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Lindsay Tells The Judge What She Really Thinks!

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c102667791.jpg b102667791.jpg

Did she think that was appropriate???

While in court on Tuesday, soon-to-be jailbird Lohan had a rude and profane message painted onto her middle finger the whole time.

As her nail said, she was giving everyone a big "Fuck You"!

Well, unfortunately for her, the one who got fucked was Lindsay Lohan, sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days at in-patient drug rehab.

No airbrushing of the nails in jail. No fake tanning. Just lots of time to come off prescription pills, stay away from hardcore drugs and alcohol, and time to really THINK about her life.

[Photo by avid McNew/Getty Images.]

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178 comments to “Lindsay Tells The Judge What She Really Thinks!”

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  1. 101

    #55 is pathetic. Get over yourself.

  2. 102

    If you believe she had that imprinted on her nails, you are a real moron. Shame on you Perez for doctoring up that photo… You are a real douche….

    This site is a fucking joke now and you retards that inspire to suck Mario's dick should get an education and/or half a brain. You should all feel like morons when you visit this site. Somehow I do and therfor, I am outta here.. t m z . com if you want real reporting. You can come here for unconfirmed bullshit stories if you want… The thing is.. most people feel the same way I do but the few who don't can sit and judge, believe all Mario's garbage… A bunch of lemmings… go fall off a cliff.

  3. 103

    That f u is probably for the paps not the judge.

  4. 104

    Photoshop. But even if it wasn't, why does everyone assume it was directed at the judge? I've seen people walking around in public with the same thing on their Tshirts, and no one takes that personally. If anything it would have been directed at the paps and the haters, and I wouldn't blame her for that. Mario just likes to stir shit up from the bottom, and since there is no shit, he makes things up to get the haters all riled. He knows how to create a commotion to get people to start throwing stones.

  5. 105


    Jail's gonna be the best chance of drying out she's ever gonna get.

  6. 106

    I can't beleive most of you think this is a real picture. Mario could feed you rat poison and you'd eat it… wow, I didn't realize there were so many ignorant fucks in this world… and Mario/Perez has you hypnotized… He is your leader.. follow him…. Take a look at your leader everytime you come to this site…. morons…

  7. 107

    i guess in her mind shes sitting pointing that at the said reciever and not thinking shes going to get jail time but again laugh it off

    not this time

    even thou i think its harsh way too harsh

    and this 'working with children” waz that the indian kid saving scam she pulled

  8. 108

    Its good that shes going to jail and rehab she needs it. if its real the immature nail message is just showing lindsays "entitlted im better than everyone else I deserve more " attitude which hollywood has a habit of influencing the way it fakely sucks up to celebs asses encouraging them to feel this way.

  9. 109

    definitely NOT a photoshop if getty images are to be trusted. i went to the library @ getty and there are multiple shots of the fingernails with the writing on it. im proud of you perez, this is a great scoop.

  10. 110

    Uh, IDK about that. BUT her nails are cute! LOL.

  11. 111

    Please don't post the video today of you removing your shirt. No one wants to see your flabby, pasty pancake nipples. You're the only one who thinks you look hot. You really are an ugly, ugly pedophile.

  12. 112

    Lindsay does need to be in jail. She has messed up time after time, and maybe this is exactly what she needs to finally wake up. Sad thing is, she won't serve anywhere near that amount of time. Khole Kardashian was out in hours and Paris Hilton got out days early too. Then it'll probably be off to a super swank rehab facility for her. All that said, I'm hoping she gets it together. We're the same age, and once upon a time I loved her as an actress and a person.

  13. 113

    You know she's 23 and this is what happens in the reall world. She's only going to do 25% of the time because of overcrowding. I mean she's only relevant because we make her relevant. It's not like she ACTUALLY does anything besides cover up the SCRAM bracelet. Way to go judge!

