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EXPLOSIVE!!! The First Tape Of Mel Gibson's Racist And Hate-Filled Rants Released!!!

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This is revolting, disgusting, deplorable….there aren't enough words.

The first tape featuring one of MELtdown Gibson's vile outbursts towards his GF Oksana Grigorieva has just been released.

We warn you, this is not any easy thing to listen to. In fact, we venture to say that it is one of the worst things we have ever heard in our lives. The hate in his voice is just so disturbing. Clearly, he's wasted, but that isn't an excuse.

Listen to the shocking audio (below).

As far as we can see, there is no redemption after this.

He is a scary, vile subhuman!

[Image via WENN.]

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341 comments to “EXPLOSIVE!!! The First Tape Of Mel Gibson's Racist And Hate-Filled Rants Released!!!”

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  1. 101

    I am shocked that some people on here are acting like it is not a big deal. It is never okay to speak to anyone like that. He represents the problems with this society. Sexism, racism, anti semitism, and homophobia don't belong in this world no matter how upset someone is or no matter how awful the person you are speaking to is! As for the person who compared THIS to Tom Cruise jumping on a couch and acting silly around a studio audience of women pumping him up and cheering him on in excitement, shame on you. The only hateful thing Tom Cruise did was make an opinion about prescription drugs on morning television and carelessly condemn people for it but since then he apologized and shut up. For the people that are claiming this is his private business why are you on perezhilton.com look at pictures, video and sound clips of people if it is not your business? Mel Gibson is vile and needs help. This is no way to talk to a woman no matter what your opinion of her is! What a shame it is that people all around the world have provided for him by watching, buying and supporting his films.

  2. 102


  3. 103

    I will agree that he does not come off very well in this. I don't condone the use of the "N" word at all. I will say, however, that she remains suprisingly calm when he says he doesn't want or love her anymore. There is no crack in her voice to indicate that she's distraught. She sounds as if she really doesn't care. That is awfully fishy…

    On another note: I think it stinks that the private fights of a celebrity are put out on display for the public. We all say things we don't mean in the heat of an argument and chances are she goaded him into a fight because she wanted to record him yelling at her. He doesn't sound drunk on the phone, just pissed off. I just don't believe everything she says…there is definitely more to this story. Set up anyone??

  4. P31 says – reply to this


    o.m.g. this dude is gonna find himself alone in an alley…..and he will have no one to blame for the beating he'll recieve other than himself! Who talks like this??? To the mother of his child?

  5. 105

    Spoken like a true Christian! LOL! Please I'm sure she's no angel either. Don't be giving her sympathy people she was probably loving every minute of this while she had the record button on. Now she can use the "poor little girl got her feelings hurt" card. It was shady of her to record all this too. Mel is Douche bag too don't get wrong but she's a little snake too!

  6. 106

    She may sound calm because to react would only set him off farther. I have been in a verbally abusive relationship. You learn to just be quiet and not get upset because it only antagonizes the abuser. Any time she tried to deny anything you could hear him starting to get more aggravated.

  7. 107

    What an abusive piece of shit. He can end a relationship without the abuse. I cannot believe he has gotten so rich, it makes me sick if that is who he really is.

  8. 108

    Re: Tia_123 – you are sick if you think hate speech is funny.

  9. 109

    He has a lot of anger! He sounds like my abusive ex boyfriend. she needs to stay away from him. Who wants that uglyness and anger around them or their child? He is going to be a miserable rich person until he dies.

  10. Fosca says – reply to this


    it's seams to me that those two mad-or-bad ones deserve each other preatty much

  11. 111

    the sad part is that this guy has more F**kin money than most people in Hollywood. After all that success and fame and the world at your fingertips…how could you still be so miserable? Something else is going on with this guy. He needs help. I'd be scared if I was around him.

  12. 112

    That is horrible for any man to say to any women. I will NEVER see anything that Mel is involved with. I hope that she gets FULL custody and he has to pay her a ton. Who does he think he is? So what if he has been in movie and is a star. He is not above anyone everyone else. I hope that he gets what is coming to him. I would love for his ex-wife to write a book. That would be great. Fuck off Mel

  13. 113

    And now we know why my moniker on this site is what it is. I used to be this asshole's biggest fan until the Jew rant. Now, I absolutely detest him. He needs his ass kicked and he needs to be berated like that. Whatta a controlling asshole. He probably did this crap to his wife too. No wonder his divorce papers are sealed.

