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Oksana's Son To Be Questioned In Mel Gibson Domestic Abuse Case!

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So awful! Now even the kids have to be involved!

Sources are confirming that police are now questioning Oksana Grigorieva's 12-year-old son with actor Timothy Dalton, Alexander Dalton, regarding the domestic abuse case being built against Mel Gibson!

Investigators consider Alexander "a very important percipient witness" because during the time of the abuse, he was living under Mel's roof and may have seen or heard incidents of violence!

Poor kid! We can only imagine what he was put through living with that raging psychopath!

Hang in there, buddy!

[Image via WENN.]

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31 comments to “Oksana's Son To Be Questioned In Mel Gibson Domestic Abuse Case!”

  1. 1

    No matter what Mel did to Oksana, he's still a better guy than Perez Hilton.

  2. 2

    Mel Gibson thinks, he can allow himself everything just because of cash. She is so much more intelligent than him.

  3. 3

    the whole world laughs about him (Mel Gibson), but not because of a film-role, because of his behaviour in private (he thought)

  4. 4

    octomom was smart to tape his rants!

  5. 5

    Russian girls are all looking to find sugar daddies, so it's no surprise she did the same. Sure Mel is nuts and crude, but man, I am sure she totally screwed him over. That's why there are so may Russian bride scams and websites out there…

  6. 6

    How is it that you are constantly talking about Mel's horrible rant, that is horrible, but it was a private thing between him and his girlfriend and does not effect any ones lives but theirs. Yet you have not mentioned one word about the hateful rants of the Black Panthers against all white people. How he hates all white people, wants to kill white people who he calls the oppressors. How he wants to kill white woman because they carry the future oppressors and to kill white babies. He calls whites, crackers and says that they need the crackers. That is a treat to all whites including you Perez. You don't think this was racist against whites. You are just like all the rest of the MSM that refuses to report on the news that is truely important. Instead you only want to help in bashing Mel. I agree what he did is wrong, but again it does not effect our lives in any way but if the Black Panthers start a race war you can bet it will effect your life and everyone else in America. They were caught of video saying all of this, you can find it at You-tube. If you and the MSM does not talk about this then you agree with what they said.

  7. 7


  8. 8

    On another note…
    Given this man's extreme womanizing nature and past infidelities, I kind of chuckle every time an article claims that is his eigth child.. who knows how many kids he has out there.. and how many women he made sign confidentiality clauses and paid off to keep his information sealed.
    Since he seems to enjoy unprotected sex according to that polish porn star even (who would have unprotected with a porn star???), I really wouldn't be surprised to how many other mels are out there. His wife has been putting up with that crap for almost 30 years so she obviously was stuck in that relationship with such a controller and possible abuser; maybe money, a large dose of denial as well as focusing on her kids helped push her through that nightmare of a relationship. She wasted her life with a seemingly sick man with a possible sex addiction and narcisstic personality disorder.

  9. 9

    what kind of mother is she for allowing her CHILD not her and Mel's baby but her 12 year old CHILD to live in an environment like that … according to the leaked tapes. she's in it for the $$$$$$$. NO WAY would a good mother allow her CHILD to live around an unstable person. Booooo BOTH Mel & Oksana

  10. 10

    LOL perez you shouldn't be talking because you're an evil fuck as well

  11. 11

    OMG all these recordings of him flipping out, just have me laughing! ya ya he 's horrible and all that, but they just remind me of my ex BF, he used to have tantrums just like Mel. just him yelling and screaming, I thought it was the funniest thing. I'm pretty mellow and laid back, so when someones flipping out over stupid small things (like he would) it just makes me laugh. So any ways. sometimes i would laugh on purpose but other times i just couldn't help it. and of course that pissed him off even more. there were times when i thought his head was going to explode! ahhhhh funny memories :)

  12. 12

    Wait a minute! She has a son by Timothy Dalton? Wow, he was with Vanessa Redgrave about 12 years ago. Whoa! I hope that poor child did not see any of the madness that went on that house.

  13. Gigi7 says – reply to this


    Yeah, Oksana IS a raging psychopath !!

  14. 14

    One thing I have noticed in all of the pictures you run of the two of them is that she is always dressed very conservatively, by any standards, not just Hollywood's, so I am not quite sure why he went on his rant about how she dresses. She always looks classy to me.

