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Former Child Star Says Miley Needs An Education

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But it isn't gonna happen anytime soon!

It's no surprise that Miley Cyrus has been attempting a transformation from Disney darling to pop star, but former child actress Kellie Martin has a better way to begin her adult life - go to college!

She says:

“I would tell Miley to go to college. I really think that saved me. Fred [Savage] went to Stanford, Mayim [Bialik] went to UCLA, I went to Yale.

It’s really, really important to get an education because when all of this is gone, then at least you have your education. Then you can do whatever it is you want to do. If tomorrow I decided to stop being an actor I could go do a lot of other things.

Knowing that makes me a whole person and have confidence in who I am as a whole person as opposed to confidence in who I am as just an actor. I’m capable of dealing with life things as opposed to having other people around me deal with all my life things, which I think is really important. She’s actually wildly talented, little Miley Cyrus, and she has a sweet family. If she went to college, she’d be totally set. She’d be set forever.”

What do U think, MileyBird?!

[Image via WENN.]

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81 comments to “Former Child Star Says Miley Needs An Education”

  1. 1

    She'll prob have 5 abortions by the time she is 21.

  2. 2

    Really Miley….tell em to fuck off…..this old broad and Sarah 'harry pitted' McLaughlin….Stay out of her business. You do not know her. How dare you make overall judgement of this kid. She has more career than both of you two old skanks put together. And, I don't even like little miley.

  3. 3

    I don't think she's genetically predisposed to education

  4. 4

    Great advice! Too bad many celebrities don't care about being properly educated.

  5. 5

    I agree that college is a good idea. Miley has so much money that I doubt she would ever need to work again.

  6. 6

    Thing is..this child star who I am guessing was Winnie? had to go to college because she was typecasted and destined to do lifetime movies. Miley Cyrus…sorry but she is f'ing loaded, will always have a singing career and is in a different league.
    Glad you took your daddy's advice that his father told him to do also. Very old school and predictable

  7. 7

    she dont need no college. look at brit brit. she turned out fine. no problem what so ever

  8. 8

    she only has a couple of years to look good..after that she turns in to Trailer trash like her mom and Brit Brit

  9. 9

    Do you think her hillbilly ass could handle college? All she wants to do is party and shop with all the money she has and it'll get worse once she's 18. It's obvious her value system has no place for education. Thanks Billy Ray for turning out another money grubbing, materialistic, trashy role model for young women.

  10. 10

    Having a college education does not guarantee success… Lets ask the thousands of college graduates on the unemployment line. People think that we should all fall in line and live our lives to a particular schedule.. Ho, have a seat!

    Right now, I say homegirl should try and stay grounded, and keep making that money and being happy. If she decides (on her own) that college is right for her, then she'll do it. Forcing it upon herself will do no one any good..

  11. 11

    Re: Najib_Razak – lol I hope you are kidding, if not..you should have gone to college, lol "she dont need no college."

  12. 12

    oh please!!!!!!!!! she is "set forever" financially in a way this gal could only dream of….and lets face it…..miley would have a hard time getting into community college……..let alone yale!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 13

    Why waste time in College? Miley has a very successful career. Keep doing what you're doing Miley!!

  14. 14

    When all this is over Miley will still have a net worth over a billion dollars. I am sure that will make it easier for her to go and do whatever she wants than some diploma in humanities.

  15. 15

    Re: Douche Hunter – Where have you been you littlle fucking troll?

  16. 16

    Re: Douche Hunter – no, not winnie - try again

  17. 17

    Re: jcee0503 – @ 10 - totally agreed - i never went to college, plus i dropped outta high school. i'm really not doing bad at all - actually much better than some friends that did graduate and even took some college courses after high school……i'm not the norm but still, people act like without college one will be unsuccessful and stupid……….

  18. 18

    It also should be pointed out that it is what you take at college that will give you a second career. Kellie Martin graduated in Art History. Is she ever going to use that education … doubt it.

    Miley is worth more than all three of them put together and then some. Maybe when your career is at a standstill go to college, but not now.

  19. Eris says – reply to this


    I agree, if only Lindsay and other followed such advice, they wouldn't need to whore themselves out. Still I doubt Miley can go to college due to her IQ being smaller than that of a cricket.

  20. 20

    She is right. This girl is headed for disaster and/or continued vapidness. But then again I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Take a good hard look at her fame whoring parents.

