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Leona's Jilted Ex Wants Her To Pay Up!

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What the hell?

Leona Lewis recently split from her long-time ex, Lou Al-Chamaa, whom she has dated over ten years, and now he's apparently asking for her to pay up big time!

Despite her already offering him their home, it's not enough! The jilted ex wants almost $3 million from her!

A source says:

"He believes he has played a huge role in Leona's success. They have been together for more than ten years and he has encouraged her to fulfill her potential. He believes he has the rights of a common-law husband. He even filled in her X Factor application form and believes he then played a huge role in her success… He claims he owns a piece of some of her songs and should benefit financially. She has offered him their house in Hackney but he insists that is not enough. It looks like it could get messy."

This looks like it's going to get very VERY messy!

What do U think?? Is Leona's ex entitled to that much money, or is he just being a cry-baby?

[Image via WENN.]

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78 comments to “Leona's Jilted Ex Wants Her To Pay Up!”

  1. 1

    jeez… what a situation.
    i thin he is entitled to some, after 10 years, wow.

  2. 2

    Absolutley he's entitled to a settlement. Common Law partners have many of the same rights as a spouse. I know many people who've been screwed over because of Common Law status… don't forget kiddies, just because someone is living with you and you haven't tied the knot, doesn't mean you dont' have to pay up when it's over… This guy is obviously wanting to get as much as possible from Leona… but he was with her and supported her the same as any legal spouse. He should get the same rights as a spouse.

  3. 3

    too bad common law marriage is just a layman's term and doesn't exist in the uk. he won't get a cent

  4. 4

    what an asshole! He just wants money, he's a fucking low life!

  5. 5

    you know what when you're wih someone for ten years you should be rewarded for the support and assitance you provide your partner. It's a partnership. It depends how much the home is worth and is it paid in full. If the home costs 3 mil and they owe 2.5, really what's he getting? debt that he probably can't afford to manage at a bluecollar job if that's what he does. He fostered her iprise and contributed. he should be rewarded up to this day and not any further… they need to part ways

  6. 6

    I honestly don't believe he deserves anything. Does common law marriage even exsist in Britian? Is she old enough to qualify for common law marriage and has to wait to marry til she's 18 is she's under 25 does that count? It honestly horrible this relationship ended. And isn't being offered a home good enough for him? Millions don't even have that.

  7. 7

    I think it's fair personally. He supported and encouraged her in her career for over a decade, and actually took the initiative to fill the form out for her. Yeah ok they aren't married so legally maybe it's a bit sketchy of he'll actually get anything but I get why he's asking.

  8. 8

    That's ridiculous. He shouldn't get ANYTHING.

  9. 9

    I love how one sided the few that are against the man getting anything , yet if it was the other way around she deserves it , fucking hypocrites.

  10. 10

    yes he's entitled. she looks to shy to have done it all herself. too vague.

  11. 11

    He's totally being a cry baby. I don't doubt that he was waiting for her to get famous and make some money to leave her. In fact, I think that's the only reason he was with her. He's a loser. Move on Leona, you got bigger fish to fry honey.

  12. 12

    Re: thepaparazzi – NO FUCKING DUH. That's what he said he wants. Good job pointing that out CAPTAIN OBVIOUS. If he helped write a song he is entitled to royalties. You just hate men, because if it was the other way around, you'd be wanting the woman to get money.

  13. 13

    If he helped her, he's entitled. Hell, if one helps their spouse create a resume or fills out a job application for them, they're entitled to something if they split.

  14. 14

    they were never married, he isn't entitled to shit.

  15. 15

    Re: dudeulookstupid – It's not worth much. Hackney is basically the biggest dump north of the river (arguably the biggest dump in London)
    He's an electrician and their 'house' is a two bedroom flat.

  16. 16

    So just b/c he filled out some paperwork he thinks he should get $3 million? Whatever he's mad b/c his greedy ass got dumped.

  17. YUCK says – reply to this


    he is entitled to something. but were they living together? how much did he actually contribute?

  18. 18

    So sad they broke up… I've been with my boyfriend for ten years… he's been very supportive and encouraging over the years. if i became rich and famous and dumped him, i think he would deserve some sort of payout. so yeah… i say give the guy some kind of settlement

  19. 19

    he doesn't deserve a penny of her money!! he wasn't even married 2 her!! the house is more than he deserves.

  20. 20

    Cry baby that's all !! If he wanted to be treated as a husband he should have put a ring on it a long time ago !!!

  21. 21

    he should get NOTHING!

