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Miley Cheating On Liam?!

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Looky who we have here!

Miley Cyrus is sure looking pretty cozy next to a guy that's not her boyfriend.

It's not that he's not cute, but - come on, girl!

You can be tamed if you try!

Update: There is some doubt as to whether or not the girl in that photo is Miley.

What do U think???


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448 comments to “Miley Cheating On Liam?!”

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  1. 1

    i dont think even miley would be that stupid if she really was cheating.
    so she cant even take a pic with a friend?
    lay off the girl.

  2. 2

    That's doesn't look like Miley at all….

  3. 3

    that is not Miley Cyrus

  4. 4

    Sorry but that is sooo not Miley Cyrus. Miley has a really "gummy" grin and this chick doesn't. U don't seriously think that's her, do you Perez?

  5. 5

    that does not look like Miley

  6. 6

    thats not miley dumbass , lmao. she looks waaaayyyy different than miley

  7. 7

    That doesnt even look like her you fuckin idiot

  8. Rkhan says – reply to this



  9. 9

    They got close for a picture…doesnt mean shes cheating on her boyfriend…

  10. 10

    …that's not Miley.
    Notice the lack of tattoo? Step it upppp Perez!

  11. 11

    That doesn't really look like her…

  12. 12

    Sorry dude, but check your sources next time: This is not Miley. First off, she has no "just breathe" tattoo under her breast, and second, THATS NOT HER FACE!! DOUCHE

  13. 13

    Dude, thats not even Miley..

  14. 14

    that isn't miley..

  15. 15

    yeah and that clearly is not miley cyrus bahaha

  16. 16

    that doesn;t even look like miley a slight bit!!! that girl is prettier :)

  17. 17

    that doesn't even look like her… =\

  18. 18

    i don't think that her!!

  19. 19

    that does not look like miley… ???

  20. 20

    that doesnt even look like miley…

  21. 21

    that doesn't even look like her

  22. 22

    That's not Miley-Perez would never put this up if he was still running this site.

  23. 23

    that's so obviously not Miley.

  24. karid says – reply to this


    hey douchebag this isnt even miley dumbass

  25. 25

    That is NOT Miley.. This is too stupid!!!!

  26. 26

    That is soooo NOT Miley Cyrus!!!

  27. 27

    its obviously not even miley …

  28. 28

    Is that Miley? It looks nothing like her.

  29. 29

    That's Not Miley You Dumb Piece Of Shit!!!!!

  30. 30

    you are an idiot. that is not miley.

  31. 31

    Um hello, Liam was there. That's clearly the bathing suit she was spotted buying at Wal-Mart WITH Liam. Fail.

  32. 32

    That's not her…

  33. lb90x says – reply to this


    Perez *sigh* its not miley . . .

  34. 34

    this is in no way Miley Cyrus.

  35. 35

    What the hell, that's not Miley -_-

  36. 36

    That is so not miley cyrus

  37. 37

    don't think it looks like miley… where's the titty tat?

  38. 38

    Im not surprised, shes a hoe. I bet she'll be like "he's my friend!" um…no. if you have a boyfriend you should cuddle up with guys. i hope he leaves her

  39. 39

    Are you sure that's her? Doesn't look like her rabbit teeth.

  40. 40

    Doesn't look like her.

  41. 41

    that is not miley cyrus!

  42. 42

    oh no she sat next to a guy! OMG SHE MUST BE CHEATING

    GOD you're lame sometimes perez

  43. 43

    That's not Miley? WOW Perez

  44. 44

    perez, you dumb bitch that doesnt even look miley

  45. 45

    that is noticably not her

  46. 46

    thats not miley it doesnt even look like her

  47. 47

    1) date of this pic?
    2) is this even Miley???

  48. 48

    i made this account to say that that is DEFINITELY NOT Miley Cyrus. this just proves how ridiculous your hate on her is.

  49. 49

    thats not even her, you retard!

