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Boo-Hoo! Lindsay Afraid To Be Alone In The Slammer!

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We think it will do her some GOOD to be alone, without people to coddle and yes the shit out of her!

Sources close to Lindsanity LOLhan are reportedly deeply concerned about the hard-pAArtying wacktress' upcoming prison sentence, because she's allegedly claustrophobic and can never be alone!

It's apparently so bad that Lindsay had a friend fly with her home from France just so she didn't have to do it alone!

Wah wah wah!

Time for baby Lindsay to put on her big girl shoes and toughen up!

We don't think prisons make special accommodations for meth-faced cry babies!

[Image via AP Images.]

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34 comments to “Boo-Hoo! Lindsay Afraid To Be Alone In The Slammer!”

  1. 1

    She is the biggest idiot out there! along with her messed up family! they are all sorry and need to all grow up! its pretty SAD!

  2. 2

    What is up with those lips? She looks like a duck!

  3. 3

    Old news Mario once again…you suck

  4. 4

    Claustrophobic? Isn't that the same excuse Paris Hilton tried to use to avoid jail?

  5. 5

    She'll be in a prison. She won't be alone. And it will give her the chance to meet all sort of new, less enabling friends!

  6. 'tude says – reply to this


    who wouldn't be claustrophobic in a jail cell? just like her supposed ADD (that she takes "meds" for), i'm sure she isn't truly claustrophobic either. until she gets into rehab and they take away her legal drugs, nothing will change.

  7. 7

    she needs to be alone!

  8. 8

    this is getting completely out of line….she has her sentence she's learning her lesson you need to leave her alone. with how much you and other people make fun of her and what she looks like it's no wonder she has depression issues and turns to drugs and any sane person would be upset being alone in a cell for that long.

  9. 9

    Wow this chick needs help, she needs to grow up that lawyer was right on the money, she is a lost child.

  10. 10

    probably hates to be alone with the one person she hates the most…herself.

  11. ass says – reply to this


    Will you give it a fucking rest already Perez? You talk about how she's a hasbeen, yet you WON'T SHUT UP ABOUT HER! If you're going to talk about her, why not talk about how you know what she's going through with the drugs, on account of your meth habit. And what about your cheque fraud? Perez, you have more demons than anyone, and by being in the public eye you've completely fucked yourself. Wait for it. It's coming.

  12. 12

    I agree - you need to start supporting this actress and the trials she is going through. Have you ever had a panic attack or suffered from an anxiety disorder? This are some very serious issues playing out here - for the life of me, I have NO idea why you are spinning this the way you are. You are part of the problem, not part of the solution. So WHY are you being so ignorant and judgmental. You certainly expected your readership to support you when you ran into someone's fist - which is tiny compared to what this actress is going through. Sounds like you want pity and understanding with cry baby messages on your site after you provoke people, yet when someone has real life threatening issues - you are making a mockery of her. Grow up.

  13. 13

    Miss Lohan will be halluncinating so heavily from withdrawl that she won't know if anyone is there or not.

  14. 14

    Doesn't she realize that with all these "requirements" she just sounds really spoiled and stupid?. Didn't she think of all these before she committed all her felonies?

  15. 15

    perez your ass will never be claustrophobic, cause its been stretched the size of the atlantic ocean you tower taking pillow biter……….. maybe lindsay should move in there, and live of the 12 gallons of semen that get shot in there daily

  16. 16

    Re: tina2055 – Honey, she made a mockery of herself. It had nothing to do with Perez. Her attitude is what makes it all sad fun to read about. Once she mans up, starts taking this seriously, and tries to actually better herself, it won't be as much fun. Hopefully she does that.

  17. 17

    i would loooove to see you in jail, perez, because you're such a tough guy. then again, you'd probably volunteer to bend over.

  18. 18

    You know what, fuck you guys hating on Perez. If you don't like what he has to say, you don't have to come to his website. Lindsay Lohan whole heartedly deserves her punishments. Yeah I would be claustrophobic if I was constantly hopped up on drugs too!

