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207 comments to “GaGa Plays John Lennon's Piano!”

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  1. 101

    oh gross…at least she's sitting on something to keep her nasty butt off the nice white piano bench.

  2. 102

    Re: SwedishSweetheart – The fact that you call yourself "SwedishSweetheart" makes me almost hate being Swedish. So hateful and snide. Gaga isnt the only artist out there and she certainly isnt the best. Lennon was one of the many that paved the way for this bitch. Be grateful and cool your fucking jets.

  3. 103

    This is a shame. I don't know what's more sad, the fact that this thing that will be forgotten in two years is playing a legend's piano, or the fact that she had the nerve to think it's completely ok to show up in her nasty underwear.

  4. 104

    i'm sorry but this is very disrespectful. John Lennon let her play his piano and she couldn't even put clothes on. i love Gaga but this whole underwear 24/7 thing has to stop. she has money for pants, i'm sure of it.

  5. 105

    mistake on that last comment, i meant Sean Lennon let her play the piano. RIP John.

  6. 106

    Wow….I'm speechless. She's a fucking devil worshiping, Illuminati whore, puppet has the honor of playing Lennon's piano? She's with the same ppl he went against and who ultimately murdered him. Sean and Yoko are idiots…just wow!!

  7. 107

    my comment didnt go thru, i want to apologize for the mistake in my previous comment. meant to type Sean Lennon let her play his piano.

  8. 108

    This is fucking musical blasphemy. What the fuck, Yoko? Not cool at all.

  9. 109

    blasphemous. caca will roast in hell.

  10. 110

    She should be wearing pants or at least something under her crotch. Disrespectful!!!!

  11. 111

    Who let that tranny hooker play his piano/ Hopefully they disinfected the seat.

  12. 112

    rip john lennon, rip music and hopefully rip lady gaga, bitch needs to die, her shit will nevr come close to the beauty and love lennon brought to this world.

  13. 113

    Citi Field, Yankee Stadium, Yoko's house…does she ever go anywhere wearing all of her clothes?????????

  14. 114

    The piano needs to be destroyed; it's now contaminated by one too many skanks…

  15. 115

    It is just a piano. You guys act like Lennon was a deity. You all need to get up off your knees and wipe the jizzstain from your lips. I'm more concerned for Lupita, the housekeeper who has to scrub off those thong sweat and caca stains from the bench.

  16. 116

    There's a huge part of me that's really jealous, another amazed, and mostly kind of disgusted that they would let lady gaga touch John Lennon's Piano are you kidding meeee get your hands off this priceless work of art, soul, love , real TALENT that has graced that piano. I can't believe the Lennon family would be such sell outs and when does his son care about John he hated him so what the fuck?? Family should be ashamed of themselves.

  17. 117

    and that's what she wears??? what a dirty fukin hoe bag.. she should have been a lot more tasteful at least!!

  18. 118

    Poor piano :(

  19. 119

    Tell that bitch to get the fuck off that piano, she is a total embarrassment to music and shouldn't even be close to the talent of John Lennon.

  20. 120

    Three words: overrated squirrel face.

  21. 121

    shes a tramp I hate her

  22. 122

    poor piano….

  23. 123

    She should have a little more respect for that piano and cover up a little bit. By the way…is that what she wears at all times of the day??? Just hanging out with friends, she looks like she should be on the show "Hookers at the Point"…

  24. 124

    that's disgusting…I wouldn't let her pick up my dog's poop let alone touch a piano…especially if it was Lennon's

  25. 125

    What a fuckin disgrace.

  26. 126

    what a travesty.

  27. 127

    she looks like a bruised up crack whore!!

  28. 128

    I like her music, it is catchy, but seriously…quit licking each other's vagina all the time. Gaga will disappear in a few years.

  29. Catty says – reply to this


    this pisses me off, you don't mess with the bible!

  30. 130

    She looks like she's pooping, but she's thin now so a point for her

  31. 131

    She has a couple of fun songs, but people seriously need to get the fuck off her balls. EVERYTHING she does is blatantly copied from someone else. Nothing about her is epic, innovative, artistic, or anything special in any way…unless you've never heard of Madonna, Michael Jackson, or David bowie. I don't think that there's anything wrong with enjoying her music, but there are oodles of artists-true artists-out there that are more derserving of all the praise she gets.

  32. 132


  33. 133

    Re: Zbornak
    I know what you mean. Feels ashamed to be Swedish myself then.