  50. 50

    that does not even look like miley in the slightest

  51. 51

    she's just sitting next to him, get over it.

  52. 52

    not even her…

  53. 53

    what fucking random is that because it isn't miley cyrus…no horse teeth…you're really slipping perez

  54. 54

    it doesn't look like her

  55. 55

    that doesn't even look like her.

  56. 56

    Oh no, stop the presses. She happens to have friends who are male. Another non-news story. Is Teddy jealous because you're not throwing him the bone every night? Fuck yourself.

  57. barb says – reply to this


    thats not miley you k***** ass

  58. 58

    thats not miley cyrus
    if it really is….then damn make up does wonders

  59. 59

    its def not her..this girl's teeth are not messed up

  60. 60

    thats not miley.

  61. 61

    nope. Sorry Perez.. not her frumpy ass.

  62. 62

    Yeah pretty sure that's not even her

  63. 63

    what the hell perez, that isnt even her.
    that girl is fatter and isnt miley like blonde?

  64. 64

    Okay honestly. this is CLEARLY not miley. like is looks nothing like her.

  65. 65

    doesnt look like miley at all

  66. 66

    That looks nothing like her!

  67. user says – reply to this


    thats not miley…and wince when is sitting next to another boy cheating?!!?? i guess everybody cheats every damn day. stop spreading lies, spread love.

  68. 68

    i don't think it's miley.

  69. 69

    definitely NOT miley. nice try though.

  70. 70

    thats not even miley cyrus!

  71. 71

    that doesn't even look like Miley! Whoever you bought this/stole this photo from lied!

  72. 72

    dont look like miley to me :/

  73. 73

    that's not miley.

  74. 74

    ohhh gosh it's obviusly NOT MILEY!

  75. 75

    This isn't even Miley Cyrus dumbass!!!!

  76. 76

    that's not her - hello!

  77. 77

    that doesnt look like miley….

  78. 78

    It doesn't even look like Miley Cyrus. And if it is Miley, she's said in many interview's that she has a gay best friend. I don't know if this is him though.

  79. 79

    ummm that does not look like miley at all.

  80. 80

    Perez- c'mon! Who posted this because I know you know this is NOT Miley. The girl in the picture is way more attractive than Slutty Cyrus……

  81. 81

    that doesnt even look like her.

  82. 82

    Wow, it is becoming painfully obvious that Perez has someone doing his sight for him now. The comments have been heinous lately, and in the past Perez would always bring up the fact that the person in a given photo did not look like the real celeb. P! Hire someone better please! F*ck!

  83. 83

    this looks nothing like MileyBird - this chick is too chubby and doesn't have that toothy grin.

  84. 84

    that's not even miley..

  85. 85

    that doesn't look like miley at all..

  86. 86

    PEREZ! This is one of my best friends! It's not Miley!!!!!

  87. 87

    Thats not MIley Cyrus you idiot. LOL,

  88. 88

    That is NOT Miley….really slacking on your reporting! Do you even look at what goes up? Can tell by the teeth..smile etc..dumbass

  89. liisu says – reply to this


    Miley's smile is waaaaay more messed up than this girls. It's not her perez! woooops. Looks like someone fucked up with that one :D

  90. 90

    its not her she doesnt even have the breath tattoo on her ribs!!!

  91. 91

    This is not Miley, it looks more like her sister Brandi.

  92. 92

    I don't think that is Miley. Wrong smile, wrong hair, wrong body and wtf with the grandma bikini?

  93. 93

    is that even miley?? looks nothing like her!

  94. twdle says – reply to this


    I agree - that is NOT Miley but Perez is a Stupid Shit

  95. 95

    It is not Miley!

  96. 96

    I don't think that is Miley.

  97. 97

    Uh.. That's so NOT Miley!

  98. 98

    Thats not even Miley!

  99. 99

    Definitely not Miley….lawlz.

  100. 100

    That's not even Miley Cyrus you dumb fuck.

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