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Oksana Says She Didn't Release The Tapes!

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Oksana Grigorieva reiterated over the weekend that she was not the one that released the tapes of Mel Gibson's racist tirades and she doesn't know who did.

She even said that "it's terrible" that they were released!

But Mel and his team aren't believing her and his lawyers filed a contempt motion against Oksana because they think she leaked the tapes.

Who do U believe?

[Image via WENN.]

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78 comments to “Oksana Says She Didn't Release The Tapes!”

  1. 1

    I don't believe her, she looks and sounded so manipulative.

  2. 2

    Im glad they were released! I would'nt be surprized if MEL leaked them himself.

  3. 3

    Oh Mario, do you really believe this? Seriously? How many time behind closed doors have you yourself used the terms others find horrid? I'm sure plenty. And why wouldn't Oksana release the tapes? It's reordered ON HER SIDE of the conversation moron. Sure she released them. She's just pissed that her fake tittayed big lipped self didn't hold on to a rich man. Simple as that.

  4. 4


    you are a professional gold-digger ad extortionist!

  5. 5

    she did it.

  6. 6


  7. 7

    Releasing them, no matter who did, may have saved her and her baby's lives. Some celebrities are obviously above the law–Polanski, OJ, Mel…

  8. 8

    And Oksanamama doesn't know who released the second tapes. OK. She has got to be deported now. Nobody wants to see sweet Ok end up in a rose garden.

  9. hhmmm says – reply to this


    She's lying. It really does seem like she was blackmailing him. She's barely speaking in the tape. Why was she taping him to begin with?

    People say a lot of things in the PRIVACY of their home.

  10. 10


  11. 11

    who cares who is lying. all that matters is that we have conformation that he is a psycho. they are trying damage control. too late there ya fuckin domestic abuser. i dont care if she is a money grubbing bitch, still not cool mel.

  12. 12

    Yeah she recorded him and so what if she made them public–if any asshole spoke to me that way, hit me and THREATENED me ? Shit yeah—I'd want PROOF PROOF PROOF. I'd want to expose them for what they are.
    He broke her teeth. So yeah–she's entitled to her revenge.

  13. YUCK says – reply to this


    oh pls does anyone believe her? anyone who records something or anything is planning to release it, kim k, paris, pamela, everyone. this is just stupid. she is a russian traitor that betrayed mel. I see the rose bushes in her future.

  14. 14

    Of course she released them! It's probably true what people say about her, that she's a manipulative gold digger, but what Mel said on those tapes was unforgivable, and I think his words way outweigh her sneakyness. If she released them to help win any kind of custody battle it makes sense, but really the content of these tapes have completely black listed Mel in this industry so she might really be hurting herself in the long run because its going to be hard for him to ever work again or make those big pay checks.

  15. Fabu says – reply to this


    At the moment… I think the fact that the tapes were released are the least of Douchebag's worries now.

  16. 16

    That chick secretly recorded them and released them all on her own. She knew what she was doing, it was a clear and obvious trap to get Mel to confess the bad things he did and show his true colors. Mel is a monster, but this chick needs to get a reality check if she thinks anyone is buying her claim of innocence.

  17. 17

    Who would of then?

  18. kat27 says – reply to this


    obviously she allowed them to be leaked and I appreciate it. Even if she is a manipulative/ gold-digging/ whatever, he is still responsible for his actions. His actions are disgusting and have endangered his child. I am grateful she leaked the tapes so that I can make sure I'm not sending any more of my money his way (not that he need it).

  19. 19

    who cares…..honestly…..whether she released them or not….she recorded them….and whether you like what he said or not (and i don't)…..he does have an expectation of privacy when he calls her. so…..really does any of it matter…..

  20. 20

    hmmmmm —I might believe her if she could give a plausible reason on why she taped him in the first place. You don't go around taping phone conversations unless you want to use it against them

  21. 21

    Yeah, right. She totally leaked them.

  22. 22

    Show us those tits she's so proud of and that Mel say's make her look like a Vegas whore!

  23. 23

    Yeah right, Oksana! But I think it is okay! The truth is the truth! He sounds like he could be scary-violent!

  24. 24

    I'm with Team Mel on this one, but ONLY on this certain thing. Not trying to excuse what he said, but the heifer definitely leaked those tapes. They didn't miraculously end up in the media's hand by F-ing magic.