  14. elRey says – reply to this


    QUE HORROR!!!! what a hideous black soul this man has. He is utterly sub-human.

  15. 115

    WOW! He sounds like he's trying to piss her off because she's done things in the past to provoke him. I'm not on any side. But it has a certain tone that I've heard before. He's not being mean just to be mean. I think she does or says things to piss him off and they pick at each other like this. I don't think she's innocent. Where are her tapes lol? Saying what an old cum bucket he is and how his movies bomb. LOL.

  16. 116

    wow, mel sounds like a nancy boy

  17. twin1 says – reply to this


    Ok where is his accent????? It doesn't even sound like him!!! This is a set up from that money hungry whore!!!!

  18. 118

    Ok, it seems like some people are liking this and somewhat wanting more. Drunk or not, there is no excuse to talk to a women like this. Especially if it's the mother or his children. Come on. One day they'll hear this and what will they of their father at that time?

    I'm sure there is bad shit from both ends, for sure…

    Not on her side or his. Infact, they're both childish.

    The rich are the worst!!!!!

  19. 119

    Urrrgh I want to destroy him!!

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    I don't know how Mel expected old school values and modesty from a woman her age. Add her coming over and trying to fit in socially to the perceived media image of what American women have been portrayed to look like and dress, and you get Oksana. It pulled Mel, didn't it? Mel played in that water, and seems to be railing now that he got wet. He exhibited poor judgement by going there if he can't stand her image. She isn't what she wears, anyway. If you don't want it going public, don't say it. Don't write it. Don't put the images on your cell phone. She sounded to be baiting him, and it worked.

  21. 121

    Why is she recording the fights? was this all of the fight? She's a button pusher and a goldigger.Mel need to get the fuck away from her.

    Want kind of a woman does this?

  22. 122

    *** He is a scary, vile subhuman! ***

    Sorta like gays?

  23. 123

    He's so hot!!!

  24. 124

    Ugly, but not as bad as you painted it, Perez. Kind of like your crying rant against the idiot from blacked eyed peas.

  25. 125

    Sounds strange that one would tape one's conversations with her husband… Shady!

  26. 126

    One thing you have to understand is how the hell can a random conversation on the phone become recorded in the first place?, are we positive that this isn't just a publicity stunt??

  27. 127


  28. 128

    What a sad, sad man! He clearly has some deep rooted issues. I think his ex remained remarkably calm despite the onslaught of vile words thrown at her. Mel Gibson is officially on the Z list.

  29. 129

    What jerk…

    and if he hated her boobs.. why the hell did he get with her in the first place and produce a baby?!

    hes obviously very pissed over something.. but talking to ANYONE like that is uncalled for. There are other ways to get the point across without degrading a person!

  30. 130

    The picture makes me almost wanna piss my pants. Then to press play. LOL.

    OOOh, is that Goose?

  31. 131

    She is acting so damn calm. Seems something could be up. How do we know she didn't call him before this and say something to set him off, then proceed to call him and record him. In that pic she is showing her tits off, not that I really care but there is a time and place for showing cleavage and she could be using her little tits and ass to get what she wants from whomever she wants. I hate to hear people this outraged. It really isn't any of my business. Blame the rap artist for making the n word so freaking popular… so I shun the "artist" who uses it like someone saying, "honey child". Just saying sounds like she pissed him off. I agree I am sure she gets mad as hell as well adn calls him a freaking loser and pokes at his insecurities.

  32. 132

    Holy shit, this man needs some serious help before he snaps.

    I find it so ironic that he made Passion of the Christ and was treated like a hero by Christians and now he reveals who he really is, the fucking Devil, priceless

  33. 133

    Total f'n set-up. She just eggs him on during the call. She's a skank and he didn't want her dragging hm down in the public eye. Just like the photo above with the bottom half of her titties visible yet he's in a button down and a coat. She's pretty but she's trash. Besides, isn't it illegal to record someone without their consent in CA? Believe so.

    Team Mel - but get a little smarter Mel. You'll never change a Ho….

  34. 134

    Whew - he is one sick fella. I just question how many other people have had to deal with this jerk. He is just sick and obviously is supreme to every other nationality/gener/religion - douche

  35. 135

    How the fuck are you gonna drop the n-bomb after you worked with Danny Glover, who is black, on four fucking "Lethal Weapon" movies?