  34. 134

    I bet she left smudges on the bench.

  35. 135

    get off his piano, john lennon is rolling in his grave right now. you've been popular for 10 seconds, you are not an icon no matter how satisfied perez is for "discovering" you. you're not an icon you're a flash in the pan. go fade away in germany with hasselhoff.

  36. 136

    wow, that must have been amazing.

    But she is loosing so much weight! She needs a long and deserved break.

  37. 137

    John Lennon is pretty much rolling over in his grave right now. Thanks asshole. This is why people dislike yoko so much. I know they don't have teams or anything, but uh, TEAM JULIAN!

  38. 138

    Re: Swedish Beauty – I am Swedish too and I feel the same. Can you image this person actually said they would die for Gaga in another news article?

    To say that about a celebrity is just plain wrong.

  39. 139

    how many gaggag posts in the last 24 hours? 20? And Swedish sweetheart. Take a pill for fucks sake

  40. 140

    THIS IS A DISGRACE!!! SHE is playing the GREATEST JOHN LENNONS piano?!!!
    In these clothes and looking horny?!

  41. 141

    Ten bucks says she left a skid mark on that bench.

  42. Dusss says – reply to this


    Re: sassafras – yes.. it's cool for HER. It's cool for everyone to play Lennons piano. Talented or not.
    But SHE's still overrated and ready to snap.

  43. 143

    Lady Gaga has been playing piano since she was 4 years old, a prodigy apparently, and studied music at college so don't slag her off just because she doesn't happen to play classical piano. When I think of some of the Beatles/John Lennon's stuff I cringe, John Lennon was not god and I think he would have liked Gaga playing his piano. Just because Perez overposts about her is no reason to slag her off, she is not complicit in what he chooses to do (I have a feeling she wishes he would just go away, lol!). I have no problem with anyone not liking the music but the disgusting foul-mouthed personal insults are a step too far! I cannot understand why all you Gaga haters bother to keep reading his posts about her, maybe you are secret fans but get your little teenage rocks off from trolling around on here irritating the rest of us. Dont like her/him - don't f***ing read it morons!

    The day people are held more accountable for filth they post on the internet is coming very soon, not soon enough for me!

  44. 144

    What song "she" graced the piano with??!

    Are you out of your ever-loving mind??! Really, a run of the mill, carbon copy, flavor of the month pop singer is "gracing" John Lennons piano. You fucking little twat, perez, you need an education badly.

  45. 145

    boring !!! madonna wannabe. thank u perez for tweet that madonna is the queen supreme. u right
    and about gaga plz this is bullshit. she took the pis for promotion-. do u know how many times madonn was at eltons place?? million times and she never took a pic
    gaga is lame

  46. 146

    madonna 275 million albums world. wow

  47. 147

    put some clothes on have some RESPECT

  48. 148

    Re: fritty – beautiful

  49. 149

    Yep. I'm really sure John Lennon would be incredibly proud to see this.

  50. 150


  51. 151

    this is absolutely a disgrace and absolutely disgusting to have this hollywood whore even touch his piano…she's only been on the scene since what 08? and yet hollywood gives her a pass for big things like this? She has to earn her way towards respect, not whore herself for it.

  52. 152

    GET THE FUCK OFF OF THAT PIANO..YOU FILTHY GUTTER TROLL! yet another reason to dislike yoko and sean lennon…bastards

  53. 153

    I bow to that one. She was busting out a tune on Lennon's "white piano." That is a holy s moment.

  54. 154

    It's John Lennon's piano. No one else should be playing it :

  55. 155

    awwww i love her and all but she is NOT worthy. John is a legend and she is well… a fad.

  56. 156

    put some clothes on and have some respect

  57. 157

    Utter & total disgrace

  58. 158

    I realize Perez crams her down our throats, but I am sure that would have been cool, I just wish people would quit hating on her. I mean so many people took the time to read this post, and comment on it, yet she makes you barf ? I bet they sit in front of their computer bashing every gaga post, all the while claiming to hate her. If she is so bad, go find something else to do, don't listen or buy her music, read posts about her, or type in www.perezhilton.com into your browser, all this hating is making her richer than you, and more famous..if you don't liker her music that is cool, just haters are just as bad as perez posting her every move, it's annoying.

  59. 159

    You might want to check your facts. I thought that piano was sold at auction.

  60. slip says – reply to this


    She needs to learn how to turn it OFF from time to time. If she ever came to my home dressed like that I would turn a water hose on her.

