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Justin Bieber's Mother Promises That He'll Remain A Virgin Forever!

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Oh, Mama Bieber!

You had to go and say it! You just had to!

Justin Bieber's mother, Pattie Mallette, sat down recently to talk about her son's love life, and of course, had to bring up his virginity!

Check out what she said about the big V (above)!


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50 comments to “Justin Bieber's Mother Promises That He'll Remain A Virgin Forever!”

  1. 1

    Then he needs to change his name to Rosy Palm no Bieber…hahahahaha

  2. 2


  3. 3

    His mom has a creepy voice

  4. 4

    Also what kind of mom who hears her son constantly talking about girls would buy that bs?

  5. 5

    He's a virgin? And monkeys might fly out of my butt!

  6. 6

    seeing as she had him at about 18…
    same with selenas mom cough cough whore. Had her at 15. And Selena states her mom is her "idol"

  7. 7

    haha I think she meant till marriage. Not his whole life lol

  8. 8

    most embarassing mum of the year award goes to patti. and like he would tell her if he has slept with someone or not, more then likely he will being doing the whole player thing

  9. 9

    Thoughts?…yeah, you big douche. My thought is that you are getting wood thinking about his little virgined ass all oiled up so you can push your little gerkin into it. Squeal like a pig. Squeal like a pig.

  10. 10

    Little brat has probably already done it.

  11. 11


  12. choke says – reply to this


    hmm well usually children who come from young parents have a higer risk of becoming a teen parent themselves..just saying. I find it dsturbing..I mean you can get BC and condoms for free now at planned parent hood. But then there would have been no Justin Beiber..wouldn't that have been shame. Not so much. More of a blessing.

  13. 13

    Oh come on! We all know he's been fucking groupies, As douchey as he is.
    It will come out that he's gotten like, 10 girls pregnant. haha

  14. 14

    Sweetie don't say those things because, once your little weiner comes up, it will dominate your brain… TRUST ME

  15. 15

    Someone will bust his vagina one day.

  16. 16

    If that kid is still a virgin, he should be shot for missed opportunity.

  17. 17

    If he hasn't ALREADY been fucking groupies then when he turns 18 his dick will take over his life and he'll start fucking anything with a hole!He just hasn't hit pubiirty yet, and THAT'S why he hasn't had the URGE for sex yet!!

  18. 18

    That is a boy??? Well, even if it IS a boy, his prick is probably the size of a walnut so he couldn't have sex if he tried.

  19. 19

    MaMa Patti is an nit wit, the apple dosnt fall to far from the tree…..

  20. 20

    I bet Mario was all excited, because now he can fantasize about butt fucking his virgin asshole.

  21. 21

    its like saying that lil wayne is a virgin and is going to be one forever!

  22. 22

    if he's a virgin, micahel bay isn't a money whore.

  23. 23

    no way this kid's a virgin

  24. 24


  25. 25

    Sex is the primary focus that a teenage boy thinks about, dreams about, lives for…. Unrealistic to think of him staying or being a virgin especially with the temptation this kid has. She might suggest that he cut down to just two or three honeys a night but the virgin thing won't be honored.

  26. 26

    Re: iloverickymartin – You are so right. I have 3 nephews in his age range and boy that is all they think about. Yes, they do talk to their aunt.

  27. 27

    brit, justin, jonas bros, miley and now bieber? why do all these skanky kiddie stars say this when they are far beyond being virgins

  28. 28

    what kind of mother talks about her son's sex life?? looks like she needs to get laid big time….

  29. 29

    Re: lunadelux – Yep, he will have to do like Perez and have a picture of his hand in his wallet. lol

  30. 30

    Well just because his mum says hes a virgin doesn't mean he really is, he might not be. A lot of people keep secrets from there parents.
    And his mum looks like miley cyrus when miley was 14 lmao.

  31. 31

    His left hand is not.