  36. 136

    This is ridiculous!! He is gross!

  37. 137

    man this site sucks. i dont see any comments.

  38. 138

    HA! Sugartits!

  39. 139

    Awww i feel so sorry for her if this is real :(

  40. 140

    Big Deal, He's human. Everyone uses some kind of racial slurs, whether about themselves or others. Now this "immigrant" releases these tapes to make herself look good to get more money from Mel. Hey, at least he's gonna let her live in his house, what more could she ask for. She probably had nothing before she met him.

  41. KBGD says – reply to this


    he's an embarrassment to our Aussie culture.

  42. 142

    I thought Oksana was probably some money hungry Russian woman, but Mel was really does sound abusive.

  43. 143

    i say we dress em both up in red them drop em off in compton!! they're both bitches…yeah it sucks he insulted her but i'm sure she's no angel either…she just knew she was taping it and had every intention of releasing it to the public and the police so she made herself look like a real damsel in distress by staying quiet. though she just seems pathetic now because if she was really upset, SHE WOULD HAVE PUT UP A FIGHT AND TALKED SHIT BACK!! that's little bitch shit, not standing up for yourself, have some self respect…fuck!

  44. 144

    You know, what Mel said and how he said it shows hes filled with rage. Having said that, Perez, you call a lot of people, people that you dont know, a lot of nasty shit 'sluttyienna' 'canadian sewer rat' 'lolhan', the list goes on and on. Why is it ok for you to be a prick to these people and yet you have the nerve to get all indignant about Mel?

  45. 145

    I wonder how Danny Glover is feeling about this?

  46. 146

    lmfao hahah omg too funny damnnn

  47. 147

    Not that this isn't disgusting but clearly you haven't known many alcoholics. They are angry and vile when they aren't drunk and I have heard much worse from my alcoholic uncle to my aunt, before he burned down their barn out of anger. Who knows what she says to Gibson, obviously since she is taping it she is showing her nice side.

  48. 148

    has nobody else noticed that his voice is all scratchy and hers isn't? Is there a possibility they could be fake?

  49. 149

    how funny!

  50. 150

    sounded like setup to me. its too weird and too odd. she knows shes taping it so shes sounding all sweet and cute. hes still a dummy though

  51. 151

    Le'ts face it…He's a racist loser! Her….she deserves it for being a slut! She's gonna burn him. She's got him by the balls. HEll they deserve each other.

  52. 152

    Mel got played. He is to dumb for the room. this russian woman probably part of an ex kgb team put his ass together real good. this was an operation to destroy and profit from a very sick man. Perez I can tell you more in confidence but not in a public forum. it's very byzantine.

  53. 6one9 says – reply to this


    She leaked these tapes “`PLUS the fact that she was recording Mel and knew she was being taped!! What people say in the “` heat of the moment “is that “`heat!! I don't get racist when I'm handing someone “ their ass“` But I do get very very verbal!! Remember ““““““““ HEAT “ of the moment.
    Makes me wonder “““““ What she really did “` to piss him off? seriously!

  54. 154

    well, i am aware that he had made that "jew" comment a while back.. and i have no tolerance for that kind of racial language. absolutely not. but, i have to say, a part of me feels that he was violated, he was in the privacy of his home. we do alot of things in our house that we cannot do in public, thats why we, and alot of celebrities stay home.. to be FREE. be naked, party,etc… now, when i first saw him with this new woman, i immediately thought, TRASH! but whatever. besides the racial comment, i agree with what he was saying, because if, in fact, her attire was an embarasment to him, thats his opinion. and probably alot of other peoples. he was just explaining that he didnt love her and was disgusted. i do agree, he could have found a WAY more polite way to say it, but, who knows what she was doing to him to provoke him to lash out like that. she seems to have had a hidden agenda to begin with, and and i find her untrustworthy. i think everyone says horrible things in the heat of anger. this whole thing is just sad. now, if he did in fact beat her, thats a whole other issue.

  55. 155

    WOW that was my first time hearing a man talk to a woman like that..if he was that mad over the telephone imagine what he does to her in person.. what a monster

  56. 156

    Re: secretfluff – blame rappers for using the word? How about blame anyone who uses it no matter what race or profession? OR, how about blaming the people who started using it in the late 1500s or the early 1600s to refer to other humans as inferior? NOBODY needs to use the word! The original intention of the word is hateful and it will always have that power because it is offensive to so many people no matter what their race is.