  14. 114

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver
    i'm as surprised as you, could it be eldridge ????
    our beloved former fat boy actually made a scoop ????
    i mean, he didn't "copy an paste" this one ?????
    OH MY GOD!
    miracles DO exist…
    how did he managed to find those wise words on lindsay's nails ????
    i really hope that this girl put herself together, she was very nice when she was a red hair, my mamma always say this to me, that we can only be ourselves, with our natural hair color(makes sense if you think about it, if you change the way you look, is because you problably don't like the way you act, as well, so, in order to change as a person, you need to change the shell…)
    let's pray that the judge skips this little detail….

  15. 115

    LMFAO @ Saf.

  16. 116

    She thinks she is too cool but she will get hers! Karma is a BITCH!

  17. 117


  18. 118

    I think this blog is too hard on this girl, Jesus, how do you expect her to better herself with so much hate and negativity towards her?

  19. 119

    Re: You Know Like TotallyYou are fucking kidding me, right? She KNEW she was going to court for a very SERIOUS court date.. if someone showed up at court in a "fuck you" t-shirt I highly doubt the judge would take them very seriously. Whether this was directed at Judge Revel or not, the fact still remains that it would have taken her about two seconds to repaint her nails, atleast paint over that one, or take off her damn nail polish. At the very least, knowing that it was there, she could have kept that fucking hand down where it wasn't visible or used the other one. This just further shows what a fucking moron she is and how NOT seriously she was taking this entire thing.. I know if I was trying to be serious about my court date I certainly would have remembered to cover that up just incase, why take a risk of someone taking it the wrong way and looking foolish because I couldn't paint the fuck over it or get my nails redone with something a little more professional before hand. It's not like it's hard to notice, if Perez wouldn't have pointed it out someone else would have.

  20. 120

    I feel bad for her.

  21. 121

    Like there needed to be more proof that her "apology" was a load of shit

  22. 122

    The sad thing is she'll still do drugs in jail , and if you think she can't find drugs there you are wrong.

  23. 123

    So, this means we won't have to hear about or see this twit for 6 months - YEAH!!!! Hopefully she will be forgotten in that time!

  24. 124

    oh x( i love u lindsay

  25. 125

    i love u lindsay

  26. 126

    damn i feel bad for her. but then again maybe she'll get the help she needs and come out a changed person.

  27. 127

    what a dumb entitled biatch.
    I wish she was actually doing 90 days, but in LA County that means maximum 45 days, probably less for her kind of case. She'll be out in a month.
    The rehab is what will do her good though. She needs a giant steaming scoop of reality. I loved her sob of "Are you serious???" - yes, Lindsay, court is serious. Probation is serious. A DUI is serious.
    Glad you're finally catching on.

  28. JET says – reply to this


    Would someone PLEASE make sure that the Judge sees this.
    Contempt of Court charges need to ADDED to Lohan's 90 day sentence. Perhaps another 180 days?
    Surely this should GUARANTEE that Lohan serves the ENTIRE 90 days and does NOT get released early.

  29. JET says – reply to this


    Re: Nonbreeder – It's scary that there are so many idiots walking around like you. What #55 said is right on the mark. YOU are delusional.

  30. 130

    She's an asshole.

  31. 131

    I figured the F U on her middle finger was more for the Press, but with an irrational woman in denial that she is an addict it could very well be directed towards the Judge. It is actually fortunate that the judge was tough with the sentencing. This woman needs to be accountable. Plus most only serve 25% of the judgment. Also that lame excuse that someone stole her passport in Cannes was a red flag. She never should have gone if she was serious. Nicole Richie still hasn't fulfilled her driving course and her parole was extended a year. These celebs need a wake up call. It does seem they have one thing in common. They along with Brittney Spears all seemed to fall when they started hanging out with Paris Hilton. Yes Nicole has known Paris since childhood, but as a friend you help your friends and don't enable them. Paris just go off in South Africa at the World Cup for marijuana possession that supposedly wasn't hers….uh huh.

  32. 132

    Maybe she can get some common sense in jail. What an idiot….

  33. 133

    Because of this VULGAR display of dis-respect, the Judge should slap on another 10 days to her jail time. How stupid ! And, Shame on her lawyer for allowing this (if she was aware of it). Just goes to show you, she got what she deserved ! This girl truly is Long Island White Trash …..

