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Racist, Misogynist Mel Gibson DROPPED By His Talent Agency!

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Despicable excuse for a human being, Mel Gibson, has been dropped by the William Morris Endeavor (WME) agency, immediately after his taped tirade was released to the public.

This comes as no surprise as WME partner Ari Emanuel has expressed hostility toward Mel after the actor made anti-Semitic remarks in 2006.

Some sources say this was inevitable after his longtime agent, Ed Limato, died July 3 and Mel had already expressed interest in becoming a free agent, however, a studio executive reportedly said, "I'd rather get engaged to Lindsay Lohan than have anything to do with him."

Yikes! You know you've hit rock bottom when people would rather be associated with Lindsanity!

Here's hoping he never works in this town again!

[Image via WENN.]

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65 comments to “Racist, Misogynist Mel Gibson DROPPED By His Talent Agency!”

  1. 1

    Whatever someone says in a private conversation means nothing to me. We've all said stupid shit in private. Political correctness is the new fascism and anyone who reports this story as much as perezhilton does is acting as the new thought-police.

  2. 2

    Well, there's two sides to every story. This will bite me in the ass but I'd have to say that while I don't approve of Mel's rantings, I unfortunately agree with a few of them… I know how he feels. And it's just sooo convenient she was recording him right? I mean, surely, surely, surely she is completely innocent and out to expose the truth, and ultimately of course, this is obviously our business.

  3. 3

    …I would Love to be engaged to Lindsay….she doesn't compare to this person….another backhanded dig at Linds!!……Mel is a total nutter he hides behind his weird sect of Roman Catholicism….at least Lindsay is what you see is what you get….a hot crazy chick….she is not filled with hatred….

  4. 4

    What a mess. And Lindsay isn't that bad. She SHOULD get an older man/woman with enough common sense to take her away from her parents and druggie friends. No one cares about Mel any more. It was hot and exciting for a minute, but we heard to tape and we're over it. Next!

  5. 5

    What goes around, comes around as they say.

  6. 6

    This just goes to show how socially retarded celebrities really are. They shouldn't be held up on pedastals and worshipped and they shouldn't be paid millions upon millions of dollars. They are just ordinary people who can't make it in the real world AKA they are social recluses. I fucking hate 'em.

  7. 7

    Perhaps WWE will take him on as a wrestler? LOL.

  8. 8

    His previous rants weren't a private conversation … He verbally assaulted a female police officer and used racist comments in that assault as well. It's called KARMA and she's a BITCH. He's getting what has probably been long over due.

  9. 6one9 says – reply to this


    He'll be working again!! and if he doesn't“` at least he has enuf $$ to do what he wants. Maybe a good therapist“ is in order as well.

  10. 10

    Mnnn Dumb girl or racist fool Mnnn…

  11. 11

    He'll get another agent, he'll come back in a few weeks begging forgiveness for his remarks, claims he was drunk,etc. say he's going to rehab, try to make ammends to blacks with donations, meetings with black leaders, etc. In a few months all will be forgiven and he'll go back to making money for the money-grubbing Jews that control the media.

  12. 12

    He will be back because he is extremely talented and makes good movies. Most of the actors and actresses in Hollywood are a$$holes but I still pay to see their movies because they entertain me. I don't pay them to teach me morals or to be a good person. I pay them to be an actor and make me forget my problems for a while. If you all are looking for an actor or actress who isn't an egotistical jerk, I suggest you stick to the Disney channel. Even then you may not get so lucky.

  13. 13


  14. 14

    Please .. if he thinks she dresses like a hoe , he thinks it.. He does have a child that will be growing up around her. he has a right. I know that there isn't one person in the world that has not used the N word weither it in their head or out loud.. Its just a word.. I think that no one this includes everyone , that the word can never be said. black yellow white brown blue green..!

  15. 15

    Are you REALLY a better person mario???

  16. 16

    Well, we finally get to see some of the craziness that we've heard about with Mel Gibson. However, what he said during what he thought was a private conversation isn't any different than from what I hear everyday from some everyday people–people that I know who claim to be open-minded and forward thinking. Not that I'm defending him–his verbal abuse toward this woman is quite disturbing–but I think he's getting a lot of flack for it because of who he is. No one ever said celebrities had to be nice people.

  17. 17


  18. 18


  19. 19

    Good. I'll never give another cent to any project that involves such a hateful and damaging human being.

  20. 20

    Jerkstore..Awesome comment. You summed up exactly what i've been thinking.

  21. rsvp says – reply to this


    I believe if the recording was in California, then it is against the law for one party to record another without their consent. So, she's actually breaking the law and could be sued by him. Also, the media is a second party to this. This could never be used as evidence in a trial. Mel's attorneys are probably well aware of this.