  25. 25


  26. 26

    Of course she released the tapes. She is all about the money. She knew he was married. She Never loved him.She met Mel and saw $$$$. What is the best way to rope a man get Pregnant. When he finally realized it, he lost it. He needs serious help, but she should get in trouble too. She attempted to extort him, and played with his emotions. Their are ALOT of women out there, who dont love, and use their looks to rope men for their money. Those women, give us decent women a bad wrap…..I hope they both get in trouble.

  27. 27

    wow. she's very pretty!

  28. 28

    Who cares? The damage is done and if Mel had any class whatsoever he would toss her a few million and then shut the fuck up.

  29. 29

    umm, lets see. only two people would have the tapes, gibson and the gold digger. since mel isn't likely to want to commit career suicide, it's pretty easy to see where the tapes are coming from.

    It is very clear who recorded the conversions (she did), and it is clear that is she is not the source of the leak, that she provided the tapes to the source of the leak, which amounts to the same thing.

    hopefully not only does she get nothing, but she gets a one way ticket back to Siberia where she can reflect on what it was like to live the good life for a few months before she got greedy.

    then scumbags like you mario can learn how to apologize to gibson for how much you have done to hurt his career.

  30. 30


  31. 31

    Ok so how many people in the privacy of their home say things that they probably shouldnt?! I'm pretty sure most of your famous people have said some pretty bad things in private and would be horrified if it came out in public. No one is perfect and I really could care less what he has to say on these tapes!! Lots of people say stupid stuff when their mad….

  32. 32

    She leaked/sold them, end of story. But… I would have too. The man is a maniac of Lohan proportions. You should never say anything in private you wouldn't say in public, because we are all monkeys, and subject to the same desire for resources as chimps. I think even if they were leaked, those words he spoke to her WERE HER'S TO TELL. Just because she has PROOF doesn't make her wrong. She is oddly quiet during the exchange, but Hell, who could get a reasonable word in edgewise anyway??? That racist, sexist bigot doesn't deserve to be a trash man, much less an actor.

  33. 33

    OKSANA is RUSSIAN and she is the SCUM of the EARTH. She planned all this to put MEL over the limit and TAPE as MUCH as POSSIBLE. But Mel made the biggest mistake EVER to FALL for RUSSIAN SCUM!

  34. 34

    Obviously she recorded the conversation for a reason, I doubt Mel would have recorded that himself.
    On another note i'm glad they were leaked, Mel Gibson's violence should be exposed. The way he's so cocky to say things like "she would have sucked me off in 5 seconds" it's disturbing to think that's all he thinks of women, he should not be given the privilege of being with a woman because he obviously doesnt respect them.
    No body in any relationship should be spoken to like that and not just the comments but the anger.
    He needs to get a hold of himself, whats worse he considers himself a "God's man" I dont think God would approve of his behavior at all!
    I remember when he had meetings with Britney, now that we know what he is really like, think of what could of happened if she ended up with a creeper like him?

  35. 35

    i feel like i'm the only one who thinks she looks like octo-mom. which she does.

  36. 36

    I was just watching Msnbc and there was a guy from the company that apparently released the tapes..and he said she had nothing to do with the them getting released..it doesn't matter who released them anyways..I'm glad we all get to see what a pathethic worhtless piece of trash mel is..he was a bomb waiting to go off..stupid pig.

  37. 37

    BS!!! She made the recordings, so who the hell could it have possibly been?? What a famefucker.

  38. 38

    She's a gold-digging cun*t and Mel is a piece of shit. They deserve each other.

  39. 39

    Ok. Are you guys all mad?
    Domestic violence is wrong in every single way possible, and Mel should locked up forever!!!
    Oksana probably recorded him just so she could prove that he was saying all those things. It's hard charging someone famous of domestic violence. Why? Because no one believes you. Who would believe her over MEL FKN GIBSON?? If she didnt have the tapes, it would be so much harder. So..how do you prove all this? Tapes like these help. So you guys are saying, that if you were in her situation you wouldn't do the same thing?
    This woman was fearing for her life and her baby's life. How dare you guys call her a scum bag and a manipulative whore? You guys are clearly not in her situation where her fkn bf is beating her up and knocking two of her teeth out! This guy IS a monster and there are no excuses for him. You guys should think a little bit more before offending her. Who gives a shit if she released the tapes??? I would too! Just so i could show everyone of how big of a dirtbag this guy is.
    I still dont understand that after hearing him say all these horrible things to Oksana, that some of you are on his side.

