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20 comments to “Lance Armstrong Crashes At Tour De France”

  1. 1

    Should have rode off into the sunset…redstatereport.(om

  2. 2

    Lance is milking his "Career" for everything he can before he comes clean about his steroid use; and then he'll come out with his NEW BOOK detailing his need to WIN AT ALL COSTS, and now he's in therapy and has a support group to help him with those feelings he has……Plus he has all those MILLIONS you fools threw at him…his "RECOVERY" does not include giving any money back!

  3. 3

    Good, now he go back to sucking Matthew McCona-GAY's dick!!!

  4. 4

    Nope…can't stay on top forever, especially now that you are super scrutinized and tested for drugs, so you can't take them anymore, eh Lance? You cheating ass!

  5. 5

    BOO. I smell a set up. They crashed into him intentionally. LOL

  6. 6

    Did I hear correctly that one of the other bikers was trying to pass a bag of enhancement drugs to Lance, but when he took his eyes off the road for a split-second they crashed (allegedly)?

  7. 7

    "No one can stay on top forever." Yeah, especially when we found more easily drugs they took.

  8. 8

    Linds death watch 4 3 2 1

  9. 9

    Hhhmmmmmm…..funny that Lance can't win a damn race since they started testing for EPO (blood doping). Funny that Lance never DENIED blood doping, he just attacked the a accusers? Suspicious, indeed…….

  10. 10

    Happy retirement douche

  11. 11

    The new drug testing must be working now, Lance couldnt fool anybody anymore…..

  12. 12

    So one TABLOID news paper that probably reported on a UFO landing starts a rumor about him and roids so now everyone calls him out? LOL riiiiight.

    This dude is way too thin to be on roids..With the amount of food he claims he eats and carb loads before bike events he would be massive..Even his legs are skinny with not much muscle. Learn about nutrition/roids before calling people out on something just because someone else called him out on it.

  13. 13

    I had never seen Lance do his magic. I only recently started watching the Tour for the same reason I watch golf…the scenery is beautiful.
    Yesterday, I watched the replay of Lance in '91 or '94 (can't remember) on the Versus channel, the stuff that made Lance a star.
    It was AMAZEBALLS! Or, I should say AMAZEBALL!
    It was like watching Tiger, on Tiger's best day of golf ever.
    Now I understand why he is treated like a God and he's such a douche. No wonder the French hate him. Drug enchancement, who cares?
    To get up that mountain, still needs sheer will to win.
    I'm a believer in him now. Watching Lance was tour magic.

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  15. 15

    Just another athlete who can't stay retired. Ugh, what is with these guys? Gotta be their HUGE egos. Have a little dignity Lance, don't try another come back.

  16. 16

    he should have stayed retired after all the consecutive wins

  17. 17

    EPO is not steroids, it's blood doping to increase red blood cells. Not steroids but def cheating…….

  18. 18

    shit I didn't know the tour de gay was going on..

  19. 19

    lance is getting old for racing especially to win it all….he dominted the sport and untill somebody prooves he cheated i believe he did it with heart….people like to hate on those who r succesful, my advice get a hobby….go workout cuz god knows ur probably overweight considerring this is america….i know go ride a bike!

  20. 20

    i love the Tour de France and watched all 3 of Lance's accidents yesterday. i am a big fan of the guy, but it was pretty clear after last year that coming out of retirement was the equivalent of Michael Jordan playing for the wizards…bad note to end on. he shouldn't have retired after his 2005 win, he most likely could have won 1-2 more Tours before throwing in the towel for good.

    i never really thought he had a shot this year anyways and am going for Andy Schleck…fuck Contador, that asshole sucks!