  22. 22

    Well, maybe some money…but never $3mil!! That's just milking it and use her deserved fame and money. He's an arse…

  23. 23

    She gave him the house…she is being more the generous…That is enough.

  24. 24

    Well she gave him the house. Some people far richer don't get that! I would offer him a few more bucks, but what did he actually do for her besides fill out a resume and application?

  25. 25

    ahahaha! Leona, honey, don't let that jigga take shit from you!

  26. 26

    Incredible how common it has become to blackmail celeb ex partners into giving alimony. If she don't pay up, he will probably sell his story to the gossip rags.

  27. 27

    In the U.S. Common Law doesn't begin til - what - 8 years? 10 years of living together? And that would've dated back to her being 15, so I see no "common law" argument working here. Not to mention, if he wanted the legal rights of a spouse, he should have legally married her. Otherwise, why does ANYONE get married, if "dating" someone for that long automatically gives you the same benefits.

    And if his argument that he supported her along the way, then what about her parents? Can they come along and say she owes them money? What about her 8th grade music teacher? These are hypothetical, but what I'm saying is that he has no legal rights to her money. If you are dating or are good friends with someone while they become successful, then you owe them money for encouraging you!??! That makes no sense!

  28. 28

    This is so RIDICULOUS. Yes, they were together for 10 years, but she was a minor for a good chunk of that and gone for another big chunk (when she was making the money). This is not like a mature couple who created a life and family together, or a true marriage between adults. It was admirable she offered him a house, no matter what it is worth - she doesn't have to give him a thing, and I actually hope she doesn't. I dated my high school sweetheart for ten years, hoping he'd grow up one day so we could marry. He didn't. I dumped him. Neither one of us for a single second thought of asking for anything from the other. And, yeah, I wrote his college application, filled out his job applications, and helped him study for his licensing … just like he gave me moral support during graduate school and gave me flowers for passing my own licensing. ALL couples are supportive of each other (isn't that sort of the definition?!), but we decided NOT to marry after all!!! The rules shouldn't change just because someone is famous or makes a ton of money. My ex made a couple million while we were together. HE made it, not me. I didn't ask for a penny, nor did I deserve one. We were each building our lives … STUPID. People need to take care of themselves. Families dividing up labor (one staying home for kids) is another story…

  29. 29

    Re: WhatWhat4454 – Nicely put.

  30. 30

    If he was too dumb to put a ring on it then he doesn't deserve jack shit.

  31. 31

    If I was with a man for ten years and filled out his paperwork and supported him through everything, hell yeah I'd want something too if we broke up!

  32. 32


  33. 33

    He's a scorned lover. She dumped him the second her career got started due to society and Hollywood's standards. "You're too good looking for him" "You're too rich/famous for him dump him"

    He stood by her when she was a loser without a pot to piss in. The second she got rich/famous and started getting offers from better looking more financially off men she dumped him. Sue her.

  34. 34

    so if two best friends break up who have been best friends for years does one have to pay the other a sum of money if one is much richer than the other and was given support that a friend would generally give?

  35. 35

    Re: WhatWhat4454 – yeah i totally agree. when you try to make a name for yourself and scale up the ladder one is obviously going to receive support–whether it be from a best friend, parent, or spouse. in this case it was just a long time boyfriend. so get over it leona's ex-boyfriend, just because you gave her support like ANY loved one would, doesn't mean she would automatically benefit from your specific support and become a star. Her success is not owed to you, it's in part due to support, however majorly in part of her own talent, skills, etc. it's not like you can walk and breathe for her. you gave her the support but SHE IS THE ONE who walked the walk and carried it out. btw you're not even her husband so get over it. you wont win this legal case.

  36. 36

    jesus when did men start acting like jilted women?

  37. 37

    Leona dumped him because she is famous. No other reason im sure. This is typical. He deserves money.. Though I guess she doesn't really have that much since her career has gone down the shitter

  38. 38

    Re: razzzy
    That's absurd. He isn't entitled to any of her money.

  39. 39

    i feel bad for him, but i dont think he should sue her..

  40. 40

    She looks like a transvestite. Ugh!

  41. EvanC says – reply to this


    This is a lie. Lou himself tweeted that this story was bullshit when the Sun first reported it. It's not turning nasty between them and neither of them are going to blab shit to anybody and reporting shit like this won't do it either. This is sad because it's only going to put Lou in a bad light and it shouldn't be that way because he's been nothing but supportive of Leona (even defending her in a few tweets) since the breakup.

