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Perez Interviews Crazy Spencer Pratt Outside Hills Celebration!

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Check out what the clearly deranged star had to tell us (above)!

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119 comments to “Perez Interviews Crazy Spencer Pratt Outside Hills Celebration!”

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  1. 101

    why does spencer insist on calling lauren LC????????????????

  2. 102

    Holy shit…Spencer Pratt is Kenney Rogers.

  3. 103

    whoa…i wouldn't even get close enough to that bag of crazy to interview him.

    spencer is SCARY NUTS!

  4. 104


  5. 105

    What a FUCKING DOUCHE BAG. God he is fucking gross.

  6. 106

    pathetic, the crap you are doing to try and save this site, face it, you're done. watch out in the prison shower, wait you will love that

  7. 107

    Whats funny is that is Spencers actual facial hair…hilarious!

  8. 108

    Uhhh - WTF Mario - it was clear you were in on this….you were seen in his hotel room and he is thanking you for your hugs. I always wondered if you were part of spinning your own gossip with certain stars and now I know. NO WONDER you used to post those SHITTY songs of Heidi's and say something like "surprisingly these are good". Geez how much did they pay you? You are dead to me Mario/Perez website. That's it I'm done….

  9. 109

    omg perez hilton.. you look so skinny… amazing!

  10. 110

    Spencer sounded smart for the first time EVER!

  11. 111

    you look look like an AIDS patient perez

  12. 112


  13. 113

    lmao omg spencer looks horrible…to funny..

  14. 114

    Is this really Spencer and what is he holding?

  15. 115

    is this really him?

  16. 116

    Ohhhh yeah…look at that hair and glasses looks like a loser for sure….lol…NOT at least he's in disguise look at LC she has crowsfeet and looks preggers and at least 50 years old and is wearing a gramma dress. what is up with that …just sayin'

  17. 117

    I like both of you here! You two have good chemistry…Perez & Pratt show…the ultimate famewhore collaboration, but I think I would watch!

  18. 118

    That shit was to funny I was one of the PA's assigned to be on Spencer watch. He thought he was sneaking in and we knew where he was the whole time. What people do to get tv time makes me laugh. Peace All!!

  19. 119

    haha wtf is up with the bullshit hair!!!!! i wanted 2 see his creepy flesh colored beard!!!!! and whats with the old man getup ?? plz take muh advice spencer, ANGER MANAGEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HEIDI DUMP HIS CRAZY ASS

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