  61. slip says – reply to this


    Welcome to the all new perezgaga.com

  62. 162

    Re: jp1988
    " GaGa gets to play John Lennon's piano….Madonna is friends with Paul McCartney, I think that pretty much explains the hierarchy that exists in music."
    Actually that doesn't prove shit. McCartney has a lot of friends in the industry; Madonna just happens to be one of them. But I'm sure he invites Madge over all the time just so that he can hear her BRILLIANT guitar playing.

  63. 163

    I can't believe a forgettable pop product, produced en massa to satisfy the economical needs of corporate men in suits, has touched John's Sacred Piano?
    That is ridiculous.
    Music as an art has died. Fucking industry.

  64. 164


  65. 165

    Re: jp1988
    "Madonna was considered to be a walking "sex goddess" and revolutionized modern feminism buy spreading the message that women who liked sex could be smart and powerful and saying there was nothing wrong with that."
    Actually women already knew that before Madonna arrived on the scene. They weren't THAT repressed or living in the Dark Ages before Madonna came along and preached her platitudes about "expressing yourself."

  66. 166

    Re: MadonnaLive
    You idiot! Lady GaGa didn't go to John's house just to have her picture taken. Sean Lennon took the picture and posted it himself. And to all you people whom are saying John Lennon would roll over in his grave obviously don't know John Lennon.
    Re: lightoverdarkness
    Hollywood didn't "give her a pass." She was invited over by Yoko & Sean.

  67. 167

    Can I just say this? When I think of Lady GaGa - I think Performance Art. John Lennon LOVED performance art, Yoko is a performance artist (in the loosest possible terms), and I'm not one bit surprised that she's friends with Sean. He's an eclectic little guy. It must have been a huge thrill for GaGa to play Lennon's piano - I'm quite sure she didn't hurt it. And I really wish Perez would stop making her into a huge puke. Out of costume, that girl can SING and as a Mom - I think she's a beautiful looking girl when she doesn't have all that crap on her face. But view her as a Performance artist - she is a walking singing artistic statement. You might also wanna Google Ms. Yoko and check out some of the costumes she's appeared in over the course of her life.

  68. 168

    She rules the universe, woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  69. 169

    Why is she wearing underwear everywhere?? Doesnt she has money to buy normal clothes? She is a good singer, doesnt need to wear lingerie to get attention. Is ridiculous!!! Is an insut to Jonh's Lennon family and fans.

  70. 170

    oh please! i bet john lennons turning in his fkn grave. 3 famewhores, lady- haha, yoko-only-wants-money and that tw@t sean lennon. The only one mentioned in this article who had talent was john lennon and hs fucking dead!

  71. 171

    The least she could've done is not be in her fucking underwear…put some fucking clothes on whore!

  72. 172

    my god, what an absolute fugly skank with cheap clothes …

  73. 173

    This is a travesty. John Lennon must be rolling in his grave.

  74. 174

    Look @ how SLUTTY dressed Lady Carbon Copy is dressed!! So WHORISH she has to put a jacket down on poor John Lennon's piano bench so she doesn't leave a snail trail!


  75. 175

    Re: Mad DogRe: Ruhbeckuhhh – Agree to both!!!

  76. 176

    Re: Saetana – She plays piano like any other borderline pianist.Plonk,plonk,plonk.She IS complicit with everything he posts,otherwise she would put an end to it.She has a vocal range of something less than one octave,that's why she singtalks through every song.She's a noted plagarist.She's such a pretentious,arrogant,famewhore that she still can't differentiate between acceptable behavior and obnoxious,repulsive behavior.
    Now back into your basement hideaway,ya little munster imbecile.

  77. 177

    Re: Mad Dog – AGREED. PEREZ, FUCK YOU! Graced those keys? Lennon and Gags shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath. CLIMB DOWN FROM INSIDE HER ASS AND SEE HER FOR WHAT SHE REALLY IS!!!!!

  78. 178

    graced those keys? fuck off.

  79. 179

    Gawd she is touching his piano dressed like a hooker… GREAT………….

  80. 180

    Ridiculous! How so? I hated this promotional game!

  81. 181

    Re: chadstermac – it has John Lennon and yoko Ono on the pot and were curious whatr she did to them. I'm actually very shocked. maybe yoko Ono didn't know and wasn't there.

  82. kacky says – reply to this


    That's how you dress to go to someone's house? Blech. I'm glad they made her put a towel under her nasty ass.

