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EXPLOSIVE!!! The First Tape Of Mel Gibson's Racist And Hate-Filled Rants Released!!!

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This is revolting, disgusting, deplorable….there aren't enough words.

The first tape featuring one of MELtdown Gibson's vile outbursts towards his GF Oksana Grigorieva has just been released.

We warn you, this is not any easy thing to listen to. In fact, we venture to say that it is one of the worst things we have ever heard in our lives. The hate in his voice is just so disturbing. Clearly, he's wasted, but that isn't an excuse.

Listen to the shocking audio (below).

As far as we can see, there is no redemption after this.

He is a scary, vile subhuman!

[Image via WENN.]

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341 comments to “EXPLOSIVE!!! The First Tape Of Mel Gibson's Racist And Hate-Filled Rants Released!!!”

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  1. 301

    what a disgusting little man, he better never work in hollywood again

  2. 302

    Some people are commenting that it wasn't so bad?? I don't get it. He was so racist and verbally abusive. He's disgusting! And if ppl actually thought this was no big deal, then we have serious issues in our society these days.

  3. 303

    I hurt. a week ago i saw 4 dvds on sale of leathal weapon 1-4. i bought it. i came home laughed all over again, the decided to check out my messages, and this is the s@#t i read. God Bless this Lost, tortured and misguided FOOL

  4. 304

    Well he must have been aware that she does not have any class, so

  5. 305

    There's a crusade against Mel Gibson, because he tells the truth in his movies about fighting for freedom…. The global elite dont want that and Mel Didnt listen. In talkshows he's always edgy telling things about the NWO, but the knows when he tells to much, for example about 9-11 as a famous actor, he wikll end up dead….Although the New World Order is pulling all the stops to make sure his career will be. Check inforwars . com

  6. 306

    Dude! Mel sucks for ranting off like that, but for her to record and let the public hear it….she is doing it for fame! Trying to get herself more out there!

  7. 307

    How do we know that this IS really Mel Gibson?? Is their any real proof? With all the technology out there, and a possible child custody battle pending, it is not inconceivable to me that other things could be at play here…Mel may be an alchoholic but he's certainly not stupid…just saying

  8. 308

    Mel should have know not to fuck with a Russian Bitch that looks like the Octo-mom freaking twin. lmao

  9. 309

    Re: pastxmas – As a woman once in a formerly abusive relationship, she sounds EXACTLY like what an abused woman sounds like. We keep our voices low, we generally try not to say anything, because the verbal abuse will skyrocket & that's also when the physical abuse kicks in. You learn to be as mild-mannered as possible; it's a defense mechanism. I will say this, she did defend herself regarding some of the things he said, but most abused women -in spite of knowing what will happen - instinctively try to defend themselves sometimes. Particularly over the false sense of safety b/c the abuse is via phone. I don't care if she was after his money; he knew all along what he was getting into and what her motivations were. That is no excuse for his behavior. His adult children must be mortified.

  10. 310

    Regardless of whether or not his accusations of her are true or not, or whether alcohol contributed to his behavior or not, you just do NOT spew such bullshit. She had best get what she can, get her own place, and stay the hell away from him. I wouldn't feel comfortable staying in his house after all that vile racist vomit came out of his mouth. Not even a public apology would help at this point. I also don't think anger management would help. His public image now just comes off as hypocritical and misogynistic. I hope you enjoyed your career while you had one.

  11. 311

    set-up… too bad he fell for her. when will he stop thinking w/ his d*ck! these russians can't be trusted!!!! sorry, but it's the truth.

  12. 312

    Re: Marv Plum
    ur sick

  13. 313

    Wow is all I have to say:( i feel sooooo sorry for for her this must have went on for sometime before she started recording this:(Very sad an to Oskana… girlfriend you are beautiful and I love your boobies:)))

  14. 314

    And Face book should make a thumbs down…because I sure as hell don't like that!!!

  15. 315

    Gangsta! I'm talking about her. She sounds so calm like "keep talking boo. I need this on tape"

  16. ass says – reply to this


    aaaahahaha. Not only do you have horrible grammar and spelling, but you made TWO mistakes in a URL. You're such a clusterfuck Perez.

  17. 317

    In fairness, he has a good point. She does dress like a whore.

  18. Tohe says – reply to this


    So the woman is a whore in heat for black cock! what's new? Give Mel a break, he is saying what so many of us wish had the balls to say.

  19. 319

    No-one in their right mind behaves like this. I think this dude has early onset Alzheimer's or plain old dementia. We're going here about him being committed sooner or later - regular rehab ain't gonna fix him.

  20. Fern says – reply to this


    This is one of the worst things you've ever heard in your life? hmmmm…..sheltered life you lead. I mean, it's awful and MG is a straight up pig with obvious mental problems but i thought is was going to be so much worse. The worst thing is that he'll rebound from this too. Hollywood is the most evil place on the planet and the public worship of these "entertainers" (who make the money that teachers or cancer surgeons should make) is the most evil part of all.

  21. 321

    what a dick.

  22. 322

    Wow!! This tape sounded like a movie of the worst kind. Too bad he's not acting this time. All I can say is hypocrite and set up. She set this fool up. He's a fool for messing up his marriage of 30 years. Maybe he had a mid life crisis and lost his mind. The chick is too young and immature anyway. What about the Passion of Christ!!! Sad to know how he feels about his black brothers. According to the news his white brothers are doing a lot of raping and killing their wives. Asshole!!!