  40. KPJ says – reply to this


    What the HELL is wrong with all of you!?!?!?!?! He BEAT her so hard he knocked her teeth out WHILE SHE WAS HOLDING A BABY!!!!! He threatened to KILL her! NOBODY has the right to do those things, expectation of privacy or not!!! How the HELL people can justify his actions in any way shape or form absolutely disgusts me. You cannot say things like that to ANYBODY (wife, girlfriend, child) even in your own home!!! That is ABUSIVE and THREATENING and against the law. The fact that so many people seem to be ok with it makes me want to throw up in horror. She was probably too frightened of him to release the tapes. She probably gave them to her lawyer and somebody on the legal staff released them which is NOT her fault! I can't believe all the horrible things people are saying. There is NEVER ANY justification to hit a woman other than self defense. There is NEVER ANY justification to make death threats to ANYBODY! Common people, are you civilized or just a bunch of fucking barbarians!?!?!?!?

  41. 41

    yeah, right. interesting that we never hear her end of the recorded arguments.

  42. 42

    Who cares who leaked the fucking tapes? Mel is obviously psycho and someone had to show the world that he is a terrible human being. I'd ask the same question Oksana asked, what kind of a man is that to hit a woman in the face who is holding a child?

  43. ohboy says – reply to this


    @jerkstore Have you heard the tapes? Her looking or sounding manipulative is irrelevant. MG is a DOOOOOUCHE for not only what was said, but how he said it. That is one terrifying asshole.

  44. 44

    no wonder this woman recorded Gibson. from reading most of the comments on this post it's obvious no one would have ever believed a word she said. once again blame the victim. come on, there is absolutely no reason for him to talk to her like that. you can tell he is a complete controlling freak. if he was that disillusioned with their relationship he could have easily just left her without all the violence and degradation. remember he's worth something like 900 million. he can pretty much do anything he wants.

  45. 45

    I really don't care who released them. He was WAY out of control! He's a lunatic Seriously! He belongs in a mental hospital. He was bellowing and panting like an animal. This is SO typical of his arrogant ass! He is angry that it's out here, he has no sense of shame about what he did. She is in real danger. No matter who leaked it he'sgoing to blame her for all the bad shit that comes down on him now. IS his career in a mess? Her fault. Did his agency drop him? Her fault. Is he being shunned by a community too embarrassed to be around him? Her fault. He refuses to take any responsibility for this situation. He will never get control of his alcoholism and his other problems until he takes responsibility. I think he is going to try to hurt her. I hope she is in a safe place he can't get to.

  46. 46

    I mean come on why do you think she recorded him!? If the father of my child/ren was threatening my life, or had ever hit me in any way, you better believe Id be taping everything to have all the proof I needed that he was unstable. Its called protecting yourself and your children. And in her position with him being so famous, if she was the one who leaked it I dont blame her. This way maybe now that everyone knows his threats, the chances of him doing anything will be even less. Now do I think shes lying about leaking it? Of course I do but on that aspect I dont blame her either. Its called covering your ass and we ALL do it. And whether she leaked it or not, in no way shape or form does it excuse him hitting her, especially holding their daughter, and it doesnt excuse him t alking to her that way. He is obviously sick in the head.

  47. 47

    Almost feel sorry for MELtdown…. It's like pickin' on a 'tard.

    Good Lord, to actually be 'Team Mel'….

  48. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: KPJ – whatever I never saw this loose twatted ho with her teeth knocked out and who is to say mel did it, russians are callus she probably did it herself if they were ever knocked out. fuck you and fuck anyone not on mels side.

  49. 49

    Re: toronto123

    Come on, Mel needs help and if its true charged with Domestic Violence. Quit being such a drama queen. You sound like Mel.

  50. 50

    Re: shapoo
    Ahhh, the sweet sound of a voice of reason.

  51. 51

    Re: Tash20

    Amen to this

  52. 52

    No matter what anyone says, the guy made an obvious death threat to the woman. In such a scenario, especially with a child involved, I know I would release tapes - I'd want to be sure everyone knew about the death threat(s), in the hopes it would help to protect me. That is such a serious matter than I cannot believe anyone is bothering to discuss any other factor of this matter.

  53. 53

    Bi**** will always be b*** and that's what she is! SHE DID IT! Mel has one big reason to react like that!!! I'm with him, why didn't she call the police instead of recording personal conversations!!!! she just wants the money this is why she got pregnant and everything so fast, now she has what she wanted: the baby….but MEL YOU NEED HELP!!! she should get in trouble too!!! if you loved somebody at least a bit you would not go around and destroy their career and hurt Mel's kids by embarrasing him in such ways! those things should stay between the people involved and the police!

