nope, baby…not buying it. This has been a long time coming.

  2. 2

    What I hear her saying is that…it was someone else fault that she miss those classes? really? whatever! ejnhoy SUMMMER in JAIL! that will do you good!

  3. 3

    finally…. I hope she has to serve the full 90 days… she needs a major wake up call, hopefully this will be it.

  4. 4

    i swear the judge was praying she wont start laughing

  5. 5

    Wow I actually feel bad for her.

  6. 6

    That's the best acting she's done in a long time.

  7. fiera says – reply to this


    It's about time. She needs to grow up and stop the bullshit already!!!!

  8. 8

    Buahah owned. She deserved it. She continued to chose to do whatever she liked because she is a celeb with a sense of self entitlement and she kept getting bailed out. Not this time. Watch out for the broom stick wielding inmates.

  9. mvdub says – reply to this


    is the video working for everyone ?

  10. 10

    What a terrible lawyer..You can read her body language so easily..She is nervous and scared shitless that her client is about to get thrown in jail..She could barely hold it together.. LOLZLOLZOLZ

  11. 11

    It had to happen sometime. Im just glad i wont have to hear about her for 90 days. she is half of this blog's inventory

  12. 12

    I think she would have been better off just keeping her mouth shut. Everything coming out of her mouth just screwed her worse than she screwed herself before she opened it. Probably anyway. Maybe not, but at least it gave the judge something to comment on. I don't know why she had to insist on speaking, but next time keep your mouth dumb Lohan. Can you imagine the mood in that house tonight?

  13. 13

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha she thinks she still has a career. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  14. 14

    Maybe her mom can send her an ice cream cake, from Carvels

  15. 15

    Re: hedgehoginheat – wow. i'm happy lindsey is off to jail too but you just need to chill the eff out.

  16. 16

    I cant blv this is all thats on the news and internet. God she didnt kill no one. I feel so bad for her and everyone is being negative and judging her ? God damn ppl are fucking sick and have NO lives of their own. Im sick of these ppl attacking this kid!

  17. 17

    career????????????? which career?????? snorting cacoine and getting drunk is a career…probably for Lindsay
    Go to jail!!!! finally no more news about la loca

  18. 18

    I don't think or care either way about Lindsey, but I do think the judge loved the publicity. That being said I don't think Linsdsey should go to jail. Its a waste of tax payer's money. I think she should do community service or something similar to that. She looks scared and that might wake her up and help her, but I would rather use my tax money or other programs.

  19. 19

    Her Agent Orange tanning lotion will go well with her orange jumpsuit

  20. 20

    Oh to see the rest of this… I'd turn off the television to see the entire hearing.

  21. 21

    dont waste your tears, you DESERVE to be there and it doesnt even matter because its highly doubtful you'll serve the whole 90 days.

  22. MeII0 says – reply to this


    Wow, that lawyer is incredible, she made all the unreasonable immature crap lindsay pulled sound trivial, and made lindsay sound like a hard working philanthropist. I'm glad the judge saw through it. Hopefully Lindsay will be sober/healthy enough to have a career when this is over cuz she sure as hell doesn't have a promising one now.

  23. 23

    I'm baking a cake with 90 Vodka mini bottles inside. I miss you already, of course I saw this coming - www.TheTweetMonger.com

  24. 24

    I'm so sick of this bitch's antics. I really hope she serves the 90 days in jail. Hope they dont cut her slack again. I hope this time is for real.

  25. 25

    I do believe her when she says that she did her best. I dont think that she has the capacity to do much better given her array of problems and stupid parents. How horrible to have such personal problems of your youth played out in such a public manner. We all do stupid shit at this age. Anyone else that went through their 20's unscathed I would have to call BS on….Hopefully she gets help and gets away from the Hollywood leeches, which are some of the most backstabbing, despicable people on the planet. She's young and impressionable and clearly doesnt know any better.

  26. 26

    90 days in jail? a little bit harsh on her no? what a bitch of a judge. Hopefully after this experience, she will pick herself back up and be the girl she used to be, a great actress and less into the party scene.

  27. 27


  28. 28

    oh good lord….. boo fucking hoo….. long time coming sweetheart! you reap what you sow. i think those pretty shiny handcuffs will match your alcohol monitoring deivce so lovely!

  29. 29

    Hey hedgehog, we agree with the sentencing but your gay and obama bashing are seriously annoying and out of context. I understand that you are excited and wanking it while you replay this video over and over, but damn!

  30. 30

    Also I think it's really sad that she cant even accept her mistakes and accept she didn't follow the court's order.