  57. 157

    Men disgust me. All the things that attract them in the first place, like the boobs and the clothes, are the things they use against you later. Later, well, you're just a whore.

  58. 158

    I'd just like to say that Mr Gibson has the somewhat dubious honour of being the inspiration for my first post, which is….
    WTF? All my dreams are shattered! My lethal weapon hunk turns out to be a lowlife who's braveheart beats fastest when he's bawling out women and mouthing off racist slurs. No one'll touch him with a s***ty stick now! Makes you wonder what his wife put up with for 30+ years though doesn't it? Hmm….

  59. 159

    please this russian whore is a con-artist. TEAM MEL

  60. 160

    Re: r8rbuzz – Oh, shut the fuck up, moron. Maybe you use that type of rhetoric in your everyday vocabulary and see nothing wrong with it, but a lot of us do.

  61. 161

    Bet he had no problem with the way she dressed before. Probably loved those fake boobs. She lied about them? Hey stupid, couldn't you tell whether they were real or not. He's ranting about the things that he was attracted to in the first place. Who's he kidding?

  62. 162

    Mel Gibson you are a Class A Prick, Racist, and you are verbally abusive..you belong raped yourself…Being an ignorant fucking racist bitch that you are…I hope you rott..

  63. 163

    Wow what happened to this guy? How did he go from one of Americas most loved superstars to this horrible low-life? Make me question if he is drinking again.

  64. 164

    Re: SmileBiteMe – it's called cell phone vs. land line phone
    wow he's an asshole… see sounds so nice…
    and he's totally an idiot…
    other than $$$ why is she with him?

  65. 165

    Well, It Ain't Pretty But I've Heard Worse … Problem is Shes Cool As A Cucumber Cause She's Taping Him … Now in Real Life? Maybe That Would Have Been A Screaming Match!

    What I Know? Three Sides 2 Every Story .. His, Hers & The Truth!

  66. 166

    Re: pastxmas – Yeah, I was thinking the same thing! She is so calm. And I thought it would be lot worse..

  67. 167

    how could you be this calm when someone is saying all this to you - his voice sounds so distorted and her voice sounds very clear in this recording….

  68. 168

    Re: lollydoodles – Everyone's idea of a knockout varies. However, if you do a google image search for "Robyn Moore Mel Gibso" you will find pics of his wife. Very short cropped hair her entire life, flat chested, barely any makeup and keep in mind, those pictures were of her on her BEST days, when you got the entire salon treatment prior to a major event. So if she looked like THAT at her best, trust me, she was plain Jane religious soccer mom at an everyday level.

  69. 169

    Why the hell was she taping him?

  70. 170

    WHOA. oh my god. that poor woman. NOTHING she could've done would deserve being treated like that - he is a human piece of SHIT. He's just singlehandedly DESTROYED his "career" (not that there was much of it left anyways) - he's probably a coke head, the way he was going off like a fucked up mess and sniffing all the time - GROSS. I used to like this man, years and years ago, when i was a kid - this makes me want to fucking PUKE. FUCK YOU, MEL GIBSON - now EVERYONE and their DOG knows what you are.

  71. 171

    This is sad, I use to be such a fan.

  72. 172

    When I heard this it made me think of a couple of things: he is a racist. I'm white and I have always been intolerant of that word even though the black community has brought it back into our everyday vocabulary via rap music and communication. Ilike some form of rap music however in my mind I block out the use of that word cuz I don't want it swirling in my head so that I become too familiar with it so that I accidenly use it in a cnversation. the word was deemed inappropiate and cast out by an older black generation only to be disrespected by the gen x and dragged back in. I feel we took a step foward and a step and a half back. Additionally, Mel is definitley still in love or has feelings for her. He is feeling rejected by her and it hurts so he verbally has to demean her to make her feel his pain. It's as old as the hills. Also from experience I know that someone on the recieving end of abuse in a relationship has to learn very quick not to disagree or confront thier abuser to avoid rocking the boat. You learn to internalize all feelings to avoid any form of abuse. :( I hope for thier childs sake they work thi all out. I never really cared for Mr. Gibson and this cemented my feelngs that I never will.