  22. 22

    Re: Semantics – … because she aint hurting him with these recordings… ofc. *wink wink irony*

  23. ffgr says – reply to this


    "here's hoping he never works in THIS town again"…???? this town, that town, any and every town!

    AND HEY "JERKSTORE"!..you douche bag ass wad. using the term "political correctness" is the "new fascism"…you idiot….AND if you dont like what perez writes and continues to write on HIS blog, then fuck off and simply STOP reading it….dumb ass.

  24. 24

    team mel

  25. 25

    He is a total douche and deserves every bit of backlash he gets.

  26. 26

    Thank you, Ari. And for jerkstore and Chris Griffis who seem to agree with Mel, are you stark raving bonkers?

  27. 27

    I agree that there are two sides to every story - she was definitely goading him on and then taping the conversations…you could tell by the way she was being quiet and purposely saying very little. That said, he's an extremely angry person…probably because he's still an active alcoholic. Get help!

  28. Ocean says – reply to this








  29. 29

    They are making way too much out of this. Mel wasa talking to that bitch in private (Or, so he thought…) he should sue her, for invasion of privacy, and recording him without notification.
    Hollywood sure likes to get on thier high horse. This is no more than is said between people evryday. Mario is just unhappy that Mel wasn't taping His ass! The pink bitch!
    "…And, when you die(Mario), and when you're gone, they'll be one less bitch in the world to carry on, to carry on…"
    "…And, when you die(Mario), and when you're gone, they'll be one less bitch in the world to carry on, to carry on…"
    "…And, when you die(Mario), and when you're gone, they'll be one less bitch in the world to carry on, to carry on…"
    "…And, when you die(Mario), and when you're gone, they'll be one less bitch in the world to carry on, to carry on…"

  30. 30

    The bottom line is this:Mel should not have cheated on his wife, with this gold digging bitch! That's what it all comes down to. If he had kept his cock in his pants, then he would still be in the Hollywood loop.
    You cheated on your wife, you are paying the price. You dim bulb…
    But, Perez Hilton is still a poisonous,pink bitch that should die, and get it over with…
    Perez Hilton is still a poisonous,pink bitch that should die, and get it over with…
    Perez Hilton is still a poisonous,pink bitch that should die, and get it over with…
    Perez Hilton is still a poisonous,pink bitch that should die, and get it over with…

  31. 31

    I've been married to a wonderful man for 20 years but we have had our fair share or arguments. I would NEVER want them to be recorded and played around the world.
    I don't agree with men hitting a woman and that's yet to be proven that he did that.
    This woman played Mel. She knew she was recording him and she has released it to the media. She's a piece of work. Her daughter is going to listen to those tapes one day. How could she do this to her own daughter, is beyond me! She's a GOLD DIGGER!

  32. 32

    WTF ??? Is he part werewolf??? Look at his goddamn arm! Hairy piece of shit.

  33. 33


    "Despicable excuse for a human being"


    Pot (Perez) meet Kettle (Mel).


    Hypocrite much, Mario?


    * Notice you and your sis censoring truth regarding some of your readers' postings. Whatchy'all afraid of?


  34. 34

    At least, it answers why he kept his wife in a sick quasi-marriage with his father on another continent for 30 years.

    And with the latest diatribe about gangrapes, chicks looking like sows in heat and condomless sex…we also all now know what Mel thinks about when he's j'ing off.

    Where are all his adult kids, though? Aren't some nearly 40 already? What do they have to say about a racist, drunk father in continual rogue sexual heat?

    How have they managed to all remain out of the spotlight and the picture? Were they all sent to some monastery with 14 foot walls (and dungeon for bad little boys)???

  35. 35

    His girlfriend is a gold digging slut and he's a fucking asshole. This won't make much difference since he's so rich. He never has to work again.

  36. 36

    honesty, i really do believe the comments made by Mel were hateful and wrong, however he is entitled to say those things. there is nothing illegal about what he did. it is not illegal to be a racist, it's only illegal to discriminate. people will have they're opinions on things. perez u are NOT perfect by any means either. he is a talented actor and thats wht u should respect him for his acting. u dont have to like him for his morals or beliefs but u cnt take away his talent. to ur dismay Perez he will work in this town again. he left a huge chapter in hollywood as a great actor. you however will only be a foot note in 10 years..

  37. 37

    Anybody that is a part of LaRaa or quotes them is much worse than Mel gibson

  38. 38

    Perez-you must have learned a new word-Misogynist, which you now use at ever possible opportunity. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. It's kind of comical.

  39. 39

    Let this be a lesson fellow perv's, don't trust nobody when you talk on the phone. Keep it clean and civil. Wanna unload? Do it in a cab. Mel is too smart to let this Ruskie play him. He must be back on the sauce. She is not that hot, in fact she has a shovel face.