  32. 32

    Did his mom take the Denise Jonas class of parenting? Gosh. Let the teens fuck around. As long as they are keeping it safe. And what's up with this kid's huge ego? It gets on my nerve so bad… Please, Bieber, embrace your pale skin and your lack of sex appeal, son. Just because young (retarded) girls go nuts over you, doesn't really mean you're hot. Just means they are pretty stupid. You can always start a trio of gay virgins and wear a purity ring. Oh, wait. That's already been done by the Jonas Brothers. Well… Then how about you just disappear? That would be awesome! It would work so well for me :) thank you!

  33. 33

    Re: Brainbug – lol, yep. your right. hes 16 freakin years old and his voice has'nt changed yet? hes gotta be a girl or better yet a lesbian.

  34. 34

    oh puleeeeeez…. if he hasn`t lost his virginity yet, it won`t be long until he does. I`m sure he gets offers everyday… that mom is funny…. purity… yeah, right…

  35. 35

    Is it necessary for all of you people to post these trashy comments? She's simply implying he's staying pure til marriage. Honestly, quit hating because of his success at his age.

  36. 36

    Thanks for deleting my comment. I'll just re-post it… All of you need to quit hating on Justin because of his success at 16 years old. If he wants too stay a virgin til marriage then let him, if not then let him. Who cares.

  37. 37

    Ah…hm. Okay. :)

    As for some of y'all commenting on his orientation, I think it's silly to insinuate such. Bieber is a BOY, a male. Not a lesbian, not a girl…a BOY who happens to have a moderately high pitch to his voice. Not all boys or MEN have to be all MACHO and crap. -_- Just my humble opinion.

  38. 38

    He has been blessed with a certain "sold his soul to the devil" fame and fortune and he will only be tempted to capitalize on it by immersing himself in as much willing tail as he can. Then, 20 years later, as he is getting up at 4:30 am to start his shift as manager at the local Costco, he can think back on the glory days and imagine the cashier he will then be banging as one of those hot young groupies.

  39. 39

    creepy Canadian family.

  40. 40

    well you've obviously managed to stay a virgin Perez, cause as nasty and disgusting a pervert pedophile as you are, it's clear that no one has ever fucked your disgusting fat nasty ass!

  41. 41


  42. 42

    Oh my! He's going to hate his mama for that. You don't talk about your kids sex life in public. What an ignorant slob.

  43. 43

    Justin is hot and his voice HAS broke like a year ago! his mum is pretty too!

  44. 44

    His mouth looks like a cow's vagina.

  45. 45

    Goshh!u people disguist me!!seriously what's he ever done to u?if he says he wants to stay a virgin let him!what's wrong with that?if eva he decides he doesnt wanna stay pure till marriage anymore its completely his choice!im sorry if u r all sluts and manwhores who choose to waste urselves on people u probably dnt even kno!nd u cant call him a girl just coz he hasnt hit puberty!wtf?u obviously dunno wat a girl is nd everybody has their opinion if girls like his music please dnt call them retarted just coz u dont like it.from what i see u r all just jealous of the kid bcoz he has more money more success and more girls screaming for him than u'l have in ur pointless loser lives.if u dnt like bieber what the fuck r u doin watching this vid anyways??

  46. 46

    Re: Brainbug – ohhw so u'v fucked a cow?

  47. 47

    Re: linnzo – hes only 16.perv.

  48. 48

    Hmm, r u sure he hasn't already lost it Mama Biebs?!
    No offense but your son sounds like a very horny teenager every time he speaks about girls.

  49. 49

    WTF is so wrong with Justin wanting to remain a virgin till marriage? I think its sweet that he respects himself and girls enough to do that. BTW Justin and his mom Pattie r hardcore Christians so that factors into it a lot. Justin prays with his crew before every show. So im not surprised and am actually very proud of him for staying true to his convictions.

  50. 50

    HAHAHAHA his stupid ass mom buys in to this shit wow the kid really is good. i mean come the fuck on i never believed it when the jonas brothers said and i'm not elieving it now i mean i am personally a fan but come on pattie you look lke an intelagant woman get you head out of your little fantasy world and look at the reality cuz if he hasn't slept wit at least 3 of his little gropies then he will very very soon and like he wold tell his mom anyways pshh!