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Kesha Nude Pic Leaked!!!! Covered In Semen!

| Filed under: Oops!Kesha

CLICK HERE to see the picture in question!!!

Real or Photoshopped???

Sure looks real to us!!!!

P.S. The person who leaked it also leaked one of her songs!!!!

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198 comments to “Kesha Nude Pic Leaked!!!! Covered In Semen!”

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  1. 101

    You're kidding me right?….her hands are covering her boobs….Gaga shows more flesh than this even while dressed….. Always picking on the same broads everyday…Kesha, Xtina, JLove, Maniston, ….it's so predictable of you.

  2. 102

    man that brutal

  3. 103

    how attractive.

  4. 104

    That is clearly a sunburn and blisters. I don't see cum.

  5. 105

    It's watery. He must've been busy that day!

  6. 106

    ew tra$hy

  7. 107

    It's sad how people can actually call her an artist.. her music can be replaced. She isn't anyone special, she has no talent like lady gaga or britney spears. She is an attention whore and also… is anyone surpised? She is an unclassy whore. I'm surpised that she doesn't have more of these pictures. She is just defination of white trash and the reason why there is such a thing called abortion. If I birthed her, I would be ashamed.. She is dirty.

  8. 108

    grow up Mario and stop being jealous!

  9. 109

    You are all calling her gross, but I am sure most of you females judging her have done the same things. Its called sex. So what if someone busted on her stomach.. i guess the rest of you just swallow to get rid of the evidence. LOL

  10. 110

    Poor little girl I cant blv all these nude pics of young girls get leaked. ALL girls take nude pics but we judge others when they get leaked? WOW ppl on gossip sites HAVE NO COMPASSION FOR THEMSELVES OR OTHERS!
    Every since I came to this site I been stressed and depressed coz I cant blv the things ppl say..

  11. 111

    ya perez is a fucking pervert and his karma will come I bet he hates himself and is constantly thriving for attention and to be liked

  12. 112

    I wished all girls have natural tits SO MUCH SEXIER these plastic bitches still ugly.

  13. 113


  14. 114

    no surprise…

  15. 115

    it's definitely her!!!!! I googled pics of her and a few pictures have her wearing the exact same bracelets on her right wrist!!!!! I've noticed too that she always wears a black elastic (or pony tail) type bracelet on her right wrist!!!!! It has to be her!!!

  16. 116

    some of these comments are pretty funny, do you people actually think you know her just because you listen to her music or beacuse you can read the internet. If this was your daughter/sister/mother would you be so cruel??

  17. Peeka says – reply to this


    Perez the Scrolling Marquee?—I LOVE IT! this girl irritates me as much as lady gaga!

  18. 118

    Looks real to me!

  19. 119

    Did you ever think that those could be stretch marks? Like really? Grow up Perez.

  20. 120

  21. 121

    Re: letsdancenow – i cant wait for the dirty sanchez pics to "leak"

  22. 122

    it doesn't even look real. wtfffff

  23. 123

    That looks totally photoshopped - like her had on someone elses body.

  24. 124

    this doesn't surprise me. her album is ok though she sucks live, and she's just a whore

  25. ONIT says – reply to this



  26. 126


  27. njr says – reply to this



  28. Rigs says – reply to this



  29. 129

    The photo is quite artistic!

  30. 130

    woah, this definitely isn't photoshopped.

  31. 131

    So what she has sex. Big deal, like you taking a big di*k up your ass is any tamer and less disgusting. You're a sick human being for exploiting this shiz and a woman hater. You're the nastiest to the women on here which just shows how much of a disgusting pig you are. You seem to hate a lot of people. And all you're really doing is giving them more publicity anyway. Sick, nasty human being.

  32. 132

    Geez Mario, by your headline I was expecting some sort of bukaki pic…this was lame.

  33. 133

    Has to be real, as the pic is too grainy to be photoshopped…it was probably from a cell phone… Once again… Leave the private things PRIVATE… no photos, no videos, etc…They ALWAYS come back to haunt you… not that SHE would be embarrassed by this… But, UM, Mario… WHY do you put "NUDE" pic leaked?! She's NOT nude… Way to twist yet another story!!

  34. 134

    No nuuuuuuuuuuuude

  35. 135

    So she likes to fuck….SO WAT

  36. 136

    Yeah, I doubt she'd let someone take a pic of her with cum on her yet be so modest that she'd cover up her tits. I don't think it's real.
    Oh- and if you hate Perez, either for showing it or for what he does, then get off his page for fuck's sake. I'm sure Ryan Seacrest's page misses you.