  31. 31

    Dammit! I wanted to hear the rest of what the Prosecuting Attorney had to say. That was the best part!

  32. 32

    90 days is not enough. she should have gotten more time. o_O

  33. 33

    Bitch deserves what she's getting. Although, I highly doubt that she will spend much time in jail. I'm so sick of hollywood skanks getting away with this shit!

  34. 34

    Glad Neil Fifer isn't bailing her out of this one!

  35. 35

    Lindsay's lawyer is terrible. Her argument was far reaching and insincere. Playing the, "well, she did good enough" card is not a good idea when the judge already feels disrespected. Regardless, when I saw Lindsay break down in tears in the other video after the sentencing…that was pretty sad to watch and I do feel sorry for her. The people around her have steered her wrong and she is obviously suffering. Nobody wants to go to jail, I'm sure it's terrifying. It's so easy for us to be spectators and take joy from others suffering as if their hurt is our cheap entertainment. This world needs more compassion.

    Also, why did you cut the video off, perez? Her argument seemed interesting. I wanted to hear how she was going to frame it.

  36. 36

    ""If we were faced with jail time, we'd cry too"" Yur times a commin. The Fegs are just gathering evidence. It takes time

  37. 37

    Who know all it would take was being handed down a jail sentence to get the ole girl to finally show some emotion while acting.

    and this year's emmy goes to ……………………..

  38. 38

    I hope she likes chicks licking her. Jail is her time to find out.

  39. 39

    PS: Loslag - you're a skanky, run-down, 55+ looking, trashy, ho.

  40. Catty says – reply to this


    What about rehab instead of jail. She's an ADDICT.

  41. 41

    thats what she gets about btime

  42. 42

    oops meat to say time

  43. 43

    After hearing what the judge had to say. . .she's even a bigger loser then I thought. . .what a sad sad girl!

    Hopefully it gets her thinking like a normal person now!!!

    Ugh! Good for the judge!

  44. 44

    Why would she show up to court looking like she just spent a week in the gutter?

  45. 45

    Finally! That girl needs to grow up and get her act together. I hope jail does that. I do think she needs to be in jail. She has gotten away with too much for too long that any person who is not a celebrity would have faced MAJOR consequences in the beginning.

  46. 46

    she's crying b/c she got caught period. send her to jail who cares its summer she doesn't tan anyway…bu bye hey you are a lezbo anyway right? so have fun

  47. 47

    Call me Lindsay! We need to go out and have some fun before the 20th of July!

  48. 48

    Send her ass to jail, it is only fair!

  49. 49

    That was pure bullshit.

  50. 50

    Re: hedgehoginheat – Is it hard to type with a lit crackpipe? Just asken?!!

  51. 51

    Oh wow she's trying to comply while making a living. Holy shit, well Judge just let her go now. Are they nuts? How many people comply while making a living and not screwing up?? Celebrities are not above the law and I am sick of them getting away with everything they want. There are so many celebrities out there making a living, doing the right thing, living a normal life, and not spending all their time partying and being hounded by the paparazzi. If she's so worried about making a living and having a career she should have put the career first.

  52. 52

    Excuses, Excuses, This girl is still in denial. She needs to go to jail and rehab!

  53. 53

    Cut this girl a break! She deserves special treatment.. Did you watch your other videos? People follow her around with cameras in her face everywhere she goes. People judge and pull apart her every single move. It's no wonder she ended up like she did.

  54. 54

    free lindsay >:O

  55. 55

    I would have been happier to learn that she had just dropped dead, but jail time is good, too. Can't wait to see the new mug shot ha ha.

  56. 56

    BOO HOO BOO HOO… at least we can see she still have acting skills

  57. 57

    She really is a great actress… Hope she finally wakes up and gets her act together. Jail and rehab will do nothing for her unless she owns up to her problems instead of making excuses.

  58. cfunk says – reply to this


    She shouldn't get leniency; when will people realize that the law doesn't recognize ignorance?

  59. 59

    Financially, this is definitely the best thing that could have happened to the Lohan family! You can bet your ASS that mom and dad are on the phone right now with every media outlet in the free world booking paid interviews. And I'm sure Lindsay's lawyer is preparing a gross negligence lawsuit against the rehab program she was attending for "misleading her about attendance requirements". And when Lindsay finishes rehab, there will be interviews, book deals, maybe a movie. The girl is gonna get filthy rich by being a total fuck-up. Go figure….

  60. 60

    Maybe she'll find a GF

  61. 61

    Yesssss! Let's have a good Amreican LYNCHING!!!!!

  62. 62

    Hey! I can't see the video?