    Just leave their personal lives alone. Unlike most celebrities, she and Lou have enough class not to let the whole world know what's going because they want some cheap publicity. And they know it's no one's business but theirs. Plus more than likely, after Leona's WW tour and album 3 recording process finishes, they'll probably reconcile.

  42. EvanC says – reply to this


    And when it comes to her looks, people need to shut the fuck up about it. So she isn't perfect. Big fucking deal. She's happy with herself and if you aren't then you've apparently got something wrong with yourself as well. It's people that trash other people's looks that cause them to go out and get unnecessary work done to themselves that only makes them look worse.

  43. 43

    I think he is being petty, but at the same time think she is a bitch for dumping him like she did. Not sure about this one.

  44. 44

    if women can take a man for all he is worth why can't a man do it to a woman?

    go son! get that cash!

  45. 45

    yeah, i think he is in this case, he should get the same as any husband would get.

  46. 46

    Re: londoncat88 – I does exist in the UK… at least in Scotland.

  47. 47

    That's just nuts. Other than child support and a few months worth of spousal support (or longer if you were just running the home without an external job) I don't understand why ex-bfs/gfs/wives/husbands ask for an obnoxious amount of money.

    Dude, I basically filled out all of my ex-boyfriend's resumes, etc. Should I get his future earnings? Nope. I wouldn't even ask. Even if that was a super rich ex-husband, I've lived on 18 cents before and I could do it again. Crazy people.

    Anyway, is there common law marriage in the UK?

  48. 48

    Cause if he liked it, then he shoulda put a ring on it,
    If he liked it, then he shoulda put a ring on it,
    Don't be mad once you see that he want it,
    If he liked it, then he shoulda put a ring on it,
    Woah oh oh, oh oh……

  49. 49

    Relationships end , for whatever reason, especially in such young age.
    He is a goldigger, so what if he supported her ? THAT'S WHAT PARTNERS DO !!! You don't get paid of that. They weren't married. He isn't entitled to HER money.
    Good thing she left him, he is a piece of shit.

  50. 50

    Re: NookiesWA – No …that's you. Leona has been famous for a while now. Get over yourself stupid misogynist, your repetitive comments against women are getting on my nerves.
    How small is your dick ?

  51. 51

    I don't know where did people get the idea that after a break up they are owed money. It is ridiculous.

  52. 52

    He doesn't deserve anything. They weren't married and even if he did suggest going on xfactor, she's the one who won it not him. Its her talent that got her where she is and this guy is a selfish creep for even asking for any of her hard earned cash. She offered him their home worth £600,000 (over $1,000,000) and he says no. Who the fuck does he think he is.

  53. 53

    Team Lou. He supported her through the lean years and possibly pushed her or helped her signup for the X-Factor.

  54. 54

    He deserves nothing!!!!! I'm sorry, but as much as he was supportive and pushed her to pursue her dreams, the moment things got hard, she started touring and her world was not evolving around him 24/7, he dumped her! She's not the one who ended the relationship so shouldn't give him a penny!

  55. 55

    Re: Serena Loves Mario

    scottish law is different from that of england and wales so its entirely possible that common law marriage exists in scotland while it doesn't in england

  56. 56

    Sounds pretty similar to what many woman ask for during a divorce or after leaving a partner of many years. It also sounds like the same argument being made by Melissa Ethridge's ex and the same argument made by same sex domestic partners in states that do not allow their marriage when they split…..way to stand for equality…..

  57. 57

    Re: SoulsoulshockRe: ScarletHarlet – so if her mum had filled in the form, she would be entitled to three million?

  58. 58

    Re: Soulsoulshock – no they have been friends since they were 10 and started dateing when they were about 19, so they have been together for about 6 years. leona got him a job in the music industry, bought the house they live in. so he isnt entitled to anything they are not married. and all this shit about him having a huge part of sucess is crap. what do you think she has simon cowell for?

  59. 59

    Re: Chris J – what do you think simon cowell and clive davis have been doing, those two aree her manger/mentors/bosses and she got lou that job in the music bussiness, before he was an electrician.

  60. SaLu says – reply to this


    He's not entitled to ANYTHING. He got a great job because of her, and she's offered him their house, so that's more than he deserve, that nasty little person.

  61. 61

    Yes, they were together for 10 years, but she's also only 25- what 25 year old calls their boyfriend their partner? Not as if she's 40 with kids. She's been very generous giving him the house, he's not entitled to anything.