  37. 137

    Shudder. But who hasnt had cum all over them?

  38. 138

    She looks stoned off her ass. Anyway big deal. We all fuck. Get over it.

  39. 139

    its not nude lol but it seemed staged

  40. 140

    probably released by kesha herself to make herself relevant for another 15 minutes.

  41. 141

    Re: fran123 – LOL

  42. 142

    Kesha its dirty! ;)

  43. 143

    Some girls like a little cum on them nothing wrong with that!!

  44. 144

    I would hardly call that 'covered'.

  45. 145

    she's a very beautiful girl, but that cumshot looks fake.

  46. 146

    a lot of people do it. just she's famous

  47. 147

    Looks real to me.. what is photoshpped? even without the cum shots .. shes still got her boobs covered being provocative, so there is a story in it anyway. more publicity for a girl who clearly, needs to have a damn wash.

  48. 148

    So what - every fucking chick who has ever had sex has had cum blown on her and pretended (or not) to enjoy it.

    Shut the fuck up all you hypocrites out there

  49. 149

    those marks kinda look like the reminents of sun burn peeling

  50. 150

    No. Not covered.

  51. 151


  52. Thaye says – reply to this


    I really don't understand what's the big deal about nude pictures of celebrities on the web. I never did. So long as this pic is actually not fake, I personally believe that she did NOT upload it herself, but that this is a picture taken by an old boyfriend or an affair probably a long time ago, and that guy uploaded it now because he still has a grudge on her for leaving him or something.
    So stop suspecting she released this pic herself. I bet my own life she did not. Plus you really can't tell if this is a fake pic that has been photoshopped. If it's done well, you won't ever notice.

  53. 153

    Oh My God Perez! How COULD YOU!? If this is real, then she allowed herself to have this picture taken of her! You're doing your job and PUBLISHING it! God, Pig…

    Haha, nah man. Good time. To all of these people that're bashing you, why are they even here? Keep it up.

  54. 154

    It's not working…

  55. 155

    does anyone else than me think that perez and all the little freaks that write shitty stuff about this, are virgins? Anyone who has have sex knows most guys like to do this, and sometimes you are just nice enough to let them. no big deal if you've ever had sex……………………………….

  56. 156

    The link isn't working :(

  57. 157

    love it! and also love the people leaving negative comments about perez, you're on his website, you already loose idiots.

  58. 158

    why can't i see the picture?!

  59. 159

    i cant see anything just a blue square?

  60. 160

    the link isnt working for me…..

    I want to die laughing after looking at it.

  61. 161

    I'm just getting a blue square too.

  62. 162

    blue square, sigh.

  63. 163

    it wont open for me

  64. 164

    hmm not Good.

  65. 165

    jewish people belive sex is a mitzva(good deed)….? I believe it's Sacred and Holy, sure feels like it anyway….

  66. 166

    and that it's restricted to the Sanctity of marriage 'cuz it's too awesome any other way….

  67. 167

    Don't be a dummy, cum on her tummy :').
    Anyways, this isn't a big deal. Her songs clearly state that she likes to party, have fun, get wasted, and fuck. "I wanna be naked, but you're wasted."
    People saying that their shocked by this, or that she's trash clearly are idiots. She just knows how to have fun, and live it up. Half of you on here have done so much worse than this, and you have the nerve to be judgemental? All of you hating are being such hypocrites. For one, you don't know if that's even really cum, and secondly, she's not showing anything so calm your tits, because she's covering her's. Ke$ha is amazing, and you're not so btfo.

  68. 168

    If the pic is no longer there than take down the damn post!

  69. 169

    the whole idea that makes kesha kesha is that shes doing what she wants and could give a s@#$ less if its drinking and having sex.

    btw, no ones going to arrest perez, or he'd blog about the LAPD. : )

    i think its his job to let us know what celebs are getting jizzed on.
    thanks perez!

  70. 170

    Lolz, it's really funny to me how people think so badly of Perez… It's just gossip. Gosh. The shit gets leaked either way.
    And, to the picture, of COURSE she's naked with cum all over her!

  71. 171

    Wow…hate to tell you, but this is not naked. She is less exposed than she would be in a bikini. The "semen" seems to be skin discoloration…maybe she was peeling from a sunburn, or got a blotchy self tanner.

  72. 172

    I don't get it… why are people on here bashing perez? You know you looked at the picture. Do you have nothing better to do than come on here and say how much you think he's disgusting for posting something like this? Obviously you care about him enough to take time out of your day to talk shit about him. You must be just as curious as the rest of us!