  40. 40

    I doubt Mel's all that broken up about being dropped from William Morris Endeavor, which is helmed by the son of an Israeli. Just sayin'.

  41. 41

    Re: celebritywannabe

    If the "N" word is just a word, then why didn't you spell it out?

    She dressed like a hoe before he met her, so what exactly is different now? His religious sensibilities? Whatever.

  42. 42

    Fuck Ari Emanuel!!!! These agents leech on and suckle at the teet of the talent and then when you actually NEED 'em, they drop you? WOW

  43. 43


    Sieg Heil ended up in world war 2 and the deaths of almost 90 million people.

    The N-word enabled the genocide of thousands of blacks, slavery, disenfranchisement, segregation and race based city zoning.

    Don't educate me on words just the word Jew is enough for people to look at me different.

    Well that's all that I wanted to say. I guess I'll get back to controlling the media and starting some wars now.

  44. 44

    fuck him-serves him right

  45. 45

    You're a despicable excuse for a human being, Mario. And you of all people calling someone misogynist is a total pot kettle black thing.

  46. 46

    Gibson's contempt for Jews & Blacks is now his destroyer. He did this to himself.

  47. 47


    No one is going to go near this guy and back anything he ever does.

  48. 48

    I am disgusted with the people who are supporting Mel Gibson! Shame on each and every one of you. This is between a man and a woman, not a movie star and his girfriend. To hit a woman repeatedly in the face while she's holding a baby is not only insane..it's criminal.

  49. 49

    Re: jerkstore – when you lead a life in the public whatever you do can be open for critisizm. If you don't want all your crap out there, don't do it. Too bad for him he got caught. This has nothing to do with 'thought-police.' I suggest you read up on the subject before spouting off nonsense. And if you don't care what is said by Mel, what the hell are you doing on this website…

  50. 50

    Oh yeah, and if Mel couldn't tell her breats were fake until now, he's a bigger idiot than I thought…

  51. 51

    and people giving him a pass because he is a "good actor" are ridiculous
    i swear you people would give charles manson a pass if he was good in the entertainment business
    that man is obvioulsy and unstable prick i shouldn't respect him just because he can act thats his damn career that he has made millions off BIG DEAL your expected to be good at your JOB that doesn't mean he gets a pass when he does something stupid
    there are alot of actors and performers that are just as talented that dont get caught up in shit like this
    this man always got some drama going on
    i mean you can call that women a hoe all you want but it was his choice to leave his wife for this so-called whore
    so karma just did what she does best

  52. pomme says – reply to this


    if Charlie Sheen or Sean Penn can continue to work,i don't see why Gibson couldn't! and i can't believe he's homophobic,racist or antiseminic,he worked and is friend with Jodie Foster,Richard Donner or Danny Glover?!

  53. 53

    Re: nancycampbellslut – The hair is repulsive, but it looks like skin cancer is gobbling away his skin under all the hairs.

  54. 54

    On behalf of Australia: Mel, disowned.

  55. 55

    he is drunken whore !

  56. 56

    A man who made a film as beautiful as The Passion of the Christ must not be bad deep down, I mean that film converted alot of people! Think about it guys?? I think alot of it is a bit of a set up. Alot of people will probably think this is crap,but ask me if I care? Erm…No I don't.Not many people believe in God in this messed up world,but that is a sign of the times and a real shame. Maybe he is just a bitter person in this world full of arseholes!

  57. 57

    A Homophobe is telling us who we should avoid for saying the wrong things? Priceless

  58. 58

    Old news

  59. 59

    TEXT He has some harry arms!!


  60. 60

    Good riddance, ya drunk douche.

  61. 61

    Not like Ari hasn't made racist comments himself. This is especially sad considering they were nothing when they took Mel on after watching him in Mad Max. He built them up!

  62. 62

    Re: jerkstore – Right on. But I would like to add something controversial. I feel he is very brave in that he goes against the 'Linear Jewish dominated Hollywood Thinking' when it comes to how all actors and people in general should view politics. And the fear that is understood if you say the wrong thing, given you wont work in this town again. They will never stop and they will use Mel as the scapegoat forever until he is dead. They dont even make movies anymore. There is nothing going on in LA worth talking about. I live here. Its just people 'talking' and seeing who is staring at them. The magic is over. Team Mel.

  63. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Dr. Jack – Bingo.

  64. @v@ says – reply to this


    Robert Redford left Hollyweird and started his own thing. So should Mel. He should build an empire back in Auss and provide jobs there.

  65. 65

    hey Mario, you're the douchebag who writes "Whore" on every other picture of a woman you post. who's the real misogynyst here?