  73. 173

    Sounds like a TOTAL jerk, but she totally set him up too so everyone needs to remember there is another side to the story. How do we know she doesn't give it back to him when tapes aren't rolling? He's not the only man to be a mean asshole behind closed doors. Just think if everybody's dirty laundry was publicized - can't imagine how many men would lose their fans/jobs/etc. As uncalled for and terrible as he is to her on tape, he was right about one thing. Her boobs do look pretty bad/fake.

  74. 174

    wow wth makes people think they have the right to talk like he was talking to her? disgusting excuse for a human being

  75. 175

    You all are sick if you think this is no big deal and I never want to meet you people, otherwise I'd have to give you a rant on how to respect another human being. I am thoroughly disgusted by this. he apparently is a verbal and physical abuser coupled with a racist to boot! I will never pay money to watch another movie of his again. No one and I repeat no one no matter how angry should tell their former lover/gf/ mother of theri child that they hope she gets raped, that imo is some of the worst things you could say to another person!!! I hope he crawls into a hole and we never see him again..

  76. 176


  77. 177


  78. 178

    Well he sounds charming…

  79. 179

    everyone has used the N word in their private lives. EVERYONE. You shouldnt berate him for that..he thought he was talking to his GF albeit he was being abusive it was still their private convo. I bet every person on this site has used the N word.

  80. Wrenn says – reply to this


    Yeah…he's a nutjob, but she knew that before going into it. She wanted to have a baby by him to sponge off his money. She set him up really good…and the dumb ass fell for it.

  81. 181

    He sounds like a self-important jerk. Totally full of himself. He's blaming HER for something he brought on himself. What an Ass.

  82. 182

    Re: pastxmas – Are you saying she forced him to say those odious things lol? Coz something tells me no one can force him to do or say anything!

  83. 183

    This is probably how half of Hollywood is and none of us know it….the truth always comes out.

  84. 184

    Re: merryann33 – You damn right he just bought a one way ticket to the D-List his new movie should be called: CowardDick..I never liked his movies and I hope he knows now that Black ppl don't care for his RACIST, ANTI-SEMITIC HOLLWEIRD ASS…MEL GIBSON YOUR CAREER IS OFFICIALLY AND FINANCIALLY OVER…lmaoo xD

  85. 185

    opportunistic bitch. she kept calm cuz she was taping. has fake tits…he probably paid for - she said "i never lied I just didn't answer." he definitely needs help due to the system of dysfunction he'll keep attracting in woman, but big deal, he used some racial slurs in a private fight…i bet there isn't one person out there that hasn't and i'm sure all the african americans and latinos call us white bitches all the frigin time in their conversations.

  86. 186

    walking around with ur fake boobs! hahahaha

  87. 187

    He is truly an ugly man on the inside. However, I'm still perplexed at why she would tape this in the first place.

  88. 188

    This makes her look worse than him, imo. She clearly was setting him up at the most opportune time knowing how drinking will set off a tirade = bribery for bucks. I don't hear anything that makes me think he is any different than most people when they are really angry with a partner.

  89. 189

    come on, this bitch wore a hidden mike , provoked him and now is using it to get money from him…typical commie eastern european bitch…

  90. 190

    he is so drunk

  91. 191

    My word….I'm so disgusted by this man. He's worse than viral bacteria. Racist bitch..damn shame.

  92. 192

    TEAM MEL…………………….TEAM MEL……………TEAM MEL…………

  93. 193

    Team Mel!

  94. 194

    i feel bad that this was leaked, yes, it IS horrible, but let's face it, unfortunately, there are a lot of other ppl like this in the world and it sucks that this is released and the only reason why ppl care is because it's who he is.

  95. 195

    i could care less….loved braveheart though

  96. 196

    damn sugar tits

  97. 197

    I always found him to be pretty conceited and creepy. He certainly has a few screws loose.

  98. 198

    OMG, she stayed so cool! I would have started crying on the spot. What an idiot. I hope this is staged because no one deserves to be spoken to that way.

    He kind of sounds drunk of that tape.

  99. 199

    She wanted him. She got pregnant to seal the deal. She should have to deal with it. He's fucking mental. She's a fucking whore. Good team.

  100. 200

    Re: SmileBiteMe – Yeah, at first I thought this was some type of phone conversation….like she is holding the recorder to the receiver? Did she specify how they confronted each other? (phone, in person?)

    His voice and tone are quite strange.

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