  19. 19

    How the hell does she know if she is alone?
    With the amount and type of pills she is allegedly taking, she is sleep half-the-time and the other half she is drunk or junked-up.

  20. 20

    hahaha. she can make some new friends in jail. hopefully she wants a new girlfriend!! lol

  21. 21

    Re: lindamichelle1 – I was gonna say the same thing… I'm picturing an Oz type setting - Lindsay playing the new fish role…

  22. 22

    To everyone who doesnt know what the fuck they are talking about I'll give you a little lesson about a few little words you should learn.

    She is going to JAIL. county JAIL. J-A-I-L.

    She is not going to PRISON. state PRISON. PRISON is not JAIL. You dont serve 90 days in PRISON. That's what JAIL is for.

    That bitch is going to go into PROTECTIVE CUSTODY. She will be by her self, in a cell 23.5 hours a day. Thats what snitches, police informants, and rapists do. They PC up because they know the general population inmates will try to kill them.

    Get the terms right before you pretend you know what you're even talking about! I hope lindsay talks back to the deputies and gets tazed (which her stupid ass probably will)

  23. @v@ says – reply to this


    Afraid to be alone? Or afraid to be alone without her little helpers in a bottle?

  24. 24

    Sorry Perez is right. She's ignored the law completely - acting like it doesn't apply to her and she didn't have to cooperate and stick with her parole conditions. She's made it obvious she has no intention of complying with the requirements and the judge was right to sentence her and I hope they KEEP her there, but I'm anticipating a festival of drama with psychiatrists testifying in an attempt to gain her a medical release. As for being alone, are you posters actually serious that it's THAT hard to be alone? You're just, like, not with someone, OK? Jesus, grow the F up, all of you!

  25. 25

    welcome to the real world lindsay where things are NOT entitltled!!!.

  26. 26

    Maybe Dina or LIndsay enabler friends and fans should commit a crime and they can share the same cell with Lindsay so she wont be so lonely. Can't wait to see her in orange and crying like a baby.

  27. 27

    it's called JAIL. it's supposed to be shitty. maybe since she's famous she could bring a friend… and a carton of smokes.. and a tanning bed - and her manicurist - dealer, assistant… mommy, therapst-dildo-fuckbuddy– a dog, a cheetah; some expression dancers — a year's supply of rice-a-roni too.

  28. 28

    Wow: Yet another condition has surfaced….

    I felt a bit sorry for her until all of these excuses and 'not fair' tantrums.

  29. 29

    Poor Lindsey!!!

    Ya right. This is the best thing to happen to this girl. Between her mother, father and all her so called friends it's a wonder she's still alive.

    I think time in jail will hopefully help her out. Nothing else seems to.
    As for her being afraid to be alone…you should have thought of that every time you snubbed your nose at the justice system Miss Lindsay.

  30. mgh says – reply to this


    that sounds like she has major abandonment issues not Claustrophobia. When i got arrested once, i had a panic attack (i'm a girl)when they put me in the cell, but they watch over you to make sure you calm down after a while.
    She will just have to get over her fear. they will have cameras on her the whole time .

  31. 31

    I feel so sorry for her. NOT. She made her bed now sleep in it. Of course her sperm and egg donors are going to enable her behavior, she supports their asses so they have to. I understand that if you take medication for ADD and you don't have the condition the meds make you high. Are doctors that stupid now that they just give away these meds to anyone. Guess so. Poor little bitch. Reality check you low life wanna be.

  32. 32

    Poor girl =/ Hope she gets all the help she so desperately needs… Now it's time to reflect! And Perez, stop being such a douche bag and stop bashing this poor girl already…I'm sure she already knows what a f@#k up she is…it’s old news….write about something else worth while please!

  33. 33

    Wow. This spoiled bitch can never be alone? FUCK HER.

  34. Jayla says – reply to this


    Ummm Lindsay does not have meth face. Have you ever seen what meth face looks like? Obviously not, if you think Lindsay has it.