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21 comments to “Lily Allen vs Allan Carr!”

  1. 1

    go lily! make him look like a fool! now wheres the new record?

  2. 2

    I LOVE ALAN, lilyallen can SUCKIT

  3. 3

    Y'know, i fucking hate it when you homo's use the "because i'm gay" exuces with no proof. It does a disservice to those who have suffered because they are or were gay. By were, I mean Mathew Sheppard. I hate that people fuckin use the hard times and aweful things that people like Mathew went through to bring attention to themselves or deflect it. What a fuckin douche.

  4. 4

    I'm pretty sure he was just kidding..

  5. 5

    To whomever writes this garbage, I hope you're proud of yourself: how very classy of you to be cracking cheap jokes about Lily being pregnant. The girl had a miscarriage before and she started drinking while depressed about that and trying to deal w/ it. That can really mess with a woman's head for a long time. You are the one who deserves to be "fucking slapped" by Alan Carr. And since you clearly don't know jack about those who battle addictions or alcoholism, you need to shut the hell up. Asshole.

  6. 6

    He's a big cry baby.

  7. 7

    Oh Allan
    get a grip
    u can get better guests on your show than that!!!
    U shouldn't take it personal babes

  8. 8

    Re: hoochpit – Alan is a really" funny" gay man in the aspect
    he admits to being gay and doesn't take offense normally and has a tendency to poke fun at himself
    he;s very secure in who he is and is really a good comedic talent
    I love him!
    He never fails to make me smile
    I love his confidence
    wish he'd do more stand up and make dvds

  9. ass says – reply to this


    You really need to shut the fuck up Perez.

  10. 10

    its very likely that alan was joking….mostly because he said 'is it because im gay'
    he would not say that in a serious sense.

  11. 11

    gays are so pissed off all the time because they cant get married. too bad for you!

  12. 12

    i love alan. illy is just being attention seeking

  13. 13

    Re: hoochpitRe: Right Wing – obviously your not from the uk, because if you knew who alan car was you wouldnt write that. he is a comdianne, and uses the gay card as a JOKE he doesnt taking himself seriously and this comment on lily would have been said in a jokely annoyed way.

    and to perez, maybe because the fact alan and lily have been friends for along time that she didnt go off on one.

  14. 14

    I love Alan Carr, but this is awful. Even if he was joking, he's taken it too far. He should know Lily has NOTHING against homosexuals. And she definitely doesn't hate him, they always got on great. I was disappointed she wasn't going to be on the show again, but it's not her fault if she's ill, I just hope she's feeling better soon.

  15. 15

    oh his whole shtick is being a bitchy queen
    he had to say something nasty

    lily is probably quite aware that this was to be expected and surprisingly acted accordingly

  16. 16

    I love Lily, but I think she should of went. She should of made it clear to the team and Alan that she is ill so that Alan could of taken it easy on her…

  17. 17

    Ew! Her body just look so DISGUSTING! She's a fat bitch

  18. 18

    And of course the queer pulls the "oh is it because I'm gay" card. How PC. Fucking libs love their victim status. Whenever you don't get your way it's: You're just a homophobe, you're just a racist, you're just a woman hater…

  19. 19

    i love lily allen. :) she's definitely unique.

  20. 20

    i love allen carr, i doubt he was being serious with those comments though and youd know that if you saw his stand up

  21. 21

    Anyone can tell hes taking the piss, because he said "because i'm gay"! He's hilarious! and it's Alan not Allan lol