  34. 134

    Does she really expect to have a serious acting career after all this is over?

  35. 135

    Re: Duke of Cornhole – Her first crap in jail with an audience…WHAT a thought! Funny, tho', 'cos now she gets paid for doing it in front of FAT GUYS from the Valley….Helps pay for her Happy Powder !

  36. 136

    WHERE are all her HollyWood Celebrity friends…you know, the ones who do drugs with her … ? C'mon, Gerard, Adam, Brody, and gang…step up to the plate and offer your support. You had no problem doing lines with her a few weeks ago….Path-e-tic ! They all go mrunning because they don't want to tain their own reps. At least she will see who her true friends are !

  37. 137

    Does anyone think she'll really spend 90 days in jail? I doubt it. She'll probably spend a couple of weeks and then they'll let her out because of "over crowding". She'll have learned nothing. Then they'll send her to yet another rehabilitation center. One where she can play and have fun. You know, the kind that's more of a spa for the rich and famous rather than a real friggin rehabilitation center. I say she'll be out at the clubs drinking and passing out within 6 months!!!!

  38. 138

    Re: JET – hah, you wish. talk about delusional. no nonviolent offender serves a full sentence in LA unless they have extremely bad behavior. And I doubt an immature nail job counts.
    A low security inmate only has to serve 25% of sentence before being eligible for release because of overcrowding. No way is she going to serve 3 months. No way in hell.

  39. 139

    Re: KalexiS – Are you serious? She's the one who has put her shit out in public for the world to see for years. She didn't have to act like a spoiled party girl in front of all those cameras. She brought this on herself. She's not a child. she's an adult. Time for her to grow up. I don't feel sorry for her one little bit.

  40. 140

    I think it's hilarious! Too bad you can't get 90 days for your fashion…

  41. 141

    This girl, because of her money and celebrity, had a chance to avoid this WHOLE situation…but no. She had to keep on going on like some ignorant bitch. Who the fuck does she think she is?!?! Obviously, with those nails, she thinks way too highly of herself. Lilo, GOOD RIDDANCE and I hope this gives you what you need to get your shit in line!!!!!!!

  42. 142

    That is a fantastic manicure. Perfectly appropriate to direct towards vultures like you.

  43. 143

    Re: unintendedmuse

  44. 144

    Why is she wearing an eternity band? who wears a marriage band unless they are engaged? She should go to jail! Wake her up a bit!

  45. 145

    her nails are cute! not court appropriate but still cute!

  46. 146

    Re: Be-Atch – I agree! Were are her regular everyday hanger ons? Pathetic this chick has no real friends! She can not trust anyone, and Im sure when she gets out she still wont learn her lesson and hang with the same group of shitbags!

  47. 147

  48. 148

    You know I was never Miss Perfect in my life, but I didn't make so many excuses either. For all the people who feel so sorry for her I have to agree her tears were hard to see, but I have to say the whole thing was a bit sad, but I am so sick of hearing her excuses. If she would have just gotten away with everything it wouldn't have been all that fair either. Not only that, but she probably won't get the full 90 days, and I think Keifer Sutherland actually got the full 45 days and I don't believe he cried. I am pretty sure if I had cameras on me I wouldn't have cried. You would think she would have controlled herself, but I guess she didn't expect this to happen.

  49. 149

    washed up white trash just like her mother. I bet she's too stupid to learn anything in jail that is if she even gets there. let's see - what will her excuse be this time. she was traveling in Australia and a koala stole her passport out of her beer cooler so she couldn't get on the plane

  50. 150

    I despise this disgusting piece of trash. I hope she stays in jail the entire 90 days. She still has to go to court to answer for her absenses from her previous court dates while she was off partying in Cannes with her whore sister. She will get even MORE time to spend in jail. Then come the personal lawsuits against her broke ass. She ought to OD and spare us all the worthless drama. Ugly, duck-lipped cun*t.

  51. 151

    Photoshopped or not I would had given that nasty judge the same message, lol… Is one thing to be though with criminals and apply the law in the correct way, another is to be a hateful, holier than thou crica like her. Same goes for that self righteous prosecutor. One day they will die and will have to face their judge too, and they will be crying too.