  63. 63

    Too little, too late ! Sorry, Hun, but you had your chance(s). Time to pay the piper ! As evinced by the comments on this site, there is very little sympathy for her. She is just too damn arrogant ! She's got what's coming to her !

  64. 64

    UUUUUUUUGG ..Orange jumpsuits,peanut butter sandwiches,nasty sugary orange drinks and lesbian hell for three months…NOT L.A county jails are so jam packed they'll have her out much sooner,unless the judge drags her back like he did with Paris. Poor Lindsay. I'm not perfect so I don't judge. I hope she learns and becomes better.She will!

  65. 65

    P - I hope to see the day you are groveling in front of the judge. "I swear I didn't know what a vajayjay looked like when I posted Miley's photo." You would look swell in an orange jumpsuit.

  66. 66

    I really hope she has to serve the full 90 days because it'll serve as a wake up call, but i doubt she will.
    I bet two days after she "surrenders" the jail i suddenly going to have an "overcrowding" problem and she is going to be let loose.

  67. 67

    What a pathetic, disgusting, druggie liar ! She makes me sick, and you all just keep making excuses for her ! Shut up, and help me get her into the car … C'mon, Hurry !

  68. luvu2 says – reply to this


    She deserved this, especially after that whole incident where she f*cked off and went to Cannes to party right before her court date. I'm really glad the judge was smart enough to see through her BS, hopefully now she can the help she needs.

  69. 69

    That waitress must be crap'n her pants laughing ’bout now !

  70. 70

    Re: Mandy0258 – Um..you do know that this sentencing stems from Lindsay partaking in a high-speed drunken chase down the PCH, right? She could have killed many people, including herself.

  71. 71

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!! Due process, you arrogant bitch. Maybe you should have spent your nights in and out of clubs. This 90 day sentence better stick.

  72. 72

    Again, ya kinda gotta hand it to the crazy father … He was trying to avoid all this by having her go straight to Re-Hab. If only she had followed his advice…Just say'n …..Now, She is gonna be the girlfriend of a 400-lb black girl name Shequilla !

  73. 73

    I feel really sorry for her.
    90 days in jail???? She is not causing any harm to anyone. Why put her in jail?
    For all the ones who are happy with that, it is not a good thing to wish bad things to people. Again, she is not causing any harm to anyone. That's what jail time should be for, for people out there trying to cause harm to another person.
    I feel sorry for her.

  74. 74

    Woah, the prosecution is a complete idiot. "Whatever date"..

    Can't believe that idiot was able to put her away, Lindsay's lawyer was phenomenal.. >_>

  75. 75

    yeah she respects the judge.. enough to turn around and interrupt her own sentencing LMAO

  76. 76

    Re: Buddhababe – Yeeeah. she will learn. Can i have some of that fairy dust your smoking too???

  77. 77

    Lindsay! STOP BLAMING EVERYONE BUT YOURSELF. Have some humility, face the fact that you've f*cked up many many times in your life, face the fact that EVERYONE has to earn a living and we all pay the price for our mistakes. Geez girl, you are not a kid anymore. When are you going to smarten up? Everyone would totally respect you SO MUCH MORE if you owned up to your mistakes in life like a trooper.

  78. 78

    Oh please. Fuck off. What your little slut Paris did was even worse than this and she was in jail for how long?

  79. 79

    Re: hedgehoginheat

    I think you might want to seek out a therapist. You're a real fucking nut job.

  80. 80

    As a parent and a true Southern Belle…what does this bitch think that she is so deserving of special treatment? She has lived a non-deserved life of privilege and it makes me sick that "Hollywood" thinks she is special….come to Mississippi and look at the truly gifted and talented people that have been born here…Faith Hill, Morgan Freeman and too many great authors and composers to mention….Lindsey needs to fade away into whatever rehab will tolerate her…..such a waste and as a good person pray for her that she may one day witness sobriety and separate herself from her crazy parents…

  81. 81

    Her best acting in years. I hope Cannes was worth it. Now let's see if the 90 day sentence ends up being a few minutes like Nicole Richie, et al.

  82. 82

    Re: PisPotPete – Probably not. Too busy being the White Oprah and parenting Ali.

  83. 83

    "I was incompliant"… YES you were, Ms. Lohan. You WERE 'just hanging out', you WEREN'T 'helping children in Morocco'. Your lies are too numerous to mention, and might be a bigger character-flaw than your substance abuse issues. Woman-up to your problems. Your excuses and lies make you look like an idiot, and a despicable 'human being'.

