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Miley Cheating On Liam?!

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Looky who we have here!

Miley Cyrus is sure looking pretty cozy next to a guy that's not her boyfriend.

It's not that he's not cute, but - come on, girl!

You can be tamed if you try!

Update: There is some doubt as to whether or not the girl in that photo is Miley.

What do U think???


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448 comments to “Miley Cheating On Liam?!”

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  1. 201

    Thats not her clown dick.

  2. 202

    thats definitely not miley

  3. 203

    wow ! thats not even miley.

  4. 204

    That´s not even Miley!!!

  5. 205

    that doesn't even look like her…

  6. nina1 says – reply to this


    that's not miley! if it was where's the tattoo??

  7. 207

    dude that is clearly not miley cyrus.

  8. 208

    thats not her. the smile isnt crooked.

  9. 209

    is that even her?

  10. 210

    i dont no where you get your information from but thats not miley mate..

  11. 211

    lol This is the Number One Reason why everyone should stop listening to Perez! He and his people are IDIOTS!!!

  12. 212

    Re: Tanaya – Actually its her mothers bikini…

  13. 213

    not miley

  14. 214


    Wishful thinking, moron. If Miley and Liam ever break up..you still don't get him. Or Rob Pattinson or Zac Efron so give up that dream.

  15. ass says – reply to this


    First, it doesn't even look like her, and second, she's been in TONS of pics close to guys, it doesn't mean she's cheating. Quit making up bullshit headlines in order to get more hits you asshole.

  16. 216

    Ummm…that's not Miley. C'mon now. This is your job, you should know who's who and who's not. Donald Trump would fire you.

  17. 217

    ummmm that for sure doesn't even look like miley. . . her hair is a lot lighter now. . .

  18. 218

    ok seriously that girl one dosent have a tatto on her rib cage like miley does and second she has different teeth and hair wow how stupid can perez be to think that thats miley.

  19. 219

    Re: nina1 – exactly what i said!!!!

  20. 220

    WTF thats not Miley…hahahha.
    and they dont look thaaaat cozy. wow this is an epic fail

  21. 221

    Okay so I knew you were an idiot, but I didn't know you were blind too!

    That is clearly not Miley!!

  22. 222

    That is not Miley. I'm not even a fan and I can tell its not her. Are you embarrassed yet? Cause you really should be.

  23. 223

    that's definitely not miley. her smile is so ridiculous i would know it anywhere. that girl's is just too normal

  24. 224

    wow perez's lambs. that is not miley. nice photo checking, morons. how this could be messed up is beyond me. this girl doesn't even look remotely like miley.

  25. 225

    This is my friend!!! not miley :) cool that shes on here though

  26. 226

    I agree with everyone else - that's not gummy smile miley!

  27. 227

    that dose not even look like miley Cyrus at all :/

  28. 228

    That girl's teeth are much too nice to be Miley Cyrus'. Epic pic fail.

  29. 229

    uhm..are you stupid..or are you stupid? you can clearly fucking see that that isn't even Miley Cyrus. Douchebag. If your gonna gossip about her..at least talk about the right girl.

  30. Fia says – reply to this


    THAT IS NOT MILEY CYRUS!!! You just lost street cred Perez.

  31. 231

    that looks nothing like her perez

  32. 232

    thats defs not miley. get your facts straight!

  33. 233

    That's not miley. it doesn't look like her and miley has a tattoo under her left boob

  34. 234

    Are you sure that is Miley. Does not look like her at all.

  35. 235

    Not Miley, that girl has a normal, grown-up smile.

  36. 236

    Even Stevie Wonder can tell that's not Miley Cyrus. C'mon!

  37. 237

    Thats not her theres no tattoo!!

  38. 238

    Lmao, you're fuking blind you dumbass bitch, that is certainely not miley

  39. 239

    Perez … im a big fan of yours, but this clearly just dissapointed me. Truly, you cant be queen of media if your sources are dead on wrong! Come on now! this is 100% NOT miley cyrus. Your just giving that girl in the picture fame that she doesnt deserve, now she probably feels like shes a look-alike miley. AS IF!

  40. 240

    that is very obviously not miley cyrus. geez perez, do better babe.

  41. 241

    you actually thought that was miley? lol

  42. 242

    not Miley — look at the teeth.

  43. 243

    That girl is too pretty to be Miley. P.S. ~ The lack of horse teeth is proof enough it's not her!

  44. 244

    miley is way thinner

  45. 245

    That doesn't even look like Miley..

    AHAHAHA. You fucking loser. Get your shit straight.

  46. 246

    if that looks like Miley Cyrus than I think Perez u must think that she also is a 50 yr old black man. YOU MUST BE ON DRUGS OR BLIND TO THINK THATS MILEY IDIOT!

  47. 247

    Doesn't even look like her at all.

  48. 248

    Wow, way to grab at desperation perez , that doesn`t even look remotely like miley!

  49. Is says – reply to this


    You are a ridiculous … It's obvious that you can see that isn't Miley … You have anger, because it was nearly arrested … Idiot … This is all envy

  50. 250

    That isn't her. No offense, but Miley's nose isn't that small, that girl's hair is short compared to Miley's and you can tell it in her face and the way her hair falls.

  51. 251

    No I don't think that's her. I wouldn't doubt that she would cheat but that really doesn't look like her.

  52. 252

    Oh Perez…that is not Miley at all.

  53. 253

    that is not miley there is not tattoo if you look closley!!