  83. 183

    Lady Gaga is talented.She can sing and dance and play the piano.Plus she writes her own song.The only problem with her is that people compare her with Madonna.She needs to change her look and go on with her career.She needs to dye her hair black and stop imitating Madonna in her videos.Otherwise her critics will never let go.

  84. 184

    I WANNA GO TO THE DAKOTA TOO! Shiiiiit. John muthafuckin' Lennon's piano! That's too cool to imagine. I can't even play piano but I'd be all over that just to pick up the Lennon-y vibes. Get away, Gaga! I don't get Sean Lennon. He even put Lindsay Lohan in one of his music videos. Maybe he's trying to be the postmodern Jesus that his papa was by hangin' out with prostitutes. But still, congrats to Stefani Germanotta for getting to do something so amaaazing.

  85. 185

    Re: fiona1978
    The only problem is, Madonna had her hair black for the "Rain" video. Christina & Britney also had their hair black at one point or another. So if Gaga dyed her hair black, you could almost guarantee people would point out that very small similarity and scream she's copying Madonna & Co. again.

  86. npc25 says – reply to this


    i mean its like every time this woman blinks her eyes you post about it.
    sean lennon is a fame whore.
    i suppose now you'll start saying tranny gaga is as good as john lennon

  87. npc25 says – reply to this


    Re: SwedishSweetheart
    dude swedish sweetheart, let it go….you act like you constantly need to defend lady gaga, get a new hobby. or start your own blog instead of always posting stories on here in posts that have nothing to do with what you're talking about. you're so annoying

  88. npc25 says – reply to this


    Re: SwedishSweetheart

  89. npc25 says – reply to this


    Re: SwedishSweetheart
    youre embarrassing. you act as if gaga needs your defense or something…get a fuckin life.

  90. Bree says – reply to this


    What a disgrace to see! John Lennon is turning in his grave!

  91. 191

    …She graced it with a song called, "My Secret Peen".

  92. 192

  93. 193

    This isn't the piano he composed Imagine on George Michael bought that one at auction years ago and it's a sort of tan brown colour not white. This is just the one he used in the video for Imagine but it's not THE Imagine piano. Anyway I don't know why people are getting so excited, she does play piano and quite well, why shouldn't she play this one?

  94. 194

    All these people acting like Puritans over her choice of clothing (even though she looks well covered) are the ones with the dirty minds. John Lennon never had a problem with nudity; he even posed nude on album and magazine covers. What she's wearing in this picture is hardly inappropriate.

  95. 195

    Re: Mad Dog

    You're going nowhere in life. Did you know that?

  96. 196

    i swear she is so effin overrated. and so are you perez.

  97. 197

    she looks like a hoe! gosh she's so ugly

  98. 198

    I believe that Gaga is actually a man who is secretly dating Perez Hilton. That's why he promotes her so much. Just kidding, but what she is doing shows VERY little respect for the legend John Lennon. Sean, you disappoint me very much. What will your mother say?!

  99. 199

    first off, none of you people have any right to speak for john lennon. who the fck led you all to feel so entitled that you're trying to assume john lennon's opinion? honestly, nobody can say whether he would like or dislike her, and obviously, yoko and sean don't particularly care that she's in her underwear, it's not as though she really wears anything else. look at all of you, critiquing her clothes, her hair, making assumptions, you have no right. nobody has to like lady gaga, and nobody is forcing you to, but i would say that if you consider perez "pathetic" or "obsessed" with gagaloo, all of you are obsessed with him for stalking his website and leaving inconsequential commentary. gaga is sitting, in her thong, laughing at people like you because you know what? she doesn't give a shit, perez doesn't give a shit, nobody gives a shit, all of you need to get a fucking full time job and find something a little more productive to do than sit around and hate on people, or you know, SPEAK FOR SOMEONE, that someone being lennon, WHO PROBABLY, REALISTICALLY, WOULD LIKE GAGA INFINITELY MORE THAN SOME IDIOT PUTTING WORDS INTO HIS MOUTH. oh, and as far as originality goes, ALL OF YOU SAY THE SAME THING 'lennon is rolling in his grave'; HOW ABOUT A SPARK OF SOME FCKING CREATIVITY?

  100. 200

    She's at John Lennon's apartment, not his funeral, people. She can wear whatever she wants. It apparently didn't bother Yoko nor Sean–I mean Sean IS the one who took the photo.
    And far as Sean being a famewhore–where did that come from? When's the last time you've heard ANYTHING about him in the news?

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