  84. npc25 says – reply to this


    Re: Kyochan28
    or twice as much news

  85. 85

    Re: hedgehoginheat – Re post #14 I don't feel the exact same way you do about Lindsay but keep up the good work on bashing Barry Obama. The guy is a prick and a 1/2. I heard so much bullshit about Bush for 8 years that I love any Barry bashing. Keep bringing the hate and don't listen to morons who can't deal with the fact that they have a racist, Muslim, inept moron for prez. It was very difficult to come to grips with. They are like Lindsay in that sense. They can't handle the truth of the situation. Did you hear that Barry is going to Vegas for some vacation? He can always blame Bush for the economy, oil gusher, two wars, Gitmo, illegal immigration and his shitty golf game later. Priorities first, accountability last!

  86. 86

    I can't feel sorry for Lindsay. She was given so many chances to smarten up but she threw it all away because no one has ever told her no.

    Now she's finally being told no and she can't handle it. She can't take responsibility for anything so maybe this is the wake up call she needs.

  87. 87

    Re: wikkedbunni – Sorry…I don't buy the dysfunctional/bad parenting excuse. I may be an exception but most people I know had dysfunction in their families or have suffered tragedy and overcame the circumstances. Lindsay has been afforded privilege that most of us could only dream of. Blaming mommy and daddy doesn't fly. She is a grown woman who made intentional choices.

  88. 88

    Re: lady_gaga_again – Agreed, Did I say Agreed..

  89. 89

    Um….its not working. just so yall know. I gotta get my celebrity gossip fix for today, and I cant. Please repair asap.

  90. 90

    Can you imagine this scene in JAIL ? She is in the shower, alone, soaping up, when three old big dykes walk in, nude, and start taugnting her ! "Hey Mizz Hollywood, ya got any shit for us?" "C'mon Hon-ey, give up some of your nose treats!" "Shit, Lookat that skinny body !" "Maybe we can find us some in that red bush !". And they all start going down on her. Strangely enough, one of them bears a bit of a resemblance to Sam, so she goes with it….. Jail may not be all that BAD for her…Just say'n !

  91. 91


  92. 92

    Sucks for her and I wish her well but I had a DUI when i was 19 and (stupidly) enough another one when i was 24 and i had to do 90 days in jail. I had a decent lawyer (cost me 8k total) and still had to do the time. Celebs are always getting away with this shit and it's not right. this will probably save her life.

  93. 93

    I hope this changes her for the good! I hope she doesn't get like 2 hours in Jail like other celebrities. She really needs this to change her life. It is sad to see how her life and career have ended up. I hope she learns from this and can get her career back.

  94. 94

    Re: wikkedbunni – Again I agree, Hedghog, has some serious deep seeded issues, that has Zero to do with Miss Lohan… Sad

  95. 95

    FINALLY!!!!! Keep her stupid ass in jail, the bitch has been getting away with everything she needs a wake up call.

  96. 96

    I feel so bad for her. I couldn't watch more than the first 2 minutes. She is like a child coming up with any excuse off the top of her head. If jailtime results in a reality check for her, don't expect it to last long. Paris was a "changed woman" after her stint, but the new Paris only lasted for a few months. Her mindset and psychological reasoning are that of an addict, and for that to change, Lindsey is first going to have to realize that her thinking is skewed. Then she is going to have to work on new internal responses such as taking responsibility instead of placing blame. Her toxic family should not be used as support because they have enabled her bad habits and supported her incorrect thought processes. She should stay as far away from them as possible. I wish the judge would order no contact with that crazy bunch. It is a long road to recovery, and I am not so sure there is a career for her at the other end. Right now she is only on in the media because people like to laugh at her misfortune and problems. If she ever straightens out, there will be nothing to see and her "star" may fall. I wish her all the best of luck. She is going to need it.

  97. 97

    ok here is what's going to happen.
    1.) She'll do her time, how ever long.
    2.) Rehab time, for however long
    3.) She'll get out of jail and Barbara Walters, Opera, Ellen, whoever will be falling all over themselves to get the exclusive with her and she will make some money.
    4.) Book deal & tour about how to get your life together as she will now be a motivational speaker on how to survive Hollywood and kick drugs.
    5.) A year down the road she will get busted and this shit will start all over again.

  98. 98

    Was this before or after she was sentenced???????

  99. 99

    this is insanity shes not a criminal and shouldnt be going to jail i dont care how many stupid meetings she missed shes a lost kid who hung with the wrong crowd got addicted to whatever
    and noone to help her

    this is awful

    they shouldnt lock people who arnt criminals in jail

    there is nothing funny about this the people whos SHOULD BE IN JAIL are the ones who gave her the drugs and alchol in the first place

    i feel so sorry for her i really do

  100. 100

    Awesome! She will have some time to think while in jail!

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