  23. 323

    i dont know if i would call it a "rant'. while the subjet of rape is no laughing matter i think he is acting like a coward. he is using his sharp tongue to distract from his own role in their relationship. he had his good times with her and now he's done. he is disgusting.

  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    You don't hook up with a hot woman and then later tear her down for looking the way that made you go effing after her in the first place. You don't belittle and try to change what had you chasing them. Did he think he was what'shispickle in My Fair Lady? A Svengali? It looks to me like she Svengali'd HIM, like a pro. Thinking with the wrong body part'll get you every time.

  25. 325

    Honestly, you people who think she is innocent are mad. If you have been abused you don't go showing it off and put out phonecalls on the internet where you obviously do not care for what he says about you. Look at rihanna and many other celebrities who have been abused THEY DO NOT TALK ABOUT IT AND THEY CERTAINLY DO NOT PUT UP TAPE RECORDINGS. They dont even tape it. fucktards give mel a break if u had someone close to you who was provoking you like she apparently does you would loose it too…..

  26. 326

    wow. this woman is a deceitful snake. this goes to show how far people are willing to go for money and attention. Everyone has issues. But to throw your personal life out there like that is despicable. I'm not sure who messed up more with this, him or her. If she finds the relationship so intolerable she should walk out, but she's out to destroy him. What an evil woman. This does not in anyway change my perception of Gibson as an artist. So his personal life isn't perfect. I'm not surprised. I still love you Mel and your work. Wish you could get help for whatever is troubling you.

  27. 327

    He's disgusting and foul, but it's not the worst I've ever heard. In fact, I'm sure I've heard the same sentence from at least 3 of my exes.

  28. 328

    Vile piece of shit.

  29. 329

    Releasing privately recorded tapes is a deplorable tactic and potentially misleading. People say things in anger and you have no idea what led up to these outbursts. People should reserve judgement on this matter as you have no idea what really went on.

    It is sad, and I feel sorry for the children. Not only because of the obvious volatile relationship breakdown, but also because it is now so public.

  30. 330

    bloody hell.

  31. 331

    Anyone who agrees with what this misogynist pig is saying should be shot for being so fucking ignorant and sexist.

  32. 332

    omg he has fallen of the wagon real bad

  33. 333

    Is he drunk or mentally ill? Or both? I had thought that maybe he was going through a classic mid-life crisis until hearing this! How can a guy who acts and thinks like him possibly work as an entertainer, role model, and someone who makes people happy? What an asshole! Thank you for informing us! Wut a piece-o-shit!

  34. 334


    This is Mel Gibson and I would like to issue a public apology at this time. Please understand that this phone call was recorded without my knowing and should have never been public. Unfortunately, this kind of invasion of privacy is the fate of being a celebrity.

    That said, I am not going to apologize to the African Americans for my use of the n-word because I simply am not a racist. Most people know I have very many black friends and when I used that word, it was in rage and used to describe "hootrats" or "gangbangers" who are undoubtedly white, black, hispanic & asain. Behind closed doors, I believe every person who speaks English has said it.

    Secondly, before any of you call me a racist, it's important to know just what racism is. If you are trying to tell me that I cannot use a certain word in the privacy of my home because of my skin color then you are a racist. So remember what the bible says about pointing the finger because the last thing I am is a racist.

    Lastly, it's time for a change. I'm not writing this to save face, I'm writing this because I think the n-word is overrated. Get over it. I'm sure you have your own life to worry about.

    Mel Gibson

  35. 335

    Perez, is that the real Mel Gibson who posted that letter of apology on here right after the comment that I posted about him today? MEL, IS THAT YOU? If it is, please email me at IAmTheLaughingBuddha@Yahoo.Com! I turn 47 this month, and that would be a thrilling birthday present to myself if it really was Mel! ~ From Shelly in Puyallup, WA! :-D

  36. 336

    mel,as we say in the uk,u have been stitched up like a kipper…ditch the bitch and concentrate on the kids.

  37. 337

    Re: Mel Gibson – If you're going to quote the Bible, include ALL of it, which also says, "Love they neighbor as theyself!"

  38. 338

    I am not surprised by this outbursed. These people are in the middle of a very nasty divorce. Did we expect them to talk in a civil way to eachother? He is an alcoholic and she is a probably nothing more than a golddigger. And I have to admit that she looks cheap (but he knew that already because she has looked this way during their relationship too). He probably just doesn't want the mother of his child looking like a prostitute.
    He is probably just saying out loud what most people think anyway (btw this was a private conversation –> not supposed to be shared with the rest of the world). Maybe we all just should pay attention to ourselves instead condemning other people. And I am not trying to say that what he said is nice or proper (because it isn't), but just keep in mind that he is in an emotional state of mind.

  39. 339

    Re: Mel Gibson – - Ok, sure thing Mel.

  40. 340

    Re: Mel Gibson – You should not be using Mel Gibson's name. I'm not amused at whoever wrote this. Let Mel Gibson fight his own battles and issue his own statements. People are going crazy for sure. WE are in the last days!! Who cares about name calling. Like you said there are more serious things going on in the world. I am an African American, bi-racial woman who doesn't care about the N word! I know WHO and WHOSE I am. A beautiful child of the LIVING GOD. You just need to practice what you preach.

  41. 341

    oh my god mel you are a crazy ass white boy! but i thought it was kind of funny but fucked up too.

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