  21. 21

    Kellie makes a lot of valid points!

  22. 22

    Re: Douche Hunter

    she didn't play winnie dumbass

  23. 23

    it's not like she's gonna need an education anyway. after she retires or if something happens she will have enough money to live for the rest of her life. so she wont have to get a job.

  24. 24

    i don't think Kellie was suggesting Miley go to college for "sucess" or for financial security. What i took from what she said was basically Miley should go to college for the experience and life's lessons she can learn away from her family and "show business". Maybe Kellie has a point. I mean, how many "child stars" aren't totally screwed up and dependant on other people to take care of them and all their business which results in those people stealing them blind or worse. College could deffinately aid in giving this girl some perspective. There are plenty of big stars who have gone and are going to college and i doubt very much it has anything to do with another career or money. Natalie Portman, Keisha Knight Pullam,Emma Watson,Tatyana Ali and these are all well rounded women. College isn't for everybody, but it can't hurt. Let's not forget that it's very easy for the biggest stars of to day to end up on the "where are they now" shows.

  25. 25

    Re: Douche Hunter – lmao she played Rebecca Thatcher on Life Goes On you DORK!!!!!!

  26. 26

    what kind of edjumakation does it du to became an underaged streetwalker? LMAO

  27. 27

    NO WAY! she doesn't need EDUCATION! she the future TRAIN WRECK!

  28. 28


  29. 29

    I know nothing beats education buut the girl works too much! maybe she just want to take ometime, for the last 5 years she is just working working and wasn´t allow to quit school wich I admire her mom for that! but maybe she just want to rest for a while!

  30. 30

    Re: truth in life – r u crazy her mos is beatiful even more beatiful that her too bad that Miley it´s just like Billy Ray :s but Tish is gorgeous

  31. 31

    Have you ever heard Miley Cyrus speak? She sounds as if she has a 4th grade education, at best. She needs to try to complete middle school before she even thinks about college.

  32. 32

    I love college. But its not for everyone. The great thing about it though is that she could go anytime. I think she'll be fine without college (for now). If she wants to expand her art and go into something different, school will ALWAYS be there.

  33. 33

    Serious, career-minded working professionals (Jodie Foster, Brooke Shields, etc.) go to college and expand their horizons.
    Then you have types like the Olsen twins who merely wasted their time and money by enrolling– and quickly dropping out of–college (NYU).
    Miley is loaded, and still young. She can do as she pleases.

  34. 34

    What I think is that no one knows who those people are anymore…GO college!

  35. 35

    #1 - She's already 'set', so college wouldn't make a damn bit of difference.
    #2 - Fred [Savage] went to Stanford, Mayim [Bialik] went to UCLA, I went to Yale. - You just gave her three good reasons to NOT go to college! Three washed up has-beens.

  36. 36

    good advice… If she wants to be an adult pop-star she should take a few years off and try and live a private life… then comeback as an adult as a adult performer. She might be better received by the older crowd

  37. 37

    Great advice. Don't think she'll take it though. It will be downhill soon.

  38. 38

    They don't let dumb shits into college. Sorry Miley. You actually have to know how to read.

  39. 39

    If anyone needs an education it's YOU PEREZ.

  40. 40

    What BS advice. Miley is doing just fine without college. She can improve her mind on her own with reading, travel and in many other ways. Why should she waste her time stuck to a schdule, having to study, sitting in a classroom and interrupting her earning power? This might be good advice for some of course, but certainly not Miley Cyrus.

  41. 41

    let's start by saying she still at the Junior level in HS.. doesn't even have her diploma yet! While Kellie has some valid points (I would also point out I believe she was talking more about getting the life experience out of going to school).. college will be there for many many years.. she's in her prime, no sense to stop now. If she finds herself with her next album being a bomb.. then I would say it's time to go to college

  42. 42

    Miley is already set for life with millions upon millions. Yes, she does need college (everyone does) but I doubt that will ever happen.

  43. 43

    First off Kellie Martin still acts? in what? lol Secondly all Miley cares about is the money and she'll have plenty to retire when she's 25 and hopefully sooner cause she sucks.

  44. 44

    First she has to go to high school which I highly doubt she has. I'm sure she has not learned a thing with those on set tutors these kids get. I'll bet she reads at a 6th grade level.