  73. 173

    again with the HUGE fail perez…. this doesnt even look remotely like her . can`t wait to see the "photoshopped" picks of you getting your ass tore up… now there`s something I would believe!

  74. 174

    Next time he should go for the face

  75. 175


  76. 176

    lmao… ewwwwww!

  77. 177

    I like Kesha, She Isn't the first celeb. to do this and wont be the last. atleast it was a photo and not a movie!!!

  78. 178

    i love kesha but i mean we all know how she is and this picture is most likely real i love her but she can be trashy.

  79. 179

    im laughing pictureing if this was miley cyrus everyone would be like SLUTT

  80. 180

    omg a cumshot? wow she's special no other girl has done that before.

  81. 181

    God she is so un-sexy and RANK it hurts my eyes, VOMIT!!! Man, who in their right mind thinks "let me get my camera out" she looks cracked out of her mind. I hate Mario just like most of the world but LOL at people bashing him for a photo that went Viral before he even posted it. Having said that, the moneyhungry and/or jealous ex who's leaking these (and there's more to come, or should I say cum) is a dbag for doing this. That is if she even cares. Sooo trashy.

  82. 182

    she is such a skank! 1 she cant sing, 2 she takes a piss in sinks at nightclubs :/ and now this, she really does need a wash the putrid skank-whore!

  83. 183

    eeeew shes fat!

  84. 184

    I like Kesha but the thing is that she isnt the first celeb to do this and sh ewont be the last. atleast it was a photo and not a movie like some celelbs do, and she wasnt even naked. so personally its not a big deal like everyone is making it seem like.

  85. 185


  86. 186

    who gives a crap?? its not as if shes a disney queen or a pop princess who can sing. she just moans / talks her way through rubbish talks. You know what they say, "no publicity is bad publicity"

  87. lolli says – reply to this


    i honestly dont care. its just semen, when you have sex things can get leaky, that is if your having sex PEREZ, lol whatever

  88. 188

    Trust me when I say this isn't the first time the bukkake lovin' ho has been covered with cum. I Was actually surprised to he just how little was on her in that photo compared to other times…

  89. 189

    You are a venemous little troll hilton, i hope someone a bit harder than Will.I.Am gives you a slap next time.

  90. 190

    erm, that looks nothing like Ke$ha. That girl is too fat to be her.
    and that "cum" is so photoshopped.

    and it's not even nude, shes covering her tits.
    if thats the case perez, Lady Gaga has "nude"
    photos, ass kisser.

  91. 191

    Oh my godddd.
    she is like a perfect example of white trash.
    "ten years britney spears, britney who?"
    At least there isn't a leaked pic of our beloved brit brit with a cum covered belly!!!
    Lay off the crack pipe kesha!!!
    She can't sing!

  92. 192

    Perez's living is reporting gossip. Hop off his dick, he's doing his job. And accept the fact that your little Kesha is a cumdumpster, whether the jizz in the photo is fake or not. He's not sick for posting the pic on his GOSSIP site. She's sick for being a disgrace.

    Furthermore, why are you guys lurking on this site if you weren't searching for shit like this to begin with? :)

  93. 193

    Oh my fucking God. It's already been proved that this is not her. :| It's some wanna be look alike trying to put a bad image for her. Sure, she's a party girl but not like Lohan or Hilton. Google this shit, almost every site but this tells and show proof that this IS NOT KESHA.

  94. 194

    Also, if it was her it's not that bad. I'm sure MOST OF YOU have had sex, or taken nudes. Most celebs have done worse. If she wasn't famous people would look at this and say "Oh another girl taking another nude." Like people have already commented, stars like Gaga show more in their videos.

    That's IF this was Kesha. This girl looks similar but not like Kesha enough to pass. She's also a lot bigger.

  95. 195

    I like Kesha. I like her music. her style is what it is. if these pics are real, i'm sure she didn't think they would ever get out. ive made stupid mistakes that have come back to haunt me. if its not real, who cares. perez; it sucks to see the things people write about you on your own site. why would people w/ so much hate even be members here? i don't get it. if these idiots ever get you down, just know you got one hot new mom in NC that love, love, loves you! : )

  96. 196

    it looks hella real just another addition to her shit career

  97. 197

    Re: Mandy0258 – woah! ALL GIRLS TAKE NUDE PICS?? what world are you living in speak for yourself! im gonna keep my innocence i dont do such things and im not gonna!!

  98. jax10 says – reply to this


    Photoshopped or not, let's all just be thankful that the cum is on the outside and not the inside. We really don't need her breeding, now, do we?

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