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Miley Cheating On Liam?!

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Looky who we have here!

Miley Cyrus is sure looking pretty cozy next to a guy that's not her boyfriend.

It's not that he's not cute, but - come on, girl!

You can be tamed if you try!

Update: There is some doubt as to whether or not the girl in that photo is Miley.

What do U think???


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448 comments to “Miley Cheating On Liam?!”

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  1. 401

    MMK, If you look at this picture and a picture of Miley you notice this isn't her lmao… Miley.. Is Darker her hair is thicker and longer… and Lighter… and … you're just an damn idiots lol Its NOT Miley clearly you just want to make her look worse then everyone is trying to

  2. 402

    some doubt?! thats not miley u frekain retard!!! thats probably some random people on vacation lmfaooo wow perez u suck as a blogger or whoever is writing these retarded posts now a days

  3. 403

    That is SOOO NOT Miley!! That girl is prettier than Miley anyways.

  4. 404

    Miley would kill to be as attractive as this woman. Miley has a wide, bulbous nose, and gummy/crooked teeth. Whoever thought this was her needs an eye exam, and fast.

  5. 405

    I don't like her really, but to me it's easy to see that this is not Miley. I mean, the facial and body structure is all wrong. This looks like just some random girl. Though I don't like her and not trying to stick up for her, I'd bet a lot that this isn't Miley.

  6. 406

    ur freakin stupid as hell.
    that is NOT Miley Cyrus.
    I'm so damn fed up with you Perez! STOP HATING ON MILEY DAMN!!

  7. 407

    The girls missing the horse mouth. Not Miley. And she's more pretty. :)

  8. 408

    Okay to every person that has something rude to say about Perez, you are so naive, this is a gossip site, he is doing what he does best and starting gossip, I personally don't think that girl looks like Miley but I can see some resemblance, so if it is infact not her than Big whoop he made a mistake, no need to call him names, you're negative comments are not needed, he asked your opinion if you think that is her or not, not to call him names, everyone makes a mistake at some point, god.

  9. 409

    Oh, and also to the people that say it cannot be her because there is no tattoo, who knows when this picture was taken, it could have been taken before she even got that tattoo. 'Kay?

  10. 410

    It could be Miley. It's not like you can see whether there's a tattoo or not. And as for the smile, well, when you're in a boat that's moving, you don't exactly look like 'yourself' in photographs. So yes, I do think it could be Miley.

  11. 411

    this looks absolutely nothing like miley… lol

  12. 412

    am i missing something? that's not miley…

  13. 413

    This is sooooo NOT miley…100% not her. I most def know what she looks like

  14. 414

    That doesn't look like Miley….

  15. 415

    yeahhh perez, because that is miley isnt it.
    you need to grow up, act your own age and leave the poor girl alone.
    and evan if it was miley, she cant evan take a picture with a friend now?
    your just pathetic.

  16. 416

    looks nothin like miley lol

  17. 417

    I looked at the photo, and immediately thought: who is this weird girl and guy? What do they have to do with Miley? Then I read what Perez wrote. That is NOT Miley. I am a HUGE Miley fan, that is NOT her. The face is all wrong. She has a thinner face, different nose. She's skinnier than this girl.

  18. 418

    thats not even miley?

  19. 419

    That's is not Miley in the picture. Miley wouldn't have covered her boobs, LOL!

  20. 420

    this is def not miley cyrus

  21. 421


  22. 422

    nao e ela

  23. 423

    my grandma can tell that that doesn't even look like miley Cyrus

  24. 424

    that is deff not her… that girls hair is diff

  25. 425

    THATS DEFF NOT HER…..bahah. miley has longer hair..and etc…thats just not her…..

  26. 426

    You gossip sites are so lame that you will try and find anyway to criticize Miley and it's so OBVIOUSLY not her!!!!! Geez are you blind??

  27. 427

    Re: mirywashere – Haha I also just made this account to say that it isn't Miley!!! :P it just shows how lame these gossip sites are … They will do anything to bring Miley down :(

  28. 428

    That is sooo not her.

  29. 429

    your stupid this is deff not MILEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

  30. 430

    give us some real celebrity news please, not this bullshit.
    the only resemblance this chick has to miley is the brown hair and the tan.
    holy shit do some research before you post this shit.

  31. 431

    HA, this is a joke! these people graduated from my high school in Flushing Michigan. it's all around town that they're on perez. come on man, get us some "real" drama!

  32. 432

    haha that's definitely not miley, but nice try

  33. 433

    Thats not Miley, how do i know, thats not here face and the girl in the pic. doesnt have miss mileys tattoo

  34. 434

    Wtf that ain't Miley…

  35. 435

    That is NOT Miley…
    and Miley is waaaayyyy prettier than that trash

  36. 436

    that is so not her! get your shit straight

  37. 437

    Dumb ass that looks nothing like Miley. Just because a girl has long brown hair and no boobs dosent make her Miley.

  38. 438

    yeah that is definitely not miley… and even if it were, she is just sitting next to him. that has to be the most boring piece of gossip i've ever seen… it doesn't even .

  39. 439

    Its actually not her, I asked her myself. She said you were 'so annoying!' and 'of course its not her. [:'

  40. 440

    Umm WTF? That looks NOTHING like Miley. Get cho' eyes fixed.. That girl doesn't even have a tattoo and her smile is way off. Seriously, get your facts straight before you go posting crap like this.

  41. 441

    There is no way in hell thats miley. Mileys teeth arent even like that and shes slimmer than that.

  42. 442

    not miley

  43. 443

    That is defiantly not Miley.

  44. 444

    that doesn't look like her at all.

  45. 445

    I'm like a 100% sure that that isn't Miley

  46. 446

    Yeah, also hate her. But that's not her.

  47. 447

    miley cyrus has a tattoo under her left breast. her tat says just breathe. there is no way thats miley cyrus. and miley has a more longer face.

  48. 448

    thats not even miley way to go .

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