  45. 45

    honestly, i do not think Miley needs college. people go to college to get an education so they can get a decent job and make money. Miley is already making millions. she's not even 18 yet but she's set for life. she was lucky and got her career early on.

  46. 46

    Ya she should go to college! I mean who does she think she is, Beyonce? What is she going to do after her little pop career? Go to college, bitch? She's such a little white trash, dumb bitch anyway… Tick, tock Miley, so enjoy it while you can. THIS is just one of the reasons people make fun of Americans! It's very easy for us to further our education and we have wt like THIS who decide to just skip a higher education… Ugh! Call it a back up plan, whatever, just get your college degree!

  47. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: jcee0503 – I agree, too many people act like college is going to save their life. every day I get calls from college grads thinking they are owed jobs just because they graduated from college, truth is most of them are dumber than most of the non grads, they have no common sense, there are exceptions but most of them are just stupid and expectant.

  48. 48

    IF all of Miley fame goes away, she will still have her money to live with the rest of her life. So who cares?.
    Noone knows who the eff Kellie what?. Does she even know how hard is to study?. Prolly her daddy payed her to go to "Yale".

  49. 49

    miley said you can go to college whenever.
    her grandmother went to college at 66 is now a teacher.
    u can do it whenevr

    miley is doing fine.
    i dont think she will end up like lindsay. she may do stupid things but she is smarter than that.

  50. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: bleahf – agreed and most people go to school so that they can get a job that can afford them a good life and the bitch already has loads of cash so an education is not all that necessary for her unless she goes broke.

  51. 51

    So very true! Worked for Keshia Knight Pulliam as well. Get the education first, Miley. It takes 3-4 years of your life. That is NOTHING in the grand scheme of things. You will be so grateful later on.

  52. 52

    Re: walmartgreeter

    LOL - I think maybe fourth grade

  53. 53

    What the Hell is she wearing!!! She looks like a 42 year old, hunched over, trailer-trash, hag with bad makeup and over-processed hair.

  54. 54

    Re: Jazz-hands Chaz – i don't care if you're the richest kid AT THE MOMENT… an education is absolutely important. she's lucky to have the money to pursue an education, but later on she might not and then she'll regret it. the only thing stupider than not getting an education is thinking you know everything at the ripe old age of 17!

  55. 55

    Re: FemaleFilmMajor – she does IDIOT . That's why she's a HS JR!

    any how,
    I agree with this guy. Miley doesn't know what can happen in the future of her career. (I'm not saying her career will tank) but Miley should do it just in case something happens. That way, if something back fires in the future, at least she will be able to get a good , normal job. U know what they say- It's better to be safe than sorry.

  56. 56

    Anybody care to point out the paradox of famous people going to college? You NEVER hear of famous people going to state school or smaller schools, it's always Ivy League, Big 10, etc. UCLA, Stanford, USC, Harvard, Yale, NYU, Brown, etc. Now I'm sorry but I refuse to believe that all these people are that smart. They must know they get a full leg up from their fame status and money (even if it's not as much as Miley Cyrus) so don't give me this b.s. about college. Your college career might feel real, but it's a sham.

  57. 57

    With the right career advice, she can still bring in millions every year as she still has star power . Personally, I would like to see her take a much needed rest and go into country like her godmother "Dolly".She could kick Taylor Swift out of the running totally. Taking some college courses or getting a degree in business and learning how to properly manage her money from her education would be a good idea as if she made some investments, she could become a billionare by the time she is 40 just from the money she has made and makes in the next five years. I have seen actors/performers who were less famous than her and made way less money have huge net worths when they get older just from spending their money wisely and learning good business sense. No one is going to take care of your hard earned money as good as you will Miley. Yes, there are good investment brokers but having the education to know what is truly going on would be a huge plus. Basically, I agree with the posters that college is not an immediate priority for her as she still does have a hot career but agree with Kellie that an education could have her set for life, but not meaning making money from being like a teacher or arts major or something, but instead, learning good business decisions and choices.
    Good luck Miley, you have worked hard from a young age. Dont throw it all away.

  58. 58

    Damn… they went to college but who has WAY more money and even if she quit now will still have WAY more of a career… kids are kids these days… yes they are not like our parents back in the day… too bad because that's the way kids should be but they're not… Kellie just wants Miley's money… and hey so do I!