  54. 254

    it can't be..her teeth doesn't match mileys at all.

  55. 255

    as much as i hate her. that is definitely not her.
    1. no tattoo
    2. miley is bones and skin.
    3. that is def. not her face.

  56. 256

    that is not her!!

  57. 257

    def. not miley haha

  58. 258

    1. That does not look like Miley at all
    2. Miley has a tattoo under her boob. This girl clearly does not.
    3. If she was cheating on Liam, she wouldn't be taking pictures of it
    4. Perez you are a sad low life piece of trash that would do anything to ruin Miley. It's not going to work.

  59. 259

    Miley has a tattoo on her ribcage under her breast…the girl in this photo does not..so i dont think it actually is miley

  60. 260

    That's definitely not Miley!

  61. 261

    thats not her as everyone has already stated, geez what has gotten into your site… dont know shit anymore

  62. 262


  63. 263

    doesnt even look at all like her

  64. 264

    Check your sources, Perez, that's definitely NOT Miley Cyrus.

  65. 265

    That seriously doesn't even look like Miley at all!!! Wtf?! Who sent this in and told you it was her? I can't believe you actually believed it and posted it on your site! You're slipping Perez.

  66. 266

    That is definitely not Miley! Come on Perez, you must be in need of some glasses.

  67. 267

    This is not Miley's smile, or her chin… Look at other photos!! an imposter!

  68. 268

    Perez must be losing his eyesight.

  69. 269

    thats not miley… "some doubt" lol, covering your ass much?

  70. 270

    that isn't even miley…. she kinda looks like miley but she's so not miley!!!!!

  71. 271

    100% not her assface. the tat under her breast isn't there.

  72. 272

    before you keep stealing from other uniformed websites, you should really take a long look at the picture..its not miley..she doesnt have a tattoo in the pic..even if it was..who cares?? i take plenty of pics with my guy friends and we sit like that! ..someones jealous

  73. 273

    Perez, are you fucking blind?! You couldn't pick a celebrity if YOU tried!

  74. 274

    this chick has better teeth than ms. miley cyrus…totally not her

  75. 275

    Not her. no tattoo. shes not fat at all but miley is alot more toned and her eyebrows and face shape and the mouth…definately not miley.

  76. 276

    That doesn't look even remotely close to Miley.

  77. 277

    lol who is that girl?

  78. 278

    Uh…that's not Miley, I went to high school with the girl in that picture

  79. 279

    That's not her.

  80. 280

    thats not even her you dumb fuck.
    why are you successful ?
    edtfrgujh i swearr. soo many people deserve fame before you.

  81. 281

    its not her doesnt she have a tat on her ribs that girl doesnt have a tat it could be her sister brandy

  82. 282

    Re: Tanaya – Word. Miley's hair is way lighter, they have different eyebrows and smile, this girl has no tattoo, Miley I'm pretty sure has bigger boobs, and I doubt Miley would wear a bikini this heinous.

  83. 283

    thats not miley doesnt even look like her

  84. 284

    no, not enough gopher face.

  85. 285

    I am 100%, without a doubt, CERTAIN that is not Miley Cyrus. Come on Perez, you really thought so? Isn't her face posted somewhere enough to know the difference?

  86. 286

    obviously not her.

  87. 287

    ummm… that girl doesnt look ANYTHING like Miley…what the hell

  88. 288

    Sorry Mario, you stupid fat fuck, but that isn't Miley.

    I find it hilarious (and profoundly pathetic) that you're so jealous of this 17 year old girl. From doctoring pictures of her exiting a car, to spreading malicious rumors about her; your obsession is progressively becoming more and more apparent.

    Is it because she's more successful than you are? Is it because unlike you, she actually has a talent? Is it because unlike you, she isn't a morbidly obese, schizophrenic delusional fuckwit?

  89. 289

    forget Miley, thats BRAD PITT next to her cheating on Angelina!!!

  90. 290

    Yeah… that isn't Miley.

  91. 291

    You just posted 2 total strangers on your website. She loks hell of nothin lyk miley

  92. 292

    allright so im Miley's biggest fan and i know her head to toe,…..literally. THAT IS NOT MILEY. first, Her smile is more bigger and her right tooth over laps her left tooth. second, her face is a little bit more longer. third, miley wouldnt be caught dead wearing that ugly baithing suit, i know her style an that ones definetly a no no. and fourth, wtf that girl is chubby. miley has a skinnier chest and arms and usually her bone sticks out on her neck and slightly somewhere around her chest. i know all of mileys friends and i have no clue who this guy is. and mileys tattoo "just breathe" is under her left breast which clearly doesnt appear in this immage. this girl is uglay, so get ir facts together perez.

  93. 293

    that's not miley.

  94. 294

    but he looks cute.(:

  95. 295

    That's not Miley tho. Doesn't look like her at all.

  96. 296

    Miley's face is slimmer, as are her thighs. Her hair colour is lighter, he face has a different shape, and her smile isn't as wide. This is definitely not Miley. Although, I'm sure the girl is flattered.

  97. 297

    It's so not her! Ur a dounche Perez! U should just take this down and admit u were wrong!

  98. 298

    Number one, that is clearly not Miley Cyrus and number two, even if it was, how is sitting beside another guy on a boat considered cheating? Fucking wankers.

  99. 299

    COULD YOU BE ANY MORE STUPID. that girl doesn't look anything like miley?

  100. 300

    Not miley! Nice try Perez. Next time you want to ruin her career.. do it at least legitly.

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