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Miley Cheating On Liam?!

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Looky who we have here!

Miley Cyrus is sure looking pretty cozy next to a guy that's not her boyfriend.

It's not that he's not cute, but - come on, girl!

You can be tamed if you try!

Update: There is some doubt as to whether or not the girl in that photo is Miley.

What do U think???


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448 comments to “Miley Cheating On Liam?!”

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  1. 301

    Amusing how after all the back lashing you have now added the 'Update: There is some doubt as to whether or not the girl in that photo is Miley'. Geez fuckwit, really?! Afraid people are getting fed up with your shitty tactics, afraid you may be losing fans if you keep this shit up? You're so transparent Mario!! If you call yourself a 'celebrity blogger' you should know your celebrities and anyone can see that this girl is clearly NOT Miley Cyrus.

  2. 302

    thats not miley cyrus you dumbfuck

  3. 303

    she doesnt have mileys tattoo !

  4. 304

    I am no Miley Cyrus fan, but even I can tell this isn't her… brutal Perez!

  5. 305

    There's no way that's Miley!!!

  6. 306

    That doesn't even look like her, at all, even a little.

  7. 307

    when you say its not miley - you can really tell its not her!
    mileys smile is more gummy

  8. 308

    Why on earth would anyone think that is Miley? That girl doesn't even resemble her.

  9. 309

    this is not miley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it looks nothing like her what so ever!!!!!

  10. 310

    Pig Face…manufacturing controversy on rumour and innuendo 24/7. You're a toxic parasite, doucheface.

  11. 311

    doesnt look like miley to me.

  12. 312

    That is not Miley

  13. 313

    It's not even Miley Cyrus… WTF, LOL!

  14. 314

    God, you're so gullible Pee-rez…that's definitely not Miley Cyrus.

  15. 315

    Re: Serrenity – Agreed, I don't think Perez even does any of the blogging himself anymore. He has others do it for him, they need to check their sources cause this pictures looks nothing like Miley!

  16. 316

    that girl does not look like Miley at all.

  17. 317

    No. This isn't Miley, wtf.

  18. 318

    that is totally NOT miley cyrus. Looks nothing like her.

  19. 319

    Definitely NOT her ^_^

  20. Heh says – reply to this


    LOL's lay off the pipe

  21. 321

    haha. Perez is running out of stories to blog about so he is doing what he does best…make up shit. That is not Miley you fat soggy wet turd.

  22. 322

    its so not her!

  23. 323

    That is so not miley.. haha.

  24. 324

    that's nor Miley..

  25. 325

    Perez, you are a smart man but frankly your dislike of Mz Cyrus is clouding your judgement and your eyesight…look again…LOL either you are way tired or just bored to post this hehehehehe

  26. 326

    thats not miley, shes way prettier than that girl

  27. 327

    totally not her.

  28. 328

    Its not miley this girl has cute teeth:P that shld've been the clue!:D

  29. 329

    Re: annakop – THIS!!!!

  30. 330

    That's not Miley's smile.

  31. 331

    It's Not her stupid.Even if it were,how do you know it wouldn't be a friend or family member.Even if it were her,is she not allowed to be around other guys?

  32. 332

    totally NOT miley

  33. 333

    Seriously? You idiot! That's not Miley. Fucking retards.

  34. 334

    thats not miley? miley has that tatoo under her breast?

  35. 335

    That isn't Miley, there is no tattoo showing, if you see other pictures of her with a top like that you can see her tattoo and there is not one there.

  36. 336

    as much as i hate her, i dont think thats miley

  37. 337

    that is 100% NOT miley. she doesn't have the same ugly face and teeth

  38. 338

    SHE' A SLUT!!!!!!!!@

  39. 339

    The bikini looks super cheap. I don't think Miley would be caught dead in a Wal-Mart Swimsuit

  40. 340

    No way that is Miley! Doesn't even look like her.

  41. 341

    That is definitely NOT Miley Cyrus. The teeth alone are the give away.

  42. 342

    This is not Miley ! The proof is ; that girl doesn't have a tattoo under her breast !

  43. 343

    that is not miley at all.

    wow, they are desprate to ruin her

  44. 344

    Definitely not Miley. That girl has a normal tooth to gum ratio.

  45. 345

    Not Miley Cyrus, but I believe she would do that.

  46. 346

    That doesn't even really look like her. Trust me I'd be the first person to tare her down as well.

  47. 347

    That doesn't even look like Miley at all you idiot. You need to start getting things straight the first time.

  48. 348

    that's definitely not miley. le'duh.

  49. 349

    wow that is not her it's like you hire old ladies who know NOTHING about celebrities to write your blog for you.

  50. 350

    this is funny considering thats not miley at all. its a girl i went to school with . ahaha

  51. 351

    That does NOT look like Miley AT ALL!

  52. 352

    i know my miley. when i see a pic of her that looks nothing like her, my subconscious instantly knows its miley. and vice versa– if theres a pic that looks like her but its not, i can tell. and i instantly knew it is not miley in this pic

  53. 353

    That's never Miley!

  54. 354

    This looks like Ellen Page with some random dude. NOT ONLY is that NOT Miley Cyrus, that is not even Liam either. Her hair is too short and her cheek-bones are to round. I bet a million dollers that is is NOT Miley Cyrus or Liam Hemsworth. And THAT is what I think.

  55. 355

    She looks nothing like Miley, get your eyes tested Perez!

  56. 356

    That's not even miley. :S

  57. 357

    thats not miley, where's her chipmuk smile?

  58. 358

    Gosh! stop Perez! be more smart! that girl IS NOT Miley! And if it is miley… where is her rib tattoo?

  59. 359

    That's not Miley! It doesn't even look like her.