  59. 59

    despite what you're saying i think her words are very wise :/

  60. 60

    The difference between Miley Cyrus and whoever that former child actress is… is that Miley is effing rich. She never has to work again. Isn't that the point of college?.. so you'll be financially prepared later in life? She already is set. Besides, it's not like she doesn't already have a social life, so she really wouldn't get anything out of it. The only reason those child stars got into ivy leagues btw is because they're well known… not because they're smart. /annoying

  61. 61

    Sheesh, what's with all the haters of education on here? Sure she's rich as fuck but she's the exception, not the rule. Getting an education has never hurt anyone and really, it wouldn't hurt more of these child stars to pursue higher learning. Most of them are trainwrecks because someone else has handled all their problems so none of them have ever learned to take any personal responsibility for their actions.

  62. 62

    College IS a great thing but some people aren't cut out for college. Miley doesn't need to do another thing for the rest of her life. When it comes to money, she has all she'll ever need and then some. I don't know why people feel she's destined to become the next Lindsay or Britney. With that said… I miss Kellie Martin and would love to see more of her. She was great on "Life Goes On".

  63. 63

    Are you kidding. Shell might get killed/raped/ there. Shes probably one of the most successful child stars EVER. She might want to but its so unrealistic. No one would take her seriously, everything she would do would be monitored, every test grade, every guy she talks to. It would just be impossible. Maybe hire a private college tutor, or do it online but whats the point. The "celeb" who made that comment isa useless has been and Miley has more talent in her pinky toe

  64. 64

    Kelly who?

  65. 65


  66. 66


  67. 67

    She has plenty of time to go to college. She just got out of high school, in time she could change her mind. Who cares what this chick says. She's a has been that I have never even heard of.

  68. 68

    Does she even have a High School education?
    What people forget about all these little teens is that they don't even get to have a Jr. High/ High School education.
    It's really sad!! Our kids idolize uneducated people… GREAT!

  69. 69

    Whoever Kellie Martin is, she seems a tad bit bitter, when a child star goes to college they sink to obscurity, Miley is probably one of the most talked about stars of 2010, why would she want to give up all the limelight?.. good or bad?

  70. 70


    seeing as miley hasn't been in a real school since she was like 7 years old i don't think it's realistic that she go back now

  71. 71

    I'm sorry, but what's the point of her going to college? You go to college to one day get the career. She already has that so why bother? However, it is shame because she can afford any college if she wanted to…

  72. 72

    I think Miley could prance around naked and people would still defend her. Insanity. Guess its a sign of the times and how downhill our country has gone

  73. 73

    "She’d be set forever."

    Jesus Christ, she's already set forever! She's made a fuck ton of money off of touring, Hannah Montana, movies, books, a fucking clothing line, and CDs. She's fucking set to retire.

  74. 74

    Re: jcrhode – You obviously know nothing. As a child actor it it's illegal to not go to school. It's a requirement that minors have a certain amount of school per day (unless they've graduated early). Most use correspondance programs from public schools or have private tudors. Their parents and people managing them could get into serious trouble if they did otherwise. You CAN drop out when you're 16, but most child actors graduate before then.

  75. 75

    Does Miley even have the grades to get into college? Somehow, I just can't picture it.

  76. 76

    What's Kellie talking about anyway? Anyone can see that Miley has no talent

  77. 77

    The amount of people bashing education is sad.

    There's nothing wrong with people going to university - and there's nothing wrong with people not going either. That said though, I do think Miley might benefit from a college education. Take Emma Watson (just as famous as Miley - and earning more money than Miley is!) - Emma said she's enjoying university because it gives her a chance to have a normal life, be around kids her own age…and education is something that is priceless. People don't just go to university for jobs prospects, but to learn.

    Anyways, if Miley doesn't want to go to college because she wants to focus on her career, she should at least look into taking acting lessons. THAT will benefit her career greatly I'm sure.

  78. 78

    she can always go back to university its not some mad rush

  79. 79

    that's actually some pretty wise given advice there, and it's very true even though Miley is probably not even smart enough to go to college she can always try, right?

  80. 80

    @cuppcakez thats not really physically possible seems as she is nearly 18, so she is supposed to become pregnant 5 times in 3 years?

  81. 81

    I can't belive people take the time out of their to be so incredibly rude to suck a young girl they don't even know. I'm glad miley acts the way she does, at leasts she's real