  15. 15

    The song Oksana wrote for Josh Groban on his AWAKE album is f*cking FANTASTIC!! She is truly talented - gives me goose-bumps when i watch him sing it on Youtube.

  16. 16

    Yes, she was knocked up by someone before who she had hoped would sweep her into marital bliss. Why would Mel be stupid enough to even date her? It was obvious that she was trying to trap anyone with cash.

  17. 17

    Re: Paris France

    Yep, and he was WITH Vanessa, when she picked him in ahotel bar, got preganant adn…. well it was VERY profitable.
    tim bought her a huge London esate, like the $4 million house Mel bought her when she announced her pregnany. However, when dalton asked her to marry him, she said yes…..until she saw the pre-nup, then she dumped him….after cheating with Mel.

  18. 18

    Re: Scotch Love – Sorry to burst you bubble SL but Josh is a frequent collaborator with David Foster who Oksana appears to have been fooling around with. In fact this woman has no music deals that don't involve the exchange of bodily fluids.

    I feel bad for this kid. Timothy was so successful keeping him out of the limelight for so long. I hope he goes for full custody, any kid deserves better than a mom who would be with a well known nutjob.

  19. 19

    Re: notmemaw – What about all the crazy whites who are down on the border trying to prevent Mexicans from coming in? The Black Panthers are definitely a side note with all the Tea Party folks out running around, and getting news coverage daily.

  20. 20

    Too bad Mel want Charlie Sheen. He could try to kill his girl and Perez would want to blow him.

  21. 21

    What is it with her lips? Its like Angelina Jolie on steroids.

  22. 22

    Oksana looks like she's mentally retarded. I guess Mel's into Down's Syndrome.

  23. 23

    Ok..granted, the man sounds psycho. MY question is..what in the world did this woman do to him to get him so very, very pissed off??? Anyone know?????

  24. 24

    Re: Jesse747 – - Oh you didn't burst any bubbles here. She is a classically trained musician & is qualified to play & WRITE music. In addition - she has the writing credits on Groban's CD alongside Claudia Brant, which means she gets royalties for it.

  25. 25

    Re: Paris France – Timothy Dalton's 14 year relationship with Vanessa Redgrave ended in 1994. Oksana did not give birth to her son until 1997.

    Honestly, I don't know what has happened privately between Mel and Oksana but I will say this. In a relationship, no one should be speaking to their partner that way. If you are that angry then you need to walk away from the disagreement until you can behave rationally.

  26. 26

    Re: JackieMichele – Agree! This is one hot mess! I never knew she was involved with Timothy Dalton and had a child by him.

  27. 27

    Re: sonicdahedgehogRe: sonicdahedgehog – Your'e a fuckin idiot if you really think this.

  28. 28

    Mel was set up by this ugly fame whore slut. She probably knocked out her own teeth and is blaming Mel.
    She is a total home wrecking slut and a pro at being calculating and manipulative, it is how she has been making her living. It sure has not been by her "career" music.
    She has left a wake of men she has used before Mel.
    She set him up she knew exactly what to do and say to set him of and then just happened to record it and oops it gets released to the press.
    It was all done to get more money from Mel and to get revenge on him and ruin his career because he finally got smart and dumped the ugly slut!
    She is no victim!!
    The victims are Mel and that poor baby with her for a mother!!!

  29. 29

    What this woman did to Mel was a long range plan. First she got pregnant that is the most effective way of getting continuous support money . I am very suspicious about these tapes. It looks like this was all planned. If she believed before that her life was in danger why did she stay with Mel? Why now release the tapes? Is she asking for more money? Is Timothy Dalton supporting her son? Extortion comes to my mind when I heard these tapes and how they were released. Very strategic.

  30. 30

    California's wiretapping law is a "two-party consent" law. California makes it a crime to record or eavesdrop on any confidential communication, including a private conversation or telephone call, without the consent of all parties to the conversation.

    The Linda Tripp Flip: Guess Mel really is the victim, boys and girls.

  31. 31

    Maybe this Oksana person, saw Mel as a meal ticket and that is what Mel meant..he owned her? Now her son is being drug into this..you know he will take mommy's side. She set him up and pushed his buttons KNOWING he would flip out..doesnt excuse Mel from yelling, calling names and such..but she could have just walked away just like he tried to do by going to therapy to be able to leave her easily. She found out and paniced that her meal ticket was about to be cancelled and she got desperate…