  60. 360

    it doesnt really look like miley…

  61. 361

    i feel like it's not Miley because the girl's boobs are covered up too much, compared to what Miley would wear

  62. 362

    Re: mirywashere – same here lmao.

  63. 363

    really perez? you really honestly thought that was miley?!?!?!?! are you effing kidding me that looks NOTHING like miley!!!

  64. 364

    Ya i agree with xoxo_anonymous, miley gets followed everywhere by paprazzi, plus this pic isn't even a "cheating" pic. So she's talking a pic with a friend !! I do that and it doesn't mean im cheating !! Just cause she's a celebrity everything they do is considered "bad". Oh and guess what….. THAT ISN'T MILEY!!!!! Miley's face is way prettier and you can tell it isn't her. !!!

  65. 365

    "There is some doubt as to whether or not the girl in that photo is Miley." No Perez. There's fucking proof that it isn't Miley Cyrus. Anyone with eyes can clearly tell that this girl looks NOTHING like Miley. Doucheee -___-

  66. 366

    that's not miley. at all. not even close.

  67. 367

    are you high? thats not fricken miley dumb shit! god get it right next time. !

  68. Dusss says – reply to this


    That's not Miley… this girl does not have an upper lip

  69. 369

    FYI, that isnt miley and that guy is her secret step-brother who lives in nashville.

  70. 370

    she is not miley, look at her face and you´ll se she is fattest (a little bit) and also she has a different smile, miley´s is much bigger
    also her hair is different

  71. 371

    Some random brunette with a hot guy and you're all over it. HAHA

  72. 372

    That looks NOTHING like Miley!

  73. 373

    thats so not miley.

  74. 374

    this is not miley cyrus … that person in the picture is very different from miley ….. definitely not miley cyrus!

  75. 375

    what the fuck. thats not miley it doesnt even fucking look like her u dumb fucks. can u get any more stupid WOW!

  76. 376

    I dont think its her; you cant see the tattoo she got on her ear-unless this is before she got it.

  77. 377



  78. 378

    thats 100% not miley. miley has a tattoo on her rib cage, this random chick doesn't

  79. 379

    That is not Miley Cyrus!

  80. 380

    she hasnt got a tattoo so yea not her cause she cant really remove it =P

  81. 381

    wth. That is NOT Miley.

  82. 382

    omg perez your a fucking moron, you're already in deep shit with a underage picture and now you're making up bull shit rumours. It is quite clearly not her, for one her eyebrows are completely different her face structure is different. If you want to do yourself some favours about the other case i wouldnt be making crappy rumours up like this. go get a life mate your worse than hitler himself.

  83. 383

    not even miley

  84. 384

    It's clearly NOT Miley in that pic… dumbass.

  85. 385

    its not miley.

  86. 386

    sadly, it doesn't really look like her
    that girl got her disgusting buck teeth wrong, Miley's more hillbilly than that girl and i feel sorry that she has some resemblance to her

  87. 387

    This isnt MILEY WTF I WAS LIKE OH MY GOSH MILEY HAS A NEW BF you make me so mad ohemgee like wtf. But this girl is so cute even the gay perez wants this cute piece.

  88. 388

    Uhh Perez your completely awesome and I go on your website every day. But i am 100% positive that is not Miley Cyrus. If you look in detail you can tell. Her teeth are very different. Also, she does not have any tattoos on her body which clearly states that this is not Miley Cyrus. And if for some strange reason it was, it was from a long time ago because there are no tattoos on her. So she is not cheating on Liam. Well at least from this picture we can tell she isnt.

  89. 389

    I hate Miley Cyrus as much as the next fed up, skank ridden, antithetical teen. As a victim of her ear bleeding singing and stupid ass publicity stunts, I can't stand her. She acts as though she 'don't give a damn ’bout all y'all!' but in reality, if she didn't care what we thought, she wouldn't be dressing like a slut and grinding on random people for attention (referring to her new music video… friggin wasted 4 minutes of my life watching some bird chick rub up against Lesbian hookers). I could go on about her no talent, nails-on-a-chalkboard voice, and her thirst for the public eye, but sadly, I must say that this woman in the photo is not Miley Cyrus. My evidence; Her legs are CLEARLY closed. :)

  90. 390

    Thats does not look anything like Miley.

  91. 391

    doesnt look like her

  92. fu23 says – reply to this


    honestly that is an insult, this is not miley, the girl in the picture is sssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ten bajillion times prettier than miley fugly cyrus…..

  93. 393

    This is the funniest thing ever!! Someone needs to get their eyes checked! There is no way that is Miley… There's nothing about this chick that says Miley! Her smile,hair, and body is totally different! Plus Liam is way hotter than this guy Miley wouldn't down grade from a 10 to a 7.. come on people just leave the girl alone already.

  94. 394

    "What do U think???"
    Welllll, what I KNOW is that that is 150% NOT Miley Cyrus.
    Firstly, get some fucking glasses Perez. Then get a life, then leave the fucking girl alone. You and your bullshit you make up to start shit, it's so old!!!!

  95. 395

    That's not Miley. Just look at the smile. Miley's teeth are not that straight! And please, it's obvious the guy is "supposed to be" Justin Gaston, Miley's ex-bf. So no, that is not Miley.

  96. 396

    If you do look at pictures of Miley in her bikini & sunglasses, this does look like her…. & This girl isn't chubby at all.

  97. 397

    I don't like Miley, but that is definitely NOT her. I didn't even look twice. Really? Come on, lol. That's not her….

  98. 398

    I don't think this is Miley Cyrus.

  99. 399

    That's not Miley! 100%! That girl don't even look like her! LoL!

  100. 400

    Lol you are so fucking stupid perez. I think I'm switching to gossip cop.

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