  52. 152

    Re: suckshitpig – Since I know you're blowingh smoke and will be back to this site just let me say that Perez isn't the one making this up. It's in every MAJOR news organization. ABC.com, CNN, AP, Reuters etc.

  53. 153

    Re: bryanlizza – God you're an idiot.

  54. 154

    Re: Nonbreeder – You need to get over yourself. What #55 said was spot on. Obviously you have personal issues with this person.

  55. 155

    Hah, wow. She really is an unbelievable little brat. I can't believe I felt sorry for her.

  56. 156

    How original.

  57. 157


  58. 158

    That says it all!

  59. 159

    They are saving a cell for you, too Perez. You are a serious douchebag.

  60. 160

    Good god, she is 24, not 16 years old.

  61. 161

    She's going to jail??? FINALLY!!!!

  62. 162

    Zero class as a person. Of course we already knew that. I can't see anyone having any sumpathy for her. She should get lost.

  63. 163

    well I am guessing she will get a whole 72 hours to contemplate and detox before LA county turfs her. I think whatever time she Doesn't serve in Jail should be added on to her time in Rehab.

  64. 164

    Re: Batgirlbeyond – Well I'm far from being fat, but I do have some overweight friends who are very nice. You know though, I'm going to try a hand at being judgemental. I am much better than you because you are unattractive and poor! You probably need plastic surgery and you probably look very old for your age. You probably live in an apartment and do not come from wealth. So hey that makes me better than you!! :D You're right, it does feel good to be judgmental you dumb fuck!

  65. 165

    Is she serious? Who goes to court with that on their finger???

  66. 166

    I have to say I think it is completely stupid when any girl, woman ,whatever wears a ring on her wedding/engagment finger if you are not engaged or married!!!!.How dumb I hope this fad fades away! And thank god someone is finally giving this dumb chick a wake up call!!

  67. 167

    That has to be photoshopped seeing as Perez replaced the Fuck U with I Love Perez!

  68. 168

    wow - writing "fuck u" on her fingernail before going to court. how mature. how old is she again? I hope she gets another 90 days in the slammer for such disrespect

  69. luvu2 says – reply to this


    very nice…….maybe I'm alone here, but I don't feel sure if this was specifically meant to be a message to the judge or not(it's possible she got her nails done and thought it looked cool).Either way it's just another example of her exercising very very poor judgement.

  70. 170

    Re: saff – Some of you are amazing. Like they would EVER put someone like Lidsay in general population. She will be in ISOLATION just like Paris Hilton and just like Lidsay before. They would NEVER risk the safety of these celebrities! Maybe in your dreams but, not in reality.
    She will sit in a cell with a tv, books, paper and something to write with and given probably better treatment by the guards. Yes, it's jail time but, it's not the same jail time you or I would be doing. Oh, and trust me….she will be taking PRIVATE showes after the general population are done and locked up before letting her. Geez, have ya been living under a rock?

  71. 171

    This just shows how much of a brat she really is.

  72. 172

    no, fuck you you ignorant asshole. i hope you lose everything

  73. 173

    immature. nice nails though

  74. Nailz says – reply to this


    Omg she got that done at The Painted Nail, they have machines there that print whatever u want on your nails. I saw Vanessa Hudgens there and I saw Haley Duff and her hot bf Nick zano there too. You can print photos on your nails and any image, I think it's in Studio City and u get free drinks with ur service that's prob why Lindsay went there and probably got it done for free!!! Hah

  75. 175

    dont like her…but those r sweet nails

  76. 176

    The more I think about it….it's not just an F U to the Judge/court. It's basically saying F U to the world. She just said F U to you and to me! Now, I'm effing pissed. You know what Lindsay…F U TOO!! Have fun in jail!

  77. 177

    She deserves to go to jail. There are people all over the world who would kill to be in the position she is - the money, position and fame. But here she is fucking it up and throwing all that she has away. I am sorry but the law is the law, no matter if your Miss Lindsay Lohan are the Dalai Lama.

  78. 178

    Chop that distal phalange off. Like she needs it.

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