  54. 54

    Does it really matter who leaked the tapes? The world has a right to know what kind of man Mel Gibson really is. He should not be supported in anyway. It's blasphemy that created such a powerful movie ,The Passion, and has now turned into a raging lunatic. So sad.

  55. 55


  56. 56


  57. 57

    Let's ignore the screaming and abusive guy on the other end and look at the women. That is why so many women don't leave relationships because people always look at her like she's the idiot or question her. Let's focus on the abuse over the phone. If she did leak them its maybe its because he so financially andn personally succesul that even if she did call the police they wouldn't help her. Remember they helped him at his last arrest.

  58. 58

    It doesn't matter who leaked the tapes. It matters that he spoke to anyone is such a hateful & disgusting way, forget about the mother of his child.

  59. 59

    I believe Mel. I don't believe a word that comes out of her large mouth bass lips.

  60. KPJ says – reply to this


    Re: YUCK – Ummm…. because he admitted to doing it??? So now you don't even believe your own god-awful hero Mel? He admitted to punching her in the face while she was holding the baby. He admitted to punching her so hard her teeth were broken. He made death threats on tape! YOU CANNOT DO THOSE THINGS!!!! ANYBODY who thinks that what Mel did was OK needs to have their head examined. What kind of "man" thinks it's ok to hit a woman? Really manly of you.

  61. 61

    it was a private conversation and he obviously is not well … it is an invasion of privacy and no I do not trust her

  62. 62

    who cares ? Soon MAD MEL will start his own universe & you'll all want to join.

  63. 63

    So then why did she keep the tapes in the first place?

  64. 64

    I don't believe her for a second. This is coming from a women who had an affair with a married man. Believe me she is a women with a plan. She linked those tapes.

  65. 65

    DEPORT HER manipulative ass!

  66. 66

    I really doubt she did it. If she does get granted custody, she'll be wanting all of Mel's $$ she can get. So why would she ruin his career before then?

  67. 67

    If I am not mistaken, back when Gibson first hooked up with Oksana you reported it on this site and pointed out that she had a long history, going back age 18, of using her good looks to catch wealthy men. She'd use them, get away with some of their riches, and then move on to the next one. You derisively called her singing career a front for her gold digging. You even said Mel, whom you had no sympathy for back then, was gonna find out the hard way what this person was like. Well… you were right! Gibson took the bait, fell for the set up, stepped in the shit, and NOW she's your victim and cause apparent. Imagine if one or more of your private private phone calls were to be taped by a boyfriend with you talking trash, or making threats in anger, or just saying what you wanted done to you sexually and then have it blasted all over the known world for all to hear? When that day comes, expect no sympathy from anyone.

  68. 68

    Re: nevi1304 – Nope, you're not the only one. That's the first thing I think about whenever I see her pic.

  69. 69

    Why are people questioning why she taped him?? Obviously she knew things were going down hill and if you are going to be fighting for custody and the other parent is unstable…you want to be able to prove it! I don't blame her if she did leak them herself, that boy has lost his mind! Sounds like sh

  70. 70

    Why are people questioning why she taped him?? Obviously she knew things were going down hill and if you are going to be fighting for custody and the other parent is unstable…you want to be able to prove it! I don't blame her if she did leak them herself, that boy has lost his mind! Sounds like she went through hell with him. Someones career is over, as it should be!

  71. @v@ says – reply to this


    And pigs fly.

  72. 72

    She could not get a ring or money out of him, so she set out to ruin him. Well this is what he gets for fucking his family over !

    I hope her sorry sneaky ass lands in jail !

  73. 73

  74. 74

    She did it. She is a stupid whore. Team Mel! BAMF

  75. 75

    What would you do in a situation like that? She probably released the tapes but wouldnt you do the same thing. Gibson is a horrible man. Justice should be served.

  76. 76

    oh come on!!!

    keep on shoveling the crap oksana, apparently the american public and the media are hungry for whatever crap you're dishing out…


  77. 77

    Yeah Right! What was her motive in recording them in the first place…RUSSIAN WHORE

  78. 78

    I was astonished to hear that she's a whopping fawty years old, cuz she could easily pass for being just 23! GF does look very young 4 her age! So at least she has that going 4 her! ~