  62. 62

    I can't speak about London or England, but NY State doesn't recognize common law "marriage." Palimony is a relatively new concept, and it was always a bit of a stretch.
    If Al-Chamaa actually wrote or produced her songs he'd be credited. But it sounds like he's being fanciful here: he "believes" he has the rights, and "believes" he had a huge role in her success. He "claims" he owns a piece of "some of" her songs. Either he co-wrote them, or he didn't. Take the house and hope for a generous settlement, but don't demand 3 million dollars that you're NOT entitled to.

  63. 63

    If he liked it, then he shoulda put a ring on it !!
    Oh oh oh …
    too bad so sad, he is a lowlife

  64. 64

    Re: WhatWhat4454 – except she isnt in the us…

  65. 65

    I personally don't believe he should get awarded money… Did he drop everything he was doing to manage her career? I think money should only be awarded if you are with someone and accustomed to a certain lifestyle that you cannot provide for yourself on your own. I think he should just get on with his life, and let her get on with hers

  66. 66

    Was supporting her for ten years his JOB. If so then he deserve something(dont know what).

    If he supported her because he loved her and believed in her, then nothing for him. Its what ppl do in relationships.

  67. hehee says – reply to this


    Ok, if this was the other way around and some x girlfriend was "$eeking compensation" from her famous x boyfriend, all the cheap guys would be screaming GOLD DIGGER - but- since this is not the case and they're not even married, half the comments on here support this loser and say he's justified in his actions. ridiculous.

  68. 68

    Not that I dont like her, but shes just so fucking miserable and boring. Cheer up love, it might never happen.

  69. 69

    Yes, he should take the house that she offered (paid in full) and stop crying. There are no kids involved here. Get a job and maintain the house.

  70. 70

    He's being bitter and very petty. Leona had others that were pushing her to do well but they aren't taking it this far. Her parents were primary supporters as well. And ultimately, Leona has the vocals so he's entitled to nothing. See how fame clouds people judgment?? Leona still stuck with him even after gaining fame and he's changed into such a douche. MEN

  71. @v@ says – reply to this


    Shaky at best. He'd have more to stand on had he married her. Lol.

  72. 72

    Wow P….If this were tiger, you'd be all over "take him for everythign he has"…

    Go back to cum-guzzling.

  73. 73

    You know, at first I thought…what a creep. But he has a point. Most men (and women) would not stick with an "aspiring singer" or "aspiring actor" for very long. He did. And he did support her and encourage her and probably pay for things most of the time while she was struggling. They are both uneducated people who didn't have many prospects…but luckily she made it big. And now to leave him in the dust with nothing? Doesn't seem fair. If the shoe was on the other foot and it was the man leaving the woman in the dust everyone would be in an uproar. Especially if it was some wealthy doctor leaving the woman who put him through med school. He definitely deserves compensation. They lived like common law, he was there for her, he DID help her with her success. He deserves a cut of her success.

  74. 74

    they were never married so i don't think he should get anything! yes he helped her fill out her applications and led her to x factor, but that's called support! something a boyfriend should do. he just wants to take advantage of who she is…so sad

  75. 75

    Re: J Live – LOL! I AGREE!

  76. 76

    I would give him the money. She is just getting started and hasn't reached her full potential yet! Her net worth is not that great yet! If she pays him off now, she can make sure he never comes back when she hits true stardom!

  77. 77

    when its over its over, move the hell on…she's the talent not him…even if he wasnt with her she would still have that voice…HELLO! what an idiot!

  78. 78

    So, according to his selfish logic, anyone who makes it big in any way, will have to pay and owe not only their parents for giving "birth" to them (literally and figuratively by raising them and being there for them as a parent is supposed to be); but also every single best friend and boyfriend that they had since kindergarten and has been there for them (as friends and lovers are supposed to be for each other). I thought love, real love, was one of the truly "free" things in life in every meaning of the word of free. So tired of the greedy lovers and spouses, male or female. No wonder no one believes in marriage anymore. Everyone has to think about their bank accounts and can't even trust someone they have known all their lives to not milk them for all their worth should they make it someday. Clearly, he was not the real reason behind her success if he wants to take it from her so greedily. I don't see her parents or her childhood best friends asking for a cut in her pay. Or any other parent who helped filled out their child's college apps (a "form"), whose child then goes to a top school, gets out and makes a lot of money, go around asking for all their kids money. The logic is completely primitive in its thoughts and actions and shows he was lucky to even have someone so talented in his life for this long. No wonder they grew apart. She evolved. He didn't. Not very smart on his part since she will probably make his ignorance into a song, which I hope she does.