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LiLo Needs New Representation!

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In just one weekend, things went sour for Lindsay Lohan and her new lawyer.

We're hearing that as of today, Lindsay is without legal representation. As to what happened to her newly appointed dupe Stuart V. Goldberg - there are two sides to that story.

Team Goldberg attests that the Lohans were expecting him to work for FREE! He claims that after a meeting with LiLo, Orange Oprah, and Ali on Friday night, Stuart received a phone call from Lindsay's business manager telling him that they just couldn't afford him. That was all Stuart needed to hear to bow out.

However, according to Team CrazyTown Lohan, Lindsay and Dina decided to let him go because they consider him to be a little, oh, out there should we say. Apparently, driving around in a car with a license plate that reads "Snake Charmer" doesn't really appeal to the Lohan's sensitive nature.

So who's next at the legal plate for Lindsay? We're hearing LiLo is pulling out the big guns and looking into fame lawyer, Robert Shapiro. You know, that guy who got O.J. Simpson acquitted for murdering his wife!

If he can pull that one off, Lindsay might just stay free! But the real question is, is Robert prepared to work for that amount???

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17 comments to “LiLo Needs New Representation!”

  1. 1

    So Robert Shapiro is cheaper than Stuart Goldberg?

  2. 2

    Snake Charmer? If anything, that's too classy for the Lohans.

  3. 3

    they cant afford him? i know maybe she busted all her money on booze and cigarrets and such, but i think her dad could go without cheap escort a couple weeks and they can gather up the money somehow

  4. 4

    never happen!

  5. 5

    perezino u a.. robert shapiro DID NOT get oj aquitted! he was off the case when johnny took over and he was acquitted

  6. 6

    Her mother should be giving her tough love instead of enabling the disaster we once knew as an actress. Why is her teenage sister in any of these meetings?

  7. 7

    I can't believe that a homicide attorney would take a DUI appeal case especially with the appeal being for missing alcohol education classes. It is on tape where the judge told her she had to attend the classes once a week and she did not do it. I mean how much clearer can the evidence be? What is Shapiro going to do, pull a rabbit out of a hat for her? Good God Lindsay give it up already bite the damn bullet and shut up. The girl makes everyone hate her by her idiot actions. I have never in my life wanted anyone to disappear as much as this woman, and I actually used to watch her movies. If she never makes another movie it will be too soon.

  8. 8

    FOR FREE???!!! If that is true it is ridiculous. Working for her is nto that much of a priviledge and whomever does is just going to be a luaghing stock. Wow she really thinks highly of her talentless elf. Talk about delusional!

  9. 9

    hmmmmmmm, I dont know what to believe with this shit!! Way to many stories floating around!! & to tell you the truth reading about the girls list of medical history and medication makes me sick. THIS SHIT SHOULD NOT BE PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE & I truly could care less!!! NOW SHOW ME AN ACTOR WHO CAN ACT OR A SINGER WHO CAN SING AND DANCE ALREADY - PEREZ??? Enough with the LOHAN train!! I thought that train crashed long ago anyway? Why are you still riding it?

  10. 10

    Why are they involving Ali in this mess?

  11. elo says – reply to this


    This mess is staying my 'Dead Pool'.

  12. 12

    Now we see why her and Kim Kardashian have been hanging out. She wants the hook up.

  13. 13

    I bet this cun*t is enjoying all of the publicity she is receiving. She is disgusting. If she disappeared tomorrow it wouldn't be soon enough. Broke ass bitch.

  14. 14

    For FREE? ROFLMAO! For probation violation appeal? Everyone around this washed-up ditz is delusional! They're also delusional to think any appeal court will reduce the judge's decision - which is pretty much a matter of the judge's discretion in California.

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Why does she need a lawyer? Her case is over. Oh, she wants to pay twice for the same result. Dumbass.

  16. 16

    Wait wasnt it Robert Kardashian (the Kardashians father who passed away from cancer years ago) the one who got OJ acquitted for the murder of his wife?

  17. 17

    One word of advice for anyone she wants to hire: RETAINER. The thought that they actually think people will believe they turned him done is….well typical Dina/Lindsay/Liars.